Lit Crawl Phase 1: 6-7 pm

Start: October 9, 2010 6:00 pm End: October 9, 2010 7:00 pm Cost: Free

Aural in the Alley: Ashcan Magazine Presents Write in the Streets Clarion Alley, Between 17th & 18th Justin Allen, Sean Logic, Katie Love, Tomas Moniz, Jim Nelson, Doctor Popular, Erin Quinn O’Briant Dog Is Our Co-Pilot The Green Arcade, 1680 Market St. @ Gough Suzanne Carreiro, Tom Corwin, Nancy Levine, Tom McNichol, Cameron Woo BARtab Presents: Bar Pick-Ups Gone Terribly Wrong (or Right) Martuni’s, 4 Valencia St. Meliza Banales wrote Say It With Your Whole Mouth and 51 Poems About Nothing at All. Involved in spoken word, she recently toured with Sister Spit. Queer Oakland poet Cindy Emch is trying to take over the world with poetry and gypsy punk bands Vagabondage, Rhubarb Whiskey, etc. Prolific Felice Picano has been everywhere and done everything, but seldom looks it, thanks to a Genii he freed from a KY jar in 1975. Jim Piechota, San Francisco resident for 20 years, writes for Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and the Bay Area Reporter. His novel, Forgetful, is seeking representation. Jim Provenzano (Moderator) is author of PINS, Monkey Suits, Cyclizen; writer for LGBT media for two decades; and assistant arts editor for BARtab. Kirk Read is a performer, event-maker, and author of memoir How I Learned to Snap and This Is the Thing, a collection of his performance essays. Rob Rosen is author of the critically acclaimed Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love, Divas Las Vegas, and 100-plus stories in anthologies and erotica. Babylon Salon Spotlight Reading Mina Dresden Gallery, 312 Valencia St. Hannah Kornfeld was a finalist for the Robert Olen Butler Fiction Prize and the Poets & Writers California Writers Exchange Peter Orner wrote The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo and Esther Stories, and won two Pushcarts. Love and Shame and Love is forthcoming in 2011. Arthur Patterson reports by day and at night writes fiction and nonfiction that focus on believable situations that get a bit out of hand.

Peter Sheehy’s work has appeared in Chicago Quarterly Review, The Madison Review, Inkwell, and elsewhere, but he is no good at writing bios. Zach Wyner is a teacher and graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at University of San Francisco. Scribd: Where the World Comes to Read Four Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia St. Helen Black, author of Seven Blackbirds and mother of five, pens the humor column “Mother’s Day Out” on Scribd, where she’s the top-subscribed female author. Kate Garmey has been writing since the first grade. Today, her work can be found on She still dots her “i”s with hearts. Richard W. Humphries lives and writes in the Mission District. His memoir One Sentence at a Time comes out this fall. Recent essays are at Laura Novak reported extensively for The New York Times. Her debut novel, Finding Clarity, is set in Berkeley. She is currently working on a mystery series. John Wolpert, author of The Hidden Stage, is a business and fiction author and the CEO of UpStart Mobile, maker of Why There Are Words Presents Artzone 461 Gallery, 461 Valencia St. Tom Barbash is author of the novel The Last Good Chance and The New York Times bestselling nonfiction book On Top of the World. Author of three story collections and Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction, Catherine Brady teaches in the MFA Program at University of San Francisco. Alice LaPlante teaches at SFSU and Stanford. Her latest book, Turn of Mind, will be published by Grove/Atlantic in 2011. Li Miao Lovett’s forthcoming novel, In the Lap of the Gods, is a tale of love, loss, and rebellion against China’s Three Gorges Dam. Valerie Miner is author of 13 books including After Eden, Abundant Light, and The Low Road. She is an artist-in-residence and professor at Stanford. Jason Roberts is author of the prize-winning book A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History’s Greatest Traveler. Stanford Humanities Panel: Representations of Race and Ethnicity Creativity Explored, 3245 16th St. Associate professor of English Michele Elam’s new book The Souls of Mixed Folk: Race, Politics & Aesthetics will be published in late 2010.

Assistant professor of English Saikat Majumdar is author of a novel and a forthcoming critical study of English as a global literary language. David Palumbo-Liu, professor of comparative literature, is finishing a book that explains why literature is ethically indispensable today. Professor of American art and culture Bryan Wolf focuses on 19th-century art and literature and re-conceptualizations of race and ethnicity in contemporary American art. ZYZZYVA presents LitQuiz, A literary quiz show in which a panel of writers competes with the audience at large Elixir, 3200 16th St. Emcee Howard Junker retires as editor of ZYZZYVA at the end of the year. His first novel, Onward a novel of ideas, appeared this summer. Karen Carissimo has published poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in North American Review, Western Humanities Review, Green Mountains Review, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Laura Cogan will become editor of ZYZZYVA with the Spring issue. Drew Cushing, the bastard son of New Narrative and Language Poetry, also makes BentBoyBooks. Willy Lizárraga, born in Peru, moved to San Francisco as a teenager. His novel, Mientras Elena en su lecho, is published by University of Miami Press. M.G. Martin is author of One for None (Ink Press) and co-producer of the Literary Death Match SF. Brooks Roddan’s most recent collection of poems is The Days by Themselves (Blue Earth). He is the editor/publisher of If Publications. BANG OUT Volume IX – Greatest Hits: Celebrating BANG OUT Reading Series’ Two-Year Anniversary Double Dutch, 3192 16th St. Readers: Meg Day, Michelle Puckett, Ami Sheth, Arisa White, and Lindsey Wolkin Small Desk Press Festival 2 Adobe Books, 3166 16th St. Lizzy Acker’s first book, Monster Party, a collection of stories about boys, aliens, and violence, is forthcoming from Small Desk Press in 2010. Dustin Heron wakes each morning with cat butt in his face. ali lawrence has a book, anatomic, on SDP and poems in Big Bell. She lives in Oakland, she writes and works and works with writers. Sarah Fran Wisby is author of Viva Loss, a required textbook at the School of Hard Knocks.

