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Marketing research
Research methodology

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Mr. Amanpreet Singh


MBA – II (A)

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Project Overview

The case of an airline company that wants to renovate its aircrafts to suit
the tastes and needs of business travellers and consider to install small
tables by reducing seats to enable people work during long flights. A
research has been conducted before doing such changes to see the effect.

Questionnaires were got filled by the passengers on the short flight during
the period of December when the flights were full. The questionnaire took
20 min to complete. The management decided that the study would not
be repeated because the information was insightful enough.


Whether the decision of the management was right or not but if we do not
conducting the research again , then how the research should be done to
arrive at a right decision?


 Research was conducted on short term flights.

 Research was conducted when the flights were full.

 It was made compulsory to the flight attendants to get certain no of

questionnaires filled.
Research design

It is exploratory in nature because in this case there is a need to first

identify the problem and also to find out the factors leading to the

 In this case, first of all see that the problem is that the research was
not conducted in a good way and explain the factors why it has been
conducted so.

 The research was done on short flights whereas the changes were to
be made on long flights.

 The research was conducted in the month of December when the

flights are full. So the obvious response of the travellers may go for
not reducing the seats as they were already facing the problem of
shortage/delay in booking.

 Biasedness may come from the side of the flight attendants because
they were introduced to get a certain no. of questionnaires filled up.
May this no of respondents were not ready to respond.

1. During the flight what would you like to do?

a) Sleep

b) Reading

c) Listening music

d) Business work

e) Others

2. What is the reason of your travelling?

3. What kind of services you want from us?

4. How often do you travel on flight in a month?

a) Once

b) Twice

c) Fortnightly

5. What is your occupation?

6. Do you think that change in interior layout of the aircraft will affect
the satisfaction level of the passengers?

I) Agree Ii) Strongly Agree Iii) Neutral Iv) Strongly Disagree V)


5. Do you think decrease in the number of the seats will affect the
number of passenger?

I) Agree Ii) Strongly Agree Iii) Neutral Iv) Strongly Disagree V)

6. Do you find any problem in doing your work during the flight? if yes
what kind of problem?

7. What type of facility do you want to have in the aircraft?

8. Do you think there should be table facility in the aircraft? I) YES


9. Will you be satisfied with the available space after fitting of tables
as it will consume some space?

10. Seating capacity should be remain same as it is now or it should be

reduced ?

I) Agree Ii) Strongly Agree Iii) Neutral Iv) Strongly Disagree V)


11. Will you be satisfied if there would be delay in bookings as reducing

seating capacity will lead to delay in flights? I) Yes II) no

12. Any other idea/suggestion you want to discuss with us?


As the management asked questions from the customers what they

suggest should be taken into consideration. As on one hand fitting
tables will help them doing their work easily but on the other hand it
may reduce space and they will not feel comfortable with the less
space and moreover there would be delay in flights as if the
management decides to reduce the seating capacity. So the decision
should be carefully taken as it would be affecting company’s business.