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R12: APP-SQLGL-08204 'Your transaction(s) failed funds check'- Advisory level budget [ID 549103.1]

Modified 24-AUG-2010 Type PROBLEM Status MODERATED

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Platforms: 1-914CU;

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Applies to:

Oracle General Ledger - Version: 12.0.3 and later [Release: 12.0 and later ]
Oracle Purchasing - Version: 12.0 to 12.1 [Release: 12 to 12]
Information in this document applies to any platform.



-you have enabled the budgetary control & completed the Budgeting Setup

-you have assigned the range of accounts to your budget and set the budget level to Advisory

-you have available funds that consider your boundary settings


-GL - you attempt to enter a manual journal in GL using accounts from the mentioned range: the following error message is displayed while saving: 'APP-SQLGL-08204 Your transaction(s)
failed funds check'

-GL - click on the 'View results' button: all the accounts combinations/lines have a status of 'Rejected' even if some specific code combinations do not require funds check

- PO -you create a Requisition and send it for approval; note that navigating to: Tools>Check funds>
displays the following error message: 'Your budgetary control action completed with exceptions'

Note the status is 'pre-approved' and checking the user notification shows: 'Approval workflow database error occurs while approving Standard Purchase order ..';

Give your system administrator the following information:

Error: User-defined exception

From, sysadmin the error message is visible:

Monitor errors : Workflow errors: POAPPRV, 1268-1400, 277

Failed activity: reserve document
Activity type: Function
Error message: ORA-06512 at line
Error stack: Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.RESERVE_DOC, POAPPRV, 1268-1400, 195675, RUN)

-AP - while doing invoice fund check the following message is displayed:
'There was an error in creation of accounting and budgetary control cannot be performed.
Please view accounting from the tools menu to see specific errors'.


This issue is caused by incomplete setup. Please check all the steps suggested below.


-- To implement the solution, please execute the following steps::

1. Navigate to Budgets>Define> Control > query for any control group and show the funds check level(if there's no control group defined then you will find a standard one); the funds check
level at this point has to match or at least not conflict with the one that you defined in the organization definition (Budgets> Define> Organization> Query for your organization> Account
Ranges> Budgetary Control > Budgetary Control Options window, GLXBDORG form)

2. Check for any summary accounts that might include the accounts defined; then navigate to Setup> Accounts> Summary > query for the one including the problematic accounts in the
range and show the budgetary control- it has to match the same as above;

3. Check for any end-dated/not enabled segment values or account combinations used in the process that fails; if you find any you will have to enable them to allow the transaction to pass

4. Navigate to your System Administrator responsibility> query for the profile option 'Budgetary Control Group' at all levels. It is not allowed for this profile option to have no settings. If you did
not define any new control groups, select the 'Standard' one at site level;

At this point you should be able to manually enter GL journals with no failure message.

5. Regarding the AP/PO issues please follow all the steps from the following notes:
Note 469018.1 'Funds Check Errors With PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.BUDGETARY_CONTROL'
Note 466074.1 'R12 Purchase Order Approval Fails With Error in Procedure PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.Budgetary_control' 9/22/2010
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Also see Note 885472.1: Journals That Have Passed Funds Check In Payables Have To Be Funds Checked Again In General Ledger.
The patch allows you to setup a descriptive flexfield on the control group which controls which source/category you want to funds check and which you don't.


NOTE:394282.1 - Advisory Budget Failed Funds Reservation App-SQLGL-08204

NOTE:466074.1 - R12 Purchase Order Approval Fails With Error in Procedure PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.Budgetary_control
NOTE:469018.1 - Funds Check Errors With PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.BUDGETARY_CONTROL
NOTE:785472.1 - Posting With Advisory Level Funds Checking Throws Error 12 - Funds Reservation Failed
NOTE:414898.1 - Journal Still Fails Funds Check In Advisory Setup



 Oracle E-Business Suite > Financial Management > Financial Control and Reporting > Oracle General Ledger
 Oracle E-Business Suite > Procurement > Procurement > Oracle Purchasing




ORA-6512; 6512 ERROR

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