Quiet Lightning Gestalt Haus, 3159 16th St. Quiet Lightning is a monthly submission-based reading series that features an unpredictable mash-up of performance poetry, academic fiction, inspiring rant dreams, and original combinations thereof. We print it all in a zine called sPARKLE & bLINK, available at the show! New Authors Morac Restaurant & Lounge, 3122 16th St. Angela S. Choi is author of Hello Kitty Must Die. Born in Hong Kong, she is proficient in the art of profanity in both Cantonese and English. Shilpi Somaya Gowda is author of the debut novel Secret Daughter, an international bestseller that is being translated into ten languages. Jason Headley comes from a long line of storytellers/bullshitters, bred to respect story’s power. It can do anything. It just better be good. Vanitha Sankaran, Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and MFA in creative writing, just published her debut novel, Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages, from HarperCollins. Elena Mauli Shapiro amassed literature and writing degrees in and around the Bay Area (Stanford, Mills, Davis). Her novel 13 rue Thérèse is forthcoming in 2011. Instant City: A Literary Exploration of San Francisco Presents: Questionable Behavior Dalva, 3121 16th St. sixteen in the clip and one in the hole, joshua citrak’s ‘bout to make all the people say, “oh!” Andrew Dugas’ fiction has appeared in Instant City, Flatmancrooked, and SoMa Literary Review. His San Francisco novel Sleepwalking in Paradise languishes among the slush. Rob McLaughlin’s short fiction has appeared in Facets, Kitchen Sink, Velvet Mafia, Instant City, and The Cimarron Review. Mary Taugher, an MFA candidate in creative writing at SFSU, has works in Transfer, 580 Split, Instant City, and forthcoming works in The Gettysburg Review. Stephanie Vernier has just completed an adapted screenplay, blogs infrequently at, and is an editorial assistant at a San Francisco magazine. The Courage to Seek Change: Cultivating Inner Strength in Order to Tackle Social Change Forest Books, 3080 16th St.

Todd Aaron Jensen, author of On Gratitude: 50 Celebrities on the Power of Giving Thanks, is an award-winning entertainment journalist, yoga instructor, and father of six. Allen Klein is an award-winning professional speaker and author of 16 books including Change Your Life!, The Healing Power of Humor, and The Courage to Laugh. Don Lattin covered religion and spirituality for the San Francisco Chronicle. He is the author of four books, including The Harvard Psychedelic Club. Nina Lesowitz, founder of Spinergy Group, is author of The Courage Companion: Living Life with True Power, and the bestseller Living Life as a Thank You. Corinne McLaughlin is co-author of The Practical Visionary, Spiritual Politics, and Builders of the Dawn, and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership. M.J. Ryan is a creator of the Random Acts of Kindness series and author of AdaptAbility and This Year I Will…How to Finally Change a Habit. Narrative Magazine: Five Great Authors Whose Work Has Helped Narrative Become the Gold Standard in Online Literary Magazines The Lab, 2948 16th St. Carol Edgarian (Emcee), co-founder and editor of Narrative, is the author of the novels Three Stages of Amazement and the bestselling Rise the Euphrates. Will Boast, a former Stegner Fellow at Stanford, moonlights as a musician around the Bay Area. He earned his MFA from the University of Virginia. Pia Z. Ehrhardt, author of Famous Fathers & Other Stories, winner of the Narrative Prize, is writer-in-residence at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Skip Horack, author of The Southern Cross and The Eden Hunter and a former Stegner Fellow at Stanford, lives in San Francisco with his wife. Bridget Quinn’s essay “One-On-One” appeared in Narrative. Former teacher at San Francisco Waldorf High School, she lives in San Francisco with her husband and children. Renee Thompson, wildlife biologist, has traversed the United States. Her first novel is The Bridge at Valentine. She lives in Folsom with her family. San Francisco on Assignment: Counterpoint Press Spins Tales of Television, Religion, Murder, and Revolution from the Bay area and Beyond Muddy Waters, 521 Valencia St. Andrew Altschul is author of Lady Lazarus and the forthcoming Deus Ex Machina. He is the books editor for The Rumpus. Sue Dunlap is author of 22 novels and the recipient of both Anthony and Macavity awards. Cornelia Nixon is author of Now You See It, Jarrettsville, and Angels Go Naked. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Daniel Pyne is the screenwriter of Pacific Heights, Fracture, and The Manchurian Candidate. Twentynine Palms is his first novel. Michael Sledge is author of Mother and Son and The More I Owe You. He is co-founder of the Oaxifornia arts studio in Mexico. Jane Vandenburgh is author of A Pocket History of Sex in the Twentieth Century, Failure to Zigzag, and The Physics of Sunset. San Pablo Arts District Presents Lip Service West: True Stories Casanova Lounge, 527 Valencia St. The author of Rip the Page and Sister, Karen Benke is on the editorial board of Memoir (and). She also blogs for The Huffington Post. Joe Clifford is the producer of Lip Service West. His work can be found at He has been to jail but never prison. Widely regarded as “one of the last Beats,” Herb Gold is among San Francisco’s favorite sons. His most recent work is Still Alive! A Temporary Condition. Kelly Luce’s story collection received the San Francisco Foundation’s Jackson Award. Her work has appeared in The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, and other journals. A two-time Edgar Award nominee, Eddie Muller is founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation and has twice been named San Francisco Literary Laureate. Significant Objects Presents: Remarkable Stories about Unremarkable Things. PLUS: Attendees square off in the fiercely competitive Object Slam! Root Division, 3175 17th St. Rob Baedeker is a member of the Kasper Hauser comedy group, author of SkyMaul, Obama’s Blackberry, and Weddings of the Times. Chris Colin is author of What Really Happened to the Class of ‘93 and a frequent New York Times contributor. Beth Lisick is author of Everybody Into the Pool and Helping Me Help Myself, and a founder of the Porchlight Storytelling Series. Miranda Mellis is author of The Revisionist, Materialisms, and None of This Is Real. Katie Williams’ first novel, The Space Between Trees, was released by Chronicle Books this June. She teaches writing at Academy of Art University. Ambush Review Launch Party hosted by Co-Editors Bob Booker & Patrick Cahill. Ambush Review: Poems for the 21st Century 18 Reasons, 593 Guerrero St. Ana Elsner: International poet with work published in seven countries. Her most recent work: Ciphers of Uncommon Origin, InstaPLANET Press.

