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Insights into a successfull

integral enterprise

Surging beyond the bottomline


Vasudha, a young adult with Down syndrome and autistic traits,

has been the main inspiration for the beginning of Om Creations.
She has been the guiding light for Mrs Durga Jain, Dr. Khanna and
many others who have been working for the institution. Vasudha is
the source of energy which stems from Mother Earth, inspiring Om
Creations to nurture the seeds which have become fruit-giving trees.
There has been a lot of selfless service which has made it possible.
This effort would not have been possible without the support of
my mentors such as Mohan Bhagwandas, Alexander Scheieffer
and Ronnie Lessem. Mohan’s style of management at Initiatives
of Change has been very useful for me in my work and research.
Alexander and Ronnie have inspired me with their research on
Integral Management. It seems to be a path-breaking area of research
for people working on social innovation.

The following are the donors who have supported us unconditionally

for this project and many other endeavors of Om creations:

The J.R.D. Tata Trust

Swayambhoo Trust
Swayambhoo Pratisthan

I would also like extend my special gratitude to Maneck Davar and

Ketul Patel, for their creative inputs and the production of the book
and the interactive CD. It has been a pleasure to work with them and
their team.

A special mention to Sister Gaitonde and Tatiana Sokolova for their

meticulous editorial support.

Team of Om Creations

Staff Care Workers Volunteers

Archana Mehta – Art Teacher since inception (20 years) Rohini Jyoti Seth
Rajni Porecha – Art Teacher since 11 years Bali Shalini Khiani
Hoshang Chacha – Executive Secretary Nitesh Zaver Sepoy
Nutan Patil – Ceramic Art Teacher Sushma Roshni Sinor
Avinash Durshettiwar – Ceramic Art Teacher Brijesh Bimla
Nayanjeet Nikam - Artist Mahindra Shireen Kolah
Vaishali Waghchaure – Head, Catering Dept Janardhan
Akshay Purohit – Head, Catering Dept Suresh Trustees
Shakif Rauf – Accountant Shabbir Dr. Radhike Khanna
Neville Berrie – Accounts Assistant Parshuram Mrs. Durga Jain
Dorothy Valliyapalath – Arts Assistant Parin Mr. Kersi Kapadia
Tasneem – Arts Assistant Pravina Mrs. Thrity Shastri
Nandini Ms. Ranjana Mahadevia

Nothing would be possible without the family of Om creations, this includes the trustees, support staff
and our special students.

Table of Contents
Introduction.................................................................................................................................. 01

Background.................................................................................................................................. 02

PART I Integral Management and Social Innovation................. 03

1.1. Shift from technological innovation to social innovation............................... 03
1.2. The alchemy of social innovation.................................................................. 03
1.3. Integral Management as a tool for social innovation.................................... 04

PART II Om Creations...................................................................................................... 05
2.1. Om Creations; an integral organization......................................................... 05
2.2. The journey of Om Creations........................................................................ 05
2.3. Foundations and philosophy......................................................................... 06
2.4. Governance.................................................................................................... 07

PART III Creating an Integral Organisation........................................... 09

3.1. Transforming the four functions of the organization..................................... 09
3.2. Production as healing.................................................................................... 09
3.3. Marketing as community development......................................................... 14
3.4. Human Resource as spiritual development.................................................. 17
3.5. Finance as Sustainable development........................................................... 22
3.6. Integrating the core functions........................................................................ 25

Conclusion.................................................................................................................................... 26

Bibliography................................................................................................................................ 27

Appendix.......................................................................................................................................... 28

Some of Our Beneficiaries. ....................................................................................... 32

Welcome to a journey of discovering the unique
management practice of an Organisation which
has been working for redefining the capabilities of
differently abled for the last two decades.

This book captures some of my learning’s on what

social innovation is and how it relates to the current
challenges in the world. It describes the concept
of integral management, and how we can capture
social innovations in the context of an organsation
like Om Creations, presents the Om Creations
model of integral management and documents the
transformation of each of the organization’s core
functions .

Each core function is described in detail along with

examples, stories and principles of how the core
functions are meeting organsiational and social
needs. In the end we look at how these core functions
are interrelated and form a perfect web of a holistic
management system. This can be very useful not only
for scaling up the social enterprise in the future, but
also to educate and train new people for working with
Om Creations or similar social enterprises.

The research is carried out by Globeone Consulting, an organisation
aiming to create change by creating uniting stakeholders working in
the various aspects of development of human society.

Om Creations is pioneering an integral approach of management in

the sphere of rehabilitating differently abled young adults . GlobeOne
Consulting took an interest in documenting innovations in how this
social enterprise functions in the Indian socioeconomic scenario.
To fulfil this endeavour we have created this book with the help of
the Om creations team and its supporters, along with an interactive
presentation of films on diverse aspects of the organisation. The
complete kit should be a starter’s guide for people to learn about
social innovation and the integral management style of Om creations.
Globe one Consulting has extremely enjoyed its association with Om
Creations, and hopes to continue its engagement in multiple ways in
the future.

Rishabh Khanna has been the main person behind this project,
He holds degrees in Economic Development, Environmental Law and
Management, International Law and Diplomacy and is passionate
about applying the principle of social biomimicry in the global
economy and our collective connection to mother Earth. He has been
associated with Om creations in one form or the other for the last
20 years, and has been truly inspired by their work.

The other people who have supported him in Globe One Consulting
Pvt Ltd are Nirjay Singh, Surendran Balachandran and Pinaki

He also wishes to express gratitude to his parents and grandparents

for supporting him in his endeavours.

We also feel that the readers and users of this book are part of
our learning process, and are open to thoughts, suggestions and

Integral Management and Social Innovation
1.1. Shift from technological
innovation to social innovation Agile Process
What is social innovation ?
Innovation has become the prime
focus for many institutions in the
government, private sector and
civil society, however most of the Systems Multi
global focus lies on technological
innovation, whereas social innovation
Thinking Stakeholder
lags behind. Process

This prompted a discussion

regarding the necessity of a different Change
economic model, particularly in
affluent industrial countries. Many
governmental and nongovernmental
organizations from around the U-process
world participated in this discussion Deep Prototyping
in Rio de Janeiro at the 1992 UN Democracy
Conference on Environment and
Development. After 20 years of the
Earth summit, the same question is Change Lab is a methodology of social innovation deployed by Reos Partners
being raised at Rio +20 this year. So
this book is being launched in a very
appropriate time. There have been need to be in the room, who not only Mimicking nature to create
many definitions to social innovation, represent vision, but are also able ‘Movement’ and ‘Structure’
in the next section I try to explain my to bring together people, ideas and There are many social innovations
perception of social innovation and resources to implement it. which we can learn from nature.
some of the principles behind the The process of engaging these This system of application is often
alchemy of social innovation. stakeholders or members is also a called social biomimicry. It is believed
key to enable a deep democratic that organisations are like living
1.2. The alchemy of social dialogue and individual and collective and breathing organisms, requiring
innovation swaraj (Gandhi’s idea of political, structure and movement. The
The principles of ‘movement’ and economic, social and spiritual ‘structure’ is the strong masculine
‘structure’, which are harnessed in freedom). One of the processes force which is manifested in
an oppositional symbiosis to create that I have been practicing is the organising, planning and financial
the flow and energy manifested Meshwork process (www.gaiasoft. monitoring. Movement is a feminine
in matter, are expressed in pure com) for connecting individuals’ force, and deals with human relations
economic terms of structure: land, vision and action to collective shared and developing a sense of family
labour, capital, and movement: vision and action in shared strategy. and community in the organisation.
entrepreneurial skill. ‘Movement’ is also the invisible
Another process to connect architecture of organisation culture
It is crucial that the microcosm of individuals is Otto Scharmer’s ‘U’ and values. People could live in a
an organisation reflects the vision theory which takes people from culture with a certain set of values,
of the change it wishes to see co-sensing, co-presencing towards outside the formal organisation
in the socioeconomic scenario co-creation. These are the processes structure. According to Anand
around it. According to the Change which enable people to see unity in Natkarni (Vice President Group
Lab process (methodology of the diversity, to see that everyone is a Corporate Sustainability, Tata Council
Reos Partners) , for any vision to part of the whole, of the colorful and for Community Initiatives), the Tata
be achieved the right stakeholders vibrant diversity of life. way is the formal organisation

Integral Management and Social Innovation 3






The ‘movement’ and ‘structure’ are complimentary, the opposition and contrasting force creates energy for the organisation

structure and the ‘tataness’ is the organisation. This perspective looks

invisible aura of the organisation at transforming the core functions
which exists beyond the formal of an organisation, for it to become
institution. an integral organisation, Thus
The ‘movement’ and ‘structure’ are Production becomes Knowledge
It is believed that complimentary, the opposition and creation, Marketing becomes
organisations are contrasting force creates energy for
the organisation. Adam Kahane from
Community development, Finance is
Sustainable development and Human
like living and Reos Partners sees this opposition as Resource is spiritual development.
the opposition of ‘power’ and ‘love’, In the case of Om Creations,
breathing organisms, and the Hindu culture represents this Production is therapeutic and of
requiring structure dichotomy as that of shiva and shakti. healing value for the beneficiaries.

and movement. The According to Collins and Porras This framework is empowering to
(2002) visionary companies embrace all the people who are involved
‘structure’ is the the genius of the ‘and’, they prefer in the organisation, as they act in
strong masculine to be both pragmatic and idealistic,
rather than choosing one ‘or’
solidarity and oneness. Thus Integral
management is a very important
force which is the other. Thus movement and tool for social innovation as it allows
structure is part of most successful organisations to capture value
manifested in organizations and there have been in those things which are often
organising, planning attempts to capture both. hidden in a capitalistic economy.
For organisations like Om Creations
and financial
 1.3. Integral Management as a tool it is critical to document all those
for social innovation beliefs, values , systems and culture
monitoring. Integral management is a cutting beneath the visible functions of
edge framework which allows management. These hidden systems
organisations to navigate through can often be the key points for their
the ‘chaos’ and ‘order’ dynamic of journey of transformation. As society
their function. Some of the principles and economy in general, we ought
of integral management create to change our lens with the new
a process for an organisation to paradigm of Integral Management.
better understand themselves and Our effort is a small step to document
their cultural context . There are Om Creations work in this new lens
several tools which can be used and set the stage for scaling up
in this process, one of them is a transformation to happen in a holistic
functional perspective of an Integral manner.

