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Production Schedule

Lesson Activity Equipment needed Location

1 Creating spider diagrams and Paper Classroom

moodboards for potential ideas Pens

2 Making proposals for ideas Computer Classroom

3 “”

4 Page layout designs created Paper Classroom


5 Photography plan looked through Computer Classroom

and made

6 Researching article information Computer Classroom

7 Writing up the different articles Computer Classroom

8 Font and colour test to see what Computer Classroom

looks the best

9 Presenting pitch to the class Computer Classroom

Interactive board

10 Getting peer feedback from Paper Classroom


11 Resources and equipment & cost Computer Classroom

and budget document

12 Job roles list Computer Classroom

13 Location recce for photography Computer Classroom

Camera Studio room
SD card Kitchen

14 Risk assessment Computer Classroom

15 Contingency Plan Computer Classroom

16 Legal and ethical problems looked Computer Classroom


17 Taking photos for newspaper Camera Photography studio

SD card
18 Editing photos Camera Classroom
SD card
Adobe Photoshop

19 Making page design Adobe InDesign Classroom


20 Insert Articles into page designs Adobe InDesign Classroom


21 Edit layout and design Adobe InDesign Classroom


22 Peer feedback on newspapers Adobe InDesign Classroom


23 Give final edits on newspaper Adobe InDesign Classroom


24 Release of newspaper Computer Classroom

25th of February is the release date of my newspaper, this is a good date to release as this is
when most people who carry on with ‘new year resolutions’ are serious about health and fitness
improvements and want to read more into it.