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Thank you for purchasing The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink by Wanderlust Inte
ractive, Inc.
The following minimum configuration is required to run Hokus Pokus Pink:
> IBM - compatible personal computer with a 66 - MHz 80486 processor
> Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, including Windows 95
> 8 MB total RAM for Windows 3.1X, 16 MB for Windows 95
> 10 MB available hard disk space
> Super VGA (a video card and monitor capable of displaying 256 colors in a reso
lution of at least 640 x 480)
> double speed Windows - compatible CD-ROM drive
> keyboard and Windows - compatible pointing device (e.g., mouse or trackball)
> 100% SoundBlaster - compatible sound card connected to speakers or headphones
> Optional: modem and software to connect to the Internet
How to install "The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink"
Windows 3.1x
1. If your computer has an external CD-ROM drive, turn it on first and then turn
on the computer and start Windows.
2. Insert the Hokus Pokus Pink CD into the CD-ROM drive with the printed side fa
cing up.
3. To install the program:
a) Choose "Run" from Program Manager's File menu and type D:\SETUP (assuming D i
s the letter that represents your CD-ROM drive) in the Command Line field and cl
ick OK. (Or, in the Windows File Manager, select D - if D is the CD-ROM drive -
and double - click on SETUP.EXE.)
b) If you have no programs running in the background, click Proceed; otherwise,
Abort, close your background programs and run the installer again.
c) Click Next, then Accept after reading the License Agreement
d) Click Finish to complete the installation.
4. A Wanderlust program group will be added to the Program Manager. Simply doub
le-click on the Hokus Pokus Pink icon to run the program (the CD must be in the
CD-ROM drive to play).
How to install "The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink"
Windows 95
1. If your computer has an external CD-ROM drive, turn it on first and then turn
on the computer to launch Windows.
2. Insert the Hokus Pokus Pink CD into the CD-ROM drive with the printed side fa
cing up.
3. When the disc mounts, a screen should appear with a Quit button and an Instal
l button. Click on the Install button. From there, dialog boxes will appear on
your screen to provide further installation instructions.
4.If for some reason the screen with the Quit and Install buttons does not appea
r when your disc mounts, the program may still be installed by clicking on the
Start menu and selecting Control Panels from the Settings item. Select Add/Remo
ve Programs from the Control Panel, then click on the Install button; at the fol
lowing screen, click Next -- when SETUP.EXE is found on your CD-ROM drive, click
the Finish button and the installer should launch.
> Before installing the program, remember to first close any other applications
you may have running in the background that are not essential to your computer's
basic operation. This would especially include any type of screen saver or ant
i - virus software that may be installed. Check for applications running in the
background in Windows 3.1x's Task List (press Control - Escape to view) or Wind
ows 95's Close Program window (press Control - Alt - Delete); highlight the unne
cessary program(s) by clicking on its name, then clicking the End Task button (i
f you're running Windows 3.1x, don't end task on Program Manager, as this is nee
ded for Windows to run; in Windows 95, don't End Task on The Explorer or Systray
for the same reason - also, don't click Shut Down as this will exit Windows 95
altogether). Some software may require you to restart Windows (if not the compu
ter itself) for it to be truly disabled; if this is the case, or you are not sur
e how to disable such software, please contact that company's technical support.
> Please make sure all hardware and software meets (if not exceeds) the minimum
system requirements for this product. Our requirements may be found on the pack
age, in the user manual and in this file (see SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS above). If yo
u are not sure about your system, check with the company that manufactured or so
ld it to you.
> The installer checks to make sure that your system is able to run the game as
it is currently configured. Therefore, you may want to check that you are runni
ng the proper display setting (at least 640 x 480 with no less than 256 colors)
and your sound card's drivers are installed and active (if you heard a sound pla
y when Windows started, then you're probably OK here).
> This installer creates a directory on your hard drive into which it will copy
some of the files needed to run the program on your system. If you are not sure
about the name or location of this directory, choose the default selection reco
mmended by the installer.
> If you are installing this program under Windows 3.1x, Windows needs to run in
Enhanced Mode for both the installer and the program to function properly. Mos
t '486 or better computers usually start Windows in this mode automatically; if
you're not sure, please check before installing the program - this can easily be
done by pulling down the Help menu in Program Manager and selecting the last me
nu item, About Program Manager. In the box that appears, it will tell you if yo
u are running in Enhanced or Standard Mode; if for some reason it says Standard
Mode, exit Windows and restart it by typing win /3 at the command prompt (this w
ill force Windows to start in Enhanced Mode).