4 Integral Management and Social Innovation

Om Creations
2.1. Om Creations; an integral
Dr. Khanna with Vasudha Jain, Mandira Bedi and
the rest of the beneficiaries
An important element of Indian
thought is karma theory. Karma
means action, and generally karma
theory can be formulated as “every
action gives its own fruits”. This
indeed is adding new utility to
available resources.

Karma, in effect, stands for the

creation of “impersonal wealth”. The
market economy and capitalism are
based on the creation of personal
wealth, whereas in communism
ownership of capital is concentrated
within the state. The concept of
impersonal wealth is totally different.
Wealth is something to which
individual have access, but it does According to Chansarkar humans are The consumers belong to the same
not belong to any individual or group. struggling in the reign of profit and culture of greed and accumulation of
In karma theory profit results from loss. He believes that our society can goods which are not useful for them.
the combined efforts of all factors not imagine ourselves in a mutual A free economy can only be created
of production, and should therefore gain scenario, where there is neither if we are unattached to the fruits of
belong collectively to the community profit nor loss. The system of pricing our labour. Public utilities can only be
as a whole. products is also focused on profits. created through impersonal wealth
for the benefit of all.

North 2.2. The journey of Om Creations

Om Creations has tread a journey
Knowledge which has been truly transformational
for every stakeholder associated
with it. I have had the privilege to be
part of this journey and experience
many burning issues in the path first
West Sustainable Finance to Human Conscious East Over the years the organisation
Development Evolution has created capabilities to navigate
Pragmatism Resources
Strategic Holism
themselves through various ups and
downs, without losing its beneficiary
focused approach. As an Integral
Marketing organisation, it has also managed
to stay rooted in the Indian cultural
context and is to deliver services for
the modern globalized world.
Humanism From an Integral perspective, they
have managed to transform the four
Model of integral management ( Lessem and Scheiffer, 2009), instead of healing it will be Knowledge Creation functions for of an organisation.

Om Creations 5
In the next few pages I shall explore their creative self and harness their by the visionary Dr. Radhike Khanna
both the structure and the spirit potential thus allowing them to stand and parents of young adults who
of the organisation with Integral on their feet by being productive graduated from S.P.J. Sadhana
framework and go deeper into each and earning members of society, School— today, it has evolved into a
of the functions and how authentic and supporting them to have a life of successful venture.
these are . I would also like to draw dignity to the end – this is the mission
linkages of the core functions with of Om Creations. According to Dr. Khanna, we have
each other to make the symbiosis a beautiful relationship with energy
more visible, thus looking at how Om Creations Trust is a registered in every dimension, normally we
community development (marketing), non profit organisation, a unique and talk about only three, the economic,
healing (production), spiritual pioneering project that was started in environmental and the social. There
development (human resource) and 1991 for developmentally challenged is a fourth dimension which is often
sustainable development (finance ) women. It is run on the conviction left out, and that is the spiritual
are integrated and closely linked. that with professional training dimension.
and support, women born with
We will also look at how the Down syndrome and other mental The spiritual is the energetic
organisation has reinvented disabilities can imbibe professional plane which is embedded in every
relationships with all the factors of skills and become productive other material plane on the social,
production and other stakeholders contributors to society. environmental and economic level.
of the organisation. Lastly we will Om Creations was facing major
capture both the formal structure The young beneficiaries are absorbed challenges in becoming sustainable,
(masculine pragmatic side ) and the into Om Creations upon graduation and Dr. Khanna had an intuition,
softer movement aspect (feminine from SPJ Sadhana School. Today, that there was a energy blockage
idealistic side). it has 66 specially abled women in the organisation. Barbra Ann
producing unique items in three and Brennan describe this as dead
2.3. Foundations and philosophy departments – Om Foods, Om Visual orgone energy (DOR), this energy
“God places the heaviest burden Arts & Crafts and Om Flowers – all of vibrates below the frequency needed
on those who can carry its weight. If which are sold in the Om Creations for life, these energies can penetrate
God sends us on difficult paths, we shop as well at other retail outlets, deep into the earth. To remove these
are provided strong shoes. All glory through exhibitions, website and blockages, Dr. Khanna had created
comes from daring to begin. So we private orders. an energy grid underneath the land.
dared to dream and so began the According to her this has greatly
momentous story of Om Creations.” A challenging journey of 20 years helped the organisation.
- Zaver Sepoy has made Om Creations unique -
Om Creations has grown into an Now the physical place has been
Creating an organisation where organisation which is a haven to radiating with energy and become
the differently abled can realize differently abled individuals. Initiated a magnet for resources, people and

Moral core: Om as a social

According to Hindu tradition, ‘AUM’
Spiritual (usually transcribed as Om) is
the original sound from which the
Universe came into existence.

‘A’ in AUM means acceleration.

Economic Productivity is another word
for accelerated production; the
differently abled in the organisation
are made productive by supporting
them in finding their creative
potential. If there is positive intention
and love while making the products,
Environmental Social they radiate with energy.

‘U’ signifies unity amongst factors

Spiritual Spiritual of production. It also stands for
utility, most of the products are
The spiritual is the energetic plane which is embedded in every other material plane on being created from concept to the
the social, environmental and economic level final product by the same team, and

6 Om Creations
every time they create something,
they think about how it will be useful
for the client. When a waste fabric
The place was open to the sky, there
was no money to build the place. 
They had to use the
is converted into a bag it is adding Dr. Khanna went to meet with Right To Information
utility to the fabric. It is impossible a philanthropist. They put the
to create utility without combining project report on the table, but to get access to the
factors together, so utility and unity the prospective donor threw the
are connected. report on the floor. He told them
information behind
that such children can never work the usage of the
‘M’ stands for management, method and never earn. So like mother
and money. If utility and unity have Teresa you should just take care of land. Once they
to be purposeful, they have to be them, without expecting anything
supported by scientific management, in return. He rejected the entire Om
found out about the
modern methodologies and money Creations project. . However, they lands purpose, they
markets. Therefore Om Creations continued to persevere every day
has put special efforts into and believed that things would turn connected with the
organised management, by having around one day. The place had
dedicated staff for accounts, stock very little infrastructure, and a lot of governor.
and marketing. These efforts have work was put in to build the place
shown clear results in the last 3 step by step. The walls were broken
years. and dilapidated, filled with mud and land. Once they found out about the
stones, the roof was leaking. At that lands purpose, they connected with
According to Chansarkaran “A time Times of India Foundation gave the governor. This allowed them to
community inspired by the ‘A’ the first installment of seed money to create a new board for safeguarding
principle has cast away its sleep and build the place. the land. The trustees and senior
is awakened by the reality of life. ‘U’, management had their lives at stake
on the other hand, corresponds to After the physical infrastructure was while doing this. It was a true act of
the realization of the inner strength put in place, there were many legal civil courage.
of the person. ‘A’ gives science and requirements to allow the kitchen
technology, ‘U ‘gives the art of utility to operate and get clearances for 2.4. Governance
to the existing creation, ‘A’ provides fire and safety. Many times people There are formal policies and
an objective approach, ‘U’ gives a tried to take them for a ride, but the procedures for governance and
subjective dimension. ‘M’ gives total management had to believe in their management. Om Creations follow
identification with the results of ‘A’ intuition for finding the right path. strict procedures for recruitment
and ‘U’. When AUM comes together and payroll, medical fitness,
an economic miracle comes about”, Even after everything was set up, remuneration, probation, suspension,
as with Om Creations. Constant securing the land was a major background verification, relevant
wakefulness, inner strength and challenge. Up till recently, certain educational qualification and
total identification with planning and people wanted to take away the land satisfactory references. Rules are
development gives rise to A+U+M, for commercial purpose. There was a followed for financial credit policies
pronounced OM. lot of red tape. and stringent donation policies are
The organisation at the core has They had to use the Right To
been practicing and living by morals Information to get access to the The board carries out all the
and values, based on the philosophy information behind the usage of the functions in relation to the internal
of the founder trustees. Living and
practicing values-based leadership The board strength and composition
has made most of the management
fearless. There have been many Sr. No. Name Profession Gender Age
instances, where these values of the
1. Mr. Kersi Kapadia Architect Male 72
organisation have been tested.
2. Dr. Radhike Khanna Educationalists Female 47
There have been instances of Rehabilitation Con-
courage in the organisation. Dr.
Founder Trustee
Khanna has been a leader herself
in the display of courage. One such 3. Ms. Durga Jain Patron and Founder Female 74
story was when Initially Dr.Khanna Trustee
decided to set up Om Creations in 4. Mrs. Thrity Shastri Founder Trustee, Female 71
the King George fifth memorial, most Treasurer.
parents did not accept the place. 5. Ms. Ranjana Trustee, fundraiser Female 52
They all felt that this was wilderness. Mahadevia and culnery expert.

Om Creations 7
now has delegated most of her
functions to ther staff.
♦ Ms. Ranjana Mahadevia is
directly responsible for the
catering section.
♦ Mr. Kersi Kapadia looks into all
the payments made/received
by the center and also looks
into the funding aspect.

