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The 26th Annual

Derby Digest
Saturday, June 9, 2018

2017 Derby Winners. 1st prize winner Mark Dicarlo with a 32 5/8" Walleye.

Look inside to see lots of information on the 26th Annual Colchester Walleye Derby .
The Derby Digest includes information on our cash prizes and sponsors, our Perch dinner
sponsors and our ad sponsors all who make the Colchester Walleye Derby possible.
Jeremie Brooks, Guide
4:00 am Boat Launch Begins Colchester—Walleye ~ Erieau—Steelhead / Walleye
6:00 am 1st Flight Leaves Harbour 2008 & 2006 Derby Winner ~ 2007 Top Ten
410 County Road 50 West, Harrow
7:00 am 2nd Flight Leaves Harbour Phone: 519-268-8259 Cell: 519-878-5735

8:30 am Kids’ Derby Registration Begins
(Guardian must be present)
9:00 am Kids’ Derby Begins
11:00 am Kids’ Derby Ends
Awards, Prize Packages, Hot Dogs & Pop

Kinsmen Tent
12:00 noon Kinsmen Tent Opens

2:30 pm 1st Flight Measured
3:30 pm 2nd Flight Measured

Kinsmen Tent
4:15 pm Derby Prize Awards
5:00 pm—7:00 pm Door Prizes Awards
7:00 pm—10:00 pm Music — DJ
Dr. Whitehead Dr. Pillon Dr. Brady

Colchester Walleye Derby Rules
1470 Erie Rd.
Harrow, ON N0R 1G0
519-738-6722 1. All boats must leave and return by water to and from Colchester Proud Harbour.
to Supply Lunch
For the 2. Everyone on the boat must possess an entry ticket.
Kids’ Fishing Derby
3. Ensure your Colchester Walleye Derby ticket is stamped by a derby
official prior to leaving the harbour. Fish will not be measured if the
Colchester Walleye Derby ticket is not stamped.

4. All 6:00 am entries must return to harbour no later than 2:30 pm.
Strictly Fishing POLLARD HIGHWAY
3402 Sandwich St. PRODUCTS LTD.
 Dust Control 5. All 7:00 am entries must return to harbour no later than 3:30 pm.
Windsor, Ontario,  Anti-Icing
 Freeze Proofing
N9C 1B3 6. No transferring of fish between boats.
Box 280, Harrow
Phone 519-253-2238 519-738-2213 Toll 800-265-5619
7. Boats in distress must call in on channel 68.

8. All participants must possess a valid fishing license (as required).

9. Winning fish is the longest Walleye by length. All ties for1st to 5th place
will be broken by use of a balance beam to determine heaviest fish.
Thank you Commercial Fishermen
Tab’s Favourite Walleye Dish for your perch donation to
the Colchester Walleye Derby Fish Dinner
Do you toss out your Walleye Cheeks when you Loop Fisheries
are cleaning your fish? Cronheimer and Sons Fisheries
Don’t! Simmons Fishery
M&J Fisheries
Cut out the Walleye cheeks
Tiessen Fisheries
Peel the skin off and
Pan fry in butter with your favourite spice John O Foods Inc. for processing the fish

Road Chef ...

For the
800-265-5885 TOLL FREE # 866-738-6222
Colchester Walleye Derby
2560 COUNTY RD. 20, HARROW 2558 COUNTY RD. 20, HARROW Perch Fry
Congratulations on your
Colchester Walleye Derby 26th Annual Walleye Derby
Fish Dinner Harrow
$10 / Plate—June 9, 2018 Kinsmen
Perch donated by
Join us in the Kinsmen Tent for music
Loop Fisheries
Cronheimer & Sons Fisheries 65 King Street W.
Simmons Fishery Harrow, Ontario
M&J Fisheries N0R 1G0
Tiessen Fisheries Bus: 519-738-2277
John O Foods Inc. Fax: 519-738-2279

67 CTY. RD. #50 Branch 338 TOWN
519-738-6198 519-738-3582
37 McAffee St. 2 FOR 1 WINGS
1/2 PRICE WINGS – BAND 6-9 Sign up for our THURSDAY &
SATURDAYS – LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 4-7:30 Legion Golf Tournament SUNDAY The Rotary Club of Harrow
WALKING DISTANCE FROM THE HARBOUR Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 @ Wildwood Box 916
SEE YOU ON DERBY DAY!! Contact Paul Chartier—Sports Chair Harrow, Ontario N0R 1G0

3191 Walker Rd., Harrow
Phone 519-738-6885
The Harrow Colchester South Lions Club COLCHESTER
would like to take this opportunity WALLEYE
to thank all of our DERBY
sponsors, donators, volunteers and participants
who have supported us through 18 years Cash Prizes by Length
organizing this great event.
1st $1500
As the derby begins a new chapter
2nd $750
with the Rotary Club of Harrow
organizing the derby 3rd $500
we ask you to join with us to wish the
4th $400
Rotary Club of Harrow
success with the support of the 5th $400 KIOTI
Harrow Colchester community as well as 6th $300
neighbouring communities,
our great country of Canada and our 7th $200

neighbours in the United States. 8th $200
Good luck to all our derby participants, both children and
adults. 9th $200

10th $200
Special Thanks to Greg Horoky for 26 years!
Longest $200
Yellow Perch