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Local Rocts, Global Reach ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, VIRGINIA PLANNING COMMISSION 2016 ANNUAL REPORT Adopted by the Planning Commission February 28, 2017 2016 ANNUAL REPORT ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION Overview ‘The role of the Planning Commission is to develop long-range plans to provide for the future provision of municipal services and development ofthe community, as well a to ensure that future development is in keeping with these plans. In furtherance of this effort, the Planning Commission conducted a total of twelve (12) meetings during the 2016 calendar year to address current and long-range planning ap fon the County Comprehensive Plan serving as a blueprint to ensure that development proceeds in an orderly and efficient manner. Meetings included welve (12) regular meetings. ‘The Commission took action on a total of twenty-nine (29) land use applications and various other items Wo include 6 rezoning applications; 3 conditional se permit applications; 3 special use applications; 2 zoning ordinance waivers; 3 exceptions tothe Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance; 8 Zoning Ordinance amendments, 1 Subdivision Ordinance amendment; 1 Agricultural Forestal District Ordinance application; 1 Comprehensive Plan amendment; and 2015 Planning Commission Annual Repor. ‘A summary listing of these items is attached as an appendix to this report. A table is also attached to show the number and type of applicationsiitems by year from 2012 to 2016, Membership ‘The Planning Commission membership is made up of two (2) members appointed by the Board of Supervisors from each of the County's five (5) election districts. ‘There was only one new appointment made in 2016 when Thomas Duerig was appointed to replace Lars Gordon representing the Smithfield District. Currently, the longest serving members on the Commission are Don Rosie (Carville) appointed in March 2001, and James O”Briant (Windsor) appointed in December 2003, Community Development Update At the close of 2016, there were several large residential projects underway in the County as well 3s several new commercial projets. Major residential projects under construction include: ‘+ Benn’s Grant (Windsor Dstret)~ this planned mixed use development is the fastest selling residential developments inthe region; ‘+ Nest 17 (Newport District) these new 240 apartments represents the latest component of the Eagle Harbor planned development and the first residents are movirg in; and ‘+ Carrollion Manor (Newport District) — home construction is set to begin in this new development that includes 45 single family home sites, New commercial development included such notable development as: ‘© Rite Aid (Newport Distiet); ‘Dollar General (Newport District); ‘© Carrollion Car Wash (Newport District) and ‘© Woodland Solar Farm (Windsor District) In general, most of the Planning Commission's applications were amendments to the zoning, ‘ordinance to ensure local compliance with changes to the Code of Virginia, as well as provide ‘addtional flexibility for local businesses. Most of the rezoning, conditional use and special use permit applications were for commercial uses. These applications indicated a surge in interest in. ‘establishing special event centers in the County with three separate applications submitted in 2016, Conclusion Throughout 2016, the Commission maintained a high level of service, commitment and dedication to