The welfare of the students is the

main objective of the trustees and
therefore, they are closely involved
not only in policy matters, but also
in the day-to day functioning of the

The appointment of the board of

trustees is governed by the Trust
Deed and subsequently by co-
opting the new members only after
minuted resolution and the same
being submitted by the Charity
Commissioner. As per the Trust
Kersi Kapadia, Thrity Shastri, Dr. Radhike Khanna, Durga Jain, Ranjana Mahadevia Rules, Trustees are for life.

functioning and external relations of individuals in productive roles in Ms. Ranjana Mahadevia has been
the organisation. The board focuses society. Her international expertise co-opted recently to help in the
on issues of policy and identity, in also led her to train Nigerian, Sri effective growth of the organisation
addition to the issues of day-to-day Lankan and Kenyan professionals and help in the governance of the
implementation of programmes. to help train mentally-challenged center, as the strength of the
The role of the board is to promote persons with effective work skills. young adults has grown from 8 to
and provide opportunities for Dr Khanna National Award Winner 66 ladies.
skilled/unskilled specially abled is the Founder Trustee of Om
young adults and to employ skilled Creations Trust. The board meets quarterly and
individuals with a kind heart and ▪ Dr Khanna oversees the catering attendance of two thirds of the board
patience to train these students. as well as the Visual Arts members is mandatory.
Departments on a daily basis.
▪ A Ph. D. in special education, The daily routine activities of the The board is very effective in
Dr. Radhike Khanna epitomizes center are monitored by her in ensuring a shared vision and a
total commitment in the training, coordination with staff/volunteers, common perspective on the direction
education and rehabilitation followed by written weekly reports. of the NGO; there is also a collective
of specially abled and autistic She also helps the organisation commitment by the board towards
persons. Dr Khanna has already in presentation, packaging and the well-being of the organisation.
devoted 25 years of her life to financial costing.
her cause with unwavering focus ♦ Mrs. Durga Jain is present at The active, alert and functioning
and rare courage. Believing in the center on all working days board which feels both a legal and
practicing what she preaches; and is instrumental in creating moral obligation in regard to financial
Dr Khanna broke away from new designs for the products and statutory accountability takes
the traditional mould to spark in the Visual Arts Department. the necessary checks-and-balances
revolutionary, ‘out-of-the-box’ ♦ Mrs. Thrity Shastri overlooks for proper recording and reporting
strategies for the multiple the financial aspects of the according to agreed targets and rules
challenged. She created the first center and also takes upon The board oversees compliance by
and only, five-year polytechnic herself the task of overseeing providing a set of measures needed
courses in the world that the administrative as well as in the organisation, such as: Internal
guaranteed jobs to the multiply- the accounts of the center She Audit, VAT Audit, External Audit,
disabled, mentally-challenged also monitors the progress submitting reports to Charitable
autistic individuals. In addition, of staff and the young adults Commissioner, possession of food
Dr Khanna has worked tirelessly throughout the year.In the license, fire brigade permit, NGO
alongside corporates and has past she had many more license, FCRA return, tax return,
placed over 1,000specially abled managerial responsibitlies, but statutory audit.

8 Om Creations
Creating an Integral Organisation
3.1. Transforming the four and supporters. The other two The Embroidery and art section
functions of the organisation focus areas, Human Resource and was merged, and they had 13
So far in the book, I have been Finance, follow the same pattern, beneficiaries with them . They
describing my perception of social where finance is meeting material developed new products like
innovation, and introducing the and relational needs for now and napkins, table mats, bags, tie and
history and context in which Om the future. Human resources is dye bags.
creations became a unique social one of the main functions for any
innovator. In this next section, I will organisation, and in this organisation Today the organisation has two full
go deeper into how Om creations most of the people have been fledged production departments,
is following the paradigm of able to align their mind, body one for the visual arts (this includes
Transformation Management. We and soul to the vision of the crochet, ceramics, embroidery, etc)
will notice how the core functions of organisation. products. The other is a full fledged
the organisation are fundamentally food and catering section, which
different from a conventional 3.2. Production as healing creates one of the best chocolates
organisation. Archana Mehta, the head of the visual in town, and serves from snacks to a
art department, joined in 1992 and meal.
These core areas of management started to take care of one child.
are delivering both on the structural From once a week to six days a Om Creations is able to do a
( ‘Shiva’) and relational (‘Shakti’) week, this happened for another two decent turnover compared to most
needs of the organisation. Thus years. other organisations in this sector,
Production of creative products however there are certain underlying
is giving a dignified livelihood to When they shifted from Shikhar Kunj principles, which have helped this
the beneficiaries as well as being to King George, Om Creations were function, aligned with the core
therapeutic to them. In the same the only girls institution. In the new values and purpose of the
way Marketing is enabling the barrack, they also initiated the food organisation.
organisation to become more and catering service, where initially
visible to the outside world, as well they were only doing snacks and Innovation for creating a diverse
as building a community of friends savories. portfolio of unique products
They are innovating all the time, with
North new ideas and products according
to the market demand. Om Creations
Healing started with making only cocktail and
dinner napkins. Then went into the
production of various sizes of bags,
Operations then table mats with dinner napkins.
Today, they produce 150 items which
are unique and not available in the
market. Their products are sought
West Sustainable Finance to Human Conscious East after not only by individuals but large
Development Resources
Pragmatism Strategic
corporates too.

Today, they have diversified into

making ceramic items, pottery,
crochet items, silk painting, painting
on sleeper wood, paper flowers,
torans, diyas, which are sold at
Building large exhibitions like the IMC (Indian
South Merchant Chambers), the Marwar,
Sahachari, Shaila Trust, Crescent
Integral model of Om creations Moon to name a few.

Creating an Integral Organisation 9

had sufficient confidence to take on
Archana, head of visual art orders from anywhere in the world.
department mentoring Natasha The magic of thinking and delivering
big had led the organisation to move
towards a large turnover spread over
the year.

Creating a beneficiary focused

‘Connecting the unique spirit of every
beneficiary, inspired creativity which
fulfills the soul’ ‘

Aligning the talent of beneficiaries

with what needs to be created by
the organisation is extremely critical.
“Vasudha had a gift of packing, she
would just snatch and push out the
other employees so that she could
do all the packing” Archana
Vasudha was a passionate packer
and could even pack with closed
eyes- Dr. Khanna.
Kabaad ka jugaad (reuse and organisation. From its early days, Om
recycle of waste for making new Creations believed that it could serve Working conditions need to be
products ) both retail and corporate clients. appropriate for the beneficiaries. For
In the initial stages there was a example beneficiaries like to work
lot of wastage, but they stored Their first corporate order was under tube lights, which are white.
the waste and reused in creative Mahindra and Mahindra & company,
ways. They never throw anything; who commissioned Om Creations
waste of one product adds utility to 5000 bags to be delivered in 12
another product. Many people give working days. This was a great
donations to Om Creations in kind, learning experience for them, one
so the production team is constantly of the processes to make the bags
thinking of unique ways of adding was very intensive, and they had
utility to such material. For instance to get many volunteers to do that
old fabric might be used to make order. After that experience, they
bags, paper napkins, table mats and

Waste within the organisation is

being reused to make other products.
Aligning the talent of
Smaller pieces of fabric are being beneficiaries with what
made into key chains, rugs and mats.
needs to be created
There seems to be an extraordinary
intelligence in the institution to
by the organisation
manifest beautiful products which is extremely critical.
have a utility and a market value from
waste. “Vasudha had a gift of
This has really helped the
packing, she would just
organisation to reduce their costs, snatch and push out
their impact on environment and be
more creative. the other employees so
Magic of thinking and delivering
that she could do all
big the packing”
The organisation has a lot of self-
belief , and vision which goes beyond Shreya, a young beneficiary who loves working
the boundaries of a conventional with ceramics

10 Creating an Integral Organisation

They feel more comfortable in this So its easier for them to string them
lighting. together.

If they are used to certain people, Work that heals

they don’t like changes. If people As already explained above their
leave the organisation, they became
very insecure.

One other challenge they faced was

program is designed to suit the
needs of their young adults and
training them to be on par with the
ever growing needs. Most these
Shreya who has been
to get the old beneficiaries to work young adults have soft cushiony working with Avinash
with the new beneficiaries creating hands with short fingers which enable
the right mix. For example the more them to work skillfully and artistically and Nutan in the
talented younger employees can
do the intricate inner part of the
with their hands.
Ceramics department,
crochet, and the older ones do the Shreya who has been working with has changed a lot,
more simpler and crude process. Avinash and Nutan in the Ceramics
The special employees are able to do department, has changed a lot, earlier she used to
most of the processes in production. earlier she used to talk to herself all
the time, and was lazy, ever since
talk to herself all the
Avinash and Nutan, who have been she has started working with clay she time, and was lazy,
working here for 18 months in the has become more focused. Working
ceramics section, say that they with clay is also very therapeutic for ever since she has
need to always think about how a
certain product can be made by the
started working with
beneficiaries. They develop the entire Nutan felt that a lot of change has clay she has become
production process according to the happened in the last 3 years, the
needs of the beneficiaries. beneficiaries are also opting for it a more focused. Working
lot more.
The skill set of beneficiaries has been
with clay is also very
increasing over a period of years. The ageing special employees need therapeutic for them
They use different methods to help extra care , as they are not very
them make the products, for example productive. They have to tell them
for beading, they put the different stories and keep them engaged.
colored beads in different boxes. Downe G plan is to keep the students

Master chefs of Om creations

Creating an Integral Organisation 11

Mrs Durga Jain, leading
from the front at Art and Soul
Gallery exhibition.

who are ageing with the organisation, Kamal, who is another beneficiary
till they relocate or die . The routine was a chatter box, completely
in the organisation keeps them opposite of Vasudha and her
The parents would healthy and is a source of energy parents have been very supportive
for them. There is tremendous to us.
never feel that this amount of belongingness for them
was not their job and in the organisation They are happy
in the community and friends, and
Not much could have happened,
if the parents did not lead from
have been extremely happiness keeps them well. the front. Their support is greatly
appreciated in making support
supportive since the Parents leading from the front staff more comfortable with their
beginning. Archana When we were just 3 people working
in the organisation ( printer, tailor
children. Many parents volunteer
for the organization and support the
and her colleagues and Archana ) , Mrs. Durga Jain was organization in multiple ways.
working herself along with other
had a tough time parents .The parents would never Discovering the special master
feel that this was not their job and craftsman in each beneficiary
to understand have been extremely supportive ‘The beneficiaries are very punctual,
the beneficiaries, since the beginning. Archana and and are focused in their work,
her colleagues had a tough time however they need a lot of attention
especially to understand the beneficiaries, and guidance and some of them
especially understanding Vasudha need one-to-one attention.
understanding was a monumental task.
Vasudha was a They are very empathic, and do not
 “Durga aunty would help a lot like being stressed about work. They
monumental task. helping me understand Vasudha. will work at their own pace, but keep
Durga aunty had to make her talk to working at home, after the workshop
us”. - Archana Mehta hours’.

