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First week Game 1:

Theme Sub Theme Description Quote Time

Attentional - Delivering - Pre game “Yep, we just ran 00:42
focus instructions talking and chucked it”
(external) - Communication about
Arousal different
Perceived - Communication - Agreeing on “Just run” 00:46
confidence what
high in team worked for
us in the
week of
Attentional - Communication - Listening to “Yeah” 00:54
focus Brad
Attentional - Communication - Agreeing to “Sounds good” 01:00
focus - Team strategy stick on one
(external) - Distinguishing person
Self efficacy roles
In attentional - Observing - Seeing who “In this class, I 01:05
focus other team is playing in know the girl in
(external) - Matching the other the pink top is
teammates up team Kailee because I
against each always think
other they are saying
my name”
Perceived - Same match up - 2 girls in the “We can just go 01:17
confidence to our team team and 3 girl on girl and
high in team - Delivered boys same boy on boy”
In attentional instruction as us
Perceived - Delivering - Choosing “You can go on 01:25
confidence instruction players Terry”
high in team
Perceived - Agreeing on - Talking “Yeah” 01:29
confidence task tactics
high in team
Attentional - Agreeing on - Making sure “Just keep saying 01:34
focus task we are anything even if
(external) saying things you are running
as we play just the court
just notion that
for our you are wanting
results a long pass down
the court to
In attentional - Communication - Tactics “Yeah” 01:47
In attentional - Communication - Tactics “Yep” 01:57
Perceived - Entering play - Getting “Cool, go Krispy 02:00
confidence ready to go Nets”
high in team on court
In attentional - Distracted from - Talking “Its like K for 02:12
focus the game itself about our Krispy”
(external) group name
In attentional - Distracted from - Playing “We just played 02:17
focus the game basketball basketball”
(external) - Communication game in
group chat
In attentional - Laughing - Joking “Thank God” 02:47
focus before the around
(external) game before the
Attentional - Checking - Checking our “Double check 02:52
focus glasses glasses so you’re
(internal) we know recording”
they are
Attentional - Communication - Talking “The moment 03:25
focus tactics we take back line
(external) someone run
down for the
long pass”
Attentional - Communication - Talking “Make sure 3:37
focus tactics someone is there
(external) for the
Attentional - Communication - Talking “Who is 03:41
focus about who touching”
(external) will start the
Attentional - Listening to the - Starting the “So we are going 03:55
focus umpire game this way”
Perceived - Asking for the - Asking for “Yep” 04:22
confidence pass the ball free
high in team - Communication from player
Perceived - Congratulating - Josh got a “Shot” 04:25
confidence teammate goal
high in team
Perceived - Communication - Noticing “Go long” 04:32
confidence - Giving there is a
high in team instructions player at the
other end of
the court
Stress - Frustration - Laughs “Omg it didn’t 04:46
(personal) - Anger in because I even hit the
performance completely ring”
- Finding the missed the
funny side of it goal
Perceived - Delivering - Telling Jed to “Go go go” 05:02
confidence instruction go for the
high in team shot
Stress (team) - Chance for goal - Missed goal “Unlucky” 05:05
and it was
Perceived - Encouraging - Brad chasing “Go” 05:10
confidence teammate the ball
high in team
Perceived - Chance for goal - Missed a “Shoot shoot 05:16
confidence was missed goal unlucky”
low in team - Encouraged to
Anxiety - Not - Watching “Stay back 05:19
(personal) maintaining the back Kaitlyn”
game plan to player
stay on
Self efficacy - Self - Finding the “Just finding a 05:27
communication spare player player”
Self efficacy - Self - 1 person left “I got yours” 05:32
communication their player
for mine so
we swapped
Arousal - Encouragement - blocking the “Block” 05:41
Perceived - Encouragement - Brad got the “Go go” 06:03
confidence intercept
high in team
Arousal - Encouragement - Easy goal in “Shot” 06:08
Perceived - Team strategy - Josh got the “Go good 06:27
confidence rebound and rebound”
high in team passed it to
Anxiety - Confusion - Whistle was “What was it” 07:20
(personal) blown
Perceived - Encouragement - Jed going for “And shoot, 07:35
confidence the shot unlucky, great
high in team rebound well
Stress (team) - Risk pass - Long pass “Back back back” 07:45
