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The SR must be issued by the FMNR in accordance with the FIM Sporting Code.
Copies of the SR must be sent to the FIM Secretariat ( at least two months before the date of
the meeting for approval by the FIM before being sent to all the persons concerned (riders, officials, etc...).

The meeting will be held in conformity with the FIM Sporting Code

FMNR: DMU IMN N°: 502/03

Organising Club: Speed Sport Telephone: +45 2345 2741
Address: Kirkevej 14 Email:
Postcode: DK-6560 Sommersted Track phone: +45 6130 3347
Name of the contact: Ole Olsen Email:

Title of the meeting: 2018 Danish FIM Speedway Grand Prix

Date of the meeting: 30.06.2018

Restaging date: (1) 01.07.2018 (2) 02.07.2018


Motorway: E45, exit 56 Horsens
National Road: 52
Nearest town: Horsens
Nearest Airport: Billund International Airport
Coordinates: Latitude: 55.87120419 Longitude: 9.85740809


Name of the track: CASA Arena
Length: 266 m.
Width of straight: 11 m.
Width of bends: 15 m.

FIM Licence N°: TBA Validity: TBA

Public Liability Insurance, Amount of cover: DKK16.000.000


06.2018 Time: 15:30 to 15:45 Machines Examination for the practice Date: 29. Additionally. FUEL: Will be supplied by the organiser. 077. riders are free to use any current FIM homologated tyre.2018 Time: 17:45 Parade Date: 30.2018 Time: 15:15 to 16:27 1st Jury meeting Date: 29.2018 Time: 14:00 to 17:00 Signing on (if not done on practice day) Date: Date: 29. In this case the tyres intended for use during the meeting must be presented unfitted to the technical team for checking and marking at the time specified in the published tyre fitting schedule.2018 Time: 22:15 Prize Giving ceremony Straight after the Final Payment of prize money Will be paid by FIM to the rider by bank transfer in US$ Leaving the meeting: No rider may leave the pits. free of charge MEETING TIME SCHEDULE Signing on .06. and then only with the permission of the Race Director. FMN and race jacket of each Grand Prix Rider will be communicated by the FIM as soon as possible.06.06. 5 tyres will be supplied free of charge and additional ‘Anlas’ tyres will be available at a cost of 60 € per tyre. and no machine or engine shall be removed from there. STARTING NUMBERS: The Riders’ starting position draw for each Grand Prix Meeting will be made on practice day TYRES: Riders may use ‘Anlas’ tyres which will be provided by the organiser.06.2018 Time: 17:00 Rider’s Briefing Meeting Date: 30.Practice day .06.06.2018 Time: 19:04 4th Jury meeting Date: 30.06. Date: 29. Riders may use their own homologated tyres during practice. 2 .2018 Time: 17:00 nd 2 Jury Meeting Date: 29.2018 Time: 19:00 Machines Examination for the meeting Date: 30.2018 Time: 16:30 Practice in accordance with Art. until after the conclusion of the last race of the meeting.ENTRIES: Name.06.2018 Time: 14:30 to 15:00 Final Track Inspection Date: 30.06.2018 Time: 18:48 st 1 heat Date: 30. These tyres will be at rider’s own cost and must be purchased in advance as they will not be available at the track.2018 Time: 16:00 rd 3 Jury meeting Date: 30.

must be made before the start of the official practice. passenger. An appeal may be made against a decision of the International Jury to the International Disciplinary Court (CDI).000 returnable if the protest is justified or forfeited if the Disciplinary body considers the protest to be groundless. entrant.. Clerk of the Course Diana Nielsen DMU Licence n° 12612 Technical Stewart Henrik Jensen DMU Licence n° 12564 Machine Examiner Ole Jakobsen DMU Licence n° 12563 Chief Pits Marshal Steen Kjær DMU Licence n° ---------- Timekeeper Lars Christensen DMU Licence n° ---------- Environmental Steward Pia Dall DMU Licence n° ---------- Press Officer Julia Rankin BSI Licence n° ---------- PROTESTS AND APPEAL Any person or group of persons .rider. recognised by the FIM and concerned by a decision taken under the authority of the FIM. team or a motorcycle entered. or if it is withdrawn without a hearing. has the right to protest against that decision before the International Jury. Protests against the eligibility of a rider. All protests to the International Jury must be made in accordance with the requirement of the Disciplinary and Arbitration Code of the FIM and be accompanied by a fee of 660 Euros. official.OFFICIALS FIM Representative Jorgen Bitsch FIM Licence n° ---------- FIM Jury President Wolfgang Glas FIM Licence n° 3145 JURY VOTING MEMBERS FIM Referee TBA TBA Licence n° TBA FIM Race Director Phil Morris FIM Licence n° 3134 Clerk of the Course Hanne Thomsen DMU Licence n° 12621 FIM SGP Secretary Graham Brodie FIM Licence n° 3143 FIM Medical Officer Reinhard Kraenzler FIM Licence n° 11518 FMNR Delegate Svend Jakobsen DMU Licence n° 3146 Assist. passenger. 3 . etc. except in the case of statement of fact. manufacturer. - or DKK 5. Protests against results must be presented to the International Jury within 30 minutes following the publication of the results.

Toilets and showers f. Disposal point for used tyres (if provided) This document must be sent to the FIM Administration. through the National Federation. Waste oil containers b. Domestic and contaminated waste containers d.Environmental Management Map: To support the Environmental Management Plan. organisers are required to provide a map of the venue showing clearly the location of the following facilities: a. The map must be displayed in a visible place for participants and teams 4 . together with the Supplementary Regulations. Bike washing area c. Refuelling location e.

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