12 Creating an Integral Organisation

Every special employee has a Leveraging efforts for greater
unique potential which is waiting to return
be tapped. It takes many years for “Om Creations was a mandatory
the staff and teachers to discover visit, as some of my ex students were

the special talents, but once these working there. My first visit to Om
hidden talents are discovered, they Creations was fascinating, as I could
start to blossom and radiate with never imagine how much a Down
Om Creations was energy and enthusiasm. syndrome person could achieve”.
Ranjana Mahadevia
a mandatory visit, “There are some special employees
as some of my ex who could be very dangerous with
knives, but there are others who are
Especially in the food section
Om was growing by leaps and
students were working suited for it. Monica and Priya are bounds. They were so dedicated
specialists in packaging and very and enthusiastic that this inspired
there. My first visit passionate about how they do it. We Ranjana to make a change. She felt
to Om Creations was miss these children when they are
not around.” Vaishali
that something was missing in the
way they were doing lunch service,
fascinating, as I and that it was not fetching adequate
Young beneficiaries like Alifya could return to the efforts that they were
could never imagine create 150 bags each day, with putting in. They started the chocolate
how much a Down dedication and love for what they are
programme, and today they are
doing 3,500 Kg of chocolates per
syndrome person year.
The staff is also amazed at how the
could achieve
 beneficiaries point out mistakes in Thus we see that creating products
the work that the support staff does, in Om creation has the modern
many of them have learned a great management (masculine) aspects of
deal by working with them. efficiency, quality, customer focus,

Creating an Integral Organisation 13

Ladies from Harvard University
visiting Om creations

innovation and scale . At the same Education and awareness hygienically prepared ? Can they be
time it has preserved its identity by According to Zaver, marketing compared to the best in the market?
being focused on the beneficiary, products of Om is a big challenge, Will they cost less than the rest of
healing attributes of the production as the mindset of most people still the same type? Hence creating
process which has enhanced requires to change. When people awareness is of major importance.
physical and mental capabilities of hear that products, especially food,
the beneficiaries. are made by the developmentally- Even the educated people in society
challenged they are apprehensive on have a very cynical mindset and they
However, creating unique products several scores – will the products be feel that the products made by the
is not sufficient, they need to be
useful to the community so that they
would have sale value. Thus the next
function of marketing and community
building is crucial.

3.3. Marketing as community

Om Creations had been not very
effective at this function in the first
decade or so of its operation. Inthe
last three years, with the help of
additional support from Tata’s and
the addition of Zaver, Roshni and
Reha, the Om Creations brand has
been enhanced in a major way.

There are several efforts which are

being made in this direction, some
of them have been enumerated
below through the experiences of the
marketing team. Pasta event with Rahul Bose and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank

14 Creating an Integral Organisation

developmentally challenged young Green Lawns school children
adults are unhygienic and hence they observing Nilopher work
refrain from buying the products.
In 2010, during Diwali when they
approached multinational companies
to buy their chocolates, the latter
refused, doubting the level of
hygiene. This was a very big lesson
for the Om Creations team.

Since this statement came

from educated people, it sent a
message that society at large has
still not accepted developmentally
challenged young adults with open
heart, but this was taken up as a
challenge, and the multinational
personnel who refused to buy
our chocolates were invited to the
center and they were awed by
the high hygiene standards and
the professional way in which Om
Creations chocolates and other
products were produced and packed.

Relational Perspective
Building personal relationships not awareness in society and learning creates an empathy towards them.
only with clients, but maintaining in turn about the demands of the This relationship leads them to buy
relations within the organisation corporate world. They innovate and the products created by the young
with staff and students, parents of incorporate suggestions according to adults as and when they can.
the students, and support staff, is the feedback.
an important objective of senior Building relationships with corporate
management. They also have corporate visiting and others is the key to marketing.
their Center and working alongside By developing personal contacts
Om Creations participate in Bazar the young adults, exposing them with CSR (Corporate Social
Days at corporate offices creating to the difficulties they face, which Responsibility) heads as well as
personnel in HR (Human Resource)
departments and persuading them
Debosmita and her team from Taj Lands end came to teach to visit Om to see the working of the
recipes to Om Creations staff and beneficiaries organisation, for themselves goes a
long way in building rapport.

Once a client comes to Om, they

experience a sense of belonging to
the place and there is continuous
relationship, akin to home and family.

Making people step into the shoes

of the differently abled
OMC not only encourage individuals,
but also school, college students
as well as corporate to experience
working along side their beneficiaries.
‘The question that many may ask
is, “What can we learn from such
an organisation?? ‘ Zaver feels,
after many years of working in the
coporate industry with organisations
such as Indian Hotels that what the
corporate world had not taught her
she has learned at OM.

Creating an Integral Organisation 15

They involve their visitors in CSR they are very proud of the products when chocolate modaks are made,
activities whereby they are totally made by them and they love to Diwali when they produce, pack and
involved in the working of the center be part of any exhibition, hence deliver Om branded chocolates,
in the food as well as the Art Dept. whenever they have any special chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day,
Chefs from Four Season Hotels and event planned, they always make in decorative heart shaped boxes.
Taj come regularly to work with the sure that they are involved. They cater to Consulates for their
students and support staff to share National Days. Their Christmas
and learn recipes. Many of the Om Creations clients cakes were very successful with one
agree that the beneficiaries are great and including the Executive Chef
Their catering section serves large sales people, they are convincing, of the Taj, who came to teach their
corporations, supplying meals on a authentic and are able to create beneficiaries and their Chef, to bake
day-to-day basis, as well as for their a bond of trust. Their qualities for perfect plum cakes.
corporate parties. Various health selling their own products would be
shops avail of Om’s high-end food hard to get from the outside. A culture of celebration, keeps the
products, made by their special energy of the organisation very high.
employees. Leading hotels also use Cultural marketing During Diwali, the attitude of being
their gift bags and other gift items for Om Creations has been very alive and celebrating every moment,
their guests. intelligent connecting with the cultural helps them to longer shifts to keep up
ethos and the diversity of festivals in with the huge season demand.
Marketing from the horse’s mouth India.
Nobody can market their products Challenge with the corporate world
better then these young adults There are themes for all festivals and A huge challenge is faced when they
themselves. Be it food or art item – festivities, be it Ganesh Chaturthi, have to complete an order from a
multinational. As multinationals think
that they can complete the order in
stipulated time. On the contrary all
Sample Marketing communication their products are hand made by the
Young Adults of Om Creations Trust are very grateful to your beneficiaries and obviously it takes
organization for giving them an opportunity to prove themselves time more time than a normal vendor
and again. would take. So this is a big challenge
to break the mindset of the corporate
The prices of the items are as follows: and make them understand that they
require more time for production.
Tissue Batwa ( Pink & Gold) @ Rs. 55/-
Paper Batwa ( Pink & Gold) @ Rs. 45/- They have to keep in mind that they
Crochet Coasters ( 4*1) @ Rs.300/- are marketing products made by the
Wrapping Paper @ Rs. 45/- specially abled and since they do
Gents Kit @ Rs. 75/- not outsource their products, and
Ladies Kit ( with zipper) @ Rs 85/- have to keep in mind that ample
Cane Basket Cover @ Rs.125/- time is allocated to Om Creations for
Black Case @ Rs.100/- delivering the order.

All above items are inclusive of taxes. The other big challenge, while
working with corporate is that quality
The continuous order placed by your organization is going to keep of the products need to be up to the
our young adults busy and this means a lot. mark as they can easily reject the
order. Some corporates have rejected
We are indeed very grateful for your support. orders in the past and the loss has
been borne by Om Creations.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Loyalty of clients is another major
issue, as most customers want new
Thank you and warm regards, products every season, and so the
Zaver n Roshni organisation needs to build the
community of clients each year.
Hence we see that marketing in Om Creations is a complex exercise of
reaching out with a deep level of authenticity for providing a valuable Marketing communication
service to the community by keeping our identity. It also has huge It is critical that they are
responsibility of developing and nurturing relationships through communicating with their clients
education, sharing and exchange. in an appropriate manner. The
communication needs to allow the
clients to trust the organisation

