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The Saga of cowboy Gustaff Chapter III: The Witch and the Gunman

Long ago in icy Iceland near the village of Höfn lived a woman with an special reputation. Her name
was Matilda. The villagers used to call her names and the village kids used to played around her house
some heavy naughty things. In anyway she survived the years and the centuries in that almost empty
Norse land with a gigantic glacier. The generation of XV century of the island took seriously the fact
that she never died and decided to burn her alive in a pyre of fire.

On the other side of the
picture is 3 a.m. on the
pale surface of an iceberg
passing by along the north
Atlantic Ocean with a
penguins ghetto on it….
The night was merging
clearer as the red moon
rose in the far away
horizon. Icelanders
persecuted young woman
under the accusations of
being a witch and she is
running for her life near
the coast of the heavy Illustration 1: Matilda

glacier of Vatnajökull. -Wonder why she stayed for so long on the ice enclosed by mocking sapiens.
On those apparently empty coasts of cold North Atlantic ocean from south Iceland while a nearby silent
iceberg floated its way to the west, Matilda in her desperation to survive the crowd of madmen fanatics
jumped from the tall fjords down into the emptiness of a fog and silver silence of an early dark skyline
searching her for a good possible future she will never get back in the village of Höfn and hoping her
Angel was there on the falling…. Destiny was on her side and she landed on a floating iceberg
saturated by a whole tribe of small penguins. Routine in those months was as simple as to watch all
days long how the small animals were hunting fish for their babies. Matilda learned from them the
technical procedures for fishing to survived the whole journey on eating raw fish and melting ice to
drink the water. In such a way she traveled for months under the Boreal forms of the north pole.

Illustration 2: North lands Caribou migrations

After many moons the iceberg passed close through dry land, Matilda thought it was the best time to
jump again and look for new chances. Effectively she said goodbye to fellow penguin friends and made
it to dry firm land in a beautiful sunny day of a restful summer fill with Caribous. As she walked up to
the nearest top of a mountain she devised a settlement of people down on a wonderful green valley
crossed by the serpent figure of a blue river looking its way out onto a dark blue ocean. It was the tribe
of the Kalaallit.

As she got closer to the circle of tents Matilda hided behind the shadow of a forest of trees, she waited
at a prudent distance before she walked into them with a new story…. for the right moment to come
and have a better picture from the behavior of the tribe of primitive humans.
The night arrived and the Milky Way lights up the valley with millions of shining stars. Every star
sending its own particular message through the invisible circuits of a cosmos filled with so many
different cultures. At early night she observed how some individuals were preparing a huge fire place
for a ceremony down at the gathering. Effectively couple of hours later a warm wedding ceremony
started… a young couple joined. After the wed presentation people began dancing around the fire
yelling out songs to the stars. During that night and the next early morning Matilda were able to see and
learn from many of the activities and behaviors of the humans.

One second before she was
ready to came out of the
forest, a hand on her
shoulder stopped her and
she turning around in a
quick move founds a tribe
man dressing in the
northern Indian customs
with a face all tattooed like
he was going into war
against invisible enemies.

He said his name was
Leon. People call him the
Gunman since his job was
to be a cleaner. He cleans
the neighbors from any Illustration 3: The Gunman
cockroach. He asked her to reconsidered the idea of going into the gathering of the Kalaallit. He said
that they are a strong spiritual tribe with a powerful magician that he will know right away that she was
different. Matilda asked him what he means by different. Leon answered that is obvious that a man
with a sensitive perception of the environments can see that she was also a magician. Matilda argued in
her defense that from the lands of higher developed planets everybody is a shaman or a good magician
and that is normal and always alright.
Leon remains her that this was only the primitive land of Amt-Erik in times of humans under heavy
developments and many mistakes are made on its way to the surface due to the lacks of wisdom and
many other things among them.

They both decided to go down south where
the lands were less cold in the long
winters…. and walked for years until their
spiritual helpers show them the immense
desert of Sonora. Matilda and Leon
fascinated by the beauty of the warm land
shortly arrived to the weird town of
Frickinville on a dry evening when Örn
Kúlunnarsson was tripping on his roller
coaster. They saw at the distance how Örn
Kúlunnarsson sitting on a beach of a warm
gulf of waters and dry land was tripping
high in colors.

