Annual Contemporary Challenges in Chemistry Symposium


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Chemical Tools to Solve Biological Problems
Friday, May 11, 2007 8:30 - 6:00p.m. Department of Chemistry The University of Michigan Room 1800, Dow Chemistry Building For More Information, Call (734)-622-5619 This Event is Free. No Registration Required

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Chemical Tools to Solve Biological Problems Friday, May 11, 2007
Organizing Committee Pfizer Global Research and Development Dr. Paul Galatsis Dr. Lorna Mitchell Lisa Gilbert The University of Michigan Professor Neil Marsh Professor Nils Walter Patti Fitzpatrick Prior Symposium Topics 1995 Carbohydrate Chemistry 1996 Molecular Recognition in Drug Discovery 1997 Enantioselective Catalysis 1998 Research at the Chemistry-Biology Interface 1999 Molecular Diversity at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology 2000 Biology and Chemistry of Natural Products 2001 Organometallic Chemistry 2002 Biosynthetic Mechanisms 2003 Challenges in Synthetic Organic Chemistry 2004 Organic Chemistry: From Catalysis to the Clinic 2005 Frontiers in Chemical Biology 2006 Frontiers in Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis

Program 8:30 Coffee and Pastries in the Atrium 9:00 Welcome Dr. Bruce Roth,Vice President Chemistry Department Pfizer Global Research and Development Opening Remarks Professor Carol Fierke, Chair Chemistry Department, University of Michigan Professor Carolyn Bertozzi, Univ. of California, Berkley Chemistry in Living Systems: Shedding Light on Glycans Introduction by Kate Carroll 10:30 10:45 Break Professor Laura Kiessling, Univ. of Wisconsin Illuminating Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis Using Chemical Biology Introduction by Jason Gestwicki 12:00 1:30 Lunch (on your own) Professor Barbara Imperiali, MIT Chemical Tools for the Study of Complex Biological Systems Introduction by Neil Marsh 2:45 3:00 Break Professor Steven Benner Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution Redesigning Nucleic Acids, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology, and the Personalization of Human Health Care Introduction by James Coward 4:15 Concluding Remarks Dr. Paul Galatsis Pfizer Global Research and Development Break Special Lecture Sir Harold Kroto, Florida State University Science, Society and Sustainability



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