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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 14 Friday, June 15, 2018 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Two Longtime Teachers Retiring From TCS
this week

An Evening of

Photos by HIllary Miller

Tanner’s Crossing School teachers Jacki Nylen (L) and Heather Emerson-Proven will both be retiring at the end of the 2017-
2018 school year. Each have put in over four decades of strengthening the minds and physical acivity of students.
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Chamber Hosts Annual Ag BBQ

T he Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce
hosted its annual Ag Appreciation BBQ
Wednesday, June 13th. This annual event
began 13 years ago during the BSE crisis as
a way for the local Chamber to raise some
money to show it’s support for the agricul-
ture industry. Since then, funds from the
event are used to support two $1,000 bursa-
ries for students graduating from Minnedo-
sa Collegiate and who plan to enter the ag-
riculture field as a career or are from a farm
Originally hosted in Heritage Co-op
Showcasing parking lot, last year due to weather con-
cerns, the BBQ was moved to the Minnedo-

Different sa Arena. This year, it was decided to host
the event at the Minnedosa Community

Conference Centre and organizers hope to

continue the event at this location in the
years ahead.
As of presstime Wednesday, prelimi-
nary numbers show that this year’s BBQ
raised $2,200.
Photos by Darryl Holyk
2 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

A Night of Cultural Delicasies and Learning
By Hillary Miller woman from New Zealand group of singers, enter-
and a Canadian man on tained the crowd with typi-

T here were about 60
people in attendance
at the South Mountain
a ship, which led to mar-
riage. They heard stories
of settling and establish-
cal Canadian camp-fire
sing-along songs.
Through the generous
Refugee Committee’s pot- ing farms as well as the donations that were re-
luck supper, which was consequences of the soviet ceived at the event, as well
held on Tuesday, May 29th annexation of Baltic coun- as other donations made
at the Minnedosa United tries such as Latvia. recently, the fundraising
Church. This number in- Ceplis hopes that from total for the group currently
cluded adults and children this event, people will have sits at $24,141. These funds
from Minnedosa, Erickson taken away the under- will go towards bringing a
and surrounding area. standing that our ances- refugee family to the area.
The potluck table saw tors were all welcomed as The goal for the group is to
culinary delights from immigrants and refugees, raise $30,000, which will
the Phillipines, Acadian and that “many people in support a family of two
Canada, Germany, Britain, Canada are the product adults and two children for
Scotland, New Zealand, of inter-marriages among 12 months upon their ar-
Ukraine, Latvia and Peru. many cultures.” rival to Canada.
The buffet table was full In addition to great The group does not
of delicious foods, which food and the educational have any events planned
were all very well received aspect of the evening, during the summer but
by guests. there was also musical en- is planning to host a refu-
The buffet table in- tertainment. Mary Dalton, gee simulation in October
cluded a wide variety of Photo by Hillary Miller on guitar, and an informal called “Forced to Flee.”
cultural dishes such as a
Quinoa salad, ‘toad in the locally grown asparagus tunity to learn about some in the 1970’s,” mentioned
hole’ (a Yorkshire pudding followed by rhubarb des- of the different cultures Dinah Ceplis, secretary for
with sausage), bratwurst, sert. There was not much showcased during the the South Mountain Refu-
Clas s
perogies, pancit noodles food left over at the end of event. “We had the oppor- gee Committee.
2 0 1 8
with chicken and fish, the night. tunity to hear from several Through this, they of
lumpia spring rolls, pick- In addition to the cu- people about their or their learned of the Acadians
led herring, scotch eggs, linary experience that was ancestor’s experiences of in New Brunswick and
pavlova dessert, Scottish enjoyed by all, the guests migration to Canada, from the impact of the separa-

Minnedosa Collegiate
shortbread, sugar pie, and were also given the oppor- the 1880’s, post WWII, and tion of East and West Ger-
many. They also learned
of the British War Bride
experiences in coming to Institute
Manitoba and heard of a
chance meeting between a
Thursday, June 21st
July 6th, 7th & 8th
Approximately 9:00 p.m. at
If your label reads
Minnedosa Community Conference Centre
18/06/30 Grad Ceremony
Minnedosa is once again hosting its annual Fun Fest Parade on It’s time to renew
Saturday, July 7th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. your subscription! Friday, June 22nd
204-867-3816 10:00 a.m. at Minnedosa Community
We would be very pleased to have you participate!
Conference Centre
Please return this form by
June 25th, 2016 by mail, fax or email to:
Heritage Co-op Administration Office
Box 1050, Minnedosa MB, R0J 1E0
Destinations Plus 2018 Bus Trips
Phone: 204-867-3440 Fax: 204-867-5017 DATE EVENT INFORMATION
Email: Bus Tours July 4th Clear Lake
Day Trip, lunch on the Martese.

2018 July 22nd
Rainbow Stage
Book and Pay before
Day Trip to Winnipeg, Supper
included “Breaking up is hard
After 10 of the June 22nd $119.00 to do”.
After $129.00
same price Skydancer Casino Two nights stay, transportation
trips excluding July 24th - 26th Old Room $145.00 & shopping, $100 free slot play
New Room $165.00 total, exch. $100 a day at par,
tickets you will be meal coupons.