Grace Marie Grafton’s new book of prose poems, Other Clues, came out in May 2010, Latitude Press. She has published widely in literary magazines and reviews. Jonathan Hayes is editor and publisher of the San Francisco underground magazine, Over the Transom. His new book, T(HERE), is available from Silenced Press. Kit Kennedy publishes in Bombay Gin, Van Gogh’s Ear, RUNES, and CLWN WR; two books forthcoming fall 2010; host of the Gallery Cafe Reading Series. erica lewis has work appearing in P-QUEUE, New American Writing, and Parthenon West Review. Her books include camera obscura and the precipice of jupiter. Colleen Lookingbill co-edits Etherdome Press’s chapbooks. Recent work has appeared in Ploughshares and New American Writing. Her new book, A Forgetting Of, will be published in 2010. Trena Machado’s main interest is the art of the written word and writing about the written word. Visit her press @ Ken Saffran wrote Strange Animal and has poems in Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and online at Mystic Babylon podcast. Live Performance/Reading of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales Paxton Gate’s Curiosities For Kids Conference Room, 766 Valencia St. Evan Johnson is an actor/creator who recently presented a full-length solo performance DON’T FEEL: The Death of Dahmer, based on the afterlife of Jeffrey Dahmer. Michele Menard is an interdisciplinary artist with over 25 years of experience and education in theater, puppetry, maskmaking, visual art, music, and directing.

Crawl, Phase 2: 7:15-8:15 pm
Start: October 9, 2010 7:15 pm End: October 9, 2010 8:15 pm Cost: Free Address: Own Your Story: Building a Community of Writers and Artists Engaged in Personal Storytelling Clarion Alley, between 17th & 18th Sts. Find Cassandra Dallett in various publications such as Cherry Bleeds, The Chiron Review, Yellow Mama, and Gutter Eloquence, as well as The Beat Museum of San Francisco. Anne Heffron teaches writing at San Jose State University and is working on her third screenplay. Joe Loya is an essayist, playwright, and the author of The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell: Confessions of a Bank Robber. He is the founder of OYS.

Agustin Maes holds an MFA from The New School writing program and an MA in theology from USF. His stories appear in countless reviews. Wendy Merrill is author of the witty memoir, Falling into Manholes. As a recovering perfectionist, Wendy explores the contradictions of being a woman. Rachel Resnick is the author of Love Junkie. A Tin House contributing editor, founder, and CEO of Writers on Fire, she is working on a memoir. Mystery & Mayhem Mission Police Station, 630 Valencia St. Brenda Walker (Emcee) is a retired SFPD patrol officer, worked in the crime lab, and was on the faculty of the police academy. Julianne Balmain uses the pseudonym Nadia Gordon for her mysteries about a Napa Valley chef and her friends. The most recent is Lethal Vintage. Michelle Gagnon’s bestselling thrillers The Tunnels, Boneyard, The Gatekeeper, and Kidnap & Ransom have been published in eight countries. Seth Harwood is author of Young Junius and Jack Wakes Up. Visit to hear him read his books for free. Kelli Stanley: critically-acclaimed noir author who loves bourbon, film noir, and San Francisco. Works: City of Dragons, Nox Dormienda, The Curse-Maker. Simon Wood is an ex-race car driver, a licensed pilot, and an occasional PI. Terminated is his latest book. San Francisco Writers’ Grotto: Disobedience. Rebellious temp workers… mutinous airline passengers… passive aggressive lovers…reluctant prison guards. Tales of those who refuse to play nice Elbo Room Upstairs, 647 Valencia St. Emceed by Gerard Jones and Elizabeth Bernstein. Marianna Cherry, Balinese gamelan musician, has been published in Pushcart Prize XXV, Best Women’s Erotica, and elsewhere. Her novel-in-progress is about counterfeiters. Rachel Howard is author of The Lost Night, a memoir about her father’s unsolved murder. She has just finished a novel. Kathryn Ma is the winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award for her short story collection, All That Work and Still No Boys. James Nestor has written for Outside, NPR, and The New York Times. His book, Out There: A Year in the Weird Science of Enlightenment, comes out in 2011. Justine Sharrock’s new book, Tortured, depicts soldiers who worked at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. She writes for Mother Jones, Alternet, and San Francisco magazine.

Meghan Ward is writing a memoir, Paris on Less Than $10,000 a Day. She reviews books for the San Francisco Chronicle and blogs at Anger Management & Revenge Reading Series Elbo Room Downstairs, 647 Valencia St. Nic Alea is a poet/queer person/seeker of magic/but mostly, boring as the day is long (not really…wait till you see her in a bow tie.) Paul Corman-Roberts is the fiction editor at Full of Crow ( and is the author of Coming WorldGone World, Neocom(muter), and 19th Street Station (). Charlie Getter is the “glue” of the Collaborative Arts Insurgency which holds the weekly Thursday night reading at 16th and Mission BART. Amy Glasenapp is an MFA student at SFSU, finished a book of short stories, is working on a novel, and served as editor for an edition of Fourteen Hills. H.K. Rainey is author of Sotto Voce and has an MFA from Mills where she was poetry editor of 580 Split. Jezebel Delilah X is a fierce fat femme faerie princess and hot English instructor who uses literature, performance, storytelling, and flirting to advance her politics. Corium Magazine: Five Remarkable Writers Whose Fiction and Poetry Will Slip Beneath Your Skin and Linger Sub/Mission Art Space, 2183 Mission St. Jenny Bitner’s short stories have appeared in The Sun and Best American Nonrequired Reading. She’s finished a novel, Here Is a Game We Could Play. John W. Evan’s poems appear in The Missouri Review, The Southern Review, and Boston Review. He is a Jones Lecturer in poetry at Stanford. Stefanie Freele is author of the short story collection Feeding Strays, the fiction editor of The Los Angeles Review, and is the Healdsburg Literary Laureate. Andrea Kneeland is author of The Birds & The Beasts (Willows Wept, Press 2011) and Damage Control (Paper Hero Press, 2010). She edits for Hobart. Ben Loory’s fiction has appeared in The New Yorker. His book Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day is coming in 2011. Risqué Fantasies and True Confessions: Erotic Truth The Women’s Building, 3543 18th St., Audre Lorde Room Blake C. Aarens is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who writes award-winning erotic fiction. Her work has appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica and elsewhere. m. i. blue, last seen participating in his own postmodern production of a twisted Twilight Zone episode, can also make monkey and elephant noises.

