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How to create Superelevation

Diagram under Profile.

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Product(s): Bentley MXROAD

Version(s): MX Road V8i

Environment: N/A

Area: Analysis

Subarea: Profiles

Original Author: Purva Lakde. Product Advantage Group

Superelevation diagram while annotating Profile:

1. First go to Tools > Analysis > Sections > Create Profiles and hit next.

2. Add a surface, you need to add a strings called left carriageway string and right carriageway string.
For that, select Additional Surface under profile surface details dialog box and add a model name
which consists carriageway strings.
3. Go to Draw > Geometric Annotation > Select Superelevation > Select Right > Select CE2I under
left and select CE20 under right.
4. Select CE20 under right as shown in the snapshot below and hit OK.
5.Select strings on the drawing and then annotate the profile, you will able to see superelevation
diagram under profile section.