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A land of Buddhist kingdoms, deeply rooted in the soil of Arakan, with a wealth of
historic royal cities, from early Hindu dynasties to a long and continuing Buddhist
culture, is under attack, from an ideology that will not ever recognize a Buddhist
culture as an equal and legitimate culture of the world, an ideology which poses as a
religion, but is strikingly opposite than all other religions, allows no acceptance and
respect for other faiths, nor tolerance of different ways to worship, pray, contemplate
or define the divine.

A false history is being made up to capture worldwide opinion at all levels - public
sentiment, activist’s power points, political actions - and false history becomes de
facto real history too quickly.

There are many components to this false history. Some is intent on designating the
so-called ‘Rohingya’ Muslims as the real indigenous people of the land. Kirt Mausert
is one of the loudest, most arrogant (and ignorant), supremacist, bigoted, intolerant
and pugnacious spinners of this deceit and demonization.

Others don’t go that far, but will insist that the minority Muslims had a major presence
and influence in the affairs of the Buddhist Kingdoms of Arakan.

First, let’s put Kirt back in his box that he has erected around himself - where he yells,
screams, and shouts like a Nazi general or a ranting Imam, but will not listen, reason,
or study any positions or logic which are in contrast to his Islamic/Nazi-like hatreds.

The Bengali Muslims (‘Rohingya’ to the naive) who have been using the identifier
‘Rohingya’ for a number of decades now have stated again and again that they are
different because they live on the other side of a river from other Bengalis. One has to
wonder - Bangladesh has many many rivers - how many different peoples, and
countries would there be with that illogic?

Anyway, they claim that ‘Rohingya’ are a mix of Bengali (can’t deny that one),
specifically Chittagonian (can’t deny that they speak Chittagonian dialect), Persian,
Mughal, Portuguese, Afghans, Pathans, Arabs, Turks, and whatever else sounds good
and illogical.

Which of those non-Bengali peoples had anything to do with historic Bengal and
Arakan, prior to the 9th century? (When the proto-Rakhine peoples migrated there)

Or, should we discard those other peoples and then the Bengalis ethnically, culturally,
linguistically and historically are no different from each other?


Kirt - it’s that easy to demolish your pathetic thinking, and your tirade about ‘Rohingya’
somehow being indigenous. They are NOT indigenous to Arakan, but let’s continue
and further demolish your nonsense.

DNA testing and analysis can help clarify many things here - if there is a significant
difference between ‘Rohingya’ and Chittagonian Bengalis, and other Bengalis form
other parts of Bengal, as well, to determine if the epidemic of rape stories has valid or
not - do these newborns have Burmese or Rakhine DNA which the mother does not
have? Or, are these women victims of the Culture of Rape in their own societies in
which if they couldn’t blame it falsely on a Burmese soldier then they can be cast out
and punished severely by their own barbaric culture.

Let’s take Kirt’s position for a moment. So Kirt believes that Arakan should belong to
the indigenous people (in Kirt’s case here, he believes the ‘Rohingya’ are indigenous).
So Kirt, let’s first apply this to Mecca - because it will solve most conflicts in the world,
and you, Kirt, will be famous forever!

Before Mohammad brutally and selfishly conquered Mecca, it had been a pilgrimage
place (because of the mysterious large black meteorite) for many different and diverse
peoples with many unique faiths, to pray, erects statues and shrines and enjoy the
open, tolerant, spiritual magic of the place.

There were many indigenous peoples with many diverse faiths. There was the goddess
called Al-‘Uzza worshipped by the Quraish and Kinanah tribes, Suwa, worshipped by
the Banu Hudhail tribe, Manat, worshipped by the polytheist Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj
tribes, there were the Jewish tribes of Banu Nadir, Banu Qurayza, Khaybar, Fadak,
Wadi Al-Qura and Banu Harith, and there were Christians, Zoroastrians, Sabaeans
Himyarites, Achaemenids, Lakhmids and Ghassanids.

Mohammad put an end to all of that by destroying all idols and massacring those who
had other faiths - (extremely similar to the Bengal Muslims / ‘Rohingya’ tradition of
destroying Hindu and Buddhist idols and killing all infidels).
The Arab / Muslim stranglehold on Mecca is wrong, and should be remedied.
Kirt, please demand that the Arabs, and all Muslims leave Mecca immediately (or
within a week or so) and that Mecca should be re-established as a spiritual pilgrimage
place for all who are tolerant - and the intolerant (i.e. most Muslims) will be barred.

Now, let’s look at Arakan again, through Kirt’s warped view (please stay with me, it will
be over soon). The Bengalis (‘Rohingyans’) of long ago, before Islam affected them,
were Hindus or Buddhists. Historically, the land that is now called BANGLADESH was
Vedic, Hindu, and Buddhist kingdoms for nearly 2000 years. The great Buddhist Pala
Empire, centered in Bengal, ruled a very large area from the 8th to the 12th centuries.
The Pala period is inarguably considered the golden era of Bengal, with stability,
prosperity, colossal temples, universities such as Nalanda, scholarliness, philosophy,
science and exquisite works of art.


OK. I will accept the Buddhist and Hindu Bengalis (‘Rohingya’) to have a dignified
place in the nation of Myanmar. They certainly have respect and tolerance - two things
noticeably lacking in Bengali Muslims. There would not need to be restrictions upon
their marriages (because they don’t break the laws of the land) nor on their movement
(bacause they don’t have the tradition of burning things left and right). Obviously the
Muslims with their multi-wife marriages, and forced conversion to Islam for Burmese
Buddhist or Christian women have restrictions - as they deserve. Same in the USA
and nearly all non-Muslim countries. The Muslims should choose a Muslim country if
they want to follow those ways.

Some advice to the Bengali Muslims: Your heritage is your greatest asset. Study and
learn about your golden era - that of the Pala Buddhist Empire. Be proud of it - it is
known as a pinnacle of achievement. Learn about cause and effect, responsibility and
consequences, tolerance and compassion.

Enough for now, I can go on forever, but i don’t want to wast so much time with
More soon, there are many more ways to validate Kirt’s shortcomings.