16 Creating an Integral Organisation

Organisation trip to Ooty

with the respect to authenticity of

the cause, as well as the value and
quality of the products that they are
they learn to share, they learn to
be with peers, and they learn to be
much more independent.” Ranjana
Om Creations as
buying from them. Following is an
example of an email written by the
an institution is a
marketing team to their client. Om Creations as an institution learning community
is a learning community for the
Marketing through education, beneficiaries and the support staff. for the beneficiaries
outreach and PR could expand
the community of support for
They are doing many things to be
productive and creating revenue
and the support
Om Creations, but this takes a through the workshop, but at the staff. They are doing
lot of energy and creativity. Thus same time, for many it’s a happy and
developing the human and spiritual safe place to belong to a family of many things to be
being is as important, as any other friends who are there for each other.
function in the organization. In the
productive and
next section we shall see how Om Here are some of the sutras, which creating revenue
Creations has co created a space have allowed Om creation to nurture
for a learning community within the and create a thriving team in Om through the workshop,
organization. Creations.
but at the same time,
3.4. Human resource as spiritual Aligning the IQ (intelligence for many it’s a happy
development quotient) and the EQ (emotional
“There is a slight difference in how quotient ) and safe place to
we work with the senior students The Trust has invested in qualified
at Sadhana school and Om people (people hired from Sir JJ
belong to a family of
Creations, in Om Creations, the School of Arts) so that they can train friends who are there
beneficiaries have a greater sense the young adults and make them
of belongingness and co-ownership. more skillful. For example, Shreya for each other.
Om Creations is their workshop, can work on ceramic products for

Creating an Integral Organisation 17

money, and that is something that
Shruti working tirelessly on her sculpture
has been instilled in the staff since
the beginning. The staff has been
given the space to be creative so
that they can manifest their creativity
in new and unique products for the
The support staff needs to be
creative in not only making new
products, but also for coming up with
new ways for engaging the differently
abled, making sure that all of the
beneficiaries are harnessing their true
potential. The organisation requires
one support staff for every three

Nurturing the body and health

Not many are aware but these
young adults have a very flexible
spine and hence they can work on
a job for hours together without
feeling tired. Though as they age the
productivity level of these special
employees reduces. In order to keep
their productivity going they have
initiated senior citizen project where
they continue to work on their motor
skills so that they don’t need any
kind of psychiatric help and heavy
medication to support the ageing
factor. In fact they have introduced
homeopathy treatment by Dr Anita
Daswani, and it has greatly helped
them in various psychological

Weekly yoga is extremely important

for them, as it is an exercise for the
body, mind and soul. It helps them
mentally and makes them flexible and

hours together without feeling tired, Creations), training the support staff
Not many are aware
but these young adults
Purvi does painting on silk scarves. has been the most challenging issue,
Building creative skills of these young as they need to have a balance have a very flexible
adults enhances their dexterity and between technical skills and high
believe it or not creativity is a life line emotional quotient. spine and hence they
for them, also creating livelihood not
only for the young adults but also Even though Om Creations needed
can work on a job for
for the educated people of the professional staff with the appropriate hours together without
society. technical skills, they might not have
the appropriate behavior and attitude feeling tired.
However having the right technical for working with the beneficiaries in
skills is not sufficient. According to Om Creations. They are not there
Ranjana Mahadevia (trustee of Om for the sole purpose of making

18 Creating an Integral Organisation

Brain Gym is done three times a Human Resource Policy includes:
day. It is a form of exercise, which
also helps both sides of the brain to
function in coordination. It awakens
their concentration powers and
appointment letter and staff
orientation, employee salary benefit,
travel rules and regulation, holidays
and leave, employee termination
Brain Gym is done
enables them to perform their tasks in rule, performance evaluation system, three times a day.
a better way. It is also a physical form policy for annual performance
of exercise which keeps them active, evaluation, communication policy, It is a form of
so it is beneficial again for the mind fixed assets policy, finance policy.
as well as for the body. The full strength of the organisation is
exercise, which also
19 staff and 66 young adults, 9 care helps both sides of
Beneficiaries are kept agile and their workers and 7 dedicated volunteers.
creativity is kept on continuous “go” the brain to function
because they strive to continue with Training and development
the routine activities like brain gym, Om Creation strives to be a learning in coordination.
yoga, picnics and travels. organisation. Professional staff It awakens their
attends Thursday quarterly meeting,
Art of Living Courses were attended which is an avenue to share critical concentration powers
by several staff members. Such information and to cover professional
courses have helped some of the development topics. The staff at and enables them to
staff, to manage their anger and other every level engages in three general perform their tasks in
emotional issues at work. types of training and development
programs: formal, group training and a better way. 
Human resource policies development, mentoring programs,
The organisation has a and self-directed learning. From
comprehensive human resource orientation programs to life-long
policy which makes the staff secure learning initiatives, Om Creation is
about their future and old age. fully committed to enhancing staff

Om creations team having fun on a learning journey

Creating an Integral Organisation 19

members’ professional as well as It was the first time I saw that just
personal growth. At Om Creations listening can bring a smile to some
they dedicate much time, financial ones face”. - Rishab Khanna
resources, and human resources
to their training & development As there seemed to be absence of
programs. team spirit, shared vision and trust, I
decided to get all the employees of

In 2010, a workshop using some the organisation under one roof for
tools from Meshwork and the change a workshop. It was a tall order in the
lab was conducted at the center midst of all their work to convince
I began spending time itself by Rishabh Khanna leading them to come, but I managed in
professional, in organisational the end to get them for a couple of
with each person development. A Meshwork is a way hours, everyone, from the office boys
for people and organisations to self to the managers. We sat outside in
in the organisation, organize, on line and face to face a circle, in the sunshine, surrounded
listening to their dialogue into develop collaborations, by the noise of the traffic. We slowly
exchange knowledge and resources introduced ourselves and shared
struggle in the last and make a greater impact. The where our attention was. We entered
nature of a Meshwork is to commit into the chaos game, learned about
few months. The more to a meaningful and ambitious goal, the importance of communication,
I heard them, the to find the people and resources and flowing into the testing magic of
develop the structures to achieve that the crazy train, learned about each
lighter they became, goal. other through deep dialogue and
concluded with the meshwork
I could feel the “ I began spending time with each strategy and action plan.
healing happening in person in the organisation, listening
 to their struggle in the last few Their aha moments were of ‘trust’,
front of my eyes. months. The more I heard them, ‘ importance of communication’,
the lighter they became, I could feel and learning to flow with the
the healing happening in front of organization’s spirit. I did not have to
my eyes. I had never sensed a joy tell them anything; they articulated
in listening to these people before. the key point themselves with an

Learning happens through mutual sharing at Om Creations

20 Creating an Integral Organisation

astonishing ease, after just a few
moments of quiet, reflection, joy of
sharing and listening.
They emerged from the workshop,
proud of their work and their purpose.
Now they had an action plan and
seemed to be visible to each other
a little more, and promised that they
would continue sharing with each

The learning of the workshop was

compiled and gave a lot of boost
to the staff... The following are the Archana, oldest staff
words which the Om Creations team of the organisation
associated their vision and dream celebrates 50
of the organisation. : Quality, Joy, years with Om
Global, Capacity building, Child creation staff and
centric, increase in production, beneficiaries
Happiness with young adults, Team
work, care for young adults, create

an Om Creations center mutual respect, trust and love.
Once this bond is formed, the child
The workshop also helped in opens herself to learning, and
analyzing the progress of individuals.
Our professional approach in
learns at a very rapid pace. And
whatever the child learns,he or she
The teacher is
development of staff during 2010 and retains because the learning is self- committed first to
in the past. motivated; it is based on her own
needs and interest. Special teachers establishing and
Picnics and Traveling outside make
the students very excited and
are a rare species today.” When
this kind of bond is created then
nurturing a bond with
joyous. They have been trained performance of developmentally the child – a bond
at the Sadhana School for these challenged becomes possible.
outings and they thoroughly enjoy Also because close involvement of based on mutual
themselves. It cuts the routine and
they really look forward to such visits
the Trustees with the staff/special
employees upward feedback is very
respect, trust and
and are at their best. easily acceptable and open.
They have a performance review
Recently they organized a 6 day trip system in place not only for staff but
to Ootacamund where the specially also for the beneficiaries .
abled along with staff members
visited Madumalai forests and this Reward and recognition work done. However the effect is
helped them not only in unwinding For the beneficiaries - a stipend is temporary, On the other hand, faith is
but also encouraged personal given on a monthly basis, according permanent. It induces intrinsic values.
bonding – which is of utmost to the production. A Diwali bonus
importance for any organisation to once a year and parties which are According the Zaver, Om Creations is
function. A successful organisation enjoyed thoroughly by the special a great place to work in as most staff
always needs co-operation and employees . Picnics and trips to have been here for long time, even
understanding amongst each other. places of interest. Gifts for Diwali. in a normal organisation very few
Employees were sent for Art Therapy Paintings made by the students are people stay for more than 3 years.
Training which aids in showcasing sent for awards. Monthly meetings On an average staff have been here
more creativity in art. appreciating the efforts of the special for 5 years.
Staff have also be sent for trainings Transformational Change
for resource mobilization and For the Staff - Diwali Bonus, Gifts, There are stories of transformation,
fundraising. Picnics and trips and appreciation of all around the organisation These
the work being done. inspiring stories of hope continue to
Performance and Review fire the passion of the support staff,
“The teacher is committed first to Three F’s move the world. They are management, trustees and all those
establishing and nurturing a bond Favor, Fear and Faith. Favor and who support the organisation from
with the child – a bond based on fear have often been used to get outside.

