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Group C3: BIRA Beverages

Topic: Talent Management

 No strong arguments why to digitalize HR? and how it can contribute
 Problems weren’t identified clearly and how they are affecting the business
 No Quantitative analysis to support the claim
 Solutions to the problems are not tailored for the company
 Also they haven’t mentioned what are the existing policy that is being used by the

 Frameworks have been used efficiently to find a suitable solution to the problem

Group C8: Google

Topic: Employee Engagement
 No arguments how lack of diversity affects employee engagement
 How promotion of engineers to manager affect engagement
 No recommendation on how to deal with mundane work.
 Repetitive recommendation for different problems
 Fail to explain how initiatives will actually contribute to solving problems
 Recommendation for solving lack of diversity, doesn’t help in increasing employee

 They have considered what firms are currently doing.

Group: Hero Motorcop

Topic: Competency Modeling
No Quantitative or Qualitative evidence to support the issue raised by them
No primary research done to identify problem
Failed to convey how increasing customer orientation will help in competency modelling

HR systems and Existing initiatives were identified properly
Identifying Strategic orientation helped identify the problem clearly
Group C9: Ernst and Young
Topic: HR scorecard
 Focus is on potential challenges, not the existing ones
 Time spent more on explaining HR Scorecard rather than identifying key issues and
how it relates to Scorecard
 No primary research done, entire recommendations based on personal experience
of group members
 No mention of which linked HR systems are affected and how
 Existing HR policies to manage those issues absent

Group C10: Mckinsey India

Topic: Employee Engagement

 No causal link established between employee engagement and high turnover

 No primary research done
 10 cs covered but which issue impacts which c is not very clear

 Good amount of secondary research done
 Existing McKinsey programs (such as FLITE and LEAD) identified to tackle issues
 Nice recommendation about ‘stressing on base of the pyramid’

Group C4: TCS

Topic: Employee Engagement
 Existing HR policies to combat the issues absent
 No linkage of issues to HR Systems
 No secondary research done
 Multiple issues are associated with the recommendation given for congratulate, no
mention of how conflicts will be mitigated and resolved
 Overlap of issues across the C’s identified
 Good identification of the C’s associated with the issues
 Comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the issues