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Essential Wear Parts

MAN PrimeServ
2 Essential Wear Parts
Essential Wear Parts

Certain spare parts for the two-stroke engine are considered to be Essential Wear
Parts as they are key components that have a critical effect on the performance of
the engine. Our continuous development and focus help us provide our customers
with the best possible product and service every time.

We have a sharp focus on this group of components which share a number of com-
monalities, the overall being a long lifetime. Essential Wear Parts mainly include
large components, and not standard wear parts such as O-rings, which means
that they represent a larger investment. The lifetime is related to the quality of the
components, and the high quality of the parts from MAN PrimeServ ensures an
optimal lifetime.

Features of Essential Wear Parts:

- Key components critical for the performance of the engine
- Long lifetime
- Increased focus internally
- Mainly large components
- Large investment.

Essential Wear Parts 3

Cylinder Liners
Essential Wear Parts

The size and design of this Essential Wear Part re-

quires a high level of technological know-how and
experience within engineering and manufacturing of
these complex components. MAN Diesel & Turbo has
both the know-how and the experience and is there-
fore able to produce our cylinder liners in a high qual-
ity. The design of our liners is based on many years of
service experience and is under continuous develop-

The above combination as well as having the world’s

leading and most experienced cylinder liner supplier,
ensures the highest quality of the products.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has been designing engines for

more than 100 years, and our desire to provide the
best products ensures that the development and op-
timisation never stops. This is reflected in our entire
product portfolio including the cylinder liners.

Features of the cylinder liners

The standard liner surface has a semi-honed profile
that ensures good oil retaining properties, as oil is ac-
cumulated between the plateaus thereby ensuring a
hydro-dynamic oil film.

„„ Latest design updates
„„ Reliability
„„ Know-how of the engine designer
„„ Extended warranty = 36 months.

4 Essential Wear Parts

Piston Crowns
Essential Wear Parts

This Essential Wear Part must be of high quality and necting rod and from there to the crankshaft. In oth-
precision, as it is vital for the reliable operation of the er words, it is an essential part of transforming the
engine. This is why all sub-suppliers of MAN Diesel & combustion-energy into mechanical energy. Further-
Turbo piston crowns must demonstrate their ability to more, the piston crown is exposed to a very harsh
fulfil all the requirements stated in the quality control environment with high temperatures and pressures.
agreements before they can be approved as produc- This is why the design includes special features that
ers and suppliers. requires the most advanced manufacturing technol-
ogy to achieve the high standard we offer.
These agreements also contain CSR (corporate social
responsibility) requirements, as MAN Diesel & Turbo con- Benefits
siders this an important matter when doing business. „„ High quality
„„ All suppliers/manufacturers must fulfil quality con-
Features of the piston crown trol agreements
The piston crown is the top part of the piston which „„ Focus on CSR
transmits the pressure created during the ignition of „„ Extended warranty = 36 months.
the air-fuel mixture to the crosshead, on to the con-

Essential Wear Parts 5

Spindle Guides – Slide Valves
Essential Wear Parts

Fuel equipment requires extra focus and the spindle

guide is therefore an Essential Wear Part. Many of our
fuel equipment components, and components which
have an influence on the engine emissions, are manu-
factured in-house in Copenhagen to ensure that our
high production requirements are fulfilled. This is done
by using our in-house expert knowledge on precision

Worldwide focus and demand is on reducing fuel oil

consumption and emissions. Therefore, the develop-
ment and optimisation of the spindle guide and nozzle
has a high priority in our R&D department, where ben-
eficial features are continuously developed and tested.

Features of the Spindle Guides – Slide Valves

The spindle guide and nozzle are the main wear parts
of the fuel valve, and they need to be changed at
certain intervals to ensure a good performance. The
combination of the spindle guide and HIP (Hot Iso-
static Pressing) compound nozzle ensures a TBO of
16.000 running hours, thereby keeping the mainte-
nance budget at a minimum.

„„ Latest design
„„ Own production in Copenhagen on precision ma-
„„ No dripping from the nozzle = cleaner component
„„ Cleaner exhaust gas ways.

6 Essential Wear Parts

Essential Wear Parts

This Essential Wear Part is included in the IMO tech- Benefits

nical file because it is essential to the running of the „„ Receive the right component for your engine
engine. The reason is that the plunger-and-barrel as- „„ Own production in Copenhagen on precision ma-
sembly is among the fuel equipment that influence chinery
engine emissions. This is also the reason why it is „„ Latest design
manufactured in-house in Copenhagen to ensure that „„ Amendments to the IMO technical file free of charge
our high production requirements are fulfilled. When (if required).
buying a plunger-and-barrel assembly from MAN
PrimeServ, we make sure to match the right compo-
nent with your engine and ensure compliance with the
technical file.

Features of the plunger-and-barrel

The function of the plunger-and-barrel assembly is to
deliver the correct amount of fuel oil to the fuel valves
for injection into the combustion chamber. Thus, it
is important to apply the correct plunger-and-barrel
assembly to ensure an optimal combustion process.
This is always the case when buying the components
from MAN PrimeServ.

Essential Wear Parts 7

Essential Wear Parts

The FIVA (fuel injection, valve actuation) valve is es- Features of the MAN FIVA Valves
sential to the running of the ME engine as it controls It is a high precision unit that controls the fuel injec-
the fuel injection and the exhaust valve actuation. This tion and exhaust valve opening of the ME engine and
is the reason why the MAN FIVA Valve is considered thereby serves the same function as the camshaft on
an Essential Wear Part. conventional engines.

It is the latest in-house component developed, de- Benefits

signed and manufactured in Copenhagen. Optimisa- „„ Latest technology and design
tion is in focus and its development is ongoing. This „„ High quality
ensures that we always deliver the best possible „„ Own production in Copenhagen on precision ma-
product. chinery
„„ Full reconditioning/exchange programme.
As an alternative to buying new MAN FIVA Valves,
PrimeServ Copenhagen also offers reconditioned
units from our production facility in Copenhagen.
These valves are reconditioned to their original design
and quality but at a lower cost.

8 Essential Wear Parts

Bearings Shells
Essential Wear Parts

Over the past century, development has moved in the Features of the bearing shells
direction of getting a more efficient engine output with „„ Thick shell has flex edge
a more compact engine design. Essential Wear Parts „„ Thin shell has blended edge.
such as bearing shells must be adapted to these new
requirements and be designed accordingly. Optimisa- These features have following positive effects:
tion and development is therefore an ongoing process „„ Ensures equal pressure distribution
in order for us to ensure the best possible engine per- „„ Increases oil film thickness.
It is vital that the bearing shells can withstand the „„ Increased reliability compared to previous designs
different loads and wear processes that they are ex- „„ High availability
posed to. Our focus is on increasing the reliability of „„ Thoroughly tested bearing shells
these products by continuous research. MAN Diesel „„ High quality.
& Turbo is a designer of two-stroke engines, and we
strive to minimise the differentiation between each en-
gine type and, thereby, ensure a higher availability.

We test various products on seagoing vessels before

introducing them to our customers. This means that
our bearing shells are more reliable compared to pre-
vious designs.

Essential Wear Parts 9

MAN PrimeServ
Your strong and reliable partner

We are always ready to assist in any matters regarding spare parts for MAN B&W
two-stroke engines. This includes technical service 24/7.

Contact information Emergency after hours hotline

Phone +45 33 85 11 00 Spare Parts +45 40 19 35 01
Fax +45 33 85 10 49 Service +45 20 48 94 40

We have the largest global network of sales and service offices in the market and
will always be in close proximity to our customers.

10 Essential Wear Parts

Essential Wear Parts 11
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