Minnedosa Fun Fest Parade entitled to a FREE August 26th
Rainbow Stage
Book and Pay before
Day trip to Winnipeg, supper
Float Registration trip with us! July 26th $119.00
After $129.00
“Beauty and the Beast”

Name of Entry: Peace Gardens Day Trip, Lunch
1-800-431-4442 September 9th
Price to come
Description of Float (float, car, horse, band, etc): 204-867-5777
September 14th - Skydancer Casino Two nights stay on a weekend. Old Room $145.00 $75 free slot play total, exch. 16th New Room $165.00 $100 a day at par.
If you will be walking, let us know and we will TRY to put you ahead of the horses.
Box 1500 Regina Casino
Contact Person: Phone: _______ Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 September 25th - Book and Pay before
Two night stay, transportation
& shopping.
27th August 24th $266.00
Fax No.: Email: _______ After $299.00
Mailing Address: _______
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 3

Hundreds of Quilts
For People in Need
June 1, 2018
The Town of Minnedosa (Town) has applied to the Public Utilities Board (Board) for revised water
and wastewater rates for the Town of Minnedosa Water and Wastewater Utility (Utility) as set out in
By-law 2559, read for the first time on October 10, 2017. The Lagoon tipping fees for the Town of
Minnedosa Water and Wastewater Utility (Utility) as set out in By-law 2560, read for the first time on
March 13, 2018. Rates were last approved in 2015 in Board Order 146/15.
The current rates and proposed rates are as follows:

Current Rates Proposed Rates
By‐law 2538 By-Law 2559
Quarterly service charge $ 17.75 $ 17.00
Water $/first 500 cubic meters $ 2.06 $ 3.77
Water $/over 500 cubic meters $ 0.47 $ 0.64
Wastewater $/cubic meter $ 0.90 $ 0.61
Minimum quarterly charge* $ 59.19 $ 78.32
Non-metered waster and wastewater
customers** $ 275.27 $ 398.06
Photo submitted
Bulk water sales per cubic meter $ 2.27 $ 4.00
Gladys Murray with her collection 2018-2020
By‐law 2538 By-Law 2560
of quilting material. Lagoon tipping fees***
Hauling from Town residences $ 5.33 $ 4.02
By Hillary Miller Hauling from out of Town residences $ 10.20 $ 7.34
*Based on 14 cubic meters

A long-time Minnedosa resident has been working **Based on average of 87 cubic meters per quarter consumption
***Minimum per use fee up to 4.54 kilolitres.
hard to aid people all over the world. Gladys Mur-
ray’s quilts have been shipped overseas over the past few
Details of the Town’s application are available for review at the Town office or the Public Utilities Board’s
years to help people in relief zones. office. Any questions concerning the application for revised rates, or the operation of the Utility, should
Gladys has been working on the quilts for the last be sent directly to the Town.
three winters and has created more than 100 quilts per
year. This past winter, Murray made 125 quilts. Gladys’ If you have concerns/comments regarding the Town of Minnedosa’s application for water and wastewater
rates please go to and provide your comment. Please note all comments will be
friend, Donna Hall, has worked with her, picking up the forwarded to the Town.
completed quilts and ensuring that Murray has the sup-
plies she needs to complete her creations. Questions or comments should be sent on or before June 30, 2018.
She does not know specifically what got her started 
The Public Utilities Board is the provincial regulatory agency that reviews and approves rates for water
on the project, only that it was mentioned to her, and she and wastewater utilities in Manitoba, with the exception of the City of Winnipeg. The Board’s review
thought it would be a good hobby and pastime during the process involves:
winter months. Since Gladys likes to sew, and likes to be the Utility filing a rate application to the Board,
xRoom 400 – 330 Portage Avenue   330, avenue Portage, pièce 400 
busy, it was the perfect match for her. the public notification of proposed rate changes,
xWinnipeg, MB  R3C 0C4  Winnipeg (Manitoba) Canada R3C 0C4 
the Board’s review of the application through a public hearing or   paper review process, and 
Once completed, Donna delivers Gladys’ quilts to   
x the issuance of a Board Order which outlines the Board’s decision on the rate application and the
Erickson, where they are then shipped to Winnipeg,   rates to be charged.
and sent overseas through Lutheran World Relief. They
are sent to relief areas around the world where they are The Manitoba Ombudsman has recently issued privacy guidelines for administrative tribunals. The PUB
is mindful of its obligations under those guidelines. Its decisions in respect of the application being
needed most. considered will be sensitive to the guidelines. Personal information will not be disclosed unless it is
“It keeps me out of mischief,” jested Gladys about her appropriate and necessary to do so. However, the PUB advises participants that these proceedings are
quilting hobby. She noted that each quilt is completed public and that as a result, personal information protections are reduced.
to whatever size the material allows for, whether it be a
The Board will then decide whether any further notice is required and whether to proceed with a public
single, double or other sized blanket. hearing or paper review process. All concerns received by the Board will be considered in the Board’s
Murray’s process includes washing, ripping and sew- decision on rates to be charged.
ing different fabrics in order to create perfect quilt cre-
als work well together and will often have more than one APPLIED FOR BY THE APPLICANT.
quilt on the go at any one time, waiting for the perfect
piece to complete them. Note: All proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the Board’s Rules of Practice and Procedure
A good deal of the material that Murray uses to com- which the Board may vary in order to constrain regulatory costs. The Rules are available at
plete her quilts is found locally at Frontier, and she is
very grateful that such a resourceful shop is available in
Minnedosa. She is very resourceful with her materials, “Original Signed By”
using mattress pads, curtains and other materials in her
projects. Quliting is a great use for otherwise unwanted Rachel McMillin, B.Sc.
fabric, and it helps keep it out of the landfill. Flannelette A/Assistant Associate Secretary
blankets are a favoured material for Gladys’ quilts, since Manitoba Public Utilities Board (13-2)
they can be used either for a filling inside the quilt, or as
a comfortable material on the outside, since so many of
the quilts go to people who have lost many of the com-
forts in their lives. She also relies heavily on donations of
Business Cards
We print business cards
material, many of which are given to her through friends. in all styles and quantities. Colour Cards
While she will use whatever material is available to her, prices starting at
Stop in today
she notes that materials that have more stretch or “give” or call us 250 500 1000
to them are harder to work with. If anyone is interested for details. $45.00 $70.00 $110.00
in donating materials to this project, they can contact The Minnedosa Tribune
Gladys or Donna for more information. Minnedosa, MB ● 204-867-3816
4 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around Planning Amendment Act Will Bring
Town... Greater Efficiency To Rural Planning
palities without any concerns about local  opinions
By Darryl Holyk or conditions.
Under The Dome Our government and Manitoba municipalities
By will continue to post planning notices in local news-
Application Denied... papers, though we are modernizing the public noti-
Well, you might have guessed it with last week’s GREG NESBITT fication process by  making the provincial Manitoba
pavement patching along Main Street, but the Town of Riding Mountain MLA Gazette free and accessible online.
Minnedosa has received word from the Provincial Gov- The Planning Amendment Act will also modern-
ernment that its application for repaving Main Street has ize local  planning  in rural areas and make it  more
been denied for 2018. After our Main Street made the CAA efficient by removing regulatory burdens, and by al-
Worst Roads in Manitoba list last year, Council applied
to the province with hopes to repave the south portion
O ur government is listening to Manitobans while
governing in partnership with them. After con-
sulting residents  and municipalities in  the Riding
lowing rural municipalities to use an evidence-based
approach in ensuring fair opportunities for develop-
of Main Street this year and the north portion next year. ment. The new  legislation updates the  zoning ap-
Mountain constituency and across the province, we
Hopefully, members of our future Town Council will find proval process to provide  municipalities  with  op-
are making changes to improve rural planning legis-
it worthy to re-apply for Main Street repaving and that it is tions  to set  thresholds for conditional-use hearings
lation that we introduced earlier this spring. 
approved to move forward. for livestock operations, based on their needs.
Our new changes to Bill 19, the Planning Amend-
ment Act which brings  greater efficiency to rural As well, Bill 19 allows proponents of livestock op-
Correction… municipal planning, will require  municipalities
to continue posting public notices in their local news-
erations and aggregate quarries to appeal local gov-
ernment  denials of conditional-use applications  to
In the haste of squeezing in a last minute photo be- the Municipal  Board,  ensuring evidence is used in
fore sending last week’s Tribune to print, a name mix-up papers. We have decided to keep this requirement in
place after many Manitobans and their local govern- these decisions.
occurred in the Lion’s highway cleanup article. The young We are improving  Manitoba’s regulatory frame-
ladies pictured with Harvey and Shannon Wedgewood ments told us at recent committee meetings that our
initial proposal to change the public notification pro- work by consulting and working with municipalities
were Teagan Bialas and Destiny Bukarz, not Destiny and industry. The newly improved Planning Amend-
Burnside as reported. Our apologies to Destiny for this er- cess is not what municipalities want.
In fact, more than 20  Manitoba  municipali- ment Act  strengthens our  Progressive Conservative
ror! government’s commitment to giving municipalities a
ties made it clear that  our initial version of Bill
19 would have adversely affected their local commu- fair say on issues that affect their local development
Batter up... nities.  We are  listening to  local  governments about and growth. 
Mavericks have added a few more wins to their regu- their needs for communication with their residents,
lar league season. On Wednesday, June 6th, the home- and have amended the legislation accordingly. Greg Nesbitt is the Member of Legislative Assembly for
town team defeated the Austin A’s 12-4 followed by a 13-4 The previous NDP administration did not car- the Riding Mountain constituency. He can be reached
win over the Neepawa Cubs on Friday night. ry out these kinds of consultations with Manito- at 204-759-3313, toll-free 1-844-877-7767 or by email
bans when it forced amalgamations of rural munici- at