- Frustration over again
Perceived - Encouragement - Kaitlyn “Go shoot” 08:10
confidence having a
high in team shot for goal
Stress (team) - Risk pass - Long pass “Back back back” 08:52
- Frustration
Perceived - communication - Calling for “Yep” 09:08
confidence the ball
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Nearly got “Good effort” 09:22
confidence the intercept
high in team
Perceived - Congratulating - Jed got the “Good rebound 09:53
confidence team mate rebound go down”
high in team
Stress (team) - Team strategy - Watching for “Stay back” 09:58
Attentional the long
focus pass
Perceived - Delivering - Covering the “Go that way” 10:12
confidence instruction side pass
high in team
Social - Congratulating - Giving high “Well done” 10:25
influences team fives at half
In attentional time
Attentional - Delivering - Talking “I think one 10:53
focus instructions tactics person should
(external) always just stay
down because it
was just an easy
pass all the way
Attentional - Delivering - Making sure “Just stay right 11:19
focus instruction they cant do on her don’t let
(external) the long her have that
pass over space”
our heads
Social - Encouragement - Encouraging “Go team and 11:30
influences - Delivering talk on the make sure we
Attentional instruction court for our are talking also”
focus results
Stress - Miss - Confused “Do we swap 11:53
(personal) understanding whether we ends”
Anxiety swap ends,
(personal) depends
which way
the player is
Perceived - Congratulating - Intercept “Well done” 12:27
confidence team forcing
high in team pressure on
the other
In attentional - Communication - Watching “Stay back good 12:56
focus the player work go go go”
(external) running
Self efficacy - Congratulating - Got the goal “Well done again 13:13
Perceived team effort great work”
high in team
Arousal - Frustration - Ball got “Oh unlucky” 13:27
- Encouragement knocked out
of court
Perceived - Congratulating - Goal scored “Great shot” 14:49
confidence team mate
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Got an “Well done” 15:16
confidence intercept
high in team with great
Arousal - Team - Goal scored “Go shoot you 15:20
Perceived encouragement catching up can do it well
confidence to the other done”
high in team team
Stress - Disappointment - Missed a “Unlucky” 15:24
(personal) goal
Perceived - Team - Goal scored “Well done go go 15:27
confidence encouragement go”
high in team
Attentional - Delivering - Back line “Use it” 16:28
focus instruction throw in
(external) taking place
Perceived - Congratulating - Easy goal “Well done” 16:39
confidence team scored
high in team
Stress - Apologizing - Ran into “Sorry” 16:48
(personal) other team
Attentional - Delivering - Keeping the “Get it in” 17:00
focus instruction ball on court
Attentional - Delivering - Telling Josh “Get on court” 17:06
focus instruction to stay off
(external) the edge of
the court
Perceived - Encouragement - Knocked ball “Well done” 17:32
confidence of court to
high in team stop the
other teams
Attentional - communication - Jed nearly “Oh nearly” 17:46
focus got a great
(external) intercept
Attentional - Communication - Passing the “Watch watch 17:59
focus ball, other
(external) team nearly
Attentional - Delivering - Telling “Turn go” 18:00
focus instruction Kaitlyn to go
(external) for goal
Perceived - Congratulating - Josh got a “Great rebound 18:05
confidence teammate rebound you can do it”
high in team
Attentional - Delivering - Picking up “Pick it up pick it 18:13
focus instruction the loose up”
(external) ball
Perceived - Frustration - Trying to “Go go go” 18:25
confidence - Communication stop the
low in team long pass
Perceived - Delivering - Easy run on “Go down and 18:34
confidence instruction for goal steady”
high in team
Perceived - Congratulating - Shaking “Well done great 18:47
confidence both teams hands at the work”
high in team end of the
In attentional game

Second week Game 1:

Arousal - Communication - Getting ready “Ready to go” 00:17
In attentional to start the
focus game
Arousal - Communication - Getting into a “Go team 00:22
In attentional team huddle Krispy nets”
focus to talk about
(external) tactics
Attentional - Delivering - Tactics “1 needs to 00:38
focus instructions stay back”
In attentional - Encouragement - Helping out “Do you want 00:48
focus - Acceptance sick team to stay back if
(external) - Communication member so you’re sick?”
