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Wendy Hunt, President of Club Lac Brûlé Inc., acted as Chairman and Jonathan Sewell acted
as Secretary.


The Chairman declared that the meeting had been duly called and requested that a copy of
the notice of the meeting be inserted in the minute book.


A quorum of members being present in person or represented by proxy, the meeting was
declared duly constituted. There were approximately 55 persons in attendance.


On motion by Lori Baird, seconded by Steve Sewell, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the
agenda, circulated with the notice of meeting, be approved and it was adopted.


On motion by Ian Campbell, seconded by John Morgan, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the
minutes of the Annual General Meeting of members held on July 2, 2016, copies of which
were circulated with the notice of meeting, be accepted and they were approved as circulated.




Prior to delivering her report, Wendy asked those present to observe a minute’s silence in
memory of David Morton who passed away this past year. She then wished everyone a happy
Canada Day.

Wendy thanked all those who volunteered their time and who contributed to activities around
the lake – especially all who attended the meeting since our community is what makes Brûlé
a gathering place, a refuge and social club dedicated to preserving our environment as well
as invaluable experiences and traditions. She noted in particular those who showed up to
clean the clubhouse (in the rain) in preparation for the AGM and Pam Erskine for providing
the post meeting cocktails! Wendy noted that this year is a reflection of the dedication of our
members to our traditions as the baton of responsibility is being passed on in almost every

Wendy then went on to thank both our outgoing and incoming volunteers as follows:
- Lori Baird – now Past President, has bought a house at Valdurn and has passed on
responsibility for tennis courts to Nick Saltiel
- Vicki Barrett will stay on managing the Children’s Tennis program
- Alison and Valérie Leduc will be missed as they pass the swim program on to Sarah
- Our three swim instructors, Liz Andrews, Sydney Martin and Gabrielle Johnston,
who are returning for one more year with some great new additions (more on that
- Ian Campbell and his Morgan Campbell crew will pass responsibility for Regatta to
Jody and Rob Warden (and Jack, of course!)
- Ben Martin will pass the “Regatta Dance baton” on to Yves Caron
- Vickie Campbell will prepare Mary Mitchell to take over Regatta lunch!
- Steve Sewell and the Moores will pass Sports Day over to a new team – Rick and
Tamara Brown!

Wendy then pointed out that we cannot forget our fabulous Brûlé winters and thanked Tony
Layton for managing the Blue Trail and hosting the un-Loppet lunch (due to poor snow
conditions) and the Morgans for hosting the trail clearing party in the fall before we all
disappear for Christmas!

Wendy went on to point out the new dock to all who may not have noted this on their way
in to the meeting and thanked Geordie Hodgson and Colin Andrews who did lots of cold
water diving, lifting and moving of heavy rocks before they could install the new dock
amongst the bugs and rain this spring. They were thanked and recognized for their hard

Special thanks were then offered to Grant MacKenzie for his responsive liaison activities
with the city and province as well as Charles Hodgson without whom no would be at the
meeting since he sends out the timely notices and manages our website.

Finally, Wendy gave a special thanks to Keith Moffat, who has stepped down from the
Board, and wished him all the best in his upcoming marriage to Margaret Ann.

Wendy welcomed new members to the lake: Jean-Yves Rouleau and Diane Dufresne, who
have built a house on what used to be the Pollocks’ back property, and Chantal Thomas and
Gaetan Boucher who have bought Francine Renaud’s property. In addition, Mary Stewart
and Carsten Gotfredsen, though not new to the lake, have bought Kathrine Carlisle’s

Wendy went on to outline infrastructure work that has been completed over the last year and
what will be needed in the future.
Clubhouse – 2 new outlets installed in kitchen area and new toilet in boys’ BR; repairs to
gates leaving parking lot and accessing clubhouse. Next year - repaint clubhouse front steps.

Docks - old docks have shifted off their cribs – on the list for next year.

Tennis Courts – in good shape with some tree trimming needed.


Catherine Duff Caron spoke to this special item that relates to some minor revisions to be
made to the Lake Agreement. The redlined copies of the agreement in both English and
French were distributed before the AGM. She explained that these revisions are related to
sections of the agreement that are inappropriate (Articles 8 and 9) or require further clarity
(Article 3). Specifically, changes to Article 3 relate to Sale or Transfer of Property and Rights
of First Refusal. Catherine proposed that the language reflect not just “price” as a term of
sale but include also mention of the associated “terms and conditions” that would be attached
to any sale or transfer. Changes proposed to Article 8 and 9 relate to the contravention of the
Lake Agreement by a member wherein (Article 8) the Club could no longer initiate legal
actions including entry on a member’s property to rectify a contravention of the agreement.
Article 8 would define Contravention (without describing the possible recourse by the Club).
Article 9 outlines the recourse, timing and actions, that may be taken by the Club in the case
of a Contravention of the Lake Agreement and would, with the revision, specify that the Club
solely may take such action, eliminating the possibility for recourse, legal or otherwise, by
another Resident(s).

On motion by Catherine Duff Caron to ratify the above changes, seconded by Winona Sewell,
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the motion be approved and it is hereby adopted.


Before proceeding with her report, Lesley expressed her thanks to Graham Bagnall for all his
help and advice.