the citizens of Isle of Wight County. The Commission actively participated in the drafting of ordinances, plans and deciding land use issues. The Commission renews its ‘commitment in 2017 to provide comprehensive, objective and thorough reviews on plans, ordinances, and applications prior to making a recommendation type Roard of Supervisors. ‘Adopted this 28th day of February, 2017, James Ford was elected as Planning Commission Chairman in 2016, and James O'Briant was elected as Vice-Chairman, ‘The Commission continues to reflect a balanced representation ofthe citizenry of Isle oF Wight County with specific interests in rural, agricultural, and historic preservation; environmental protection; community values, quality oflife; economic development; and ‘overall land use planning standards that promote balanced growth, community character and enhanced design, ‘A summary of member attendance at regular and work session meetings of the (Commission is included inthe appendix. ‘There were no changes tothe bylaws in 2016, > Planning Commission Retreat Like 2015, the Commission did not hold a separate annual Planning Commission Retreat in 2016. Comprehensive Plan Update Inthe spring of 2016, the Planning and Zoning Department submitted a budget request of '$350,000 for consulting services to develop the County's new comprehensive plan. ‘The Board of Supervisors included half ofthe budget request, or $175,000, inthe fiscal year 2017 operational budget with the understanding that anether $175,000 would be inchided ‘with the fiscal year 2018 budget request In the past few months, County staff developed 2 strategy to reduce the cost of developing the plan by performing most of the work utilizing existing staf, filling the existing vacant principal planner postion that had been previously frozen, and reducing, the scope of consultant services. Anticipated remaining consultant service needs include those resourees not currently filed by current staf, such as transportation needs analysis and market feasibility analysis of proposed furure land uses. Staff estimates that by performing most of the tasks in house and reducing the extent of consulting services could cut projet cos by as much as half Development ofthe new plan will necessarily include extensive community engagement Staff anticipates a tentative project start date of April 20:7. APPENDIX (2016) ZONING DISTRICTS RAC-Rural Agricultural Conservation GIC-GeneralIndustial Conservation RRural Residential, PO.R Pianned Development Residential \ve-Vilage Center PD.MiH-Planned Development Manufacured NC-Neighborhood Conservation Home Park ‘SE-Suburban Este PD.CP-Planned Development Commercial Park ‘SR-Suburban Residential PO.MX-Planned Developmen Mixed-Use UR-Uroan Residential D.P-Planned Development Indusal Park LC-Limied Commercial HCO-Highway Cortdor Ovetay ‘GC-General Commercial, NOSO.Newpor Development Service Overlay sLimited ndustial HO-Histrc Overay G1.Genera Industial FPMO-Flood Plain Management Overay NINGS ELECTION OWNER / APPLICANT / ZONINC PC ACTION | BOS ACTION DISTRICT ‘ Smithfield ‘Accelerated Properties, LLC (Anthony Stile | Norecommendation Denied (5-0) aed lsh Teves), ‘mesos | Aon fHe C-LI, C-GC, and RAC to C-GC (10-0) cee arch 22046 To amend he pemied uses en he pepe Ta Map Pacst WH02037A U5? 