they don’t
have to do as
much running
Arousal - Delivering - Telling brad to “Shoot shoot 01:26
Perceived instruction go for the goal well done”
confidence because its an
high in team easy shot
Self efficacy - Confidence - Confident “Got an 02:07
- Communication intercept to intercept and
pass the ball Jed is gong
on because down to shoot
under but he passed
pressure it off”
Attentional - Communication - Ball went out “White ball” 02:14
focus of court
Attentional - Communication - Taking a side “Yeah I got it” 02:34
focus - Delivering line throw in
(external) instruction
Perceived - Anger - Missed an “Go in” 04:24
confidence - Frustration easy goal
low (personal)
Perceived - Delivering - Encouraging “You can do it 02:44
confidence instruction team mates to oh unlucky”
high in team - Encouragement go for the shot
Arousal - Delivering - Telling player “Turn around” 02:55
Attentional instruction to turn around
focus - Anger so they could
(internal) get an easy
Attentional - Delivering - Trying to “Go for 03:06
focus instruction rebound rebounds”
(external) oppositions
In attentional - Confused - Dropped the “I wasn’t 03:16
focus - Frustration pass as I was expecting that”
(internal) under
pressure and
didn’t think it
would be
passed to me
Attentional - Delivering - Other team “Rebounds” 03:22
focus instruction missed and
(external) need to get
the rebounds
so we can
have another
chance at goal
Attentional - Analysing play - Analysing the “Seeing where 03:39
focus other teams the ball is
(internal) play and going and
where they running down
are going to the court
throw the ball sideways”
Perceived - Encouragement - Got a good “Good 03:44
confidence - Congratulating intercept that intercept great
high in team lead to an work Krispy
easy goal Nets”
Attentional - Delivering - Observing the “Stay on” 03:56
focus instruction free player
(external) and telling
teammate to
stay on them
Attentional - Delivering - Got the “Take it down” 04:07
focus instruction rebound and
(external) taking it down
the court for a
shot at goal
Attentional - Communication - encouraging “Go Kaitlyn 04:10
focus steady”
Attentional - Communication - encouraging “Shoot up go 04:25
focus go go”
Attentional - Congratulating - Congratulating “Good effort” 04:29
focus - Communication brad on a
(external) great
In attentional - Encouragement - Got a goal in “good work 04:36
focus and saying team”
(external) good job to
the team for
getting it
Attentional - Communication - Intercept was “Go go well 04:44
focus - Delivering taken done”
(external) instruction
Attentional - communication - Offering “Behind you” 04:47
focus support on
(external) the shot
In attentional - Congratulating - Falling out of “Good 04:51
focus - encouragement court and got rebound”
(external) the rebound
Anxiety - Confused - Foul was “Oh no” 04:59
(personal) called
Anxiety - Confused - Questioned “I don’t know” 05:03
(personal) what
happened as
the call was
Stress - Pressured - Taking a foul “Ok” 05:06
(personal) shot
Attentional - Know I can - Talking myself “So its my turn 05:11
focus shoot the goal through the for taking a
(internal) shot foul shot I’m
not sure what
I’m doing”
Attentional - Pressured - Missed first “One more 05:28
focus opportunity shot”
(internal) goal
Stress - Relieved - Missed the “There we go” 05:38
(personal) foul but got
the rebound
and goal in
Perceived - Congratulating - Intercept to “Got an 05:58
confidence stop other intercept”
high in team team getting a
Attentional - Offering - Making an “Behind you 06:04
focus option for a Kaitlyn”
(external) difficult shot
Attentional - Communication - Backline “White ball” 06:16
focus throw in
Arousal - Delivering - Watching for “Stay back” 06:17
instruction the long pass
Arousal - Delivering - Going for “Go again” 06:55
instruction another
Attentional - Delivering - Rebound was “rebound 07:02
focus instruction taken and straight down”
(external) running down
Stress - Encouragement - Teammate “Oh unlucky go 07:10
(personal) - Frustration lost the goal again”
