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Arianna Birth


(Mentor Teacher Observation)

This was a strange lesson to teach because there was nothing new that I was

introducing. The students were excellent listeners and they all wanted to

participate. The majority of the students were able to identify how many “tens” and

“ones” there were in numbers larger than 10 and less than 19. Something that I

thought went well was reading the book, the students were excited to listen and to

count along with me. I thought that the number songs needed some readjustment

because many of the students didn’t sing along. I would also modify the math

journal portion to just be small group lessons because there was a lot of talking

between the other teachers and students that made it so that I could only be heard

by a few students. Through teaching I learned that it is a teachers job to come up

with new ways to try to teach something to a child when they are not

understanding. I learned that simple things will excite children and you don’t need

to come up with elaborate things to hook them.