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Creativity and Entrepreneurship


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Prof. Preetam Khandelwal

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Ahmad Firdaus MS-01
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MBA (Management of Services)

CW 304: Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assignment

Kunal Pandya is Co-Founder, Director – Private Limited – an Indian social networking
website, which has over 44,000 registered members. He is also Founding Partner, CEO –NCrypted
Technologies. He has launched a several web portals before starting up NCrypted Technologies, a few of
which have become one of the leading and profit-making portals in its respective fields today. He earned
his MBA in Marketing in 2005. Today these two companies and has over 50 employees working for him
with offices in Mumbai, Rajkot and associate offices in New York, San Jose and Wales (UK).

And all this is achieved by him at the very young age of 27. Being friendly in nature, he makes it easy for
others to talk to him. We could fetch him for an hour from his busy schedule and asked him few
questions while enjoying hot coffee.

Kunal, how did it all start, you in the I.T. field?

Prior to doing my MBA, I did IT engineering from Bangalore. Websites, designs and complex algorithms
have always attracted me towards them. I used to bunk other classes during the college and spend time
in the library and the computer lab to learn and practice the subjects I loved the most – the web related
subjects. After doing MBA in marketing, I learnt how I can use this knowledge of mine to market it in the
US, EU and even Indian markets and provide customized solutions to customers. My trainings in hard-
core sales and marketing research helped give a shape to my dreams. As you know, I never had a
conventional job, I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I love it this way. Initial years were difficult, but
once it started rolling, there is no looking back.

What sacrifices did you have to make to start it?

There were no sacrifices for the start up as such that I had to do. Everything fell naturally. It got the drive
by contribution and enthusiasm of all.

Were there any personal/family commitments that came in your way?

Not really infact Not at all (Smiles). Rather my Mom was very excited about it. My family members are
extremely supportive and participative in all aspects. It gives us immense sense of satisfaction and drive.

Being such a hit portal in India, how you looking at its future prospective?

MetroJoint has a promising future; especially when you have a huge traffic and repeated visitors adding
in valuable content to the site on daily basis. MetroJoint is not just a social network; it is a social media

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CW 304: Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assignment

site in whole. Along with social networking capabilities, it allows the user to control his/her type of
audience and provides flexibility to upload and share unlimited videos, photos and make favourite
joints, write blogs etc. We are looking for alliances and additional funding for the company at the
moment to explore certain development and expansion options. We plan to be one of the industry
leaders in the field of social media in India in a few years.

How does it feel being in the top position at such a young age? And what it takes to be on top?

I don’t think I am on top for anything at the moment, haha. But, yes you can say that I’ve been
successful so far. And this little success helps me each day to dream big about the next day. The moment
you feel you are on top, your growth stops accelerating. You’re never on the top; there is always
something ahead of you which you need to compete with.

Tell us something about NCrypted Technologies, services offered by it and your staff strength.

NCrypted Technologies is a LAMP company providing high-end online and offline solutions for medium
to large scale organizations worldwide. Our clientele include 2 of Fortune 500 companies and over 45
others from USA, UK, EU, Australia, Middle-East Asia and India as well. Currently we have staff strength
of about 40 and plan to grow the team to more than 200 by the year end 2009.

What motivates you to look after two such big companies simultaneously?

Let me make it clear. We are not big – nowhere near it. We are a small team and managing small teams
is not a problem at all, haha. Still, all of our processes are automated; everybody has their own set of
instructions and responsibilities; so if everybody performs up to their level, entire process or the project
runs smooth. We believe in practical outcomes rather than following some typical orthodox marketing
mumbo-jumbo with no output.

Personally, I have to divide my time between both companies; and as both are my passion, I manage
them easily.

Your hobbies?

Hanging out with friends is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy reading books, writing, listening to good
music, dancing and sometimes create a few beats of my own as well.

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CW 304: Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assignment

Favorite movies?

Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump, Sholay, Jurassic Park, Jab We Met, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Dilwale
Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Lords of the Ring trilogy, Mother India are few of my all-time favourites among

Your message to young entrepreneurs

To quote it straight and simple in the words of the legendary late Dhirubhai Ambani,“Dream big, dream
fast, dream ahead!”

Thank you very much Kunal for taking time and talking to us.

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