In attentional - Congratulating - High fiving at “Well done 07:28
focus half time guys go team”
Attentional - Delivering - Talking tactics “We need to 08:04
focus instruction put more
(external) pressure on up
Perceived - Communication - Encouraging “Working 08:18
confidence team with really well”
high in team how well we
are doing
Perceived - Communication - Talking about “Great 08:27
confidence what is pressure well
high in team working for us done”
Stress - Frustration - Criticizing the “I feel like my 08:57
(personal) technology glasses are
fogging up”
Perceived - Delivering - Talking tactics “Do that again” 09:05
confidence instruction
high in team
Attentional - Communication - Taking about “So we are 09:10
focus where to going that way
(external) position now so do you
ourselves on want to keep
the tap that position”
Perceived - Communication - Tap “Go go go 09:51
confidence positioning straight down
high in team worked and steady
great job”
Stress (team) - Delivering - Watching for “Stay back” 10:01
instruction the long pass
Self efficacy - Self - Got the “Getting the 10:10
communication rebound and rebound and
running down going down”
the court to
pass onto
Perceived - Delivering - Missed the “Go again” 10:17
confidence instruction shot and
high in team telling
teammate to
go again
Perceived - Congratulating - Rebound and “Got the 10:35
confidence goal was rebound”
high in team scored
Perceived - Congratulating - Encouraging “Great work 10:38
confidence team to keep guys”
high in team up the good
Attentional - Delivering - Easy goal from “Steady your 10:53
focus instruction intercept shot you’ve got
(external) the time”
Perceived - Congratulating - Congratulating “Well done” 10:56
confidence team
high in team
Perceived - Congratulating - Pressure shot “Shot” 11:29
confidence was scored
high in team
Attentional - Delivering - Working hard “Defence” 11:32
focus instruction to get the ball
(external) so they don’t
Perceived - Delivering - Telling “Pick it off” 11:38
confidence instruction teammate to
high in team go for the
easy intercept
Perceived - Encouraging - Running down “You got it” 11:48
confidence court
high in team encouraging
Stress (team) - Frustrated - Team missed “Unlucky” 11:52
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “Straight down 12:01
confidence team you can do it
high in team steady”
Stress - Frustrated - Everyone had “Omg we all 12:17
(personal and - Annoyed a chance at missed so now
team) goal so then we need to do
we needed to good defence”
work hard to
get it back
Perceived - Encouragement - Easy “You can shoot 12:32
confidence opportunity that”
high in team for goal
Arousal - Encouragement - Encouraging “Keep going 12:51
team Kaitlyn”
Perceived - Congratulating - Team got a “Yeah great 12:58
confidence good intercept work keep it
high in team going”
Stress - Frustrated - Didn’t use the “Made a 13:05
(personal) options that mistake, easy
were open goal for them”
and let the
other team
have an easy
Arousal - Excited - Got a goal in “Swish got a 13:13
Self efficacy by taking our goal in”
time and
working the
ball closer to
the ring
Attentional - Delivering - Trying to stop “Defence at 13:18
focus instruction the long pass the back”
Arousal - Excited - Got a pressure “Yes, omg got 13:40
Self efficacy shot in with it in”
two defenders
in front
Attentional - Delivering - Got an “Go go go” 13:59
focus instruction intercept
(external) encouraging
team to run
down court
In attentional - Laughing - Teammate got “Keep going oh 14:02
focus - Distracted caught at the keep it in you
(external) side of the
court and had that ha
joking they ha”
could’ve kept
it in but
dropped it
In attentional - Confused - Confused by “What” 14:14
focus umpires call
In attentional - Confused - New players “Hang on a 14:26
focus came onto minute”
(internal) court
Attentional - Communication - Letting “Yep I’m in the 14:40
focus - Delivering teammate middle”
(external) instruction know I’m free
in the middle
of the court
Attentional - Communication - Offering if “Out back if 14:46
focus they need to you need”
