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HB71 Kowalko Financial disclosures for CMPB members House Administration Com. 3.9.17 Support
HB72 Kowalko FOIA applies to Universities House Administration Com. 3.9.17 Support
HB73 Briggs King Double Dippling Disclosure HRL 3.28.18 Support
HB92 Williams GA Real Estate Financial Disclosures House Passed 40-1. Tabled in Senate Support
HB323 Kowalko Settlement Monies to the General Fund House Administration Com. 3.1.18 Support
SB29 Townsend Subjecting GA to Conflict and Conduct Rules Senate Executive Com. 3.21.17 Support
HJR2 Schwartzkopf Rejecting the Pay Raise Passed H 40-0 and S 18-0. Signed. Support
HB146 Osienski Allowing E-Signatures for DMV Passed H 39-0 and S 21-0. Signed. Support
SB25 Henry 90 Days for Judicial Nominations after Vacancy Constitutional Passed H 39-0 and S 17-0. Support
Amendment (2nd Leg) Constitution Amended.
HB75 Baumbach Requiring FOIA Responses to on-Delawareans Tabled in Committee Support
HB57(S) Kowalko LLC Reform House Judiciary Committee 3.15.18 Support
HB341 Briggs King Constitutional Amendment providing for a 2 day delay between House Admin. Com. 3.15.18 Neutral
release of budget bills and vote
HB239 Ramone New Castle County Executive Succession H passed 33-6. S passed 15-6. Signed. Neutral