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Finance & Accounts | Fund Management | MIS &

Reporting | Risk Control | Team Management

Results-driven professional with a Progressive Management

career in the Financial career spanning 24 years of international
exposure in industries. Skilled at developing and executing targeted
business initiatives that drive Customer Growth, Achieve Sales
Objectives, and Enhance Bottom-Line Profits. Highly effective
communicator and team leader with proven ability to build long-term
relationships with internal and external customers by establishing a
high level of confidence and trust. Visionary leader with a keen TOUCH
understanding of business priorities and demonstrated expertise in UAE
rapidly advancing business goals to revenue-producing activities.
+971 50 4562497
Finance Management PERSONAL INFO
 Strong understanding of accounting & financial principles
practices. Date of Birth 03.03.1988
 Superb in organizational, project management and process Driving Licence UAE
Marital Status Married
 Experience of preparing Management Accounts.
 Prioritizing and managing multiple task simultaneously. Nationality Indian
 Executing process improvement initiatives. Visa Status Residence Visa
Personal Languages English, Tamil,
 Encouraging and inspiring others to excel. Malayalam, Hindi
 Attention to detail but also being able to see the “bigger picture”.
 Commitment to supporting core business principles and
delivering best practice. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
 Excellent interpersonal, cross-cultural, and communication  Budget Planning
skills.  Business Planning &
EXPERIENCE Development
 Change Management
 Contract Negotiations
Finance Support Manager
Dec 1998 – Present  Financial Reporting
 Organization & Communication
 Accomplishes Finance Human Resource Strategies -  P&L Management Analysis &
Determining accountabilities; communicating and enforcing Critical Problem Solving
values, policies, and procedures; implementing  Project Management
recruitment, selection, orientation, training, coaching,  Quality Customer Service
counselling, disciplinary, and communication programs;  Regulatory Compliance
planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job  Strategic Planning
contributions; planning and reviewing compensation  Tactical Planning
strategies.  Team Development & Leadership
 Develops Finance Organizational Strategies -
contributing financial and accounting information, analysis, ACHIEVEMENTS
and recommendations to strategic thinking and direction;  Directed month-end production
establishing functional objectives in line with organizational meetings, generated forecasts,
objectives. and set performance milestones
 Establishes Finance Operational Strategies - evaluating to ensure accuracy and timeliness of
month-end deliverables.
trends; establishing critical measurements; determining
 Reviewed and continuously
production, productivity, quality, and customer-service improved processes to increase
strategies; designing systems; accumulating resources; efficiency and ensure the quality of
resolving problems; implementing change. deal flow.
 Develops Organization Prospects - studying economic  Created accounting control
trends and revenue opportunities; projecting acquisition and systems from a manual system,
expansion prospects; analysing organization operations; enabling existing staff to support
growth at no increase in costs.
identifying opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, and
 Presented recommendations to
systems enhancement; accumulating capital to fund leverage products in core
expansion. competency areas, improve
 Develops Financial Strategies - forecasting capital, operations and increase
facilities, and staff requirements; identifying monetary revenues.
resources; developing action plans.  Served as primary operations
 Monitors Financial Performance - measuring and relationship manager for client
banks to ensure proper delivery of
analysing results; initiating corrective actions; minimizing the
services and excellent client
impact of variances. satisfaction.
 Maximizes Return On Invested Funds - identifying  Created robust financial model,
investment opportunities; maintaining relationships with the and secured an oversubscribed
investment community. Series A round of financing and term
 Reports Financial Status - developing forecasts; reporting sheet for series B round.
results; analysing variances; developing improvements.  Built a dynamic management
team, recruiting a diverse cross-
 Updates knowledge - remaining aware of new regulations;
section of outstanding industry
participating in educational opportunities; reading experience.
professional publications; maintaining personal networks;  Raised company profile
participating in professional organizations. significantly with front page
 Accomplishes Finance And Organization Mission - coverage in industry publications.
completing related results as needed.
Project: Control and Risk Management project.
Financial Accountant Tally | Cognos Planning System
Dec 1992 – Nov 1998 (Adaytum)| MS Office |SAP

 Prepares monthly statements - collecting data; analysing EDUCATION

and investigating variances; summarizing data, information,
and trends.
 Prepares state quarterly and annual statements -
assembling data.
 Complies with state and federal tax filing
 Post Graduate Diploma in Systems
requirements - studying regulations; adhering to
requirements; advising management on required actions; Management,1990
calculating quarterly estimated tax payments; assembling NIIT, India
data for quarterly and annual tax filings.  Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy),
 Responds to financial inquiries - gathering, analysing, Calicut University, India
summarizing, and interpreting data.
 Provides financial advice - studying operational issues;
applying financial principles and practices; developing
 Prepares special reports - studying variances; preparing
budgets; developing forecasts.
 Updates job knowledge - keeping current with financial
regulations and accepted practices; participating in
educational opportunities; reading professional publications;
maintaining personal networks; participating in professional
 Accomplishes finance and organization mission -
completing related results as needed.


Accounts Assistant
Sep 1991 – Aug 1992

 Prepares Work to Be Processed - gathering, sorting,

organizing, and recording data, information, and
 Enhances department and organization reputation-
accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different