Men’s Health Week...
Canadian Men’s Health Week ran from June 11th
through Father’s Day. A recent study by the Canadian
Men’s Health Foundation found that 72% of Canadian
men are unhealthy. Manitoba and Saskatchewan were
found to be the unhealthiest region in the country with
78.6% of men ranked as unhealthy. Findings of the study
show that 62% of men have an unhealthy diet while 54%
either don’t get enough sleep or get too much sleep. 59% is #1 Sunday, June 17th
of men do not get 150 minutes of moderate-to-strenuous
exercise per week. 39% of men were found to have an un-
healthy consumption of alcohol and 20% of men smoke Letters to the Editor can be sent to or Box 930, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
cigarettes. Overall, over 6% of study respondents exhibit-
ed no unhealthy behaviours and were deemed to be “very Views expressed in Letters to the Editor are those of the writer and
healthy”. are not necesarily the views of The Tribune, its owner or staff.

The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. The Minnedosa Tribune is independently owned and is the
oldest weekly newspaper in the Canadian West and has
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. does
guarantee the publication of all submitted articles and

published continuously from the same premises since photographs. These submissions, are at the discretion of the
Box 930 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
March of 1883.
Published Friday of each week from the premises of publisher and will appear as space permits. The Minnedosa
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. 14 - 3rd Ave. S.W. E-Mail Addresses: Tribune reserves the right to edit any submission as deemed
Minnedosa, MB. R0J 1E0 necessary by the publisher.
Member of Manitoba Community Newspapers Association We are not responsible for fax transmissions or email
and Newspapers Canada submissions that are not received. To guarantee that such
Classifieds: submissions have been received please confirm with a phone
Audited twice a year by Canadian Media Circulation Audit call or in person.
Phone: (204) 867-3816 All contents copyright 2018
Fax: (204) 867-5171
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 5

Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor, would cost down in Palm
Springs. It is between $700
ing after my estate pay it
out of those funds. The
road intersections for the
first army that was cross-
Ye O l d
I turned 90 three years ago and $800 Canadian, more funeral home that I have ing the Rhine River that

