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To enter into ventures with national or

international cooperatives of other
Categories of Cooperative: countries in the manufacture and sale of
1. In terms of membership products/services in the Philippines and
a. Primary – The members of which abroad.
are natural persons. 7. To perform such other functions as may
be necessary to attain its objectives
b. Secondary - members of which are
primaries. A federation cooperative may be registered
c. Tertiary – members of which are carrying out the formalities for registration
secondary cooperatives. of a cooperative.

Registered cooperatives may organize a

2. In terms of territory, cooperatives shall federation according to the type of business
activity engaged in by the cooperatives.
be categorized according to areas of
operations which may or may not Cooperative unions: Registered cooperatives
coincide with political subdivisions of and federations at appropriate levels may
the country. organize or join cooperative unions to
represent the interest and welfare of all types
of cooperatives at the provincial, city,
Functions of a Federation of Cooperative regional and national levels. Cooperative
unions may have the ff purposes:
1. To carry on any cooperative enterprise
authorized under Article 6 that 1. To represent its member organizations.
complements augments, or supplements 2. To acquire, analyze, and disseminate,
but does not conflict, complete with, nor economic, statistical and other
supplant the business economic information relating to its members and
activities of its members; to all types of cooperatives within its
2. To carry on, encourage, and assist area of operation.
educational and advisory work relating 3. To sponsor studies in economic, legal,
to its member cooperatives; financial, social and other phases of
3. To render services designed to cooperation, and publish the results
encourage simplicity, efficiency and thereof.
economy in the conduct of the business 4. To promote knowledge of cooperative
of its member cooperatives and to principles and practices;
facilitate the implementation of their 5. To develop cooperative movement in
bookkeeping, accounting and other their respective jurisdictions;
systems and procedures; 6. To advise appropriate authorities on all
4. To print, publish, and circulate any questions relating to cooperatives;
newspaper or other publication in the 7. To raise funds through membership
interest of its member cooperatives and fees, dues and contributions, donations,
enterprises; and subsidies from local and foreign
5. To coordinate and facilitate the activities sources whether private or government;
of its member cooperatives; and
8. To do and perform such other non- ecological awareness and sustainable
business activities as may be necessary development.
to attain foregoing objectives.

1. A laboratory cooperative shall be

Cooperatives may assist the national and affiliated with a duly registered
local governments in the latter’s cooperative to be known as the
development activities in their respective Guardian cooperative.
jurisdictions. 2. Laboratory cooperative primarily
composed of students form a particular
Kinds of membership: school may affiliate with school’s
1. A regular member is one who has cooperative of its choice within area of
complied with all the membership operation.
3. If laboratory cooperative is composed
requirements and entitled to all the
rights and privileges of membership. primarily of out-of-school minors, it
2. An associate member is one who has no shall be affiliated with a cooperative of
right to vote nor be voted upon and shall its own choice within or nearest its area
be entitled only to such rights and of operation.
privileges as the bylaws may provide:
Provided. That an associate who meets
the minimum requirements of regular
membership, continues to patronize the
cooperative for two years, and signifies
his/her intention to remain a meber shall
be considered a regular member.

A cooperative organized by minors shall be

considered a laboratory cooperative and
must be affiliated with a registered


1. To serve as training ground for its

members to prepare them for
membership in regular cooperatives;
2. To teach values of thrift and saving
mobilization among its members;
3. To instill cooperative values, principles,
financial discipline, business skill, and
leadership skills among its members;
4. To promote and advocate Filipino social
and cultural values, financial education,