Age Distributions by Gender and Prison Admit Type

The source of data for the chart and table is the Iowa Department of Corrections end of fiscal year
prison population report. The age when admitted is a proxy for the age of the inmate when the crime
was committed. The area between the black line and the green line is sum of those that had been
supervised by Community Based Correction that were either revoked or returned to prison because of a
violation or the the commission of a new crime.

Prison Admission Type Females % Males %
New Court Commitments 313 46.7 4,551 60.9
Probation Revocations 183 27.3 1,512 20.3
Parole Returns 99 14.8 878 11.8
Work Release Returns 75 11.2 521 7.0
Totals 670 7,462

New court commitments increase rapidly with age for males and more slowly for females. For both
genders they tend to decrease slowly with age. Female and male probations revocations are frequent for
youthful and young adult offenders. Inmate with parole and work release returns tend to be older

Data source : Iowa Dept. of Corrections End of Fiscal Year 2016 report.
Posted: 6/13/18