Creating an Integral Organisation 21

I find a lot of change in myself, They have a database for volunteers 3.5. Finance as sustainable
due to the unconditional love that and whenever required, they call development
the children give me. Its been a upon them to help, especially Dr. Khanna
wonderful experience, things that I for exhibitions, Bazar days at “I had to develop multiple skills, one
have never learned in the corporate Corporates, Diwali orders and of the main issue was the finance.
world, I have learned here. I have any other events. They generally If we are not financially sustainable
learned to have no ego, and forgive acknowledge them at their annual then all the creative energies get
easily. -Zaver Diwali party, as they become an sapped”.
integral part of Om. They also invite
They used to decide their orders them for any celebrations they have According to Chansarkar the term
within 30 minutes, as they were very at Om. “Artha” in Sanskrit includes various
impressed with our product and aspects of man’s socioeconomic
packaging. We some times have to Henceforth we see that the staff in development including politics,
refuse orders, as we don’t want to Om Creations have a great space economics, health, education, law
reduce the price and we have the to learn, experiment, share and be and moral values of society. In Isha
deadlines to meet. together as a learning community Upanishad, the very first stanza
of close friends and family. They do speaks about wealth. “All resources
Vaishali, who heads the Om Foods receive adequate financial rewards, necessary for living are available
department, says that she has and at the same time opportunities to to all, thus believing in abundance
learned many things after coming grow intellectually and spiritually. has been part of our heritage and
here, she learned other cuisines. tradition in India’.
Along with learning new skills, Om Creations, needs to ensure
she has become more patient that their work and celebration is According to Hoshang Chacha
after working with these special sustainable and viable both in the (Executive Secretary) For the past
employees . She prefers working short term as well as in the long run. two decades Om Creations has been
here, than her previous work place in Financial independence and being dependent largely on donor money.
the hotel industry. self sufficient as an organisation In the last three years it is showing
is a dream for any individual or some amazing trends, where revenue
Volunteers management organisation. Thus the next core from the goods it sells is exceeding
Om Creations has many volunteers, function, which I shall enumerate, is its grants. This is very exciting for the
who have supported them in multiple finance. organisation, but at the same time it
Senior staff of Johnson and Johnson
volunteer at Om creations

I had to develop
multiple skills, one of
the main issue was
the finance. If we
are not financially
sustainable then all
the creative energies
get sapped 

22 Creating an Integral Organisation

can not forget about the objectives space is a huge challenge. The shortage. This creates a bigger
of the Trust and its responsibility organisation has been very creative challenge during the festive seasons
towards the beneficiaries and the with the space they have, it has been when they are inundated with lots
staff. a great challenge for them to retain of orders in both the department.
the current space in King George fifth However the organisation is
The following are some of the memorial. In south Mumbai, this can getting queries to set up similar
underlying principles which are be the most expensive part of any workshops in other places, where
embedded in the organisation, operation. Om Creations know how and brand
for it to move towards sustainable are required.
development. They have been very creative with
using every inch in the barrack , The organisation can not afford to
Complimentary currencies keeping in mind health and safety have many retail outlets, so it sells
There are both masculine and standards in the operation. mostly from the workshop, word of
feminine relations with the factors of mouth and through the website.
production, certain economists call it They are facing problems with space.
complimentary currencies. Since there is limited space they Creating Products that Pay
Land would be taken care by the rent, cannot expand their production and There are certain items which are
as well as the nurturing and caring cannot admit more young adults as a no longer in production such as
for it to flourish. Labour would require resulting in reduction and manpower tea lights, ganpathy photo frame,
a salary at the same time he or she
could be part of the community of
practice in the organisation and might
accept the gift culture. We might be
able to earn interest on capital, but
real growth of capital can happen
through a fluid system of exchange.
An entrepreneur who is taking all the
major risks could reap the profit, but
at the same time needs to realize that
he or she is a co owner, and needs to
share the profit as common good for
the entire organisation.

Diversifying sources of revenue

OMC raises funds through
exhibitions, fund raising campaigns,
charity mela, product sold at
corporate, bazaar days, events,
individuals, corporate partnership,
display shop of products at Om
Creation. Some of the resources are
raised in kind. Thus the organisation
is not dependent on one or two
sources, this helps the organisation
to be more resilient in the long term.
Within the food and art department,
constant innovation takes place, so
that the organisation moves along
with the demand of the customers.

There has also been a strategic

move towards spreading the revenue
through out the year, thus creating a
better cash flow for the organisation.
Earlier the organisation was
extremely dependent on the sales
during diwali.

Space constrained
As the organisation grows, with more OMC raises funds through exhibitions, fund raising campaigns, charity mela, product sold at corporate,
beneficiaries and more products, bazaar days, events, individuals, corporate partnership, display shop of products at Om Creation

Creating an Integral Organisation 23

Diwali chocolates mountain, High end bags, Ganesha , Greeting cards made by hand

salli box, kane envelope, bead and development for creating more
necklace, spray flowers etc. Some innovative products.

Producing chocolates
is one of the more
of these items stopped because of
high overheads and non recovery
of cost after retailing. Hawaiian bag
is being discontinued due to the
incompatibility of the paint and the
Managing the donor relationships
There is a dedicated team in the
organisations which works on finance
and fundraising in the organisation,
paper. Bead necklace is discontinued this is crucial in maintaining healthy
profitable products, as the design was not that relations with those who are
as it has relatively captivating which would generate
supporting the organisation.

less overheads and OMC gets in contact with their

 Producing chocolates is one of donors and expound the reason and
big sales. the more profitable products, as it objectives for the fund requirement.
has relatively less overheads and They unveil each and every detail
big sales. The chocolates that Om of how the funds are utilized. Costs
Creations is making are being bought are the administrative cost incurred
by some of biggest corporates in while staging up the campaign.
Mumbai. The surplus money brought They have been achieving their
from sales of certain products, helps objectives mentioned above though
the organisation to do research not thoroughly and completely.

24 Creating an Integral Organisation

Om Creations also help smaller fund raising personnel which would it’s always going to be like that”
NGOs one eg: is Akanksha – Om help us to a large extent in our fund The Ecosystem of the organization
Creations helped this NGO set up raising campaign. has become more visible to the
tap faucets. By continuous feedback individual departments in the
of fund utilization, financial updates, Gift economy last few years. The Meshowrk
invitation for special occasions and Since inception Om Creations sessions helped us to facilitate
promotional sales. believes in reciprocating people in trust building among the different
a small way by gifting items made core functions. The various
Lack of Awareness by our young adults. This not only departments starting seeing the
Fund raising has been always an helps to show our gratitude, but synergies and interdependencies in
issue when it come to supporting the also to create awareness of the their work.
cause of developmentally challenged Center Whatever time is given to
young adults. Earlier they were Om, is always acknowledged and The marketing team has started
labeled as “pagal” and it took many appreciated, so it is very important working very closely with the
years of struggle to make society to give credit where it is due, be it a production team, in fact, there are
understand that these young adults school child or a college student or a certain client meetings which the
under expert supervision can create Corporate house visiting Om. marketing team has been doing with
unique products comparable to the production team.
the best in the world. The exquisite Thus we see that becoming self
handmade pieces are made from sufficient as an organisation The production team has always
highest quality and materials and requires Om Creations to address been very sensitive about utilization
reflect their innate creativity. this in multiple ways. In many ways of resources, and have a deep
sustainability is a combination relationship with the finance
Since OMC is a small in size and of all the core functions that the team. There is a new bridge
with limited resources as compared orgnaisation is working on. Hence between the production and finance
to large organisations like CRY and integrating all the core functions through the newly employed stock
UNICEF, challenges are enormous is vital for getting the entire team. The underlying principles
in raising funds. But now they have organisation to work towards a in every function are also an
24*7 volunteers to face the market shared vision. integral part of the organization,
challenges. Though not an easy task. beneficiary focuses approach
Since they have got the Tata trust 3.6. Integrating all the core is a common thing in the entire
support to sustain our project we functions organization.
have hired marketing personnel and “Om believes: It’s a team effort and

Maneck Davar accepting a token of

appreciation for his support for the
event at the Art and Soul Gallery

Creating an Integral Organisation 25

Conclusion and Way forward
My journey with Om Creations
started about eleven years ago, as a
volunteer to support the organisation
by selling the products. I have mostly
observed the organisation from the
outside, but the last three years
have given me a tremendous
opportunity to connect and
interact with the members of the

I completely agree with sister

Gaitonde ( Principal of SPJ Sadhana
School ), when she says that

“A special person is a blessing to

the world, some how they have
a transforming power, they have
a definite role in humanizing us”.
They indeed have the potential to
Create an alternative world, which
knows true brotherhood, universality
and inclusion. Om Creations is an
amazing example of this alternative
world, where beneficiaries and
support staff have been given an
environment to flourish. All the
employees, trustees, management,
support staff have built together an
institution in a self less spirit. This
spirit of social innovation has been
inspired by a consciousness which
connects all the actors into a shared
vision of ‘redefining the capabilities
of the differently abled. The vision is
standing on the pillars of production
as healing, human resource as a
spiritual development, marketing as
community building, and finance as
sustainable development.

Having said that, the organisation has

a long way to go in reaching out to
masses. There are about 20 million
differently abled people in India .
There needs to be a much greater
national effort addressed this cause.

26 Conclusion and Way forward

There are many fears in the minds of The basic foundation today in fact is
people which need to be addressed, knowledge. Natural resources may
with respect to such persons. be there in abundance but without
the knowledge to exploit them for
We have used the Integral approach human progress, communities may
to capture the management practice, be relegated to backwardness.
as it allowed us to combine the
pragmatic focus on material gains Hopefully this book and the CD will
as well as well as happiness through be a great tool for spreading the

A special person is a
blessing to the world,
spiritual satisfaction.

There has to be a judicious

combination of these two
approaches. Moreover, individual
knowledge of Om Creations Integral
Management practice in India and
rest of the world.

gains can be enhanced when they

some how they have
have a wider social purpose. Without
a transforming power, a social dimension, individual gains
often create disparities and can lead
they have a definite to exploitation of one by another. Books and Papers
Social purpose, therefore, has to be 1) Limits to Growth
role in humanizing at the center of all individual efforts. (Meadows, 1972)
us”. They indeed Gains must be shared with others. 2) Artha –Science of Oriental
It is essential to combine efficiency Economics Rediscovered
have the potential to with equality. Today these seem to be (Chansarkar, 1997)
divorced from each other, creating 3) Light Emerging, The journey
Create an alternative several deformities in the economic of personal healing
world, which knows system. (Barbra Ann Brennan,1993)
4) Built to Last Successful
true brotherhood, This understanding of indebtedness
Habits of Visionary
to the society is a prerequisite for
universality and combining individual and social
Companies (Jim Collins and
Jerry I. Porras,2002)
inclusion. Om causes. The self and the society are
an integral part of an economic unit. 5) Integral Economics
Creations is an While the individual must produce (Ronnie Lessem and
Alexander Schieffer,2010)
goods and services, society must
amazing example of protect the individual. 6) Transformation Management
(Ronnie Lessem and
this alternative world, The ancient oriental economic Alexander Schieffer,2009)
where beneficiaries system, as such, provided a solution 7) Power and Love, A theory
whereby, first, there would be no and practice of social change
and support staff need for anyone to get anything (Adam Kahane,2010)
have been given for himself because everything
is available in a common pool of Websites
an environment to goods and services; and there 1)
would be no need to preserve the 2)
 gains individually, because the 3)
“impersonal” wealth is protected by 4)
the society as a whole.