and thought I should get if the funeral home has contact with I expect them day. I lost two of my para-
a few things looked after. I to ship the ashes home. to pay 100% of what I gave chute buddies and my
made the worst decision My son-in-law said not to to them plus 10% interest commanding officer, Jeff
of my life, I went down to worry about shipping the to the Madford Cemetery Nicklim. He was a star half
the local funeral home and ashes home as he would fund in Douglas, Manito- back with the Winnipeg
paid for my cremation. bring the ashes home in ba. Blue Bombers, I remember
Without looking his golf bag. He has to have I am going to have my the 1935 Grey Cup being
around and checking a death certificate from the ashes spread on the east played in Winnipeg and
other places the bill came funeral home and declare half on the 22-11-17, Mad- they won, he was playing. 1888 – Work has commenced on the new Presbyterian
to $5,206.95. This year I them when he crosses the ford Cemetery is there, My farewell party is Church at Newdale.
thought it was too much so border. When he gets back remembering swimming going to be held in Hous-
I went back to the funeral to Canada there is eight or in the stream that runs ton’s Roadhouse where 1898 – Work has commenced on building the Cana-
home to see if I could get nine government and pri- by the corner with neigh- ther is a Mitchell wagon. dian Bank of Commerce.
any of my money back. vate places that he has to bourhood kids and playing I remember riding on it
They said no and told me notify. As far as I can find hide and seek in the tomb- when I was four years old
that I made a deal three out there is no cost, it just stones. The old homestead with my dad as we hauled 1908 – The loop train commence running Monday
years ago and if I was going takes a couple hours of his is half a mile north where grain to Douglas. I want morning, leaving every morning alternately via Portage
to do it today it would cost time. I was born and I imagine my grandson to put me up la Prairie of Rapid City and returning to Minnedosa every
me that much more. Funeral homes in I was conceived there. I there while the farewell is evening, except Sunday.
This winter I was down Manitoba supply this at a lived there for 58 years and going on for one last ride.
in Palm Springs and got fee of $2,000 to $4,000. If feel quite good about slip- When you have been 1918 – Two drivers of autos and one of a motorcycle
my son-in-law to check to it happens down there I ping away there, I feel I am around the race track were brought before the Magistrate last week for exceed-
see how much cremation will have the people look- going home. as many times as I have ing the speed limit on the streets of the town. Each were
I have been a very been, climbed a thousand fined $7.50.
lucky fellow, every day or more hills, slipped and
I have had since March stumbled down the other
Dear Editor, 24th, 1945 has been a bo- side, eternal rest looks 1938 – Minnedosa officials will employ a lifeguard to
nus. On that day as a snip- pretty good. patrol the beach this summer.

H aving read the Editor’s concern as regards the mis-
use of the Town compost site by some individuals,
I can say that I quite agree with him. It seems that there
er with the first Canadian
parachute battalion, we
dropped behind enemy
Ross Mitchell,
1948 – Town Council has suggested that a truck and
men pick up the garbage from the houses each week.
are some individuals, as in any community who do not lines to secure bridges and
share the community spirit or concern for decency. Their 1958 – Box Bros. Allied Hardware Store advertises a
attitude appears to be “To heck with the community, I’ll children’s plastic wading pool - $4.48, a plastic pouring
do as I please.”
If the compost site is important to Minnedosa as it
Notice of Environment Act Proposal pail – 68 cents, Hamilton Beach toaster - $21.75 and 18-
inch power lawn mower – $56.50.
appears, the solution to me would be to erect a tall wire
Manitoba Sustainable Development has received a proposal pursuant to
fence in the front, high enough so that items could not
The Environment Act regarding the following operation and invites public 1968 – Construction is back to normal this week after a
be thrown over. It should still cost a little to the Town and participation in the review process:
then also it should cost little to employ several youths or labour dispute last week in which pipefitters at the local
others to be housed at the entrance during spring, sum- site of Canada’s Manitoba Distillery Ltd. walked off the
mer and fall to prevent misuse. Of course, the entrance RESTORATION – FILE: 5973.00 job.
should be locked nightly. If this should be to costly for the
Town finances, or too much trouble to undertake then we A proposal has been filed on behalf of the Rural Municipality of Oakview 1978 – The R.M. of Clanwilliam has approved in prin-
better stop complaining about the problem. by the Rapid City Beach and Reservoir Committee for the removal of ciple, a recreational subdivision on the east side of Ot-
accumulated silt from the Rapid City Reservoir. An estimated 43,000 cu- ter Lake, despite two attempts to block the development.
Allan James, bic metres of silt would be removed in the late fall/early winter of 2018
The proposed subdivision would include 77 building lots
under frozen conditions following a drawdown of the reservoir. The
Minnedosa, MB ranging in size from two to ten acres.
material would be excavated with backhoes and hauled by truck to com-
munity owned recreational and other land to be used as fill. It is expected

Minnedosa Drama Club
that approximately 1.5 to 2.0 metres of material would be removed over 1988 – The Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce is back
portions of the reservoir, and that the excavation would be completed in on its feet again after a recent meeting saw enough in-
will present
approximately 12 days working 24 hours per day. terest to rejuvenate it. 20 to 25 business people met to
The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

discuss reorganization after the Chamber ceased to exist
November 21, 22 and 23 Anyone likely to be affected by the above operation and
who wishes to comment on the proposal should contact the earlier this year.
department, in writing or by email to,
not later than JULY 16, 2018. Further information is available 1998 – From eight-tracks to CD players, John Gustafson
from the online Public Registry located at: and Dennis Coey, owners of Parkwood Auto in Erickson
sd/eal/registries/index.html or by contacting Bruce Webb,
Tuesday, June 26
Environmental Engineer at 204-945-7021.
have seen too many changes to count in their 30 years as
the GM dealership in Erickson. Parkwood Auto was born
Information submitted in response to this proposal is considered pub- when the two bought out Gordon’s Service in June 1968.
To arrange an audition time or for lic information and will be made available to the proponent and placed
more information,
on the public registry established in accordance with Section 17 of The 2008 – The Minnedosa Chancellors Boy’s rugby team
Environment Act.
earned a silver medal in the provincial finals. They were
defeated 15-12 by the St. Paul Crusaders.
Peggy Mullie at 204-867-2113 Environmental Approvals Branch
Manitoba Sustainable Development
1007 Century Street
Winnipeg MB R3H 0W4
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069
Tribune Founder
Mollie and Giles Ralston Ð Newlyweds of 1 yr (late 20s)

Christopher Wren ÐQuirky young man (mid 20s)
Fax: 204-945-5229
Mrs Boyle Ð A very critical woman (45 - 60 yrs)
Website: William Gibbens
Major Metcalf Ð Retired army (late 40s, early 50s)

Miss Casewell Ð Aloof, masculine woman (mid 20s)

