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The guidelines of the British Board of Film Classification state that a film rated 12A
and 12 can include moderate language or strong language depending on these
● The manner in which it is used
● Who is using the language
● The frequence in the work
● Any special contextual justification

Taking this into account, while there is use of bad language, it is used in the correct
context of the scene and the situation of the characters. It is minimal bad language
therefore could be put under the 12A and 12 rating rather than 15.

In the original script I had included the theme of self harm and attempted suicide into
the storyline. However as I came to the editing process, the editing difficulties meant
that the part in which this theme was included, wasn’t able to be used and is not in
the final edit. Therefore this doesn’t have to be taken into account in the rating.

Other factors that are checked by the BBFC such as discrimination, drugs, nudity,
sex, violence etc. are not relevant to my work, therefore the main factor to look at is
the language that is used.