Jen Cross is a femme dyke, incest survivor, writer, workshop facilitator, and performer. Her work appears in many anthologies and publications. Read more at Thea Hillman is author of Depending on the Light and the Lambda Literary Awardwinning Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word). Carol Queen is a much-published author of erotic fiction, memoir, commentary, and sexual self-help. For more, see,, and Simon Sheppard is author of Sodomy! and Kinkorama, smf editor of the Lambda Award–winning Homosex: Sixty Years of Gay Erotica. He’s at California Institute of Integral Studies’ MFA Department Presents Danger and Beauty: Stories We Tell to Live Women’s Building, 3543 18th St., Room A Carolyn Cooke teaches in the Writing and Consciousness MFA program at CIIS. Her novel, Daughters of the Revolution, is forthcoming from Knopf in 2011. Leslie Johnston, a graduate student in CIIS’ Writing and Consciousness program, lives in Yosemite and spends her free time hiking, rafting, swimming, and drinking wine. Pauline E. Reif, MA and CIIS MFA student, writes poetry, paints, listens, loves, grows, creates life out of light and dark. Brynn Saito is a poet. Her work has appeared in anthologies by Helen Vendler and Ishmael Reed, and elsewhere. She works and teaches at CIIS. April Serr has such a passion for the creative process that she is challenged to focus on one particular craft. Her longing is to write. Sarah Stone’s writings include The True Sources of the Nile and, with Ron Nyren, Deepening Fiction: A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers. Bikram Writing: Listening Exercises, Readings Interspersed with Literary Stretches to Prepare You for Each Listening Exercise The Beauty Bar, 2299 Mission St. Sona Avakian has never walked in her sleep. That she knows of. Colleen Hubbard checked the box for “business man” under the employment section of a Chinese visa application. It was neither true nor untrue. Evan Karp writes sandcastle bios. He is looking for a biographer. Meanwhile, he hosts Quiet Lightning and publishes sPARKLE & bLINK. Submit @ Christin Rice lives, loves, and writes in San Francisco. Sonya Worthy is in love with readers reading what writers write. She documents this everywhere. Visit lovely them and lovely her at

Indivisible: An Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry Featuring Rich Poetic Diversity from Ghazals to Bollywood Stylings Bollyhood Café, 3372 19th St. Neela Banerjee, a 2008 Hedgebrook fellow, has been published in The Literary Review, Asian Pacific American Journal, Nimrod, and A Room of One’s Own. Ravi Chandra is a psychiatrist working in private practice and public mental health. He is currently working on a memoir about war, peace, and Buddhism. Minal Hajratwala is author of Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents, which won a California Book Award. Summi Kaipa is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and co-editor of Indivisible (2010). Tanuja Mehrotra’s poems have been published in Indivisible and in other literary journals. Pireeni Sundaralingam is a poet, playwright, and cognitive scientist. Her poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, The Progressive, and W. W. Norton’s Language for a New Century. The Threepenny Review Presents: Six Stellar Writers Reading an Entertaining Mix of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Bruno’s, 2389 Mission St. Kathryn Crim is deputy editor of The Threepenny Review and a graduate student in comparative literature at UC Berkeley. She has written for several publications. W. S. Di Piero’s latest book of poems is Chinese Apples: New and Selected Poems. His new essay collection is When Can I See You Again? Charlie Haas’ writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Threepenny Review, Esquire, Narrative, and other magazines. His novel The Enthusiast is published by HarperPerennial. Yiyun Li’s latest book is Gold Boy, Emerald Girl. Toni Martin is a Berkeley physician and writer, and author of When the Personal Was Political: Five Women Doctors Look Back. Tobias Wolff is author of several books, including memoirs, collections of short stories, and novels. He teaches at Stanford University. Queer-Centric RADAR Productions Presents: A Performative Literary Event atop a Pool Table in San Francisco’s Most Beloved Queer Bar Lexington Club, 3464 19th St. Jewelle Gomez is author of seven books including the cult-classic Black vampire novel, The Gilda Stories. Her forthcoming work is a novel, Televised.

Ali Liebegott is the award-winning author of The Beautifully Worthless and The IHOP Papers. Kirya Traber is a nationally awarded spoken word artist. Her work has appeared before US presidents, convicts, and most recently in her chapbook, black chick. Kat Marie Yoas is a writer and performer. She has performed her stories throughout the US, UK, and Europe. WritersCorps: City of Stairways: Exploring Place in San Francisco Serendipity, 803 Valencia St. Emceed by Melissa Hung Robin Black is a writer, performer, and college student who has been involved with WritersCorps and Youth Speaks. His latest book is Ill I Rise. Rick D’Elia, a Massachusetts native, has been published in Switchback and The Chiron Review. He teaches for WritersCorps at Aptos Middle School. Aracely Gonzalez is a writer from Salinas. She co-founded Fish Soup, an all-women cross-genre writing workshop, and teaches for WritersCorps at International Studies Academy. Carrie Leilam Love is an Oakland-based writer and educator who rides a magenta bike most places she goes. She teaches for WritersCorps at Downtown High School. Indiana Pehlivanova is a modern-day Scheherazade trying to stay alive in a world where no one cares about fairy tales. Annie Yu is a college student by day, and a writer and mixed-media collage artist by light. She likes to eavesdrop while riding Muni. 826 Valencia Student Reading Serendipity, 803 Valencia St., 826 Valencia, 826 Valencia St. Join us as 826 Valencia student authors (ages 6 to 18) read from our latest publications. Cookies and milk to follow. PoliPointPress: Politics Done Left City Art Gallery, 828 Valencia St. Sasha Abramsky is author of Inside Obama’s Brain, Hard Time Blues, Conned, and American Furies. He is currently a senior fellow at Demos. Rose Aguilar is a radio host, producer, journalist, and political blogger from San Francisco. She is a contributor to the book, Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland. Reese Erlich’s publications include Dateline Havana, The Iran Agenda, and Target Iraq, which he co-authored with Norman Solomon.

