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(Mechanical Supervisor)

Phone No: +966 53 2960642, +92 300 5072524

Skype: chasad8

To be effective in the area of work assigned to me and seek an opportunity for professional growth and increasing
responsibility as Mechanical Professional in an organization where team spirit and professional skill are recognized
and rewarded.
Core Competencies
14 years’ experience in the field of Mechanical Maintenance /Installation /Repair in oil and gas, Petrochemical,
Fertilizer, Power and atomic industry
Gulf Work Experience
Currently working as Mechanical Supervisor, have worked in turnarounds, Projects and Plant services group in
shutdowns, Projects and regular maintenance jobs with SABIC and Saudi Aramco and Petrorabigh.

Sr. Client
No Project Name Plant Name Duration
Replacement of compressor, pumps,
1 SABIC Mod. C - HADEED April-May,2018
& UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
Heat Exchangers/Column/Vessel
2 Saudi Aramco Wasit Gas Plant Jan,2018
Heat Exchangers/Column/Vessel
3 Saudi Aramco Shybah Gas Plant Nov-Dec, 2017
Replacement of pumps & Plate
4 SABIC Mod. D - HADEED Oct, 2017

Heat Exchangers Maintenance SABIC PETROKEMYA/OLF-3 Apr-May 2017

Replacement & alignment of pumps,
6 compressors & overhauling of SABIC HADEED March-2017
UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
Maintenance of Agitator and Replace
centrifuge& Alignment
8 Heat Exchanger Maintenance Saudi Aramco Nov-2016
Heat Exchangers/Column/Vessel
9 SABIC AR RAZI Oct-2016
Heat Exchangers Maintenance,
Piping/Pump Replacement
Heat Exchanger /column/vessels
11 Saudi Aramco SHEDGUM GAS PLANT Mar-2016
Heat Exchanger /Column
12 Saudi Aramco RASTANURA/410,415 Jan-Feb, 2016
Heat Exchanger Maintenance,
13 Saudi Aramco PETRO RABIGH Oct-Dec, 2015
Installation/Alignment of pump
Replacement & alignment of pumps,
14 compressors & overhauling of SABIC HADEED Mar-Apr, 2015
UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
15 Static Equipment Replacement SABIC PETROKEMYA/VCM Oct-Nov, 2014
Maintenance. Of valves &Columns &
16 Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery Riyadh May-2014
Replacement & alignment of pumps,
17 compressors & overhauling of SABIC HADEED April-2014
UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
Maintenance. Of valves, Columns &
18 Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery Yanbu Feb-Mar, 2014
19 Maintenance Of Columns & Drums Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery Jeddah Nov-Dec, 2013
Maintenance Of Blowers, Valves.
Conveyers Belt, Pumps, Gear Box
Maintenance of Exchanger and
21 SABIC Al Bayroni April-Jun, 2013
Installation and Alignment of PUMP
Maintenance of Exchanger
22 SABIC Saudi Kayan Jan-Mar, 2013
Installation and Alignment of pump
23 Installation of new Shipper Pump Saudi Aramco Udhailiyah Nov-Jan, 2013
24 Water Tank Maintenance Saudi Aramco Surj Tank Mubarraz Jan-Aug, 2012
25 Plate Heat Exchanger SABIC Gas Plant May-Jun, 2012
26 Heat Exchangers, Vessels & Column Saudi Aramco Feb-Mar, 2012
27 DR Plant Module C Saudi Aramco YANSEB Nov-Dec, 2011