Lesley noted that the revenues were good in 2016 and, as a result, the Club finished 2016
with a surplus of $10,451. In addition, the $5,000 GIC remained untouched. As a result, the
Club had sufficient funds to undertake the dock construction. After receiving several quotes,
the Club hired Geordie Hodgson to build the dock extension at a cost of $11,400. Though the
Club will have a deficiency of $2,675, comparing revenues to expenses, it will be in a
comfortable position at the end of the year. The other extraordinary expense was the purchase
of the new clubhouse chairs. However, this was generously offset by the sale of Keith
Moffat’s book, Preserve and Protect.

Other recent expenses have included the replacement of the toilet in the boys’ changing room
and the broken pipe outside the tennis courts along Palomino Road, as well as the
electrician’s rewiring some of the outlets in the clubhouse. Lesley mentioned that some future
expenses would include the sanding and restaining of the clubhouse steps, and possibly the
repair of the older part of the docks. This year, Lesley mentioned that the Children’s Program
would increase spending because of the number of instructors hired this year which she
would outline in greater detail during her presentation on the summer program

Alain Roy has taken over the installation and removal of the docks, as Yves Longpré has
retired. And, as Keith has stepped down as the clubhouse custodian, Alain has been hired on
retainer to oversee all repairs in and around the clubhouse.

To date, 42 full members have paid (almost 60% of the membership) and 15 associate
members (just over half of the expected number). This year, at Charles’ suggestion, Interac,
which incurs lower fees than PayPal, was offered as another method of payment for members.


On motion by Keith Moffat, seconded by Peter Russel, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the
financial statements for 2016, which had been distributed with the call for the meeting, be
hereby approved.


On motion by John Morgan, seconded by Catherine Duff Caron, IT WAS RESOLVED

THAT all acts, resolutions, agreements and actions taken, adopted or made by the Directors
or Officers of the Club, up to the date hereof, be approved.


Wendy thanked all the directors and officers for their time, diligence, enthusiasm and hard
work. She thanked the other members of the Board for their support and, in particular, the
members of the Executive: Lesley, Lori and Jon.

With Keith having stepped down, the Board has the following individuals standing for re-
election: Wendy Hunt as President, Lesley Stewart as Vice-President and Treasurer, Lori
Baird as Past President, Jonathan Sewell as Secretary, Kathrine Carlisle, Charles Hodgson,
Grant MacKenzie, Ken Atlas, John Holinsky, Yves Caron and Stephanie Williams.

On motion by Barbara Lewis, seconded by Eric von Colditz, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT
the above individuals be approved and are hereby elected as Directors.


Vicki Barrett gave an update on the tennis program. She hoped that there would be two
instructors this season. At this time, however, only André Raymond has been confirmed as
Lesley Stewart gave an update on the Children’s Program. The Program will run from July
10-August 3, Monday to Friday morning, with activities on Tuesday and Thursday
afternoons. The fees remain the same: $40 a week for members ($70 for non-members) for
swimming lessons and $10 for activities. The CIT program will also continue. Sarah Bagnall
will take over as coordinator of the Program this year. Last year’s instructors, Elizabeth
Andrews, Sydney Martin and Gabrielle Johnston, will return and for the last two weeks of
the Program will be joined by Rylan Martin, Jack Warden and Kells Moore. The
extraordinary number of instructors this year will ensure continuity in the future.

Wendy mentioned that the Regatta would take place on July 29 th and Sports Day on August
5th. She also said that the dates for 2018’s activities and events would be posted on the website
in the fall to allow people to plan for the following year.


Jon Sewell gave an update on the environment committee’s actions. He mentioned that, as
there is now a 5-year hiatus of the RSVL’s water testing, the Club would conduct in-house
testing at certain places around the lake, such as at the end of the clubhouse docks, and at the
entrance of the streams onto the lakes. John Holinsky has agreed to do the secchi dish
readings to test water clarity.

Jon mentioned several areas of environmental concern around the lake. One area is the culvert
just before the clubhouse where people have put in boats to access the lake. For one, they are
getting access across private property and, for another, they could be bringing contaminates,
such as the Eurasian milfoil, onto the lake. He mentioned that it would be important for the
Club to have a washing station for canoes and boats that come to the lake for the Regatta. As
there is a spigot at the tennis courts, it could be done there. It was noted that milfoil, which
has not reached our lakes yet, should not be torn into pieces as they will multiply rather than
be destroyed.

A discussion regarding the gravel pit followed. The pit’s activity is not only disfiguring but
also noisy. However, as the activity is lawful, it was suggested that the duration of the permit
for working the pit be investigated.

Regarding the highway repaving, Wendy will make a formal request to the Road Department
to ensure that the work does not conflict with the Regatta. It was also mentioned that there
were pipes running under the highway, such as the Club’s pipe to the tennis courts. This
would also be brought to the attention of the workmen.


The clubhouse will be used for two private events this summer: the wedding of Nick Ouimet
(Barbara Lewis’ son) on August 25th and a church picnic, the date to be confirmed.
Tony Layton gave an update on the Blue Trail. A new skidoo has been bought with the money
in the Blue Trail account. Blue ribbons have been replaced by blue paint on the trees. He also
mentioned that Keith’s book, Preserve and Protect, is still available at $35.


There being no further business, on motion duly proposed by Eric von Colditz and seconded
Keith Moffat, IT WAS RESOLVED that the meeting be terminated at 5:00 p.m.

_________________________ _________________________

Lesley Stewart Wendy Hunt

Acting Secretary Chairman