John Geluardi is a veteran Bay Area reporter. As a staff writer for SF Weekly, he wrote features on crime, local and national politics, and culture. Markos Moulitsas is founder and publisher of Daily Kos, America’s largest online political community. His publications include the critically acclaimed Crashing the Gate. Read on the Brat: Punk Writers Take the Stage. Plus musical performances by Hard Girls and Ivy & Erick! Amnesia, 853 Valencia St. Blag Dahlia is a Visiting Distinguished Professor of Modern Literature at Oxford and the 2007 winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. Eat a dick! Mike Huguenor plays in Shinobu, Hard Girls, and Classics of Love. He wrote the novel One Day in the Life of Dennis Eaves. Erick Lyle is a journalist, punk rock musician, and activist, and the author of On The Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of The City. Todd Taylor is co-founder and co-publisher of Razorcake fanzine. Since 1996 he has been continuously self-publishing, resulting in over 100 zines. Sy and Orson Wagon are the collaborators behind the zine Baitline and the band Alabaster Choad, a five-piece car accident cacophony of America’s lost synaptic misfiring. Borderlands Books Presents Zombies and Zeppelins Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia St. S.G. Browne has zombies, Gail Carriger has zeppelins, and Amelia Beamer’s first novel has both. Join us! Amelia Beamer’s first novel, The Loving Dead, with zombies and a zeppelin, has been praised by the likes of Christopher Moore and Peter Straub. S.G. Browne is author of the dark zombie comedy Breathers and the upcoming supernatural dark comedy Fated. He lives in San Francisco. Gail Carriger, New York Times bestselling author, writes steampunk paranormal comedies of manners. She traversed European cities subsisting entirely on biscuits secreted in her handbag. Granta 112: The Pakistan Issue Modern Times Bookstore, 888 Valencia St. Join Uzma Aslam Khan and surprise guests to launch Granta 112: Pakistan. Wracked with separatist fissures, Pakistan is one of the world’s most dynamic places. Babble-On Presents: Salute to Schlock! Four Terrifically Talented Authors Tackle the Tackiest of Genre Writing Dog Eared Books, 900 Valencia St.

Chaim Bertman is author of the novel Stand-Up Tragedian. His short stories and essays have appeared in many publications. Marcus Ewert wrote the groundbreaking children’s book, 10,000 Dresses. He also writes fantasy and science fiction, and tell-all memoir stuff about sleeping with old Beat writers. Chelsea Martin is author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever (2009) and The Really Funny Thing About Apathy (2010). Her website is Deez Nutzian is working on her first novel. She’s read at RADAR, Homo a Go Go, and The National Queer Arts Festival. Cipactli: Raza Studies Journal of Art and Literature Presents Encantada Gallery, 908 Valencia St. Emerging Writers from the Finest Journal of Latino/Latina Creative Writing in the Country. With emcee Alejandro Murguia. Mission: Comics – Writing with Pictures Mission Comics & Art, 3520 20th St. Jamaica Dyer writes, draws, and paints comics. Her graphic novel Weird Fishes was released by SLG in 2009. She lives and animates in San Francisco. David Kordosh and John A. Kordosh are comic book creators living in San Francisco. The Liberation Sea and PROGRAM series are their first self-published works. Geoff Vasile is the creator of the two-time award-losing comic book series Trackrabbit. He lives in San Francisco’s fashionable Mission district. Warren Wilson MFA Presents Bianca Starr, 3552 20th St. Aneesha Capur’s novel, Stealing Karma, will be published by HarperCollins later this year. She received her MFA from Warren Wilson College in January. Keith Ekiss is author of Pima Road Notebook (New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2010). Rebecca Foust’s books include All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song, God, Seed (environmental poetry with art, Sept. 2010), and the chapbooks Mom’s Canoe and Dark Card. Christian Gullette’s poems have appeared in Ganymede and OCHO. He’s a Knockout Reginald Shepherd Prize winner and an assistant poetry editor for The Cortland Review. Elaine McCreight completed her MFA in poetry this summer. Now she divides much of her time between writing and abstract figurative painting. Peg Alford Pursell is a short-list finalist for the Flannery O’Connor Award and curates the WTAW Reading Series. Kimberly Jean Smith teaches English and coordinates the Writing Center at Gavilan College. She is an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College.

Cathleen Williams is part of the San Francisco Revolutionary Poets Brigade, dedicated to poetry that awakens and ignites political consciousness for civil rights and justice. Airing Our Dirty Laundry: Ladies Night at the Laundromat Wash Quarters, 985 Valencia St. Come hear five fantastic poets put the starch in your delicates when they hang their latest verse out to dry. Gabrielle Calvocoressi is the author of The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart and Apocalyptic Swing. She tweets @gabbat. She fluffs and folds in Los Angeles. Maria Hummel’s poems and prose appear in Poetry, New England Review, The Sun, and The Iowa Review. She is a Jones Lecturer at Stanford. Glori Simmons is a writer and gallery manager living in Oakland. Her book of poems, Graft, was published in 2001. Berkeley High School grad Tess Taylor is currently the 2010-2011 Amy Clampitt Resident. Her chapbook, The Misremembered World, was published by the Poetry Society of America. Allison Benis White wrote Self-Portrait with Crayon. Her second manuscript, Small Porcelain Head, received James D. Phelan Award for a work-in-progress. Indie Press Revue: Poetry, Fiction, Free Books. Featuring the SPD Poetry Trading Post: Trade poems for a free book! The Marsh Café, 1062 Valencia St. Kevin Killian’s books include Shy, Little Men, Bedrooms Have Windows, Arctic Summer, Argento Series, I Cry Like a Baby, Action Kylie, Spreadeagle, and Impossible Princess. D.W. Lichtenberg wrote The Ancient Book of Hip. He is a filmmaker by day and managing editor of La Petite Zine by night. Beatrice Pita is author, with Rosaura Sanchez, of Lunar Braceros 2125-2148. She teaches in the Literature Department at U.C. San Diego. Rosaura Sanchez is author, with Beatrice Pita, of Lunar Braceros 2125-2148. She teaches in the Literature Department at U.C. San Diego. Kate Schatz lives loves writes teaches edits mothers boxes publishes eats plays thinks and breathes in Oakland. Afar Magazine: Where Travel Can Take You The Marsh Upstairs, 1062 Valencia St. Tamim Ansary’s books include West of Kabul, East of New York and Destiny Disrupted. Currently, he’s working on a travel memoir titled Road Trips. Gregory Dicum writes for The New York Times, the Economist, Afar and others. He is at work on a book about pisco, the Peruvian grape spirit.

In 15 years of reporting, Christopher Hall has carved stones for a French castle, interviewed San Quentin inmate-artists, and shared a rowboat with a Norwegian goat. Andy Isaacson is a writer and photographer. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic Traveler and Adventure, and Mother Jones. Chris Smith is a writer, photographer, and teacher. His story “The New Face of South Africa” appeared in the May/June 2010 issue of Afar. Emperor Norton Lives: Bay Area Iconoclasts Blue Macaw, 2565 Mission St. Emceed by Litquake co-founder Jack Boulware Lynn Breedlove writes for queer performance: Godspeed (speed-freak-bike-messengerin-love-with-a-stripper novel); Tribe 8 (all-dyke punk band); One Freak Show (gender comedy for stage and page). Chicken John Rinaldi Insultant. Confusionist. Mechanic. Writer. Activist. Lover. Hater. Showman. Author of Fail…to Win! Engineered Disperfection Explained. Eugene S. Robinson is vocalist/front man for the Art Brut quartet Oxbow, and has published two books, Fight and A Long Slow Screw. John Law was raised in the Midwest and dreamed about bridges from a very young age. Arriving in San Francisco in 1976, he can’t seem to leave. Please buy his book. Susie Bright is an author, editor, host of’s In Bed with Susie Bright, and love child of Lillian Hellman and Coco Chanel.