>Double click on the Setup.exe icon on the root of the CD-ROM. The installation
program will launch. It will install all the necessary components to run the gam
e on your computer. You will be prompted to select where on your hard disk to in
stall the game data. At the end of the installation process you will be presente
d with a window containing The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink icon. Double cli
ck on this icon to start the game. (Make sure the Hokus Pokus Pink CD-ROM is sti
ll in your CD-ROM drive. It must be in the CD-ROM drive to run the game.)
Optimizing Performance
If the animation for The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink isn't displaying prope
rly, or if the audio isn't playing well, there are several things you might want
to check to correct this problem:
> For optimum performance, your monitor should be set to 256 colors.
> As with any new multimedia program, please make sure you are running all of th
e latest drivers for your CD-ROM drive your sound card and especially your video
. These can be obtained (usually free) from either the manufacturer of your comp
uter or the manufacturer of these devices. Please call their technical support n
umber for any further assistance.
> If you are running Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups under DOS 6.2, you mi
ght want to make sure that DOS's SMARTDRV disk caching utility launches after th
e Microsoft CD-ROM Extension (MSCDEX) in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file; this will impro
ve the performance of your CD-ROM applications in general by caching them into m
emory. Also, you may want to increase the size of the SMARTDRV cache; for more
information on this, please either consult your DOS user manual or type HELP SM
Known Incompatibilities
1. Diamond Viper Pro video cards: users of this card may notice color problems,
especially in Windows 3.1x; this will happen in 8 - bit (256 colors) and 24-bit
(millions of colors) mode, regardless of the resolution. Although we normally re
commend running the program in 256 colors, our testing has shown the program to
display better in 16-bit mode (64,000 colors) with this particular card.
2. Changing resolution while the game is running: It is generally recommended us
ers do not try to switch resolutions once the game is launched as this may intro
duce various problems in the game's display. The game will try to change the sy
stem's resolution on launch if it can; if it can't and another resolution is pre
ferred, please exit the game, change the resolution, then re - launch the game.

3. Sound Card Problems: certain sound cards running under Windows 3.1x (e.g., Me
diaVision and some Turtle Beach, but there might be others) may require running
in "SoundBlaster - Compatible" mode in order to be recognized by our program or
to play sounds properly; depending on the driver used, this may either be set in
the low - level drivers which load from DOS or from a utility installed in Wind
ows. Users experiencing problems may need to set their driver for this mode in o
rder to run the game; please check either your sound card's user manual or conta
ct their technical support for instructions.
4. Microsolutions Backpack CD-ROM drives: users of the model 163550, 164550, 165
550 or 166550 external parallel port drives may experience performance problems
with the program's audio and video playback in Windows 3.1x; this is probably du
e to outdated drivers for the CD-ROM drive. At the time of this writing, the mo
st recent version of the drivers for these model CD-ROM drives is 2.08, which wa
s released August 15, 1996; we have tested with this driver and found it fixes t
he problem. If users of one of these model drives are experiencing performance p
roblems under Windows 95, it may be due to the computer's parallel port being se
t to ECP mode; these drives are not compatible with this mode under Windows 95 a
nd the port will need to be reset to EPP mode. In the event you are experiencing
either of these problems, please contact Microsolutions' Technical Support.
5. Performance problems under Windows 95: problems such as poor playback of eith
er the audio or animation may be due to Windows 95 being forced to use older 16
bit drivers for a device (e.g., video card, audio card or CD-ROM drive) because
it does not have a 32-bit driver. This can be checked by right-clicking "My Comp
uter" on the Desktop, selecting Properties from the menu and clicking the Perfor
mance tab; if the File System entry reads 32-bit, then the Windows 95 compatible
drivers are installed -- however, if it reads 16-bit, then the system is using
the older 16-bit drivers. Please check with the manufacturers of your audio card
, video card and/or CD-ROM drive for updated Windows 95 drivers; if they do not
have them, it is possible Microsoft may have subsequently released updated drive
rs, so please check with their technical support.

Saved games
Are you having problems? Are you stuck? Do you want to (or need to) jump directl
y to a location within the game?
