Pipeline Pigs
TDW Offshore Services has the unique ability to engineer, manufacture, and test pipeline pigs that solve multiple pipeline pigging challenges. By focusing on continual innovation in product development, TDW Offshore consistently increases pipeline pig performance and capacity.

TDW Offshore specializes in multi-diameter, multi-function pigs, and we are the leading designer and manufacturer of such pigs.

TDW Offshore’s pipeline pigs are often piggability-tested before installation to ensure the intended results. The following advantages are some of the benefits to our customers: • Allows the operator flexibility in new pipeline construction, including pigging systems for reduced bores, multi-diameter steps, varying valve bores and other non-full-bore line equipment. • Increased pipeline flow rates by removing wax and build-up in pipelines (some that were thought to be unpiggable) • Dependable low pressure pipeline isolation with simple (non-intelligent) systems • The ability to monitor pipeline pressure during low-pressure isolation projects • Minimized risk, and elimination of the cost of recovering stuck pigs by testing the pig before putting it into the pipeline • Reduced vessel, ROV and dive cost by providing the ability to track and locate pigs at a specific location in a pipelin

wax removal disks and/or pigging disks suited for cleaning. Many pigging requirements cannot be addressed by standard “off the shelf” pigs. These pigs have numerous applications. magnets. SuBSeA WyeS Subsea wye pieces. product filling of pipelines and batching of pipeline product. pipeline pig launching/receiving facilities • The need to transverse long wye pieces or unusual T-pieces Major obstructions in the pipeline system caused by pipeline damage • • Small radius pipeline bends • Stringent pig functionality requirements • Long distance pigging • Combinations of the above PiPeline Pigging APPlicATiOnS BATching. including the following: • Multiple pipeline diameters • Restricted valve and pipeline equipment boring • High or low pipeline operating temperatures • Limitations in. TDW Offshore has in-depth experience in designing and manufacturing batching and separation pigs with high seal integrity. are difficult to pig due to the potential loss of driving force. Engineered simulation of pigging in a check valve. SePArATiOn AnD DeWATering Batching and separation pigs can be used for dewatering. Typical projects for TDW Offshore include multiple challenges. for instance: • Debris removal. product displacement. PiPeline cleAning AnD WAx remOvAl Our multi-diameter pigs can be fitted with brushes. TDW Offshore employs a dedicated pig development team. TDW Offshore has developed specialized pigs that are capable of pigging through wyes in multi-diameter lines while performing multiple functions based on project requirements. when installed in dual-diameter lines. In some cases these changes have been as severe as going from 10in to 16in in pipelines. often customized for use with chemicals and gels mulTi-DiAmeTer PiPelineS TDW Offshore specializes in providing pipeline pigs that are designed to pass through multiple pipeline diameters. and maintains a specialized workshop facility to develop and test customized high performance pigs.Testing pigs using a transparent pipe section. wax removal and fluid removal to restore maximum pipeline performance • Cleaning during decommissioning of pipelines. . scraper blades. or lack of. suitable for wet or dry pigging in the pipeline commissioning phase • Cleaning.

Pig TrAcking The SmartTrack™ system is TDW Offshore’s intelligent pipeline pig tracking system. This system allows pigs to be tracked onshore and offshore in both shallow and deep water. Each pig can be tracked using its own unique ID. 42-44” and 8-10”.A TDW Offshore-designed test rig at customer premises. These pigs are equipped with TDW Offshore’s electromagnetic communication system to assist positioning and monitoring of pressures during the isolation. Multi diameter pigs. The pig receiver and gauge pig no longer need to be recovered before hydrotest operations. TDW Offshore designs J-tube pigs that are specifically constructed to handle the multiple impact forces associated with this type of pigging application. 16” pig to pass large pipeline dent. . available for all of our pigs. using our proprietary electromagnetic communication system. high FricTiOn PigS FOr lOW PreSSure iSOlATiOnS High friction pigs are designed to isolate pipelines at low differential pressures. J-TuBe PigS In most cases J-tube pigs must be pulled through the J-tube instead of being pigged. 12x16” dual diameter flooding pig. PiPeline geOmeTry PigS The SmartGauge™ system allows the gauging status of the pipeline to be communicated through the pipeline wall. This reduces the scope of subsea intervention during pipeline commissioning. 24” standard batch pig.

P. TX 77032 .D. both onshore and offshore. repair and handling tools. the world’s most recognized name in pipeline equipment and services. 13th Floor. Box 203. 3rd Floor Singapore 638128 Phone: +65 6364 8520 Fax: +65 6364 8521 TDW Offshore Services c/o GASOS P.Box 8011 N-4068 Stavanger. TDW Offshore is certified to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. Khalifa Street Abu Dhabi.D.l.com ADsign reklamebyrå. TDW Offshore offers a broad range of products and services. delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications. TDW Offshore Services is a subsidiary of T. Inc. geometry and MFL inspection. UAE Phone: +971 50 6155146 . Williamson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 4 Tech Park Cescent.O. (TDW). pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system. through-wall remote-controlled pipeline pressure isolation services. 4220 World Houston Parkway. allowing TDW Offshore to meet customer needs. Suite 100 Houston. Sh. Norway Phone: +47 51 44 32 40 Fax: +47 51 44 32 41 TDW Offshore Services.tdwoffshore. Bin Homoodah Building.tdwoffshore. l. such as: • Pipeline Pressure isolations • Pipeline Pigging • Pipeline Flood Prevention • Pipeline construction • Pipeline repair For sales information: TDW Offshore Services www. TDW.com TDW Offshore Services AS Fabrikkveien 15. Williamson. We minimise your pipeline downtime through fast-track delivery of project-specific pigging.O. TDW Offshore has a large in-house engineering department. Stavanger .USA Phone: +1 832 448 7200 Fax: +1 832 448 7240 T. TDW’s experts provide hot tapping and plugging. pipeline cleaning. anywhere in the world.07-06-4000 TDW Offshore Services – Smart Pipeline Solutions™ TDW Offshore is the worldwide leader in tetherless.c.www.

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