(external) pass off as I
had no player
on me
Attentional - Delivering - Teammate “Defence” 14:50
focus instruction missed goal so
(external) we had to
increase our
Attentional - Delivering - Telling team “Steady” 14:55
focus instruction not to over
(external) run
In attentional - Laughing - Went to block “Oh shit ha ha” 15:00
focus the ball and
(external) missed,
laughing with
Arousal - Communication - Left with no “Back if you 15:12
player again need well
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “Great work 15:17
confidence team guys”
high in team
Perceived - Delivering - Telling team “Get it down 15:37
confidence instruction to steady and steady”
high in team because we
were up in
goals and
have time to
steady our
shot as we
lost the ball
In attentional - Laughing - Other team “Oh sneaky ha 15:46
focus - Joking with did a fancy ha”
(external) team pass
Arousal - Congratulating - Congratulating “Well done” 15:51
the other
team on a 3
Stress - Frustrated - Did a terrible “Oh that was 15:58
(personal) pass and let real shit”
the other
team get the
Perceived - Congratulating - Shaking hands “Well done” 16:25
confidence at the end of
high in team the game
In attentional - Confused - Checking if we “So we keep 16:30
focus keep the same recording”
(internal) video or start

Second week Game 2:

Perceived - Congratulating - Talking about “Good 17:48
confidence what we did rebounds, we
high in team well are always
throughout getting them”
the game
Anxiety - Annoyed - Talking about “I missed 18:28
(personal) the foul shot both”
In attentional - Confused - Clarifying the “So that goal 18:36
focus scoreboard that I got it in
(external) with what it counts”
happened with
the foul
Attentional - Delivering - Lead the other “Force it” 18:47
focus instruction team into the
(external) foul so we
have more
opportunity at
Perceived Encouragement - Started to “Our skills 19:03
confidence work together have definitely
high in team as a team improved”
Third week Game 1:
In attentional - Joking around - Talking tactics “Do what we 00:39
focus - Laughing did last week
(external) haha”
Attentional - Delivering - Talking tactics “Stay down 01:00
focus instruction that end”
Attentional - communication - Questioning “So when you 01:21
focus play tap this side
(external) we go that
In attentional - Joking around - Joking with “Bring it” 01:48
focus the other
(external) team
Perceived - Encouraging - Jed missed the “Well done 02:06
confidence goal, Brad great work”
high in team rebounded
and scored
Perceived - Encouraging - Missed goal “Good 02:47
confidence opportunity rebound push
high in team with another it up”
In attentional - Joking around - Joking with “Oh and the 03:07
focus the other three”
(external) team to see if
they can get a
three pointer
In attentional - Distracted - Distracted by “My glasses 03:14
focus glasses are falling
(internal) down”
Attentional - Delivering - Rebound and “Go down” 03:25
focus instruction directing play
Attentional - Delivering - Passed off the “Go down go 03:28
focus instruction the open down”
(external) option
Perceived - Encouragement - Easy goal “Great shot” 03:31
confidence scored
high in team
Attentional - Communication - Talking about “Do you want 03:37
focus which player to go on him”
(external) we are going
to man up on
Perceived - Congratulating - Intercept was “Well done” 03:48
confidence taken
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Long pass over “Go go go well 03:53
confidence to Kaitlyn for done”
high in team an easy shot at
Attentional - Communication - Offering for a “On the side” 04:23
focus pass
Attentional - Communication - Offering for a “Back here if 04:26
focus pass you need”
Attentional - Communication - Offering for a “Out here if 04:54
focus pass you need”
Attentional - communication - Talking out the “Running 05:01
focus play down”
Attentional - Communication - Talking out the “Covering the 05:04
focus play spare player”
Perceived - Encouragement - Easy intercept “Great 05:08
confidence intercept”
high in team
