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1. PO3 Michael Evans C Pastor
2. PO3 Nelson L Penales Jr
3. PO3 Dante S Papas
4. PO3 Mark Anthony D Paña

1. The importance of MIS in PNP is that the use of such advance technology will drastically
decrease the time needed to which reports or information regarding occurring events or
crimes will reach the PNP and that the PNP will have full view of the situation by just a
quick glance at their computer and will even respond quickly as the exact location of the
event will be provided by the gps device in their mobile patrol. As a result, the
effectiveness and promptness of the service of the PNP will be assured and developed.
2. With the use of computer and internet technology, i can effectively increase the use of
MIS in my field of assignment as through the use of social media sites and other people
search engines the way to look for information and location of subject persons under
investigation shall become more easy and efficient and these will lead to the successful
solution of the crime and even arrest of the suspects.
3. There are numerous technology which the PNP are already using to include the
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), Integrated Ballistics Information
System (IBIS), E-rouge, e-warrant, e-subpoena, and many more internet based
programs and devices which make the PNP member’s job more efficient and effective.