Lit Crawl, Phase 3: 8:30-9:30 pm
Start: October 9, 2010 8:30 pm End: October 9, 2010 9:30 pm Cost: Free Bawdy in the Alley: Real People Share Their Bona Fide Sexual Exploits in Ten Minutes or less. Clarion Alley, Between 17th & 18th Dixie De La Tour (curator & hostess): Sporting both Southern charm and a sailor’s mouth, Dixie founded San Francisco’s “blue personal narrative” movement. A former sex party promoter/hostess, she writes for Imagine duck liver pâté in rainbow Jell-O, under glass. It looks funny, but you can’t exactly put your finger on what’s wrong: that’s Froghole the Clown. JDelicious: This lifelong pleasure activist and sex-educator extraordinaire is a warehouse of convivial facts. Her extensive “field research” ensures a butt-ton of unusual escapades. Leo Petropoulos: Part reformed stand-up comedian, part Greek tragedy, part horny straight guy with gay monster truck. And he doesn’t make any of it up.

Cherry Zonkowski, self-identified attention whore, recently performed her first solo show, Reading My Dad’s Porn and French Kissing the Dog, to sold-out houses at The Marsh. Debut Lit presents Backstage Pass: A Reading of Original Flash Fiction by New Authors Viracocha, 998 Valencia St. Rebekah Anderson (host) is the co-founder of literary event series Debut Lit. She has an MFA from NYU and is working on her first novel. Audra Marie Dewitt is a photographer whose book We Are All Together: Portraits & Interviews with Women in Music will be available next summer. Tony DuShane is author of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, a dark comedy loosely based on his experience growing up a Jehovah’s Witness. Laurie Frankel lives in Seattle with her husband and two-year-old, who believes only the weak sleep. She teaches college and is writing her second novel. Peg Kingman’s new novel Original Sins is about a young woman’s journey into the slave-holding South to discover the fate of a lost child. With two acclaimed albums, Rykarda Parasol is noted for her dark, cinematic, and poetic songwriting. Her portrait/interview will appear in We Are All Together. Shannan Rouss is a third-generation Angeleño and magazine writer whose debut story collection, Easy for You, was published in April by Simon & Schuster. San Quentin, You’ve Been Living Hell to Me Ritual Coffee Roasters, 1026 Valencia St. Many know San Quentin State Prison as a worldwide icon of crime and punishment. However, how many view it as a beacon of literary inspiration? Authors Keith and Kent Zimmerman take you on a “literary tour” of San Quentin State Prison through the writings done for their class, “Finding Your Voice on the Page,” one of the prison’s most popular weekly education classes. Inmate alumni will appear to discuss their writings and feelings regarding this Bay Area icon. San Quentin representatives will also be on hand to discuss not only the prison’s standing in the community, but the effect education and writing is having on the inmate population. Keith and Kent Zimmerman write on a variety of subjects from music to crime to popular culture, and have taught writing at San Quentin State Prison for seven years. Indie Fiction Extravaganza: Two Dollar Radio, Other Voices Books, and Emergency Press Casa Bonampak, 1051 Valencia St. Gina Frangello is author of Slut Lullabies and My Sister’s Continent, as well as executive editor of Other Voices Books and fiction editor of The Nervous Breakdown.

Tom Hansen is author of the memoir American Junkie, published by Emergency Press. He lives in Seattle and is working on a novel. Grace Krilanovich’s first novel, The Orange Eats Creeps, was a finalist for the Starcherone Prize and has been excerpted twice in Black Clock. Joshua Mohr is author of the novels Some Things that Meant the World to Me and Termite Parade. He lives in San Francisco. A Genre Goodie Bag: Readings from a Novelist, a Poet, a Memoirist, and a Short Story Writer Gravel & Gold, 3266 21st St. Erica Ehrenberg’s poems have appeared in Slate and The New Republic. She was a poetry fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and is a Stegner fellow at Stanford. Justin St. Germain grew up in Tombstone, Arizona, and was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford. His memoir is forthcoming from Random House. Stephanie Soileau is from Louisiana and was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford. Her stories have appeared in Tin House, New Stories from the South, and other places. Abigail Ulman is from Melbourne, Australia. She is a former Stegner Fellow at Stanford. Her debut story collection is forthcoming from Penguin Australia. Portuguese Artists’ Colony Presents: Fake ID Laszlo Bar, 2526 Mission St. Daniel Heath is a San Francisco playwright. His new rock musical, The Man of Rock, premieres in San Francisco in December. When Leslie Ingham was eight, she discovered a short story manuscript hidden in her dad’s Playboy. This led directly to the literary life. Caitlin Myer (Emcee) writes novels and short stories, and is currently shopping her first novel, HOODOO. She is the founder of Portuguese Artists Colony. Cary Tennis writes the “Since You Asked” advice column for His writing career includes publications such as Spin, Details, and Creem. Benjamin Wachs is a journalist who covers Truth and Beauty. His work has appeared in, NPR, the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Seeing Ear Theatre,” etc. Litquake Goes International: Writers from Ireland The Liberties Bar And Restaurant, 998 Guerrero St. Patrick Cotter’s poems and short fiction can be found in numerous journals and anthologies, and his collection of poems, Perplexed Skin, was published in 2008.