Born - 1854 at London, England
Mr Paravicini- Elderly foreigner(made up to look older)-(40, 50)
Died - February 20, 1932
Detective Sergeant Trotter -Policeman (early 20s) at Cornwall, Ontario
6 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Our Struggles With ”Fear” And Can We Overcome Them?
Confident Kids a change, or trying some- judgement from others. 4. team to take possession of subjected to other people’s that they were satisfied
Born to Sparkle thing new for the first time Fear of failure. the ball. What do you do? thoughts on what is or isn’t with allowing the rest of us
as in stepping out of our How about if we Take that result and label possible, your nature took to enjoy their creations.
By Sherrilu Pollon comfort zone, that “fear looked at this from a differ- yourself as a failure, and over and you tried sitting, When doing some-
response” can be triggered ent angle? Instead of think- never play soccer again? crawling, and walking until thing new we can choose
and our brain doesn’t dis- ing thoughts of, “What if I Or, take that result and you mastered each task. to be terrified or, we can
F ear as described by
com – “a distressing emo-
tinguish the difference and
makes us feel the same
fail?”, let’s take a radically
different approach, “You
decide that you need to
practise more and take ev-
Another thought is,
thank goodness there are
choose to face it with con-
fidence. We get to decide
as if we were in survival can never fail, you can only ery opportunity you get to many people willing to how we want to experience
tion aroused by impend-
mode-fight or flight. Once produce results.” Let’s say kick the ball whenever it’s step out of their comfort situations in our life. Each
ing danger, evil, pain, etc.,
we have determined that you are six and have de- passed to you? We get to zones and go after their time we face our fear, we
whether the threat is real
our life is not in danger, cided to face your fear of choose our experience. dreams or we wouldn’t be get stronger. To build self-
or imagined; the feeling or
then, what do we do? As playing soccer for the first Thankfully, we aren’t enjoying all the comforts confidence, feel the fear
condition of being afraid.”
I mentioned according to time. You have decided born with these thoughts we presently enjoy. These and do it anyway. We will
The fear response is
the dictionary fear is an to be brave and the ball is of anxiety and fear or we brave people disregard- always feel anxiety or fear
triggered in the most prim-
“emotional” response. Our passed to you. You take a would all be laying around ed other’s opinions and when we step outside our
itive part of the brain, the
emotions are a result of the mighty kick and miss the never living upright. As looked at each result they comfort zone. This feeling
amygdala and is said to be
thoughts we have about ball allowing the other an infant before you ever produced, tweaking it until is normal!
the most powerful emotion
that experience, the mean- had any opportunity to be they came up with a result
known to mankind. Fear
ing we assign to it – essen-

Newdale News
is, first and foremost a sur- If your
tially, our thoughts create
vival mechanism. When
we are under threat the
our fear. label
“fear response” will cause
Everyone feels some reads
level of anxiety or fear
our adrenaline to rise, our
heart to beat faster, and
when stepping outside 18/06/30 By raven’S Glen Wi attended both nights with practised in Newdale in
their comfort zone. What refreshments provided at the fifties.
our breathing to become It’s time to
are some of the things that e send our sincere intermission. Dan Jardine of Brook-
short and quick, getting us renew your
we fear? 1. Fear of the un- sympathy to the Shirley Pederson spent dale took the Sunday
ready for fight or flight.
known. 2. Fear of our abil- subscription
Now, the problem is Shewfelt and Winder fami- several days last week visit- church service with several
ity to handle what’s new Call 867-3816 lies in our area on the re- ing her sister Bernice At- members joining Gary and
when we are experiencing
(self-doubt). 3. Fear of cent passing of their niece kinson and family in Bran- Doreen Stapleton and the
and cousin Darci-Lyn don. group at the Sandy Lake
Henderson in Alberta. She Helen and David Caird Drop-In for the June hymn
is the daughter of Warren have had their daugh- sing, first of the summer.

18051AA3 and Betty (Winder) Shew- ter Mary, husband Sandy Several others went to
18051AA5 felt. A celebration of life McKenzie and their baby Shelley Zahaiko’s place for
ceremony took place at boy Alexander David (San- coffee and “viewing” of the
The results of the latest Totum Research Study on Media Usage in Villages Crawford Park Hall on June dy) visiting from Scotland lambs.
(population 1,000-5,000) shows that people living in communities like those 4th. where they live. While
served by this newspaper are more likely to be inspired to take action by an ad in
a printed community newspaper than any form of online ad.
What a marvellous
evening of music present-
here they were able to help
their Dad celebrate his
Bridge Club
ed June 7th and 8th hosted
by the Minnedosa United
60th birthday with more
family and friends on June Results
Church Outreach Com- 9th. The Caird’s very good
June 7th
Respondents Who Said Print Ads in Local Community Newspapers Inspire mittee in support of an friends John and Susan
orphanage in Haiti. Songs are also here visiting from
Action (In-Person Store Visit, Website Visit, Purchase Etc.) by Sector from many Broadway Scotland. 1st - Jim/Lynn Burgess
shows were performed by Visiting Fred and Mar- 2nd - Norman Peterson/
60.0% Jim Comrie and Eva Ste- garet Howard last weekend Nancy McLennan
58.0% 3rd - Mel Harvey/
venson with Nicole McLe- was Robert Creasy, Robert
nehan on piano and Eliza- took his schooling in New- Wilf Taylor
beth Gebauer on clarinet dale and was one of four 4th - Doug Thiessen/
45.0% and flute. A large crowd children of Dr. Creasy who Boyd Grant


30.0% 30.0%
26.0% 25.3%
22.0% Join in the Community Events Planned! Ê

Pancake Breakfast

8 a.m. – 10 a.m. LUNCH

At the Newdale
Curling Rink
Ê Served from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Newdale Fire Hall
Sponsored by the
Municipality of Harrison Park Ê At the
Age Friendly Initiative Committee Check out the display
A Free-Will Offering will be accepted to support the
Of Firefighting Equipment

Newdale Volunteer Firefighters Ê

The Newdale Volunteer Fire Department
will demonstrate their newly purchased
“Jaws of Life” Rescue Equipment Ê