Conclusion and Way forward 27

Integral Leadership
As part of our research on creating an Through this workshop we wanted research method (G), methodology
Integral Management approach for to develop better personal skills, (E), research critique (N), and
Om Creations. One of the elements to be a leader at work and in the action research (E). The innovation
of our work was of facilitating a community. It should help to create trajectory, for the social and
workshop for the senior management an empowerment of “the person” economic practitioner, builds up from
of Om Creations and some of its by understanding “who we are” origination (G) to foundation (E),
sister institutions. The three sessions and the power within. Further this onto emancipation (N) and
were designed to explore ‘Integral workshop helped to capture different transformation (E).
leadership’ in the context of running a management styles and answered
social enterprise. the question, what leadership means Session 1
to every single participant. After introducing the coaches and
The workshop focused on each participant, the first session
“understanding who we are”, which Our main goals have been: started with a travel through time.
has results in an understanding of 1) Understanding personal We looked at the last four decades
our strengths. That now gives us the transformation starting in 1973, when SPJ Sadhana
possibility to use them as a tool for 2) How to resolve conflicts in such School was founded. We used two
leadership. We will be able to find a an organisation different angles to go through the
leadership quality in each person, 3) How to facilitate a space to allow time. One angle was to look at what
based on our common values, collective leadership happened in India and globally, the
culture and heritage. 4) How to build a shared vision other angle was to remember what
5) Human development matrix happened at SPJ Sadhana School
This workshop did help to develop 6) Human system dynamics and Om Creations at the same time.
new skills and tools to bridge Through remembering we got to
differences, build cooperative The methodology we use to perform understand what drove us to make
relationships and understand this research is called GENE. It uses certain steps, how certain visions
agreement and commitment. the four paths to Integral Research- came into life and how we made
and-Innovation that we are able to them come real. Especially for the
Description and Insight from the follow: the ‘southern’ and humanistic members of SPJ Sadhana School
workshop relational path; the ‘eastern’ and and Om Creations, who joined
Through this workshop we wanted holistic path of renewal; the ‘northern’ recently, this exercise was extremely
to develop better personal skills, and rational path of reason; and helpful, because they got to know a
to be a leader at work and in the the ‘western’ and pragmatic path lot, which they did not know before.
community. It should help to create of realisation. These four paths
an empowerment of “the person” constitute, altogether, the Integrity of Reflecting the four decades we tried
by understanding “who we are” our Research and Innovation to come up with a pattern. What
and the power within. Further this determined those decades and what
workshop helped to capture different These four discrete paths each serve can we learn and derive from them?
management styles and answered to make up the Integral GENE, a VISION – DIRECTION – GROWTH
the question, what leadership means term that was created by Alexander Resistance/Challenges
to every single participant. Scheiffer and Ronnie Lessem. Determination can get you anywhere!
The GENE stands for grounding, Life is tough but I am tougher!
Our main goals have been: emerging, navigation and effecting, You can emerge out of turmoil!
1) Understanding personal and is the generic trajectory that Wonderful journey!
transformation releases the full Genius of a person, a People connecting!
2) How to resolve conflicts in such community or a society. Personality development!
an organisation
3) How to facilitate a space to allow Within Integral Research the GENE The organisation has been focussing
collective leadership can be found in two forms: the a lot on the spiritual development
4) How to build a shared vision analytical and the transformative. of the students and the staff,
5) Human development matrix The analytical research trajectory, for Meditation,Yoga, Reiki and aura
6) Human system dynamics the social scientist, is comprised of healing are some of the mediums

28 Annexe
Opening Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Context Who we are Who we should be Action plan Close
1. Our Inner World 1. Workshop - Obstacles we face 1. What is the common Summary of the prin-
Introductions of and Outer World to achieve the leadership visions factor in every human ciples we have identi-
participants we carry in our hearts being? Daya on Human fied and how they
Development Matrix can be integrated into
Explain the pro- 2. Brainstorm individually what our daily life at Om
cess for the day these obstacles are 2. Display, analyse and Creations.
and the strong par- categorise the Obstacles
ticipatory nature of 3. Brainstorm in groups to pull we face to achieve the Reflection on the day
the workshop together the main obstacles listed leadership visions we
by the group carry in our hearts

Reflection on the process

and outcomes

What did we learn on:

• Culture
• History
• Core Beliefs
• Values
• Preference
• Perception
• Image
• Emotions
• Aspiration
• Anticipation
• Expectation
• Behaviour Change

Outcome of our learning.

Reflection on the session

10 to 10.15 10.15 to 11.15 (15 11.30 to 1.00 1.45 to 2.45 2.45 to 3.45
min break)

The following chart shows what we remembered:

1973 1983 1993 2003
In India In India In India In India
Spiritual awakening, Osho Rajiv Gandhi Assassinated India rising economically
War with Pakistan Television Liberalisation Riots Gujarat
Bangladesh ->own state Oil shock MNC enter India
Emergency state PM Indira Gandhi assassinated IT Computers entering homes Kalam
Delhi Riots India knowledge industry Common Wealth Games

India won Cricket World Cup

Sanjay Gandhi murdered
Mandal Comission

In Sadhana In Sadhana In Sadhana In Sadhana

Vision/Idea Great principal Om Creations was set-up 1995 Om Creations enables 90%
No specific school Polytechnic courses for spe- 1999 Sister Gaitonde principal success in employment
Parent initiative cially abled 5 year course graduation Sadhana on International
5 or 6 people 1st art exhibition scene – paper every two years
Volunteer parents

Annexe 29
through which opportunities have Session 3 OmCreations Administration. After a
been created for spiritual growth. This discussion was followed by a short discussion within the groups,
After that we started discussing small exercise. At first everyone had every group had to present their
what has changed over the past four to write down on three profits three findings.
decades in our mindsets and what personal dream, three obstacles
this change will bring for the future of they fear and three concerns. After To sum this exercise up one can
both Om Creations and SPJ Sadhana individually thinking about those say, that we are all different, but
School. The major wishes for the three, we came together in little with similar goals (“same, same, but
future. groups and exchanged our dreams, different). We should try to see those
obstacles and concerns. Putting all differences as strength. It should also
The majority of the participants feel those post-its onto a white board, be acknowledged that our collective
enriched by all the children, they where everyone could see them, goodness is leading the way into the
either teach or help to set foot in followed that. future. All participants agreed that
society. Everyone is impressed how value and integrity are the two core
the children transformed through In the afternoon session those post- strengths that are the most important.
school. The importance of the its where then categorised by us. We
emotional quotient is imminent. were looking for common dreams, The selections of contributions
They all experienced a change of obstacles and concerns, which below are indicative of the open and
mindset of society. And not only indicated certain foci. And in a long transparent qualities of the entire
the mindset changed also social run helps us create a roadmap for the Sadhahna and Om Creations group.
stigmas transformed alongside. In the future. Everyone has been very authentic
end everyone agreed, that they are and vulnerable and has shared from
capable now to move forward and to This discussion was followed by the their hearts and identified areas
put their projects onto a new level. last exercise for the day. It was called where they can do better. There was
Nature of Difference. We had to ask no finger pointing or blame. This is a
Session 2 ourselves the following questions: very high level of “leadership and the
The second session focused on person”.
“Who we are?” and “Where do we go At this point in my life, what are the
from here” or more precisely on our strongest influences I can identify? Session 4
vision for the future. We started this Start thinking collectively
session with a short discussion on How do these influences affect my For an oil lamp to burn, the wick has
everyone’s dreams for the upcoming actions? to be partially immersed in the oil.
years. If the wick is completely drowned
Worksheets, that triggered the in oil, it cannot bring light. Life is
Vision for the future following questions, were handed like the wick of the lamp, you have
• OmCreations under one roof out: to be in the world and yet remain
• Multiplying – making it global, untouched by it. If you are drowned
replicating the business model in At first we had to answer the in the materialism of the world, you
several Indian states questions alone and later discuss it in cannot bring joy and knowledge in
• Rehabilitation centre small groups. The groups were SPJ your life. By being in the world, yet
• 100% employment Sadhana School. OmCreations and not drowning in the worldly aspect
• more students
• possibility of on line studying
• creating more awareness in the Influences from my personal history and culture How these affect my actions
Influences from my core beliefs and values How these affect my actions
• residential space
• relearn how to teach Influences from my preferences (thinking, relating etc) How these affect my actions
Influences from my feelings and associations How these affect my actions

The following table summarises our findings:

Time Personal Space funding Education, PR, Policy, Organisation People &
management relationship Children External issues capacity
Factor time, Mindset, human Lack of space, Parents integra- Few public Clashes, resis- More stuff
everything is relationships, more space to tion awareness, tance to changes
moving so fast, sharing more grow, planning scale up social
how to keep up deeply, how to resources, resi- ventures
deal with the dential space

30 Annexe
SPJ Sadhana School OmCreations OmCreations Administration
Past and present – connection Value, Integrity, family Past – present – future
Heal negative experiences, otherwise Positivity, negativity, moving forward -> Healing through working
important Religion, culture
Good childhood is important, core Letting go, preferences

of it, we can be the light of joy and Leadership and the Person independent work and decisions.
knowledge. The final point on our agenda for the Different strengths can be leveraged.
day was a short review over what we
Every human being has some good achieved. Outcome for the research
qualities. And every lamp that you SPJ Sadhana and Om Creations are
light is symbolic of this. Some people Through our various discussions we drawing together a unique group of
have forbearance, some have love, managed to come up with a common people, staff and volunteers, who are
strength, generosity, while others agenda and a roadmap for the future. working for a purpose greater than
have the ability to unite people. The But we also figured out that we are ‘just doing a job’.
latent values in you are like a lamp. just at the start of everything and its
Don’t be satisfied with lighting just still a long way to go. In a country where there are an
one lamp; light a thousand! You estimated 20 million people with
need to light many lights to dispel the In the end one participant asked special needs, this team at SPJ
darkness of ignorance. By lighting a very important question: the Sadhana is pioneering something for
the lamp of wisdom in yourself and workshops title was “leadership and the whole of India.
acquiring knowledge, you awaken all the person”, but for a few participants
facets of your being. We all have a it was not clear at all, what the above The research is also looking into how
diamond within. has to do with leadership. What do a life purpose integrates with career
we learn from our discussions in and making a living, as against the
relations to leadership? How can we working for the sole purpose of
lead people better? making money or to get rich.