Gerry Murphy is a champion swimmer, lifeguard, and swimming pool manager who began publishing in the mid-‘80s. Leanne O’Sullivan is completing her Bachelor’s degree, and her first collection of poetry, Waiting for my Clothes, was published when she was 21. Billy Ramsell’s collection Complicated Pleasures was nominated for an Eithne Strong Award and he has also been shortlisted for the Hennessy Award. Beyond the Stacks: The International Poetry Library of San Francisco hosts Five Local Poets Café Que Tal, 1005 Guerrero St. Mahnaz Badihian is a poet and translator with five publications. She is editor-in-chief of and currently working on translations of protest poems from Iran. Tianna Cohen-Paul is a Jamaican spoken-word poet who has performed on numerous stages including the Apollo, the Blue Note, the Green Mill, and Yoshi’s. Keetje Kuipers is a Stegner Fellow at Stanford. Her book, Beautiful in the Mouth, won the A. Poulin, Jr. Prize and was published by BOA. Kenji C. Liu is a 1.5-generation immigrant from New Jersey. His writing arises from his work as an activist, educator, and cultural worker. Truong Tran is a poet, teacher, and visual artist. His most recent book, Four Letter Words (2008) was published by Apogee Press. InsideStorytime Show and Tell: An Elementary School Ritual Reinvented by Cutting-Edge Local Literati Lone Palm Bar, 3394 22nd St. Emceed by James Warner Judy Budnitz is author of the story collections Flying Leap and Nice Big American Baby, and a novel, If I Told You Once. Colby Buzzell is author of My War: Killing Time In Iraq. His next book, Off the Road, will be published by HarperCollins. Jonathon Keats is an experimental philosopher, artist, fabulist, and critic. His next exhibition will be at Modernism Gallery and his newest book is Virtual Words. Regina Louise is author of Somebody’s Someone, a memoir of a girl growing up in the foster care system. Linda Robertson writes silly songs, some of which appear in her book What Rhymes with Bastard? She has a cross-eyed cat and super-bendable thumbs. Sidebrow Fabric8, 3318 22nd St. John Cleary lives and writes in San Francisco.

Matt Hart is author of Who’s Who Vivid and is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety. Heather Hazuka’s work can be found in Transfer, Cipactli, and Fourteen Hills. She is an editor of Multicultural Education magazine and associate publisher of Caddo Gap Press. Jason Morris’ work has appeared in The Tsatsawassans, Eleven Eleven, Forklift Ohio, Ping Pong, and other journals. His chapbook Spirits & Anchors was published in 2010. Eireene Nealand’s short stories have been published in Sidebrow, Fourteen Hills, Vagabond, Transfer, and ZYZZYVA. The Rumpus: Readings and Music by Michael Mullen of The Size Queens Latin American Club, 3286 22nd St. Stephen Elliott is author of seven books, including The Adderall Diaries, Happy Baby, and My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up. He is the editor of The Rumpus. Isaac Fitzgerald (Emcee) has been a firefighter, worked on a boat, been given a sword by a king, and is managing editor of The Rumpus. Lorelei Lee is a student, writer, and porn performer. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and journals. She writes for Rob Roberge is author of Working Backwards from the Worst Moment of My Life, More Than They Could Chew, and Drive. Bucky Sinister is a poet, comedian, and author of Get Up: 12 Step Recovery for Misfits, Freaks, and Weirdos. He appears at the Dark Room as part of the comedy troupe The Business. Canteen Magazine presents: Narrative on the Edge—Three Novelists Who Take Storytelling to New Places The Revolution Café, 3248 22nd St. Sean Finney (emcee) is editor-in-chief of Canteen magazine, author of The Obedient Door, and the rebel angel of the Mission. Mia Lipman (emcee) is executive editor of Canteen and the reviews editor at San Francisco magazine. She contributes writing and photographs to savory and unsavory publications. Ghita Schwarz’ novel, Displaced Persons, was published in 2010. Her essays and fiction have appeared in The Believer, Ploughshares, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Susan Steinberg is author of Hydroplane and The End of Free Love. Her stories have appeared in McSweeney’s, Conjunctions, Boulevard, and elsewhere. She teaches at USF. Malena Watrous is author of If You Follow Me. Her work has appeared in Glimmer Train, TriQuarterly, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Emptiness in Bloom: Buddhist writers on sex, death, one-night stands, and life, on and off the cushion

San Francisco Buddhist Center, 37 Bartlett St. Compiling a book about celibacy and Buddhism is the hottest thing that’s happened to Suvanna Cullen in ages. More excitement at A San Francisco–based writer, Ethan Davidson published work in Daughters of Nyx, Widdershins, Green Egg, and the Living in the Land of the Dead anthologies. Lisa Kee-Hamasaki has read her work in the finest libraries, courthouse restrooms, auto dealerships, cheese shops, bingo games, and zendos of North America. Patrick Letellier has won three national writing awards for essays on gay politics, poverty, and prisons. He’s now writing My Obituaries, a memoir about AIDS. Fiction by Tony Press (aka Acarasiddhi) appears in Rio Grande Review, Foundling Review, Menda City Review, Shine Journal, Temenos, MacGuffin, and Lichen; poetry elsewhere. Mary Salome is an Arab- and Irish-American media activist and writer who lives in San Francisco with her little dog Frito. A (Harper)One Night Stand The Make-Out Room, 3225 22nd St. HarperOne and the authors of The MultiOrgasmic Couple in a Q & A moderated by Good Vibrations staff sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen. Drink tickets will be given away. Enter to win a goodie bag! Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D., co-author of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple and The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, lives in Santa Cruz with her husband and three children. Douglas Abrams, co-author of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple and The Multi-Orgasmic Man, lives in Santa Cruz with his wife and three children. Tenderloin Reading Series Doc’s Clock, 2575 Mission St. Jonathan Hirsch is host of the Tenderloin Reading Series, the weekly soul party Black Gold, and singer in the band Passenger & Pilot. He lives in the Tenderloin. Joel Landfield is a DJ and poet. He is a regular contributor to the Tenderloin Reading Series and has recently been featured at The Portuguese Artist Colony. Joanna Lioce is an author, bartender, and one-half of the band David & Joanna. She lives in San Francisco. Chris Moore is an author whose work is largely informed by his experiences working in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Anna Seregina is a performer, DJ, and professional heckler. She lives in San Francisco. Carl Brandon Society: “Color Your Worlds! Speculative Fiction and Neo-Benshi from Writers of Color