Illustration 4: Sonora's Desert
Örn Kúlunnarsson sat the whole night in
front of the ocean and from his brains a continuing rainbow of images were coming up into the night.
Only people with open perceptiveness were able to see the magnificent spectacle he was experiencing
under the effects of power plants concentrated in perfect chemical reactions in a piece of paper of
purple colors call LSD home made by the grandmothers of the Yaki Indians of the village and sold at
the entrance of the local liquor store. Matilda and Leon stayed amazed and enjoying the special
spectacle of colors and images effects coming from mister Örn Kúlunnarsson’s imagination all night
and up until dawn. Early in the morning as he stood up both friends came to him to thank him for the
night. Mister Örn Kúlunnarsson was receptive and sensing still a little bit some of his colorful insights
he invited them to his house.

In the house of Örn Kúlunnarsson was a girl name Ursula making a drawing on the walls of their home
of what she experienced the night before after her trip was altered. She draws something like this:
Illustration 5: Co-Creating (drawing by Ursula)

The four friends sat in the middle of their living room and have some herb tea. Ursula mentioned of a
castle she saw while she was diving in the sea couple of days before. She said the old castle was part of
a likely lost civilization. Matilda added that the civilization was called the Lemurians from the Mu
continent. It existed long ago when the Atlantis was on the surface of the oceans and before both
civilization enter into the fire of extinction. So the friends decided to go diving to explore the castle.
As they explored into the old
castle under the waters they
founded many chambers with
air available to breath. They
also found a dry chamber that
for the utensils in it belonged
to a magician said Matilda.

She found out that the place
used to belong to the druid Xaggath to whom is recognized the powers over fire. It was also a huge
name written in an old language on a higher wall that goes: Kali-Fornia Incalia. It seemed -thought
Ursula, that it probably was referring to the name of a land or a family clan. A huge book covered by
dust has many of the spells used by the druid. They also found the magic wand, his magic shoes that
once you put them on the person becomes invisible and many other magical stuff that used to be
utilized by the old druid from Lemuria. The friends decided to use the castle to hide from the primitive
disrespectful humans from the surface. Thus they visited many times the castle of Kali-fornia Incalia
from Mu and learned to use the magic toys in it, specially Matilda.

As the four friends
explored further the castle
on the next months, they
found a well done tunnel
going under the sea and
further into dry land

Illustration 6: Lemuria's Map
through thousand of kilometers under the desert of Sonora as well heading north all the way into an old

Druid Xaggath was one of the few magicians of Lemuria in those dark last moments of the continent
that fought against the practices of black magic of the majority of his colleagues. One of the strong
reasons why the continent of Mu sank. Although many lemurians that travel the eastern plains of Rhu-
Hut made it to the end of the Mu continent and by the days of the sinking of the big island, they endure
the chaos of the planet by hiding inside the underground tunnels in the Úytaahkoo Mountain which it
was an active volcano in former times before Mu.

Ursula with Gustaff and their new friends Matilda and Leon walked the inner world territory of the
planet until they arrived to the Úytaahkoo Mountain territory. The underground tunnels were a bit dark
but weren't cold or hot, temperature was almost perfect and the air was very much breathable.

As they neared closer to an end of the hug under path, the lights were getting more intense and they
began seeing a sort of formations of livable shelters forming a big city of beings living inside a gigantic
A reception of humanoids with whitish skin came to welcome them as they arrived. A beautiful lady
name Kaaree was the spoke person. Behind her, another being looking alike as earthling was with the
inner Earth people. His name was Corey and he came from the future. They were very much greeting
the new visitors to their big city and Corey was most of the time the instructor.