You can always get to any location within the game by opening one of the saved g
ames. The saved games are a precaution we have taken to assure that no one would
ever be stuck and not able to finish the game. Please use them at your own disc
retion. Using them may reduce your enjoyment of discovering the answer to a tric
ky puzzle or watching the story unfold. Or they may stop you from going out of y
our mind trying to figure out a puzzle that you just don't get. Whatever. The sa
ved games are located on the CD-ROM in the install folder (d:\install\saveS (Thi
s assumes that your CD-ROM drive is drive letter "D").
The saved games correspond to each point in the walk-through text, cleverly name
d: HPP_WALK.txt. This text document can be found in the Saves folder. Each saved
game is numbered according to each step in the walk-through document.
Double-click a saved game icon to jump to game pages deep within the game.
The saved games are inside a folder called saves, that is inside of the install
folder, which is hidden. You can view it in File Manager if you go into View on
the menu bar, select options, and check the radio button that says, "Show all fi
les." If can't see it in Windows Explorer, you may need to type the full path ou
t to open the saves folder. Go to the start menu, select "Run," then type in the
following path: d:\install\saves (This assumes that your CD-ROM drive is drive
letter "D").
Having trouble navigating through the game? Need a hint? Hints can be found in t
wo places.
1. In the help file. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select help, and
then select hints. The help file will open at the first page of the hints sectio
2. In the on-line menu. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select on-line
and then select hints, and the game will invoke your browser with a web page th
at contains a URL that links to the Hokus Pokus Pink Website. Click on the link
and you will be transported to the magical land of on-line hints. The on-line hi
nts are just like the hints in the help file, except that they will be updated w
ith more helpful information, about puzzles that prove to be particular troublin
Windows 3.1x / Win32s issues
In order for The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink program to run in Windows 3.1x
, it installs a subsystem called Win32s. This is necessary, because The Pink Pan
ther in Hokus Pokus Pink is a 32-bit application.
If you are having problems installing Win32s, it could be due to an improperly i
nstalled or an improperly uninstalled version of this operating subsystem still
on your machine. The installation of Hokus Pokus Pink will work best if the curr
ent version of Win32s is completely removed first.
In order to remove Win32s completely, please take the following steps:
1. In file manager, open the Windows folder, and then open the system folder (us
ually c:\windows\system):
A. Delete the Win32s folder in system folder
B. Delete W32sys.dll in the system folder
C. Delete Win 32s.ini in the system folder
D. Delete W32sys16.dll in the system folder
2. Open the file called system.ini using notepad or some other text editor. The
system.ini file can be found in windows folder (usually c:\windows)
In the system.ini in the [386 enhanced] section delete the line: device = system
\win32S\win32s.386 (or similar, depending on your specific configuration)
Save your changes. Close file manager.
Now you are ready to (re-) install Hokus Pokus Pink.
On Windows 95 computers (and only on Windows 95 computers), the installer will t
ry to install the DirectSound portion of DirectX. The game will run without Dire
ctSound installed, but a performance penalty will result.
Should you, for any reason, need to remove DirectX, or install other components
of DirectX 5.0, you can run dxsetup.exe, which is in the install/DirectX folder
on the CD.
If you wish to have DirectX on a Windows NT system, you must install Service Pac
k 3 or later.
The Jukebox
If you accidentally saved a game over the jukebox, the "Songs" item in the "Game
" menu will no longer function. You can fix the problem by opening the file name
d Songs.son in the root of the CD-ROM using your file manager. Double click on S
ongs.son and a dialog box titled, "Open with" will pop up. Scroll down the list
of choices until you see HPP.exe. Double click on HPP.exe to associate the file
with The Pink Panther in Hokus Pokus Pink executable. (If you do not see the HPP
.exe, select "Other" and it will display the HPP.exe icon. Double click on it to
associate the file with the executable.) Start the game. Then once you see the
jukebox on the screen, select "Game" from the menu bar, then select, "Save game
as." When the save game dialog box appears, save the game as songs.son in the Po
kus directory on your hard drive. (This assumes that Hokus Pokus Pink has been i
nstalled in the default directory, Pokus. If you installed the game elsewhere, s
ave the songs.son file into that directory.) Now you will be able to play the ju
kebox again.
Sound Problems
In rare instances, on a few systems all the sound in the game may stop for no ap
parent reason. If you should experience this technical difficulty, save your gam
e, exit the program and then start again. The sound should be restored. You can
use the saved game to return to the point where you experienced the problem, and
move on. If the sound does not return after this, restart your computer, and th
e problem will be fixed. This is very rare, so please do not be frightened.