At 10:30 a.m. Ê




* Totum Research Inc. March 2018 Study on How Geography Ê

Impacts Media Access, Usage and Engagement in Rural Ê

Communities Across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ê

The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 7

Cooking is Just Cooking
have always been designed perception that makes the into the kitchen environ- tive approach, the truth is
Cooking around?
Who made cook-
act of doing something a
joyous occasion or a nag-
ment (mentally or physi-
cally) in order to make a
that you will typically save
money and eat healthier
With ing negative anyway? We
did. We did as human be-
ging daily occurrence.
Don’t get me wrong;
more optimistic approach
to this life essential assign-
overall for doing so... and
hopefully enjoy yourself,
CHEF DEZ ings. Take for example the
simple tasks of washing a
people are entitled to their
opinions, and if there are
Whatever it takes for
your family and your kitch-
en more. Happy cooking...
vehicle, mowing the lawn, people out there that are you to have a more posi-  
or our daily commute to happy with cooking being

I f I had a dollar for every
time I heard someone
ine that there is a percent-
age of our population that
work. Are these tasks of
complete negativity that all
of us are destined to suf-
a chore, then so be it. What
I don’t want is people be-
lieving that they don’t
say that cooking is a chore,
I would be a rich man. The
rely on daily practices of
consuming products like fer through for the rest of have a choice of it being a Recreation
act of cooking a meal is just TV dinners, frozen pizzas, our lives? No, some of us chore. Of course you have Report
that: “cooking a meal”. It is and spray can pancake thrive in these situations. a choice. You just need By
not negative, or even posi- batter. Yes, I did say “spray What makes these tasks at to find the way to create a
tive for that matter, it is just can pancake batter”! Talk- hand, along with cooking, positive frame of mind re- ERIN HOUCK
something we do. ing with employees of a a chore then? garding the task at hand.
We all need food to large grocery chain, they One of the things that So with cooking in our
stay alive and since our tell me that they are con- we do, that no other life home, we introduce music
homes are all equipped
with kitchens, we cook.
stantly bombarded with
requests from consumers
form does, is analyze and
label. Everything we do,
and a favorite beverage to
the environment and also W ith the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs comes Sports
Dinner Hat Auction Payouts!
Dennis Kostenchuk purchased the Colorado Ava-
Maybe some of us more for fast already prepared other than breathe or blink, use this as an enjoyable
than others but we all still meals that they just heat we analyze and label. We opportunity to catch up lanche hat and will receive $85.69 for ending 17th overall.
cook. Some kitchens will & serve. Is there really a create good and bad, posi- with each other and take Larry Houck took home the team who ended at the
have their owner’s unhar- growing number of people tive and negative with our pleasure in the family be- bottom of the league, Buffalo Sabres but certainly isn’t
nessed culinary passions in our society that have natural human psyche ing together in one room. losing with $214.21 going into his pocket.
bestowed upon them on a succumbed to rely on pre- without even realizing it Everyone is unique Also a winner was Marty McNabb who’s hat, Nash-
daily basis, while the only made meals from a pack- for the most part. Cooking, however, and what seems ville Predators, placed first in the league. Marty will also
glory days in other kitch- age or container. Have we again, is just cooking. If it to be a simple change of receive $214.21.
ens may be derived from lost so much time in our is positive for one and also focus to creative optimistic And last but certainly not least is our Stanley Cup
someone adding onions ever-growing busy life- negative at the same time endeavors with one per- Winner! Brock Johnson picked well when he went for the
and garlic to a saucepan of styles that we cannot com- for another, it is because son, may need to be com- Washington Capitals as he will find himself with an extra
store bought pasta sauce... mit to practicing creativity each of those individuals pletely different for some- $342.74.
but it is all still cooking. in the one life-nourishing have made it so. It is be- one else. What makes you If you’re team didn’t make the cut, don’t worry – we’ll
I hate to even imag- art form that our homes cause of their opinion or happy? What can you bring be ready to go again at the Sports Dinner in October!


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Card Cleaner Fun Pencils
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Digital Scale 2 pack with marker 80 pages
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8 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

A Musical Tribute To Broadway
By Hillary Miller Singing in the Rain, The phanage does not have any
Sound of Music, and Show way of transporting the

O n the evenings of
Thursday, June 7th,
and Friday, June 8th, many
Boat. Some crowd favou-
rites included well-known
selections such as “Old
children to school at pres-
The local United
musically inclined com- Man River” and “Oh, What Church has been offering
munity members con- A beautiful Morning”. support since the orphan-
vened at the Minnedosa There were many posi- age opened in 2010. In ad-
United Church for a spe- tive comments about the dition to the funds that the
cial performance. Vocal- performance from those church has raised for the
ists James Comrie and Eva who attended. Natasha Little Bouquet Children’s
Stevenson partnered with Pearen said they were Home, local resident, Barb
Nicole McLenehan on pia- “amazing singers, a real Kingdon, visited Haiti this
no and Elizabeth Gebauer pleasure to experience.” past February with the aim
on clarinet to entertain the The concert was held of helping with various
crowd with a selection of as a fundraiser for Little sewing and planting proj-
familiar music. Bouquet Children’s Home, ects.
The two-hour show an orphanage in Haiti that While this was the
was titled “Singin’ It Soft is in need of financial sup- only annual fundraiser for
and Easy, A Musical Trib- port for their operations the orphanage, money for
ute To Broadway” and and for improvements. the Little Bouquet Chil-
featured 18 songs from Currently, the orphanage dren’s Home is collected
popular musicals such as is seeking funds to put to- throughout the year and
Oklahoma, Les Miserables, wards a van to help trans- can be done so at the Unit- Photo by Hillary Miller
The Phantom of the Opera, port the children. The or- ed Church.

