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Dave M.

Dharma Raja
Oracle HCM Cloud: Integrate with Austin Davis
On-premise e-Business Suite
Fusion HCM Integration Solution
September 22, 2016


• Overview
• Business Requirements
• Fusion HCM outbound process flow
• Fusion HCM to EBS integration artifacts
• Fusion HCM outbound integration options
• EBS to Fusion HCM outbound interface (User Provisioning)
• EBS to Fusion HCM inbound interface (Paid Time Off)
• Fusion HCM inbound integration options
• Lessons Learned
• Q&A


Overview • CDM Smith is a global engineering construction and • consulting company with 4000+ employees • Currently on 11. Projects.5. Performance and Compensation management (SaaS) 3 . Procurement and Fusion HCM r8 • Oracle E-business customer since early 1990s and Fusion • SaaS customer since 2014 • One of the first in New England area to implement Oracle • Projects • One of the first in engineering and construction industry to implement Oracle Fusion HCM.10 release of Oracle Financials.

5. Grades. Locations) – PTO Balances – User Provisioning 4 .10) • Needed capability for R12 and Fusion connectivity • The data extract would include “change only” records • The Integration would transform the extracted data before interfacing to E-Business • The Integration to support following objects – Person – Work Structure (Jobs.Business Requirement • Implemented Oracle Fusion HCM (SaaS) but needed a way • to integrate to on premise E Business system (11.

Fusion HCM Outbound Process Flow 5 .

Fusion HCM to EBS integration artifacts Interface Name Interface Purpose User Entity Type Person information HCM Extract person changes PER_EXT_PAY_EMPLOYEES_UE Extract New hire information HCM Extract new hires starting with PER_EXT_SEC_HISTORY_ASSIGN Extract future date MENTS_UE Location information HCM Extract any location changes and PER_EXT_SEC_LOCATION_UE Extract new locations Job information HCM Extract any job changes and new PER_EXT_SEC_JOB_UE Extract jobs Grade information HCM Extract any grade changes and PER_EXT_SEC_GRADE_UE Extract new grade EFF information HCM Combination of EFFs information PER_EXT_PAY_EMPLOYEES_UE Extract that is changed PTO balances BI Publisher Vacation/Sick balance for each implemented country 6 .

continued • Windows Shell Script • Moves Data between Fusion and on-premise server • Uses WinSCP calls to move data securely • appLOADTM Tool • Transform and loads the Fusion HCM data into 11. Weblogic platforms 7 .0 instances • Significantly reduced the effort to build the interfaces in house • Needed a “Future proof” tool that would allow easy update to eBS R12 and Fusion when ready • User friendly error correction capability • Successfully used the tool on Tomcat. .Fusion HCM to EBS integration artifacts.5. .

Fusion HCM outbound integration Options 8 .

appLOADTM inbound and outbound file-based options available 9 .

Fusion HCM inbound process flow 10 .

.Fusion HCM inbound process flow . . continued 11 .

Fusion HCM inbound integration options In order to facilitate integration to another system. Fusion HCM provides multiple options to extract and load data:  HCM Spreadsheet loader is a handy tool if you are looking to load data on demand to Fusion HCM • Minimal work needed to download the data • Many published spreadsheet loaders available • Limited Availability to load DFF information • Required to download ADF Desktop excel plug-in  File Based Loader (FBL) • Ideal for bulk load of data specially during data conversion • Need to extract data based on pre-defined format • Provides an ability to orchestrate different processes but not very useful since each process needs to be monitored for exception manually  Specialized tools like appLOADTM with Fusion HCM templates • Supports flat files for maintenance and on-going integration 12 .

Fusion HCM supports REST web services and you can orchestrate the integration end points with BPEL engine  HCM Connect tool can be used to move the data securely between cloud and on premise and vice-versa. You are highly likely to use the same when building integrations  Limit the detailed mapping to legacy system by consolidating them to single value. termination reasons were defaulted  Manage the data security around SFTP server and application since Fusion HCM (SaaS) cannot scramble PII information in test instances  Leverage your existing SOA platform to build the integration.Lessons Learned  Pay attention to data conversion mapping between Fusion HCM and EBS. For example salary change reasons.  Leverage the use of a Partner who really understands integration and the Fusion HCM data model for a smoother integration 13 .

Question 1 Question… Answer Typical •Security •Data Integration challenges of a •Synchronization HRMS Integration? 14 .

Question 2 Challenges for CDM Smith Integration Rapid Deployment with Limited Budget • Aggressive Go-Live Date • Utilize existing environment footprint Integration from Fusion Cloud to on premise eBS 11i • Challenges with HCM Fusion • Data mapping • Securing Data • Planning for R12 15 .

Question 3 Question… Answer Test…Test…Test What are the Process Readiness + System Readiness + ingredients of a Data Readiness + successful = integration? SUCCESS 16 .

Question 4 Question… Answer • Single Source of Truth How did Fusion for HCM HCM help you? • Future Proofing application • Rich Interface 17 .

• Created a Repeatable process appINTERFACE • Audit Trail help you? • Ability to Validate and Transform Data 18 . Fusion appLOAD. R12. Question 5 Question… Answer • Ready-made templates How did for eBS 11i.

Question 6 Question… Answer What’s next with • Post FBL • HCM connect Fusion HCM? • Next release • New Functionality? 19 .

Question 7 Question… Answer What’s next with • SFDC • eBS appLOAD • MDM appINTERFACE? • Other 20 .

Recommendations . Configure: Document mapping and validation during integration process. process and transition support to your team  Fusion Cloud to Ground: keep your integrations simple.  Figure. configure tools quickly. Repeat: Have good testing scenarios and repeatable process to validate data. . . Don’t do any customizations  Get Clean. Stay Clean: Understand your Data and utilize the business validations with secure transfer  Rinse. Stay current with HCM patching 21 .