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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region X
Division of Misamis Oriental
District of Initao

Lesson Plan
Science - Grade 3

Teacher Applicant

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to:

a. define matter
b. Identify matter around us
c. Show responsibility in caring matter around us

II. Subject Matter:

Matter Around Us
RBEC PELC in Science and Health 3 p. 17, Growing with Science and
Health 3 p. 13-45

Things inside/outside the classroom.

Science Concept:
Everything around is matter.

Science Processes:
Observing, Describing

Value: Responsibility

Background Information:

Everything around us is matter. Matter is anything that occupies space and

has weight/mass. Living things are made of matter. Non-living things such as rocks,
water and air are made of matter.
We use different forms of matter or substance in our homes. Some
substances are useful to us. Other substances can do us harm.

III. Procedures:

A. Preliminary Activity
1. Prayer and Greetings

2. Game - Text Twist

B. Teaching Strategies

Teacher Activity Pupil’s Activity

Good morning class! I’m Teacher Windler! Good morning teacher Windler!

How are you today? We’re fine. How about you?

I’m okay.

Today we will have a new lesson, but before that I’m Okay, Sir!
grouping you into four groups. Each group will be given
set of letters and will try to write all possible words that
will be formed on the board within 3 minutes. You can
form words as many as you can. Remember….this will last
for three minutes only…Understood?
Distribute a piece of chalk to every group…

(Ensure that the instructions are understood by the pupils). Yes, Sir!

The group with the most number of words listed and in Pupils are writing on the board
correct spelling will get a reward. all possible answers.
Okay! Your time starts now!

 Time is up! Okay, kindly return to your seats now.

(Checking the answers by group).

The winner is group 2.

Let’s clap our hands for them! Yehey! (Clapping their hands).
(Giving of rewards…..)

Now…what do you think is the word behind these letters? We don’t know, Sir..

Now, what do you see around us?

What do you see inside and outside the classroom? Trees, stone, bag, paper, ballpen,

Very good! So…what we are talking about is called (Pupils are laughing.)
so the word is matter… Yes, Sir!

Anyone who has an idea about the word matter?

(Call a pupil). No idea sir.
Matter is nature.
Matter is a thing like rock.

 Introduce the word matter.

(Present a Visual Aid) Matter is anything that occupies
space and has weight/mass.

 Let the pupils read in chorus/unison the meaning of

matter. ( Pupils are Reading aloud.)
 Based on the meaning of the word matter…can you Chair, pencil, book, crayons, bag,
give your own examples? (Call pupils one by one). etc.

 Encourage pupils to give their own examples….let Trees, flower, stone, leaves, grass
them stand up or find their own examples and hand it etc.
to the teacher…

 Let the pupils identify the things inside/outside the Table, chairs, blackboard, etc.
(Call a pupil).

Excellent! You already know the things around us and all

these are MATTER!
Again what is matter? (Call a pupil). Matter is anything that occupies
space and has weight/mass.

 Okay, let’s clap our hands for John Blaze. (Pupils are clapping their hands.)

 Do you like to have another activity? Yes, sir!

Do we have a reward again?
 Of course!...I have prepared lots for you…

 (Group the pupils into five) Pupils are counting 1 to 5….

 Let the pupils draw three objects found in school and

three objects at home.

Follow the format below.


AT HOME Pupils are doing their activity by

1. group forming circles.

 Instruct the pupils to choose a leader and a

reporter. ( Pupils are reporting)
 The activity must be finished within 10 minutes. (Clapping their hands every after
 Group reporting…. report).

 What do you call the objects around us?
 What is matter?
IV. Evaluation
All the things found inside the box are matter. Identify them.

V. Assignment. Notebook.

Draw five (5) objects found in your bags and write how you care for it.