Stress (team) - Frustration - Missed easy “Unlucky 05:11
opportunity Brad”
for goal
Attentional - Communication - Covering the “Going down 05:15
focus player on the the side
(internal) wing again”
Attentional - Communication - Calling for the “Yep” 05:26
focus ball
Attentional - Communication - Offering for a “Behind” 05:35
focus pass because
(external) there was no
player around
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “You can do 05:37
confidence player to it”
high in team shoot
Attentional - Delivering - Telling player “Go straight 05:50
focus instruction to run down down”
(external) the middle for
an easy shot
Attentional - Communication - Calling for the “Middle” 05:55
focus ball
Attentional - Delivering - Easy “Go steady” 05:58
focus instruction opportunity
(external) for goal
Attentional - communication - Other team “Taking a foul 06:28
focus has the shot”
(internal) opportunity
for a foul shot
Attentional - Communication - Now have the “She missed 06:33
focus chance to go so now we get
(internal) for rebounds to go in for
Attentional - Delivering - Got the ball “Straight 06:42
focus instruction from foul shot down”
(external) and Jed is
running down
Stress (team) - Frustration - Missed “Oh unlucky” 06:49
for goal
Stress (team) - Delivering - Watching for “Stay down” 06:51
instruction the long pass
Stress (team) - Delivering - Watching for “Back back 06:56
instruction the long pass back”
Attentional - Delivering - Making sure “Keep it in” 07:00
focus instruction the ball
(external) doesn’t go out
of court
Perceived - Encouragement - Brad got an “Good 07:13
confidence easy rebound rebound”
high in team
Perceived - Communication - Chance for “Go Kaitlyn 07:16
confidence - Encouragement shot here if you
high in team need”
Perceived - Encouragement - Jed missed the “Do it again 07:25
confidence goal but got well done”
high in team the rebound
to go again
Perceived - Congratulating - Got a good “Well done 07:31
confidence intercept Kaitlyn”
high in team
Perceived - congratulating - Another goal “Great work 07:35
confidence scored guys”
high in team
Attentional - communication - Talking “Their back 07:39
focus through the line pass
(internal) play watching finding a
for what is player making
going to sure they cant
happen next pass straight
over our
Perceived - Congratulating - Pressure was “Great 07:46
confidence put on to force intercept
high in team the mistake Brad”
giving us the
Perceived - Congratulating - Missed goal “Great 07:51
confidence but got the rebound”
high in team rebound
Attentional - communication - Running down “We missed 07:54
focus court talking the goal”
(internal) through play
Perceived - Congratulating - Congratulating “Well done 08:28
confidence team at half white”
high in team time
In attentional - Communication - Scoreboard is “So we are on 08:45
focus broken and 10”
(external) checking the
real score
Attentional - communication - Talking with “Cool” 09:15
focus Terry for how
(external) to stop giving
Attentional - Delivering - Talking tactics “We need to 09:28
focus instruction stop that long
(external) pass ball”
Arousal - communication - Talking about “Its 10-9 our 09:40
the score and way”
how close it is
Attentional - Delivering - Talking tactics “Make sure 09:46
focus instruction we are always
(external) there for our
Environement- - Communication - Started raining “Great” 10:06
al influences - Distraction outside
Perceived - Encouragement - Tap goes “Go Jed” 10:09
confidence straight to Jed
high in team as we planned
Attentional - Delivering - Telling player “Steady” 10:11
focus instruction to steady
(external) through the
Attentional - Delivering - Directing “Stay wide” 10:35
focus instruction player
Attentional - Delivering - Directing “Go for 10:37
focus instruction player rebounds”
Anxiety - Frustration - Missed a very “Oh no” 10:51
(personal) easy chance at
Stress - Frustration - Talking to self “Missed a 10:55
(personal) - communication of what I have goal now I
to do have to get it
Attentional - Communication - Talking “Finding a 10:58
