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Jesse Rotz
Interior Design Portfolio Client Profile – The Johnson Family consists of Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson, along with Their 2 children, Sam 5, and Jennifer 7.
Mr. Johnson is a Representative for a Plumbing Fixture
ID275 Sustainable Practices for Residential Design Supply Company and Mrs. Johnson is a middle school
English teacher. They became interested in sustainability
The goal for this project is to maximize sustainability for the homeowner.
through information distributed from their local municipality.
This site is located in a dense urban environment, which contributes to The town is offering tax incentives for families who build new
the sustainability of the project. The home’s orientation is rotated to take homes to LEED for Homes criteria.
advantage of passive solar heat. The focus points include the following:
• Selecting sustainable finishes
• House positioning for solar heat gain during winter months Site Plan
• Exterior sustainable solutions for preserving water, reducing
• Selecting lighting for project
Lots 78 & 79 Ridgewood Ave.
Climate – The climate is moderate with an average temperature in
January of 26 degrees and the area receives about 35 to 45 inches of
snow each year. Summer temperatures are usually between 70 and 75
degrees with the occasional heat wave.
100’ House
Topography – This location is flat with little change in landscape due to
the position in an urban environment.
Solar Orientation – This site is located in the Northeastern area, which Drive
causes the sun to be lower in the south. So, again, southern exposure is
necessary for winter time.
Base Floor Plan & Site Location – The home’s sun porch is facing the
Scale: 3/32”= 1’-0”
east, which is not taking advantage of the southern exposure. This
effects the passive solar heating during winter months. However, the 125’
site is located in a very dense, urban neighborhood, which contributes to
the home’s sustainability.

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Jesse Rotz
Interior Design Portfolio

All lighting and ceiling fans will

be Energy Star approved.

For controlling natural lighting,

All lighting will use LED light window shades will be provided
bulbs to ensure a longer life, to allow the occupants to lower
and use less electricity. or raise the shades depending
on the desired amount of light.
Sconces will be used around the
sinks in the bathrooms. Occupancy sensors will be
installed in both bathrooms to
Local exhausts will be installed ensure the lights aren’t being
in all bathrooms, as well as, the used when nobody is in the
kitchen to reduce moisture and bathroom.
exposure to indoor pollutants.
An automatic timer will be
installed to run for 20 minutes

A hydronic system will be used

to provide appropriate
distribution of space heating
and cooling in the home to
improve both thermal comfort
and energy performance. A chandelier will be located in the
Because of the number of windows on the
dining area, and the kitchen will
south side of the home, there won’t be any
feature a pendant light fixture at
reason to use artificial lighting during the
the sink.

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Jesse Rotz Neighbors located on
Drive will feature a Garage door location
Interior Design Portfolio permeable design. was rotated to have north, east, and south
easier access to sides of site.
street to the west of
the property
10’ setbacks on all
sides of the property.
Sustainability Plan
This plan shows how the
placing of trees, positioning of
the home, and the permeable Trees located on both
drive will increase the the east and west
sustainability of the home. sides of the property
provide a barrier for
excess winds and
harsh sunlight.

Interior flooring material

will be bamboo in all Site is located in a
areas except for the high-density urban
bathrooms, which will environment, which
have concrete flooring. reduces the need for
vehicles and
increases the desire
New office location Sun porch was turned to walk.
for Mrs. Johnson to into children’s
Kitchen and bathrooms grade papers. play/homework
countertops will be room.
South side of home features the
N most windows, which will take
advantage of passive solar heating.
Scale: 3/32”= 1’-0”

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Jesse Rotz
Interior Design Portfolio Local vegetation
incorporated into
the landscape
Permeable Driveway – For the home’s design.
driveway, there will be a permeable design made
of concrete cell blocks and grass. This will allow
rainwater runoff to filter through the driveway,
taking away pollutants and other debris from Permeable
entering the storm drains (“Permeable Paving”). Driveway to filter
and distribute
Local Vegetation – Using native plants in the runoff.
landscape design not only creates an
aesthetically-pleasing display around the home,
but also provides a lot of sustainable benefits to
the site. These plants act as a buffer to slow
Evergreen trees
runoff and absorb nutrients. located on the
Tree Location – Evergreen trees are located on west and east
the west and east sides of the property, which sides of the
provide a barrier for when excess wind and property to block
heavy winds and
harsh sunlight hit these areas. There are no harsh sunlight.
trees planted on the southern exposure of the
home to allow for passive solar heat gain in the
winter months.
Solar Panels – This system has many
sustainable benefits that not only help the
environment, but also give money back to the Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”
consumer. And because solar panels produce
Solar panels are provided on the
energy for the home, this reduces energy costs south side of the home to take full
as well. advantage of the sun’s rays.

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