03708 |osea = Garzia |Join Rad Dana F Bede aro || Approved 3p ‘Amend (60) fers a6 |My t8 206 Abaces To expand he Ist of pemitad uses on he Property: Toctap Parcel S84014018, A016, AO, A0iB a ADIG = Rewpt—| Join R and ove & Poy Dried (0) | Aopen Wier RACto CU is 24,20%6 | Apleaton ‘agaces [To alow Mor vee rear seicango on the propery Tx Map Parcol_23-02-008, Caria] Jean E Borer Fpprored TO] | _ Approved Oy RAC to RR. ‘August 23,2016 | Seplember 15,2016, 2D acres To crea to (2) single fal residential lots TaxMap Parcel. 1001-025 rey Wak Stevenson ‘Appraved To) | — Approved 0) Hope Presbyterian Church September 27,2016 | October 20,2016 RACto CAR 1134 acres Torezone the property for residential use Tax Map Pacel. 2-01-0838 & 0836 = Windsor | Presion and Valeri Aris Denied 62) Pending RAC fo CAC December 27,2016 025 acre ‘To amend the permitted uses on the property Tax Mao Pareek. 32.04-002 TOTALR INING APPLICATIONS: 6 ELECTION | OWNERS/ APPLICANTS REQUESTS | PC ACTION | BOS ACTION DISTRICT. | = Windsor | Todd and Say Bsiot “Rpproved (104) | Approved (56) CUP 3.334 acres March 22,2016 | Apri2i, 2016 To allow fr an accessory apartment Tax Map Parcel 310-01-008, [= Canwvile | American K8 Inrdcon, Le Taniad (a) | — Danie ay CUP 5744 Nay24,2016 | July 24,2015 To allow fora shooting range to be operated on the ste Tax Map Parc: 58-01-005, 046, 087 &047C [rea Hampion Roads Sanfaion Oi Tapa a) | — approved (5) ‘Amend CUP #05.05 1.093 aces uly 26,2016 | August 18, 2018 To make necessary revisions to the perm to low HRSD to assume ownership of the | sysiem | t ‘Tex Map Parcel: 030-01-0008 i TOTAL CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT! (USPECIADUSEPERMIIS ~~) ELECTION | OWNERS/APPLICANTS/ REQUESTS | PCACTION | BOS ACTION DISTRICT. * Windsor | Vernon Ray and Linda Edwards | Approved a) | Approved (a) | SUP 35 aces uly26, 2016 | August 18, 2016 To alow fora banquevevent faclity ‘Tox Map Parcel: 40-01-05, Faniy ROSF, LLC Denied ($3) Denied 82) SUP "19.36 axes October 25,2016 | December 15,2016 To allow for an Event Cenler on the property Tax Map Parcels: 14.02.0188 & 019 Hardy ‘Sam and Wendy Mis Denied (62) | Approved (69) SUP. 2286 acres, | November22,2016 | January 18,2017 Toalow fran Event Centon te propery | Tax Map Parcel: 03-01.024 | TOTAL SPECIAL USE PERMITS: 3 | MODIFICATIONS AND, APPEALS REQUESTS _ ae EXEMPTIONS, WAIVERS) EXCEPTIONS |) ‘APPLICANT. REQUESTS PCACTION | BOS ACTION Engineering! Retail Development Manageront Waiver from Arie Vi, Sections €-1008N.1, 6 1010.2, and 6.2010'.2of the Zoning Ordinance, fo alow ore fom those architectural guidelines sel forth in he zoning cxinance Tax Map Parcel: 34-01-0082 ‘Approved (10) ‘anuary 26,2016 ‘Approved (54) February 18,2016 Robert and Sandra Faison Excepions to the Chesapeake Bay Preservaion Area Ordnance, Speciicaly, Section 4002 to alow encroachment ino the 100-ootwide Resource Protection Azea bufer | 0 build a single-family home on Lot 25 on Shivers Mill Lane in Carlton, inthe Newport Election District and ta alow fora reducon in the amount ofreuied landscaping mitigation. Tax Map Parcel: 434-05-025 Reproved (00) March 2, 2016 Approved 0} ‘April2, 2016, Ray and Use Betleron Exception tothe Chesapeake Bay Preservation ‘Area Ocdinance. Specialy, under Section 4002, to allow encroachment of 62 fetinto the 100-oot.wide Resource Protection Area bufer to bud a sngle-famiy hane at 13604 Bowing Green Road, Windsor, in the Windsor Electon District Tax Map Parcel: 38.05.00 Approved 6) ne 28, 2016 Approved) uly 2, 2016 “sep Joynes? ‘Sentara Cop Facies Water trom Arle Xk, Secion 10088 1 of the Zoning Ordinance, to alow for 2 monument sgn tobe located closer to the right of way than permitted by the Zoning Ordinance. TaxMap Parcel $96:01-002 ‘Approved (00) ‘August 23,2016 ‘Approved ©) September 25,201 Bijan and ‘Amanda Boyes Exceplon tothe Chesapeake Bay Preservalon ‘Area Ordnance, Specialy, Ace 4, Secton 4001 to alow encroachment of 578 square feet Into the 100 oot wide Resource Protection ‘Area bier to build a two-bedroom, one- bahvoom, and covered wooden deck aon 116437 Laurelwood Drive, Carolin, in the Newt Electon Dist. Tax Map Parcel. 