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Choose the correct answers.
1 There are strict ___ to control building in this part of 11 He’s been travelling through the rainforest for ___
the countryside. three months.
a attacks a above
b regulations b over
c expeditions c past
2 Do you know how many ___ of fish there are in the 12 Alice sat at the top of the high ___ and watched the
Mediterranean Sea? children on the beach below.
a factors a cliff
b group b rainforest
c species c pond
3 People believe that our ___ is in danger because of 13 Oceanographers have found a way to protect the
global warming. reef ___ years of research.
a food a before
b planet b after
c temperature c behind
4 Tigers are one of many ___ species that we are 14 What are people doing to ___ pollution in
trying to save. your country?
a endangered a save
b extinct b threaten
c organic c fight
5 The divers were swimming a few metres below the 15 We drove ___ the marine research building on our
___ of the sea. way to the airport.
a surface a between
b reef b above
c bottom c past
6 They found many ___ fish in the water. 16 Not many people want to live near a power ___.
a damaged a building
b threatened b conservation
c stunned c station
7 Campaigners are trying to ___ attention to the 17 Scientists are on the ___ of making a
problems caused by using plastic. major discovery.
a bring a verge
b create b position
c take c action
8 The rubbish ___ hasn’t been collected for days. 18 The Great Barrier Reef is the most ___ sight I’ve
a nearly ever seen.
b obviously a scattered
c properly b extinct
9 Sam always uses his own shopping bags ___ c remarkable
plastic ones. 19 There is a great ___ of animal life in rainforests.
a for a number
b instead of b conservation
c about c variety
10 We use too many ___ fuels like oil, gas and coal to 20 The river runs through the ___ to the sea.
produce energy. a coast
a fossil b environment
b global c jungle
c plastic
(___ / 20 marks)
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Choose the correct answers.
1 Scientists ___ research into environmental pollution 11 ___ cleaning up the park yet?
for years. a Have they been finishing
a have done b They have finished
b have been doing c Have they finished
c done 12 They haven’t ___ because the sea isn’t very
2 Edmund Hillary became famous for climbing ___. clean today.
a a Mount Everest a swim
b the Mount Everest b been swimming
c Mount Everest c be swimming
3 ___ using solar energy? 13 He’s been exploring the jungle ___ February.
a They have started a for
b Have they been starting b last
c Have they started c since
4 How long ___ through the rainforest? 14 This type of tiger lives in ___ India.
a has he been walking a the
b he has been walking b -
c has he walked c an
5 Did you hear about ___ which was washed up on the 15 He ___ collected any shells from the beach.
shore yesterday? a hasn’t
a dolphin b hasn’t been
b the dolphin c haven’t
c the dolphins 16 ___ your science project at home?
6 Elephants are ___ land animals. a Have you been leaving
a largest b You have left
b the largest c Have you left
c the larger 17 She’s studying the ecosystem on a small island in
7 They plan to explore ___ in a small boat. ___ Bahamas.
a Amazon River a -
b an Amazon River b the
c the Amazon River c a
8 ___ on the beach for three hours? 18 The manufacturing company ___ used plastic to
a You have been sitting make these toys.
b Have you been sitting a has been
c Have you sat b hasn’t been
9 The beach is very dirty because people ___ their c hasn’t
rubbish with them. 19 The biologist discovered this species of fish ___.
a haven’t been taking a since 1998
b have taken b before 16 years
c hasn’t taken c about 12 years ago
10 I’ve been learning to play ___ and now I want to 20 Ted is studying ___ marine biology.
buy one. a -
a a guitar b a
b the guitar c the
c guitar

(___ / 20 marks)
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