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P Module
R Week Date Day HCM
I April 30 2018 Monday
What is done

N May 1 2018 Tuesday

T Prepared Sap Over View
Week 1

May 2 2018 Wednesday PPT

Finalized OM and PA sand
May 3 2018 Thursday
P Box configuration
Finalized TM and PY sand
H May 4 2018
May 5 2018
Box configuration

A May 6 2018 Sunday

S SAP HCM Over view and
E May 7 2018 Monday Management briefed
Personnel Administration
May 8 2018 Tuesday briefed
Week 2

May 9 2018 Wednesday Time Management briefed

May 10 2018 Thursday Payroll briefed

Saw Habesha HR legacy
system and gave Master
May 11 2018 Friday data template
May 12 2018 Saturday
May 13 2018 Sunday
Business Process
May 14 2018 Monday Workshop

May 15 2018 Tuesday PA BBP workshop

Identified PA Actions and

reasons. Prepared process
Week 3

May 16 2018 Wednesday flow accordingly

Discussed on Enterprise,
Organizational and
May 17 2018 Thursday personnel structure

Discussed organizational
management process flow
and organizational
May 18 2018 Friday structure.
May 19 2018 Saturday
May 20 2018 Sunday
Identified Time
May 21 2018 Monday Management process
finalized time
May 22 2018 Tuesday management process
Identified payroll process

Week 4
and discuss on payroll BBP
May 23 2018 Wednesday questioners
compiled business
processess we identified so
May 24 2018 Thursday far.
sent compiled HCM
process flow and
May 25 2018 Friday description
May 26 2018 Saturday
May 27 2018 Sunday
May 28 2018 Monday

preparing first draft of

May 29 2018 Tuesday HCM BBP
Week 5

Met with HR and FI team,

reviewed the comments
May 30 2018 Wednesday on BBP process flow.

May 31 2018 Thursday Continue to prepare BBP.

Finalized HCM BBP and
June 1 2018 Friday sent V1.
June 2 2018 Saturday
June 3 2018 Sunday
Amend the bbp based on
BPOs comment and sent
June 4 2018 Monday V2
June 5 2018 Tuesday finalized preparing KDS
Week 6

finalized preparing
June 6 2018 Wednesday Functional Specification
Continue base line
June 7 2018 Thursday configuration
Continue base line
June 8 2018 Friday configuration
June 9 2018 Saturday
June 10 2018 Sunday
Continue base line
June 11 2018 Monday configuration
Continue base line
June 12 2018 Tuesday
Week 7

Continue base line
June 13 2018 Wednesday configuration
June 14 2018 Thursday
June 15 2018 Friday
June 16 2018 Saturday
June 17 2018 Sunday
To Do
Kick Off Meeting
Public Holiday
To Finalize OM and PA sand Box
To Finalize TM and PY sand Box

SAP HCM Over view

Personnel Administration Over view

Time Management Over view

Payroll Over view

Legacy system over view and prepare
master data

Business Process Workshop

PA BBP workshop
prepare process flow per the discussion
made at the workshop.

OM BBP workshop

per our discussion we will propose the

enterprise and personnel structure.

per our discussion we will propose the

enterprise and personnel structure.

Further discussion with Mr Tariku and

Mrs Fre.
Payroll BBP workshop

Further discussion with habesha payroll


recap with concerned HCM department

employees to finalize BBP workshop.

will incorporate the feedbacks and start

to prepare BBP

Public Holiday

recap session planned to close the

pending issues.

Continue to prepare BBP.

Continue to prepare BBP.

Plan to finalize and Sign off by Monday

will prepare KDS

will prepare functional specification

Strat base line configuration

Continue base line configuration

Continue base line configuration

Continue base line configuration

Continue base line configuration

Continue base line configuration


Kick Off Meeting

Public Holiday

Delivered(sent) HCM master data template. Expecting full employee master data latest by June

For Identified PA actions, process work flow and process description first draft delivered(sent).
Comment/s required.

Organizational structure to be delivered by Habesha HCM BPO along with employee

master data latest by June 15, 2018.

Enterprise and personnel structure meeting postponed to Monday.

Enterprise and personnel structure meeting postponed to ……

BBP questioner on the 4 submodules sent via email to recap what has been requested.
sent payroll master data template, to be filled and replied tomorrow 24/05/2018

on 'tomorrow's discussion we should be able to finalize all pending issues so that we will be able to
wright the BBP on solid ground starting next week.

feedbacks/ comments to be sent back latest on May 29th Tuesday morning.

Public Holiday

HCM BBP Recap session planned for tomorrow 30th May. We have so many pending issues
including the BBP questioner, enterprise and personnel structure.... If we are not able to close
these issues in this session it might have an impact meeting our blue print dead line.

whole new processes added, incorporated that in our BBP (full and final settlement )
there were few issues Mr Dawit wanted to take some time before decision. He gave us his decision

plan to finalize and sign off on Monday 4, June 2018