Corey: How you guys got over here….
Matilda: Is a long story… but in few words…. they used to accused me for being a shaman…..
running away I met a gunman in northern lands…. This guy right here and his name is Leon…. Then
we both hit south and met in the desert of Sonora our friends Ursula and Gustaff…. Diving around a
gulf near the desert we saw a castle under the waters and we decided to investigate….. then we found a
secret path going into these series of tunnels and voila, here we are mister Corey…. And you sir, how
you ended up in here with these beautiful beings….

Corey: well -laughing, yeah…. Is also a long story, but in a short mode. I used to work for a
government agency on the surface of XX century under a Secret Program and I was able to visit several
planets and met other beings. Then I met Kaaree and we became good friends so they bring me here
sometimes in representation, sort of, from the humanity of this planet to participate in important
meetings with different other beings from the Galaxy. By the way we will be meeting soon if ya guys
are prepared to know other different neighbors from around, then ya are very welcome to joint me…..

Ursula: Sure Corey…. Thank you for the invitation!

They walked through some passageways of the underground following Corey into the room where the
Council meet, it was huge and they were very existed to see all those different humanoids. Kaaree was
a priestess among the group of Anshar… it seemed as that was the first contact with the Sphere Beings,
which they referred to as the Guardians…. They all were anticipating the arrival of a Blue Avian….
And Kaaree and two others were up in the front and there were several more with her in the delegation.
The four friends with Corey and many other beings were sitting at the platform waiting for Raw-Tear-
Eir to appear, and to their shock, a Triangle-Headed Being appeared…. And the leaders groups had a
completely silent exchange of telepathically information that went on for some time. It's really almost
impossible to judge time accurately in that moment. It went on for some time. And they were just
sitting there looking at each other. . . and the only movement was the slight movement of the Triangle-
Head Being…. The four friends weren't feeling anything from the Triangle-Head Being, but it seemed
as Corey was feeling some anxiety and excitement.

After this had ended, and the Triangle-Head Being . . . just like Corey said it: It's like when you change
the radio channel and he's gone…. And Kaaree said that it went well and that they learned quite a bit of
things they had wanted to know for a long time. And they were a little bit disturbed also to hear from
the Guardians that from the Guardians' perspective, they had not been “proper stewards of this
planetary sphere”….. The only one group that they've been told about is the Mayan group even though
they are living some worlds away within the Pleiades…… and Gustaff was wondering what really
happened at the meeting with all those other different groups, and Corey explained:

Corey: I felt a little bit of confusion and different other things, but I did not know what those
emotions were associated with content-wise in the conversation, because we were not privy to the
interface that was going on between the two groups at front….. The Anshar had decided that they were
going to start slowly communicating with the people that they're communicating with remotely with
their minds, reaching out to the people that they had been telling that they were from these different star
systems or all these different scenarios. They were going to start telling them who they were. And the
other groups, the three other groups, did not like the idea one bit…. The way they share information is
apparently the way we're going to share information in the future. They've got some sort of a . . . It's
like an Internet, a mental Internet, that they're able to access……. Apparently, they have a new mission
or direction. It's appearing as though this new direction and mission is going to be more direct -maybe
not more direct open contact, but more direct influence, and in a positive way with the surface
population. We may have more open contact with them before we start having contact with non-
terrestrials…. They had received a lot of information, and receiving a lot of information from a group
that they had not had contact with ever, but had revered. I mean, how excited would you be right now if
you finally got to get face-to-face contact with some of these beings?….. She did tell me that there's
going to be a lot more contact between her and I, and that there was going to be more and more contact
with this Mayan group…… in the near future of the XXI century…. So it seemed that there are not
chances of inter-exchange of communication with you guys at this point, sorry…………

Leon: Its alright Corey, we don't need at this moment any higher beings telling us anything
extra-terrestrial, it appeared to me that the people on Earth is very low in vibes and too primitive and
aggressive to have those chances turned on…. Anyway in your century it might be important and
necessary to have that communication with superior beings for a guidance to your civilization’s nearest
futuristic wellbeing and progress into the positive energy’s developments…. Congrats!

Corey: Yes friends…. Thank you for understanding…..

Ursula: it feels as its time for us to go back to Frickinville now…..

TheEnd COMING UP !!! NEXT Chapter: Chapter IV