For an oil lamp to
burn, the wick has to
In conclusion and in answer to this
question Mohan offered the following:

In the workshop we have journeyed

within to look at Who We Are. In
From a organisational perspective,
the subsequent development of
relationships marketing for Om
Creations, as well as, to some extent,
service management, served to
being open and sharing Who We Are,
be partially immersed we have experienced the power of
remind us of the originally communal
and natural scope of physical and
in the oil. If the wick Collective Leadership. human exchange.

is completely drowned In a world that is changing rapidly, In transforming marketing into

the old command and control style community building, we are revisiting
in oil, it cannot bring of leadership is giving way to each of those communal and natural
light. Life is like the us discovering the power within and grounds, building upon ecology
learning that when we understand our and anthropology, albeit now in 21st
wick of the lamp, history, our beliefs, our preferences century guise. Such a community
and our feelings and can be free building function, as opposed to
you have to be in the human beings, we are empowered marketing is equally applicable to the
world and yet remain to give moral and spiritual leadership public, civic and animate, as it is to
to each other, to the organisation we the private enterprise.
untouched by it.
 work for, to our family and to society.
Looking back on the history made
Thus, the exercise we conducted us experience where we stand now.
during the day helped us to Our status quo got determined.
understand one and another. Our
focus now lies in a shared leadership
concept by building blocks of
leadership. One of the reasons for
Om Creations being as successful is
that the people who work for it have
their own minds and common goals.
Therefore there is a lot of space for

Annexe 31
Some of Our Beneficiaries

Shruti Hatamsaria
Shruti is a bright, cheerful and enthusiastic Down
Syndrome, with a ready smile for everyone. Apart
from her painting skills, she loves working with
clay and does amazing pieces of sculpture. Shruti
enjoys her work tremendously and is very creative
and hardworking. She tends to become emotionally
attached to anyone who is kind to her and is very
affectionate herself. The sculpture ‘Shlok’ depicts purity
of mind, body and soul, and Shruti recites the
shlokas (Gayatri Mantra) regularly, which she
encrypted in the book.

Natasha Hamirani
Natasha is an enthusiastic Down Syndrome, prone to
mood swings. This particular painting ‘Movement’ is
unique as Natasha has not used a brush but has used
her fingers to create this amazing work of art. The
vibrant colours show Natasha’s bright nature, and her
innate love for dancing is depicted in the movement of
the butterflies.

32 Some of Our Beneficiaries

Manali Padhye
Manali is a quiet, good-natured girl. She is very
focused and completes her work with determination.
She bonds very well with the other students too. Being
very close to her mother, Manali decided to draw the
painting ‘Mother & Child’, keeping in mind her bonding
and caring for her mother.

Vahishta Major
Vahishta’s ability of inferential and abstract thinking
enabled her to produce a painting, which brought out
the fantasy of her ‘Dream House’.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 33

Mita Shah
Inspite of her own mental disabilities, Mita has learnt
to smile through all odds and also tends to her ailing
mother with tender love and care. Unfortunately, she
also has two siblings with mental disabilities. Despite
all these difficulties, she is a very warm and helpful
person. At Om Creations, she feels the ‘serenity’ that
she misses at home, which is depicted in her painting

Omkar Shewale
Omkar had a mysterious escape from a near-death
experience. He is wheel chair-bound since then and
has also lost vision in one eye. His painting ‘Mystery
of the Mind’, depicts the positive energy he wishes to
spread around.

34 Some of Our Beneficiaries

Nikita Shah
Nikita is on ASD spectrum and has also overcome
her schizophrenic traits. Nikita lost her mother a few
months ago and through her painting ‘Cosmic Energy’
is expressing her longing for her love every day. She
says, “All I am I owe to my mother.” She has, however,
learned to immerse herself in her work and is very
good in crochet, apart from painting, for which she
has a natural flair. Through universal energy, Nikita is
connecting with her mother.

Preety Jain
Preety is verbally impaired, suffers from epilepsy,
moodiness and severe mental disability. Despite her
disabilities, she is an enthusiastic learner and achieves
what she sets out to do. Her painting ‘My Brother’
(Bhaiyya) expresses her emotions for her brother.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 35

Vinati Javeri
Vinati, despite problems with her vision, is very
observant. She is friendly and on her way to Om
Creations observes people (who please her eye) and
inks them live on the paper. Her sketches ‘Live Images’
portray people from different walks of life, which she
imagines could have been herself.

Sushma Bhagwat
Sushma Bhagwat comes from a very economical
background and her income supports her mother as
she lost her father three years ago. She loves painting
and expresses herself through her art. Her painting
‘The Village’ was selected by the Art Society of India
for an exhibition held at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Whilst
painting ‘The Village’, she goes back to her life in the
village when in the night, the only light burning in the
village, is that of her house. Her work was selected by
the Bombay Art Society in January 2012.

36 Some of Our Beneficiaries

Vasant Solanki
Vasant was orphaned early in life and is paraplegic
by birth, but his gift for painting is amazing. He has
a natural flair for painting as well as sculpting and is
not content till he feels it is perfect. His friendly nature
and lovely ready smile has endeared him to all at Om
Creations. Vasant has been blessed to find a home
at Om, thanks to Dr. Radhike Khanna. In this painting
‘Love for Parents’, he is writing to God to convey his
innermost feelings.

Shreya Garodia
The title of her painting 'Moods' is a perfect
description of Shreya. Her bossy self sets the
‘Moods’ to produce the finest paintings, which
are marked with precision and accuracy.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 37

Shakti Varma
Shakti is on ASD Spectrum but has excellent language
and communication skills. He is a successful case
of the FACE Programme. Shakti was inspired by the
ethos of Buddhism, its calm, content and celestial form
of being for his painting ‘Nirvana’.

Shraddha Sharma
Despite multiple challenges, Shraddha has created
this painting without any sense of colour, but the
final creation is commendable. For her painting ‘Blue
Butterfly’, she has not used any tools like a brush, but
has done the painting with her fingers. Shraddha is a
woman of few words but is very creative.

38 Some of Our Beneficiaries

Alifia Merchant
Alifia has a quiet and mild persona, and she is
extremely fond of painting in which she immerses
herself completely. Her painting ‘Meera’ brings
out the spiritual side of Alifia.

Bulti Das
Interacting with each other makes a world of difference
when one is in low spirits and uplifts the person
completely. Bulti has a hearing problem along with
other problems. She has a very charming personality
with a sunny smile for everyone. She is very intelligent
and hardworking and uses her imagination to create
amazing pieces. This sculpture ‘Gossip’ is Bulti’s way
of expressing her emotions.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 39

Nilufer Shastri
Nilufer is a focused and soft soul. She works with
precision and care. She looks into each detail of
her work with intelligence and thought. A beautiful
Down Syndrome with an extraordinary zeal for work.
Sitting idle even for a minute is not on her agenda.
Though Nilufer is a woman of few words, her sculpture
‘Freedom of Speech’ depicts a silent worker who when
prodded without reason will not be suppressed.

Darshi Shah
Darshi is severely handicapped along with mental
disabilities. Since we have introduced pottery at
Om Creations, she enjoys working with clay and
has created many beautiful pieces of sculpture.
Her sculpture 'Fountain of Life’ reminds one of the
calmness and strength of the water.

40 Some of Our Beneficiaries

Afrin Shareef
Afrin has lack of vision in
one eye, has spasticity
in her foot and is
also developmentally
challenged. This has
not deterred her in any
way. She has overcome
her disability with Brain
Gym, which helps her
concentration level.
She is very cheerful and
charming and has lots of
friends. Although she has
so many disabilities, she
has come out a winner
and her sculpture ‘Stack of
Emotions’ represents the
different emotions she has

Rekha Kripalani
Rekha is a very quiet and reticent personality. She is
content with being by herself and immerses herself
in her work. She can follow instructions and work
according to them. Her sculpture ‘Simplicity’ depicts
the simplicity of her thoughts.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 41

Purvi Shah
Purvi enjoys her day at Om Creations and helps
teachers and students alike. We fondly call her the
‘boss of Om Creations’ as Purvi is meticulous in her
work. She is very talented, not only in creating murals,
but is a great artist too. She loves painting and has a
natural gift for art. This mural of ‘Radha Krishna’ shows
the religious side of her talent. She thoroughly enjoys
the company of visitors and introduces herself as ‘my
name Purvi’.

42 Some of Our Beneficiaries


Reflections 43

44 Reflections

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46 Reflections
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