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RECEIVED FEB 29 2018 rR Re. ‘Jim Zeigler 3071 Teal Court Mobile, AL 36695 2 ieee Feb. 19, 2018 Hon. Doug McKelvey General Counsel | Alabama Bar Association Dear Mr. McKelvey: Thereby resign from the Alabama State Bar Association and surrender my license to practice law No. ASB 76841723, My resignation and surrender of license are voluntary and immediate. I hereby return my current Alabama state Bar membership card (for now through Sept. 30, 2018), which is enclosed. Thank you. es william Zeig) , cc: Hon. Mark Moody ee FILED APR 18 2018 samara BEFORE THE DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION ~— OFTHE ALABAMA STATE BAR IN THE MATTER OF JAMES W. ZEIGLER ASB No. 2015-864 AN ATTORNEY AT LAW INTHE STATE OF ALABAMA ORDER ‘This matter is bofore the Disciplinary Commission on the respondent attorney's surrender of license to practice law in the State of Alabama. ‘The Disciplinary Commission hereby ACCEPTS the respondent attorney's surrender license, ORDERED, this the [BH day of bpul 2018. fey Gaines, Chair Disciptinary Commission Alabama State Bar Post Office Box 671 Montgomery, AL 36101 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE Thereby certify that on tis, te [Bly of april, 2018, I did serve a copy of the foregoing upon the respondent attorney, by United States mil, postage prepaid, first class, to his address as follows: Mr. James W. Zeigler 3071 Teal Court Mobile, AL 36695, Disciplinary Commission <6> RECEIVED MAY 4 0 2018 IN THE erent (Coe Oe ALABAMA SEs IN THE MATTER OF DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION OF JAMES W. ZEIGLER THE ALABAMA STATE BAR ATTORNEY AT LAW ASB.NO. 2015-864 ORDER © JAMES W. ZEIGLER, heretofore having been authorize licensed by the Supreme of Court of Alabama to practice 1i all the Courts of the State of Alabama,” having “filed| writing, his voluntary relinquishment and surrender of and win in lsaid license with the Alabama State Bar, that surrender also having been filed with this Court, and The Disciplinary Commission, having entered an drder accepting JAMES W. ZEIGLER's surrender of his licens. practice law in all Courts in the State of Alabama on 18, 2018, that order also having been filed with this oe Now, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that the license privilege granted to JAMES W. ZEIGLER to practice law in| the Courts of the State of Alabama is hereby canceled to il and all and annulled, effective April 18, 2018, and further subject td the terms and conditions as set out in his surrender of lice se. Stuart, C.J., and Bolin, Parker, Shaw, Main, Whse, Bryan, Sellers, and Mendheim, 3J., concur. Witness my hand this 9th day of May, 2018. peptone Clerk, Supreme Court of Alab: FILED May 9, 2018 9:57 am Clerk Supreme Court of Alabama ama <4> Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Board/Comnission U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Mobile County Circuit Clerk 1th Circuit 0.8. District Court Clerk, Alabama Court of Civil. Appeals Clerk, Alabama Court of Crimifal Appeals Technology Division, Alabama Supreme Court File Minutes Mr. James W... Zeigler % 3071 Teal Court Mobile, AL 36695 MOBILE ATTORNEY SURRENDER OF LICENSE, Mobile attorney James W. Zeigler surrendered Court of Alabama accepted Zeigler's voluntary in the State of Alabama effective April 18, 2018. his license on February 19, 2018, The Supreme surrender of his license from the practice of law DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION ALABAMA STATE BAR <3> NOTICE FOR ALABAMA LAWYER JAMES W. ZEIGLER ASB 2015-864 On May 9, 2018, the Supreme Court of Alabama adopted the order of the Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Commission, accepting the surrender of license of Mobile attorney, James W. Zeigler, from the practice of law inthe State of Alabama effective April 18, 2018. On February 19, 2018, Zeigler voluntarily submitted his Surrender of License to practice law in Alabama. [ASB 2015-864] <2>