28 Valve Replacement and Maintenance SABIC SHARQ Jun-Jul, 2011

Heat Exchanger, Vessels, Tanks, ARAMCO/SU
29 PETRO RABIGH Apr-Jul, 2011
Drums, Columns Maintenance MITOMO
30 Total Refinery Maintenance Saudi Aramco Yanbu Refinery Feb-Mar, 2011
31 Valve & Pipe Replacement SABIC SHARQ Nov-2010
32 Pipe & H/E Replacement SABIC Gas Plant Oct-Nov, 2010
33 Plant Maintenance Saudi Aramco RT J72 March-2010
Replacement & alignment of pumps,
34 compressors & overhauling of SABIC HADEED Feb-2010
UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
35 Valve & Pipe Replacement SABIC Ras Tanura Refinery Aug-2009
36 Plant Maintenance SABIC SADAF July-2009
Replacement & alignment of pumps,
37 compressors & overhauling of SABIC HADEED Jun-Jul, 2009
UBF, MBF, LBF shafts
38 Heat Exchanger Maintenance Saudi Aramco Juaymeh RT Workshop May-Jun, 2009
39 Plant Maintenance SABIC IBNE ZAR April-2009
40 Plant Maintenance SABIC Petrokemya Nov-Dec, 2008
41 Plant Maintenance SABIC AR-RAZI Methanol Jun-Jul, 2008
42 Plant Maintenance SABIC Petrokemya May-2008
43 Compressor & Pump Maintenance SABIC Gas Plant April, 2008
Domestic Experience
44 Annual Turnaround PAFL PAFL Jan-2008
45 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Sep-Oct, 2007
46 Annual Turnaround FFBL Karachi Mar-Apr, 2007
47 Annual Turnaround PAK PTA Karachi Feb-2007
48 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Sep-Nov, 2006
49 Annual Turnaround Pak Saudi Mir Pur Mathelo Jan-Aug, 2006
50 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Nov-2005
51 Annual Turnaround PAK PTA Karachi Oct-2005
52 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Jun-2005
53 Annual Turnaround Engro Dahrki April-2005
54 Annual Turnaround FFC Mir Pur Mathelo Mar-2005
55 Annual Turnaround PAK PTA Karachi Sep-2004
56 Annual Turnaround PAFL PAFL Mar-2004
57 Annual Turnaround Engro Dahrki Jan-Feb, 2004
58 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Jan-Oct, 2003
59 Annual Turnaround PAFL PAFL Jan-2003
60 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Sep-Nov, 2002

61 Annual Turnaround PAK PTA Karachi Feb-2002

62 Annual Turnaround PAFL PAFL Jan-2002
63 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Nov-2001
64 Annual Turnaround FFC Got Machi Mar-Apr, 2001
65 Annual Turnaround FFBL Karachi Jan-2001
66 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Oct-Nov, 2000
67 Annual Turnaround FFC Got Machi Apr-Sep, 2000
68 Annual Turnaround AES LALPIR Nov-1999
69 Annual Turnaround PAFL PAFL Mat-Nov,1999

Industries Being Served:-

1. Power plants
2. Oil & Gas Sector
3. LPG plants
4. Fertilizer plants.
5. Petrochemicals plants.

 Maintenance of Pump, Compressor, Gas turbine & steam turbine, Heat exchanger, column, drum, vessel, fin
fane, Valve, mechanical seals, Cooling tower fan. Agitator, .Air Blower. shuit Blower, Conveyor
 Having a good knowledge of Plant trouble shoot.
 Having good experience of alignments.
 Water tank maintenance.
 Piping fabrication and erecting.
 Report and updates for production goals
 Supervision of a large crew of shut-down technicians, ensuring company’s quality standards maintained
 Supervised Technicians in carrying out maintenance and repair activities for equipment in the assigned
Maintenance Area.
 Monitor work in progress, ensuring that Safety, Quality procedures and work instructions are followed.
 Approve and sign off completed tasks in the Technicians competence manuals.
 Develop, review and update procedures and work instructions required to carry out maintenance work safely,
efficiently and effectively
 Supervising the maintenance activities focused on static & rotary equipment during Shutdown/Turnaround of
the plant.
 Supervising team of local personnel and being involved in the whole activities of Shutdown/Turnaround with
specific focus on static equipments
 Report to the Mechanical Superintendent
 Authorize withdrawal of equipment/materials from the warehouse
 Analyze additional work and modifications to determine the cause and propose the solution to be
 Reviewed engineering documentation issued for installation & Maintenance.
 Installation of process vessels, storage tanks with skirts and without skirts.
 Installation of piping network for chemical reagent
 Involved in coordination testing of static equipments & Piping networks for PT, RT and Hydro testing
 Mechanical inspection of the system as per P & ID
SSC (Science) : 1996
TTC 2001

Appreciation certificate for outstanding achievement in Annual turnaround of SABIC, SAUDI ARAMCO &

Key Skills and Trainings:

Work permit receiver of Saudi Armco
Work permit receiver of SHARQ (Sabic)
Work permit receiver of hadeed (Sabic)
Work permit receiver of Petro Rabigh.
SCBA & LOTO Training.

Personal Information
Father’s Name: Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali
Date of Birth: 01-01-1981
Marital Status Married
Domicile: Toba Tak singh
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Passport No. ED 6895723
IQAMA # 2252150731
KSA Driving License: SN04003501706742


I hereby declare that all the information furnished here by me are true and correct to the best of my