Bloom Committee Updates Founders’ Plaques
By Hillary Miller teers who spend time en- ture, regional suitability,
hancing the community native species and mainte-

M innedosa Communi-
ties in Bloom have
been steadily working
for citizens and visitors,” a
representative of the group
pointed out.
nance; and Floral Displays
– the general beautifica-
tion with beds, containers
away on a number of proj- Local property owners and ornamental displays.
ects this Spring. are encouraged to do their Following the evalua-
The replacement signs part to beatify the commu- tion, the awards ceremony
for the twelve Founders’ nity by keeping their yards will be held at the provin-
Parks in Minnedosa have and gardens looking their cial conference in Septem-
arrived. Bloom members best this summer. As has ber in Morris, MB, where
urge the public to check been done in year’s past, the competing communi-
out the various Found- the local CIB will be choos- ties will receive a certifi-
ers’ Parks throughout ing a “Yard of the Week” cate with their bloom rat-
the business district and beginning in July. ing – one to five blooms. Photo by Darryl Holyk
take a look at the plaques The group has once
which are now, once again again entered the Provin-
readable. The originals, cial competition for CIB,
installed some ten years which means that in late

Fathers Day
Husky Energy
ago in preparation for July, judges will once again
Homecoming 2008 had roam the town to assess

Brunch Special
become faded and worn Minnedosa on a number
and some were difficult to of categories.
read. Copies of the original The judging catego-
plaques, honouring some
of Minnedosa’s founders
ries include the following:
Tidiness effort – the main-
9 A.M. - 1 P.M.
Husky Energy
were reprinted and in- tenance of buildings and
stalled by Provost Signs. structures, removal of lit-
A Communities in Bloom ter, weeds and graffiti; En- Treat Dad to a delicious breakfast
sign will also be added to vironmental Action – waste buffet at the Minnedosa Golf
the large service club sign reduction, sewage dispos-
at the south entrance to al, recycling, composting, & Country Club.
Minnedosa, along High- integrated pest manage-
way #16A by the new med- ment and water conserva- The Minnedosa Ethanol Plant is All fathers who order the special will
ical clinic/RCMP detach-
ment office.
tion; Heritage Conserva-
tion – efforts to preserve
performing fire practice the be entered to win a $100 gift
Members of Com- built heritage, natural and morning of June 20th, 2018. certificate to Corner Stone Grill!
munities in Bloom were cultural heritage; urban Persons nearby may hear alarms
disappointed recently to forestry – the existence of
discover that some of their long and short-term plan- coming from the site, see fire trucks
plants were missing from a ning, by-laws and stan- moving around with lights on and
planter on the boulevard dards for planting suitable
across from Minnedosa trees, and appropriate care
fire-fighters in full turn-out gear.
Service Centre/Husky. practices; Landscaped ar- This is a practice only and will not
“Perpetrators are defac- eas – community efforts to involve any actual emergency.
ing their community and make plants an element of
disappointing the volun- surroundings, colour, tex-
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 9

Nylen And Emerson-Proven Retiring From TCS
Jacki Nylen job, she will retire on June
dren, and has had great
colleagues to work with.
Initiatives that Nylen
has overseen at TCS in-
teaching small gestures
to the students, common
the introduction of hand-
held technologies, she has
She said that after She also noted that she has clude the Year of Sport courtesies that will pro- had to find a way to ease
leaving Winnipeg in her had chances to lead by be- Phys-Ed, which is spon- mote kindness and wellbe- students away from their
younger years, she would ing the Phys-Ed supervisor sored by the United Na- ing in the school. devices and create a fun
never move back to the city at TCS as well as President tions. Through this imita- As a long-time teacher way to keep them engaged
after living in Minnedosa of the provincial Manitoba tive, she has promoted a at TCS, Jacki has watched in her class. She has tried
“I love the small town,” Phys-Ed Teacher’s Associ- different monthly theme many children grow into to create situations in her
Jacki said. ation for seven years. She to keep kids active and adults over the years. She classes that are not totally
Nylen joked that once has also been on the Na- healthy – something she has taught many people, sport-related. She has
she retires, she plans to tional board representing has worked on for the past their children, and in some tried to teach the required
sleep. In actuality, she is Manitoba and has been ten years. These themes cases, their grandchildren. skills in fun, innovative
excited to spend more time the National president for have included physical ac- Jacki was influential in ways that will be less in-
with her grandchildren, some years. “You get to tivity, mental health, nutri- the physical education of timidating to some stu-
take her time doing the work with people who are tion, and many others. two-star athletes: Olym- dents.
By HILLARY MILLER things she loves, and take really enthusiastic about Three years ago, she pic competitors Isabela After over four de-
piano lessons. She will not Phys-Ed and really com- saw the beginning of a Onyshko and Kyle Par- cades of teaching, the re-

J acki Nylen, the smil-
ing face of the Phys-Ed
department at Tanner’s
say no to the opportunity
to substitute teach, but has
not yet made this decision.
mitted, and it just rejuve-
nates you. You get to be a
part of something that is
healthy-promoting school
program at TCS, which she
believes is the most excit-
rott. She is always excited
to see her students grow
to achieve success in their
tirement of Jacki Nylen will
certainly leave a gap at TCS
and her friendly face will
Crossing School will be re- Jacki cited the high- bigger than just yourself,” ing thing she has overseen own right – to become the be missed from the halls
tiring at the end of the cur- lights of her career as be- she said. Having said that, in her career. This program person they want to be. and gymnasium of the lo-
rent school year. After 42 ing able to work with the she noted that she always takes all aspects of the Nylen has seen cal elementary school.
years on the job, working kids. A true teacher at loved coming back to her school’s culture and helps changes in students over
her way through the edu- heart, she has truly en- gym at TCS, “this is where to change the culture of the years, as she has seen
cation system to her dream joyed working with chil- I belong.” the school. This includes changes in society. With

