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Clearly communicated to Team members, Manager.

Provided the status to Manager without fail/followup from Manager.
Asked for guidance to manager clearly whenever needed.
Communicated well to cross team members, lead and manager.
Communicated via email/conf call with onsite team members/leads and managers.


I have exceeded the target in the execution of test cases. Executed x test cases/week, target was y
test cases/week
As my responsibilities also include many report generation , follow up and helping the team
members ,still I am able to maintain to achieve the target as an individual contributor along with
lead activities.
Always try to find out new ways to accomplish the work and thus be more productive. e.g - give few

Process Compliance:

Always followed up the process.

After writing the Test Plan document for WU module sent it for review (internal- Dev team, external
-onsite Team)
Followed the Team track process.
Followed up the TD process e.g. changing the status of test cases accordingly to
Always make sure to put defect id against the Failed test cases. For cross reference please check Test
Creating the User Stories/Tasks in the Xplanner
Regularly updating the Tasks in the XPlanner

Task Effectiveness:

Timely escalated project specific issues to manager,Dev team,Onsite QE counter part.

Towards the end of AU release, module testing came which was not planned earlier. Still maintained
the productivity and delivered a high quality while testing Modules as part of AU release.
Few mails attached as proof.

Test Execution:

This year I worked on the following projects and always met the target date.
Core Components:
MA with AU 7.0
Linux support for AU 7.0
License Reporting AU 7.0 SP1
O release - WU as individual contributor and guiding OU module

Meeting Deadline:

Always met the timeline.

For AU7.0SP1 could finish the assigned tasks before the scheduled date and took some tasks from
onsite QE team which was assigned to them initially.

Quality of Defects raised:

Raised defects with all the details. Zero complaints from offshore and onsite team.
I have filed 69 issues in this year. Attached is the excel sheet. Among these 2 are not a bug and
hence actual count is 67.
Severity wise distribution is as follows.
Sev1 - 3
Sev2 - 24
Sev3 - 24
Sev4 - 16
QQ = 3x4+24x3+24x2+16x1=148
I have 2 bugs as invalid i.e 2/69=2.89% which is much below than the limit allowed

Verification of Defects:

Verified the pending_validation issues on time.

Verified and closed 44 issues in this year. Severity wise distribution is as follows. Attached is the
excel sheet for details.
Sev1 - 3
Sev2 - 8
Sev3 - 17
Sev4 - 16

Test Plan and Test Case Development:

Regularly updating the Test cases in the Test director.

Adding test cases wherever gap is found.
Passing the relevant test cases after verifying the issue.
License Reporting, AU 7.0 - Created the test cases
For cross reference, Test Director can be checked.
Reviewed the Test Plan created by F and gave comments. (mail attached)
Reviewed the Test Plan created by other team members. (mail attached)
Reviewed the PRD and gave comments to PM. (Mail attached)
Written test cases covering the 100% requirements.
Test cases are detailed enough to be understood by a new person to the product.
No majore issues found in the created TestPlan and TestCases.
Always adhered to the date for submitting Test Plan and Test Cases for review.

Bonding with Team Members:

I have worked with the following people this year.

Zero complaints from team members working with me
Zero complaints from other team members in MA QE team
Zero complaints from Dev team
Zero complaints from Onsite QE and Dev team
[January To March] - [RR ] - [Krishna, P, A and K]
[April To May] - [MA],[Linux Support ]-[K,P,De,R]
[June]-[License Reporting Testing] - [Krishna and Dev by A]
[July To September] - [AU7.0SP1 and support of 6 modules]-[K,A,S]
[October To December]-[O Release]-[K,A,D,R]

Knowledge Sharing:

Imparted trainings to H(xplanner) and B(Test Director, team Track) by scheduled date
Gave inputs on AU Test cases to D and R who joined the team.
Shared environment set up with Dev team to help them to fix the issue. [Feedback from K can be
Helped Doc team to set up the environment from the scratch for some reference. [Feedback from V
can be taken]

Extra Achievement:

Received two times MVP [Most Valuable Player] Award in QE Team

1. Got appreciation from onsite QE manager J. [Mails can be produced as proof]
You and your team did a really good job on the MA7.0.1 release. ..............
Regards, J
"You are making great strides and I applauded your efforts and your results up to this point. Keep up
the good work. " -J
2. Got good feedback from L for project report and planning
"Great report K! " - L
3. Takes interview for QE position.
4. Got good feedback from Manager about understanding the requirement and answering after that.
[Attached email]
"Thanks K. This is perfect. You understand requirements correctly and reply to the point. Please keep
up this strength."