24401.F005 ‘Approved a) December 27,2018, ‘Approved 0) January 19,2017 TOTAL REQUESTS 5 aes __ ORDINANCE: MENTS ‘AMENDMENTS PC ACTION | BOS ACTION ‘fn ordnance to amend and reenact the Ist of Wight County | Approved (1-0) | Adopted (-0) Code by amending and renacing Appendix B, Zoning rice | March22 2016 | Api 24, 2018 I, Use Types; Seton 3-7000, Industial Use Types, inorder to acid a deinton fr towing sence storage yer | ‘ An ordnance io amend and reenact te folowing secions of| Approved (10-0) | Adopted (0) the Ile of Wight County Code by amending and reenacing | March 22,2016 | Api2t, 2016 Append 8, Zoning: Arle Vl, Landscaping and Sereening Slandeds; in oder to make revisions for day of language, flexibly of appicaton, and enhanced tee preservation. * Anodinancefo amend and reenact te following secions of | Approved (10-0) | — Adopiva (0) tne se of Wight County Code, Appendix, Zoning Arce Il, | ABr26, 2016 | May 18,2016, Use Types 7 an are, Zing Piss and Beundres in cero ad “wholesale sls to he it of commercial use ‘pes, o mod the defnton of ‘warehousing and dsbuton™ 2 an industialuse type, and to provide for "wholesale sles’ as use under the porpvistezoring dist! proviens ~ An ordnance {o amend and reenac fie folowing secton of | Approved 0) | Adopted (0) the Isle of Wight County Code, Appendix B, Zoning: Arle V, | June 28,2016 | July2t, 2018 Supplementary Use Regulations for Residenel Use Types, Secton 55002 (Home Occupation, Type I and I) n order to alow ‘Gunsmith’ 2s 2 Type ) Home Occupation with @ Conditional Use Permit ~ An ordinanes to amend and reenact the Toowing sectors oF | — Approved 0) — | — Adopted (50) ihe sk of Wahl Couny Code, Appendix 8, Zoning: Article V, | June28,2016 | duly 2, 2016 Supplementary Use Regulatons, Section 5007, Supplementary use regulon for miscelaneos use yes; inorder ncude a provision or exemption of public salety communications towers. ‘An ordnance to amend and reenact the flowing Secions of | Approved (0) | Adopted (59) the isle of Wight Counly Code, Appendix B, Zoning: Aricle I, July 28,2016 | August 18,2016 Interretatons and basic defnitons: Secon 2.1002. Deion and Arice Ik, Signs: in order lo make updates fo comply with [utc intercretatons pertaining to san exulaton ‘© An ordnance to amend and reenact the flowing secions of| Approved 100) | Adopted (0) the isk of Wight County Code, Append B, Zoning: Arle I, | August 23,2016 | November 17, 2116 Inlrpretaons and bascdefinibns; Secon 2-1002, Definons ‘Arie Il, Use types; Sectons 3-000, Chic use types and 3- 6000, Commercial use types: Arle IV, Zoning dstels and boundates; Ate V, Supplementary use regulon; Section 5. 