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Mineral Content of Presidents Message

SierraSil Joint Formula14™ Thank you for choosing SierraSil®, the natural mineral
(JF14) complex recently awarded with a patent as a Nutritional
Supplement for Osteoarthritis. While we were recognized
as one of the fastest growing small natural product
Amount in JF14* companies of 2008*, our real joy is hearing from you,
(3 caps per day = 2 g) our customers. Please contact us with your questions
or ideas, and of course, we’d appreciate learning how
Calcium 23 mg
SierraSil® has helped you. Best wishes, “I am
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Potassium 20 mg ®
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Michael Bentley | President, SierraSil Health Inc. dio supple mine just d works!”
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Magnesium 2.2 mg o r u s Radio

Iron 1.2 mg
We’d Love To Hear From You!
Silicon 1.0 mg
If you have questions about SierraSil Joint Formula14™, sore
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Manganese 0.15 mg please visit our website at or contact us at . After
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Barium 0.10 mg appeared
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Copper 0.033 mg representatives at 1 (604) 676-4450 or toll-free at younger.”

1 (877) 743-7720. Shell Busey
Cobalt 0.014 mg Housesmart
Referral Network
Zinc 0.014 mg

*SierraSil® is a natural substance that also contains
non-significant quantities of other co-occurring
minerals. JF14 does not contain any sugar, starch,
salt, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, marine or animal
products, flavouring or preservatives.

Due to its rich clay-like structure, a portion of the
total content of SierraSil Joint Formula14™ (JF14)

passes through the body unabsorbed. The values in
this table represent typical quantities available for

absorption by the body in a daily dose of 2 grams
SierraSil Health Inc.
(3 capsules) of JF14, as per the dissolution test 1501 West Broadway, Suite 400
described in the US Pharmacopeia 24 Dissolution Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 4Z6
Method 711. Toll Free 1-877-743-7720
t 604 676 4450 | w
Who Should Take SierraSil Joint Dosage Guidelines SierraSil Joint Formula14™–
Formula14™? For best results take SierraSil Joint Formula14™ (JF14)
Frequently Asked Questions
SierraSil Joint Formula14 is recommended for people

with water at least half an hour before, or two hours
from all stages of life: > Can I take SierraSil Joint Formula14™ while
after a meal or other beverages such as coffee, pop, tea,
• Adults suffering from sore joints, aches, muscle or on medication?
tissue pain — whether related to activity, exercise, juice or milk. Take medications four hours before or after
health conditions or time. JF14. JF14 has detoxifying properties due to its rich clay- Please advise your health care practitioner prior to
• Seniors seeking to maintain or regain independence like mineral structure, and it is strongly recommended to using any new medications or supplements, including
through increased flexibility and mobility. drink plenty of water for your best health and results with JF14. JF14 is a natural mineral powder that has been
• Active people and athletes wanting to increase SierraSil®. Increased water intake assists the body in extensively tested for safety and is not known to have
workout intensity and reduce post-exercise stiffness any side effects. We would be pleased to provide your
flushing out toxins and heavy metals that are eliminated
— See Frequently Asked Questions. health practitioner with a scientific research package.
out of your body when using JF14. Call customer care if
• People wanting to improve digestive health. Please remember to refer to the dosage guidelines,
you have any questions, including best time to take JF14.
and take medications at least 4 hours before or after
Please refer to the chart below to find your weight and
JF14. Call customer care if you have any questions.
What Is SierraSil Joint corresponding dosage.
Recommended dose: (Adults) Take once daily, following > Can I take SierraSil Joint Formula14™ if I have a
SierraSil Joint Formula14™ contains SierraSil® — a pure
the chart below for number of capsules per body weight. sensitive stomach?
patented, all natural mineral powder with essential
minerals, including: silicon, calcium, potassium, In case of sensitive stomach, start with 1 capsule per
Number of day, gradually increasing the number of capsules
magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. SierraSil Body Weight
JF14 Capsules to the recommended dose over 14 days. People
Joint Formula14™ reduces inflammation and helps prevent
with GI conditions such as acid reflux, gas, bloating,
cartilage breakdown, consistently offering health you can
Up to 175 lbs (80 kg) 3 constipation, leaky gut syndrome, IBD, colitis,
feel in 14 days. This mechanism of action differs from
175–230 lbs (80-104 kg) 4 diverticulitis, IBS and Crohn’s disease have been
conventional joint formula products that mimic elements
reporting benefits from taking JF14. The mineral
that your body already produces. The SierraSil® mineral Over 230 lbs (104 kg) 5 structure of JF14 has detoxifying properties that help to

powder is unique in its composition and its consistent and cleanse the digestive system.
fast health-promoting benefits.

Special conditions: Athletes and active adults
> Is SierraSil Joint Formula14™ beneficial and safe
Has There Been Any Research participating in high-intensity exercise can take SierraSil for athletes?
On SierraSil®? Joint Formula14™ 1 to 3 hours before activity to aid
Yes! JF14 is tested to be free of banned substances
SierraSil is supported by qualitative scientific evidence,
® endurance and recovery and reduce post-exercise
as listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and
highlighted by bioaccessibility testing, oral toxicity stiffness. For those in weakened conditions, living with
certified by Informed Choice®. JF14 eases joint and
studies, a mechanism of action study, a human pilot multiple pre-existing medical conditions or sensitive
muscle aches, reduces stiffness and helps prevent cartilage
study, a long-term use study and an internationally stomachs, start with one capsule, once per day and breakdown associated with exercise and movement.
registered, randomized, multi-centred, double- gradually work up to the recommended dose. If Play hard and recover faster. Visit
blind, placebo controlled trial — the gold standard in results do not manifest within the first 7 days consider for information on SierraSil Joint Formula14™ Informed
clinical evidence. This research has earned SierraSil ® taking a loading dose. A loading dose is double the Choice certification.
Patent US7611732B2 as a Nutritional Supplement for recommended daily dose and can be taken to help
Osteoarthritis and confirms the experience of thousands increase results.
of satisfied customers.
Health Canada EN-129983 & EN-151430