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This rental agreement is made and executed on the 03rd day of September,
2016(16/092016) at Bangalore by and between:-
Aged about 46 Years,
Residing at ODR street ,Parvathinagara,
Attibele ,Attibele Hobli,
Anekal Taluk ,Bangalore -562107
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Hereinafter called as the Owner of the one part and in favour of:-
Aged about 36 Years
Residing at C/o.Chandrakala Buidling ,ODR Street,
Parvathinagara ,Attibele Village & post ,
Anekal Taluk ,Bangalore -562107.

The terms both the parties shall mean and include their respective heirs, legal representatives,
administrators, executors, assigns, successors etc.

And whereas the Owner is the legal possession holder of premises at CHANDRAKALA
Aged about 46 Years,Residing at ODR street ,Parvathinagara,Attibele ,Attibele Hobli,Anekal Taluk
,Bangalore -562107 ,

Which is more fully described in the schedule and the tenant approached the owner let out the
house on rental basis under the following terms and conditions:-

1. That the lessee shal pay the monthly rent of Rs. 900=00(Rs. Nine hundred only)per
month include water bill .This Lessee agreement period is 11 (Eleven months the date on
15/09/2016 of this Agreement.

2. The monthly Rent, Electricity bill, Water bill and other liabilities if any will be settled by
(KARTHIGEYAN) as agreed with the owner on agreed date of every month.

3. The rental period is for 11(Eleven) months from the date of this agreement, but it can be
extended by mutual consent; the rent shall be enhanced @10% once in every 11 months
over the existing rent.

4. The tenant shall use the premises for residential purpose only.

5. The tenant shall not sub-let or underlet the premises to any person/s without the written
consent of the owner.

6. The tenant has to pay the electricity charges every month regularly as per the bill
produced by KEB. Also shall share the water charges per month.

7. The tenant has this day paid an refundable security deposit amount of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees
Five Thousand Only) paid by the mode of cash to the Owner and the Owner acknowledge
the same and this amount does not carry any interest and the same shall be refundable to
(KARTHIGEYAN) while vacating the premises by Owner (Smt .CHANDRAKALA)

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8. The tenant shall keep the premises in good and tenantable conditions without any
damages, if any damages caused the Owner is allowed to deduct mutual consent amount
from the deposit amount.

9. Both th parties should inform well in 2 (Two)Months before vacating the said premises.

Certificate No. : IN-KA103696233551140

KARTHIGEYAN,Aged about 36 Years,Residing at
C/o.Chandrakala Buidling ,ODR Street,Parvathinagara ,Attibele Village & post ,
Anekal Taluk ,Bangalore -562107 ,Consisting of one hall, , Kitchen, Bathroom with attached
toilet with electricity and water .

In, witnesses where of both the parties have affixed their signature on the date aforementioned at

Witnesses: - OWNER






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