2000, Supplementary densty and dimensional reguatons, Section 5.5001, Supplementary use cexulatons for enfcutural | ‘se 1ypes, Section 55000, Supplementary use regulations or resenial use types, Section 55005, Supplementary use regulations for commercial use types; and Ace X, Vehicle parking facies; Secon 10-1010, Table of use types and parking requremens; in over to review and revise use ypes, bk regulations, and supporting language, * An otirance io amend and reenac te Ist of Wight Counly | _ Approved 100) | Adopted (6-0) Code by amending and reenacing Appendix. Subdivisions. | Seplember27,2016 | October 21, 2016 Aicle 3. Administration end Procedures. Section 3.2. Review ‘and Approval and Appendix B, Zoning, rice |. General Provisions. Section 1-016, Conditional Zoning. The pupose of these amendments are lo ensure proper compliance with ney ‘enaced fgsiation iting the review and approval of pater by locates. * An osirance i amend and reanan the folowing ‘Approved (10a) —| Adopted 0) sections ofthe Ie of Wight County Code, Appendix B, Septomber27, 2016 | October 2%, 2016 Zoning: Artic |, General Provisions; Secon 1020, Noncorforing Stuatons in order lo make updates ‘enacted bythe sai epsiature - TOTAL ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS: 9 ‘AGRICULTURAWFORESTAL DISTRICTS) REQUESTS: PC ACTION | BOS ACTION @ Request to wihiraw the 20 acres Tom the Moonight| Approved (102) | Approved (5-0) ‘AgicuturalForesial Oistict to creale two (2) single family | August 23,2016 | September 18, 2016 residential its, TaxMap Parc: TOTAL REQUEST: 1 AMENDMENTS TO THE COMPREHENSIVE LAND USE PLAN ‘APPLICATIONS PC ACTION | BOS ACTION jouiion to ariend the Comprehensive Pian of Isle of Wight | Approved (100) | Adopted) County, Virginia trough changes 'o the text and maps in Chapter 4, | March 22,2016 | April 21,2016 “Growh Management and Lanc Use. The pupose for these ‘changes isto include the Resource Conservation Land Use in all appropriate locations inthe Comprehensive Plan TOTAL COMP PLAN APPLICATIONS: 1 PLANNING COMMISSIONANNUAD REPORTINIII | PC ANNUAL REPORT PC ACTION “BOS ACTION _| + TEPC al Repo “aes Hea | hmetorate PLANNING COMMISSION ANNUAL REPORT FIVE (5) YEAR PROJECTS COMPARISON CHART lREZONINGS ICONDITIONAL USE PERMITS. ISPECIAL USE PERMITS. sive PLANS: Isuspivision PLATS |COMP PLAN UPDATE/MASTER PLANS ICOMP PLAN AMENDMENTS/LAND USE |zoniNG ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS ISUBDIVISION ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS |cPBA ORDINANCE AMENDWENTS |AGRICULTURAL/FORESTAL DISTRICTS WAIVERS, EXCEPTIONS, APPEALS Imiscewaneous IHCO/NEWPORT DISTRICT WAIVERS |CaPA ORDINANCE EXCEPTIONS/WOIA. HISTORIC OVERLAY DISTRICTS FREESTANDING SIGN PATTERN BOOK IMASTER PLAN MODIFICATION lwoRKFORCE HOUSING REPORT IROUTE 17 MASTER PLAN TOTAL NUMBER OF PROJECTS Note: Excludes PC ByLaws, PC Annual Reports and Capital improvement Plans 2 4 ° ° 2 eon hoNe 27 6 4 3 4 ° 1 1 3 o o 2 ° ° ° 6 4 ° 1 ° 1 1 1 5 5 o 1 ° ° ° 1 o ° ° ° 1 ° 1 ° o o o ° 2 2 February 2016: DISTRICTS ‘Smithfelé District: Hardy District: Newport District: Windsor District: Carrsvill District: 2016 MEETING DATES January 2" February 29° March 2204 Api 26" May 24% June 28% July 266 August 298 September 278 October 25% November 24 December 278 2046 ANNUAL ATTENDANCE SHEET ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGS COMMISSIONERS “Thomas Duetg Cynihia Taylor Janes Ford, Chatman Robert. Has Richard L. Gilera Ole 8. King, James P. O'Brian, Vice Charman Wiliam G. Saunders, 1 Don G. Rosie Bian Carol ‘COMMISSIONERS ABSENT ATTENDANCE PERCENTAGE (to members absent) ‘Thomas Duerg 8/10 -80% (Wo members absent) (Cyntia Taylor 12112—100% (Wo members absent) James Ford 12112 100% (to members absent), Robert Haris 11/12-92% (to members absent), Richard Giletin —12/ 12~ 100% Duerig Ole King 11112 100% Rosie James Orient = 12/12~ 100% (Wo members absent) Wiliam Seunders 12/12 100% (Wo members absent) Don Rosie 10/12-83% Rosie, King Bian Carol 12112-1005 (No members absent) Harris, Duerig