focus through play player running
(internal) down the
In attentional - Communication - Other team “He’s going 11:06
focus - Joking around had a chance for a 3”
(external) at a three
Perceived - Encouragement - Keeping the “Go go keep it 11:07
confidence ball in court in”
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging Go you can do 11:24
confidence teammate to it”
high in team shoot
Stress (team) - communication - Missed “Go again” 11:27
for goal
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “Well done” 11:34
confidence teammate
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “You can do 11:35
confidence teammate it”
high in team
Perceived - Congratulating - Congratulating “Team work 11:37
confidence everyone’s got it there”
high in team efforts
Perceived - Encouragement - Went for the “Go Kaitlyn” 11:45
confidence intercept
high in team
Perceived - Encouragement - Encouraging “Drive it down 11:59
confidence teammate you can do it
high in team there is 2
Perceived - Encouragement - Easy rebound “Good 12:06
confidence from a missed rebound”
high in team shot
Attentional - Communication - Watching for “Stay back” 12:09
focus the player
(external) behind
Perceived - Congratulating - Pressure on “Great 12:17
confidence every player defence”
high in team that forced the
turn over
Attentional - Delivering - Directing “Stay on him” 12:26
focus instruction player
Arousal - Congratulating - Congratulating “Rebounds, 12:30
other teams shot”
Attentional - Communication - Offering for a “Yep in” 12:51
focus pass
Perceived - Congratulating - Congratulating “You can do it 12:54
confidence teammate great shot
high in team well done”
Attentional - Delivering - Telling team to “Stay on go 13:08
focus instruction stay on player for rebounds
(external) well done”
Attentional - Delivering - Bad pass over “Go go go 13:12
focus instruction telling team to chase it”
(external) chase it
Stress (team) - Frustration - Watching for “Stay back” 13:15
the long pass
Stress (team) - Frustration - Can see a “Who’s on” 13:30
spare player
Perceived - Congratulating - Good “Yes Kaitlyn” 13:34
confidence intercept
high in team
In attentional - communication - Interruption in “Ready” 16:50
focus game due to
(external) broken glasses
Stress (team) - Frustration - Watching for “Watch back” 16:54
the long pass
Attentional - Communication - Talking “Running 17:06
focus through play down”
Attentional - Delivering - Directing play “Stay back 17:10
focus instruction watch behind
(external) you”
Attentional - Delivering - Going for “Defence go 17:19
focus instruction rebound for rebounds”
Perceived - Congratulating - Got the “Straight 17:22
confidence rebound and down good
high in team going down rebound”
Perceived - Encouragement - Great “You can do it 17:35
confidence movement by great work”
high in team team to get
the goal
Perceived - Congratulating - Easy intercept “Good work 17:45
confidence Brad”
high in team
Perceived - Congratulating - Easy intercept “Well done 17:54
confidence straight down
high in team again”
Perceived - Encouragement - Easy rebound “Good 18:01
confidence for goal to be rebound push
high in team scored it up”
Attentional - Communication - Talking “Running 18:24
focus through play down”
Arousal - Delivering - Directing play “Kaitlyn’s 18:26
instruction free”
Stress - Joking around - Ball was “I was like 18:44
(personal) - Frustrated passed to me there’s two
when I had free people”
two defenders
Arousal - Congratulating - Congratulating “Great shot” 18:53
other team
Attentional - Delivering - Directing play “Go chase it” 19:03
focus instruction
Stress (team) - Frustration - Missed “Oh damn” 19:14
for goal
Stress (team) - Frustration - Watching for “Stay back” 19:19
the long pass
Perceived - Excitement - Checking “Oh two 19:25
confidence in scoreboard to points”
team see who won
Arousal - Congratulating - Congratulating “Well done 19:29
team white”
Arousal - Congratulating - Shaking hands “Well done 19:31
aswell guys”

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