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Project 1  n  Job Report using the Web and Microsoft Word


Use Craigslist <> to research digital m ­ edia

1 • i n t r o d u c ti o n
Project Steps
1 First, begin your online research on
t o digital

Use the drop-down menu in Save As to

media 1
Next, format the sub­headings so they are
jobs. Gather descriptions about three interesting jobs to Digital Media jobs. Open a Web browser navigate to the Desktop, then double-click 14-point, left aligned, and sans serif bold,
include in a basic one-page layout, created in Word. You will (Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari, for to open the lastname_P1 folder you just using the same typeface as the main
follow instructions and specifications for writing the report, example). Type in this URL to start your created. If you forgot to make a folder title heading. Use one sans serif font.
formatting the page, setting type, and managing files. search: Once before, click New Folder to make one now. Format the body text so it is 10-point,
Due at the next class meeting. No late work accepted. at the Craigslist site, click on the Jobs In the Format drop-down menu, select left aligned, single spaced, and serif (not
Deliverables category, then the subcategories for art/ bold or italic). Save often so you don’t
n In class media/design or web/info design. Both lose your work. Use one serif font.
Project 1 printout stapled to grading rubrics below, sub­-categories display Digital Media jobs.
including your name where it says Student Name
9 Under View>Header and Footer, type
2 F ind three jobs that you are interested in your name, class day, project number,
n Digital files in Faculty DM 1 Project 1 Turn-in folder: and gather notes that include, at least: and the date into the footer at the
lastname_P1  [Folder] 1) the job title bottom of the page. Use the same font
Rich Text Format (rtf). Click Save. Your
lastname_p1.rtf  [Word document inside folder] 2) what education is needed as the title in 8-point regular (not bold)
lastname_p1.rtf file should now be
Grading Rubrics: 10 points possible 3) how much experience is needed sans serif. Try to make the page look as
saved into your lastname_P1 folder.
Put your whole name on the line below. Check off completed 4) what skills are needed neat as possible
tasks. If a task is not checked off, it will be assumed it was Include any other job requirements you 7 Back in your Word document, go to
find informative. View> Formatting Palette. 10 Spell check your document under Tools>
not completed. Staple together all Deliverables, including
Spelling. Once your are satisfied with your
these checked Grading Rubrics with your whole name as 3 On the Desktop, create a new folder The settings in work, SAVE, then print.
indicated below. Turn in all deliverables on deadline. Projects for Project 1 (Cmd/Shift N or File>New the Formatting
will not be graded if the printed file and Grading Rubrics are Folder) and name it lastname_P1 using At next week’s class meeting, turn in your
Palette shown here
not turned in or if the printed file is different from the digital your own last name (such as: garcia_P1). proofed and corrected printout stapled to
are defaults that
file. If you revise your digital file, print out the new revised You will save the Word document you are are meant to be the Grading Rubrics with your name.
page to turn in with your Grading Rubrics. about to create into this folder. changed based on Turn in two digital files: (1) your correctly
4 Open Word. Choose a New Blank type and formatting named folder with (2) your correctly named
Student Name ............................................................................ Document or, if a blank page does not specifications. This document into the Faculty DM 1 Project 1
appear automatically, you may start a palette may not turn-in folder. (NOT Blackboard)
3 Points Possible / Task Outcome Points be identical in all
new document from File>New Blank
3 points awarded for writing your report on Document (Cmd/Ctrl N). versions of Word.
three jobs in your own words.
5 In Format>Document … (or File>Page
6 points awarded for creating a one-page
layout that meets the required specifications Setup in some PC versions), use 1-inch 8 At the top of the page, type in a main
for typeface, point size, style, type weight, margins top and bottom and 1.25-inch title heading: Digital Media Jobs. Using
linespacing, margins, and alignment. margins for both sides of the page, then the Formatting Palette, format the
1 point awarded for correctly typesetting your click OK. heading so it is 18 point, left aligned, in
name, class day, project number and the date a sans serif bold type face.
in the footer at the bottom of the page. 6 Press Cmd/Ctrl S (or File>Save) to
Save your Word document. Name it Type in the information about the
2 points will be subtracted from the final grade for
each missing digital file or a digital file that contains lastname_p1 using your own last name three jobs you found on Craigslist.
no data. (as in: smith_p1). Note the lowercase p. Use your own words. Use subheads
1 point will be subtracted from the final grade for Click on the arrow next to Save As. for the names of each job, such as:
leaving out your whole name on the line above Web Designer, ­Art Director, Graphic
and for each incorrectly named digital file. note: Mac and Windows keystrokes
Designer, etc., then type the requested
Mac Command (Cmd) = Windows Control (Ctrl)
TOTAL POINTS AWARDED information and job requirements under
Mac Option = Windows ALT
the appropriate subheading.

Late work is not accepted. SRING 2009