Artillery Apparel Gallery, 2751 Mission St. Jaime Cortez is a writer and visual artist. His fiction has appeared in over a dozen anthologies, and his visual art has been exhibited in venues across the Bay Area. Rona Fernandez is a writer, fundraiser, and activist. Her writing has appeared in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Philippine News, Instant City, and Are We Born Racist? Claire Light is a freelance writer and nonprofit hack. She co-founded Hyphen magazine, and has a story collection, Slightly Behind and to the Left, with Aqueduct Press. Shweta Narayan lived in India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and Scotland before moving to California. She writes speculative fiction from and about liminal spaces. Na’amen Tilahun is a writer based in Oakland who is currently working on a Dashiell Hammett-inspired collection of paranormal detective stories. Anuj Vaidya works in the cusp between film and performance. His video works include Chingari Chumma (2000) and Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold (2005). Richard Wright is a Jamaican New Yorker who loves living in Oakland. He is also a DJ, community organizer, blogger, and writer of speculative fiction. Anthemion: Writers Respond to the Antique Object Gypsy Honeymoon, 1266 Valencia St. Gabrielle Ekedal is the owner of Gypsy Honeymoon and writes poems by candlelight while the sun is out. Gravity Goldberg is co-founder and editor of Instant City: A Literary Exploration of San Francisco. She has attended a Black Mass but not the Junior League. Dominic Martinelli’s passion is storytelling. He is an actor, model, artist, designer, stylist, and writer. He dreams of sharing his art and novels with the world. Christian Nagler is a writer, translator, and performer. His writing has appeared in Encyclopedia and Digital Artifact, and he is a lecturer in art and social practice at SFSU. Matt Sussman’s writing about film and visual art has appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Art in America, and sf360. He occasionally performs drag as Dirty Hairy. Hiya Swanhuyser is a writer by trade or inclination. The difference is made by either having permission or not having it. The Believer magazine and McSweeney’s present poets Troy Jollimore, Sandra Simonds, and Matthew Zapruder Heart, 1270 Valencia St. Troy Jollimore wrote Tom Thomson in Purgatory. His new collection, At Lake Scugog, is forthcoming from the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets in 2011.

Sandra Simonds has a Ph.D. in Literature from Florida State University, where she teaches creative writing. Her book, Warsaw Bikini, was published by Bloof Books. Matthew Zapruder’s third book of poems is Come On All You Ghosts (Copper Canyon 2010). An editor for Wave Books, he lives in San Francisco. Fourteen Hills Press and Eleven Eleven Present: Voices That Carry Muddy’s Coffee House, 1304 Valencia St. **Readers for Fourteen Hills: The San Francisco State University Review** Jeannine Hall Gailey is the author of Becoming the Villainess (Steel Toe Books) and the upcoming She Returns to the Floating World (Kitsune Books). Lauren Hamlin’s work has appeared in Zero Ducats, Fourteen Hills, and Poets & Writers. She recently completed a residency in Spain and is at work on her first novel. San Francisco poet Zara Raab recently published The Book of Gretel. Swimming the Eel is due out next year. Her poems appear in West Branch, Nimrod, Spoon River, and Fourteen Hills. **Readers for Eleven Eleven** Aurora Brackett graduated with an MFA in fiction from San Francisco State University. She lives and teaches in Oakland. Catherine Meng is the author of Tonight’s the Night and three chapbooks, 15 Poems in Sets of 5, Dokument, and Lost Notebook w/ Letters to Deer. For ten years, Loren Rhoads edited the cult nonfiction magazine Morbid Curiosity. She’s collected her cemetery travel essays in the book Wish You Were Here. Kearny Street Workshop: Younger Than the Buddha Cafe La Boheme, 3318 24th St. Hear from writers younger than Gautama Siddhartha Gautama was when he achieved enlightenment. Noelle de la Paz sneezes loudly, laughs daily, plays with her DSLR, and spends much of her time thinking about things to write. mai doan uses poetry to disrupt and expand understandings of what it means to be queer, mixed, woman. Cathlin Goulding has been involved with Kearny Street Workshop since 2003. She lives in New York City, where she studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Vanessa Huang practices poetry to feed resilience and movement building from the margins. Her manuscript was a finalist for Poets & Writers’ 2010 California Writers Exchange. Adrien Salazar is an artist, warrior of light, and lover. Do not be fooled by his appearance. He is actually a lion.

Jonathan Yang writes novels for young adults, mainly about celebrities and shopping. And um, hopefully deeper stuff too. He lives online here: Sausages and Similes Rosamunde Sausage, 2832 Mission St. Susan Browne is the author of Buddha’s Dogs, winner of the Four Way Books Prize, and Zephyr, winner of Steel Toe Books Editor’s Prize 2010. She teaches at Diablo Valley College. Twilight Greenaway is a journalist and poet with an MFA from Warren Wilson. Her poems have appeared in Blackbird, Caketrain, Ninth Letter, and Terrain. L.J. Moore’s 2008 book, F-Stein, tangles science, family, pop culture, and the paranormal into the structure of a replicating strand of DNA. SFMOMA presents: Lost Tribes of San Francisco, a Rebecca Solnit Infinite Cities Event Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts, 2868 Mission St. Adriana Camarena: Born in Mexico City, raised in the Americas, Mission resident. Doctor of the science of law, Stanford. International legal consultant; law and society researcher. Jaime Cortez’s short stories and essays have appeared in more than a dozen anthologies. His visual art has been exhibited throughout the Bay Area. Joshua Jelly-Schapiro is a doctoral student in geography at U.C. Berkeley. He writes for The Believer, The Nation, and The New York Review of Books. Aaron Shurin is the author of a dozen books, including poetry and essay collections. He is a professor in the MFA in Writing Program at the University of San Francisco. Rebecca Solnit, author of Infinite City, has written 12 books, many of which deal with San Francisco, California, landscape, and/or geography, but much terra incognita remains. Lights! Poetry! Action! A Caveat Lector Mashup Mission Pie, 2901 Mission St. Christopher Bernard, co-founder of Caveat Lector, has published widely in the U.S. and U.K. His novel A Spy in the Ruins was featured in Litquake 2005. Melissa Culross is the lead singer for the San Francisco pop cover band Sober Nixon and works as a broadcast journalist. Nara Denning, named SF Weekly’s “Best New Silent Filmmaker 2009,” creates neosilent shorts, using surreal imagery and verse. Singer/songwriter Jeff Desira has performed in San Francisco and New York, and has been a founding member, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist for numerous bands. Adelle Foley is a financial analyst, arts activist, and writer of haiku. Along the Bloodline is her first book-length collection.

Jack Foley has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Berkeley Poetry Festival. His radio show, Cover to Cover, is heard every Wednesday on KPFA. Joan Gelfand has published several poetry collections, including A Dreamer’s Guide to Cities and Streams, and, with Marty Castleberg, a CD of poetry and music, Transported.

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