Heather Emerson-Proven over the years has been
truly appreciated.
it was time to try some-
thing different. “It seems
new things,” she said.
While she is very ex-
the next person to take on
her role will continue to
With her newfound like it has only been a min- cited to retire, the amount put the children first, and
garten, grade one, grade
freedom, upon retirement, ute since I started teach- of work she needs to wrap will find ways to help them
four, grade six, and finally
Heather plans to devote ing, and I will miss a lot up before then is daunt- all feel good about them-
moved to her current po-
more time to her grand- of it, but I’m excited to do ing. She is confident that selves.
sition as the school’s re-
children, moving to a dif-
source teacher. While
ferent home and travel-
she enjoyed teaching all
ling. She hasn’t ruled out
grades, she noted that
the possibility filling in and
Kindergarten was likely 18063AA1
working occasionally in
the most fun, and also re-
education if needed. Addi-
MONDAY, JUNE 18 18063AA2
quired the most energy!
tionally, she will keep busy
Throughout her ca-
with her volunteer work
reer, Emerson-Proven cites
with A Port in a Storm, an
one of the highlights as be-
By HILLARY MILLER organization she has been
ing able to work with the
involved with for a num-
kids, develop relationships
ber of years and one that is
H eather Emerson-
Proven will see her
with them, and help them
grow. She has loved being
near and dear to her heart.
As far as travelling is con-
last day of work on June constantly amazed at what
29th, after 45 years of dedi- cerned, Emerson-Proven
children can do. Anoth-

cation to teaching children is excited to visit family in
er career highlight came
in the area. England and is planning a
when she was nominated

While Emerson-Prov- trip to New York with her
for, and won, the Lieuten-
en is excited to take some daughters.
ant Governor of Manitoba
well-deserved time off, The decision to re-
Elementary School Class-
she is also sad to be leav- tire came to Heather with
room Teacher of the Year
ing a career that has given some degree of difficulty.
award in 2000. She also
her so much joy and ful- Although she loves her job,
noted that the support she
after 45 years, she decided
fillment. Aside from two has received from parents Check out an upcoming Assiniboine program
years spent teaching in Er- information session and discover why more
ickson, Heather has spent
and more people choose college.

the majority of her career
teaching in Minnedosa, Chat with our incredible instructors at our Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon
and has watched so many on Monday, June 18 and find out more about the college’s hands-on programs.
people in the community To register and for more information, call 204.725.8750
grow up. or email
She began her teach-
ing career at Tanner’s
Rubber or 6 p.m. start 6 or 7 p.m. start
Crossing School in 1973.
She has taught kinder-
Self-inking » Civil Technician
» Communications
Engineering Technology
Business Administration
Legal Administration
Medical Administration

» Interactive Media Arts Office Management

The Minnedosa »
TRIBUNE Since 1883
» Network Administration Technology » Office Skills

For all your
printing needs
10 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Sandy Lake News
By Diane Bachewich sken spent the weekend to do it again next year. High School Rugby team. the season was held on Ron and Lucy Mendro at-
with mom Olga Prosken Sympathy is extended Tonielle and her team Sunday at the Drop-In tended the funeral of Sa-

G et well wishes to Barb
Osadec who is in the
Minnedosa Hospital.
and Sadie Rystephanuk.
The Sandy Lake Lion’s
Club held their summer
to the McSymach fam-
ily on the passing of Peter
McSymach. A family burial
mates won the Manitoba
High Shcool Rugby West-
man Varsity Girls Champi-
Centre. The next one will
be held on July 8th at 11:30
a.m. Hope to see you there.
die’s Aunt, Ann Kadischuk,
in Yorkton, SK on Sunday,
June 3rd.
Ronald and Lucy Men- wind-up with a potluck service was held on Satur- onship on Saturday, June On Saturday, June Janice Duchominsky
dro spent the past five days supper at their camp- day afternoon at the Horod 2nd at the Crocus High 2nd, despite the rainy is spending some time
in Flin Flon. While there, ground on Saturday eve- Cemetery. School in Brandon. Toni- weather, there was a lot of here with mom, Helen
the Flin Flon Fire Depart- ning. Doreen Stapleton at- elle stated in her interview bargain hunters out for the Derhak and sister, Diane
ment, where Ronald was Visitors with Liz An- tended the Order of the that she is proud of her annual town-wide sales. Bachewich.
employed for many years, tonation and family were Eastern Star Annual Grand team saying they came out Out to help Helen Derhak’s Jean Derhak attended
hosted a retirement party sister-in-law Wendy Nyko- Chapter Conference in strong and finished stron- sale were Shelley Bedrey of the graveside service for
on Saturday night. laishen of Victoria, BC, Winnipeg last week, as a ger and was happy with Saskatoon, Janice Ducho- her brother, Peter McSy-
The late Wilma Kowal Greg and Debbie Kiryluk music and choir director. the win and hard to be- minsky, Angela Brookman, mach, and spent a few days
was laid to rest on Satur- of Ste. Rose, Vicky Kiryluk It was a busy but enjoyable lieve how far the team has Dennis Derhak all of Win- with son, John and Sherry
day morning at the Ukrai- of Dauphin and Veronica time. come. Tonielle was also nipeg, Allan and Nancy Antonation and family, her
nian Catholic cemetery at and Rob Ruhnau of Kam- Brian and Liz Ceazyn- chosen for the all star team Derhak of Riding Moun- sister-in-law Helen Derhak
Crawford Park known as loops, BC. All travelled to ski and Liz’s mother, Simo- and is to play in Winnipeg tain and John and Joan and other family members.
The Somack Church. Dauphin for their yearly na and sister, Margaret all the following weekend. Derhak of Oakburn.
Sympathy is extended reunion with Vicky and her of Winnipeg, enjoyed vis- The first Hymn sing of Sadie Rystephanuk and
to Brian Rystephanuk and family from BC, AB, Min- iting friends and relatives
his partner Shara Bruce on nesota and Ste. Rose. Also here the past two weeks
the passing of Shara’s fa-
ther of Vancouver, BC.
Harold and Joyce Pro-
attending was brother-in-
law Michael Shewchuk
and his family from Winni-
while staying in Clear Lake.
They also visited with Ann
Kelenick in Brandon.
Basswood News
peg, Lockport and Dallas, Congratulations to
TX. They all had an excel- Tonielle Bachewich who is By ZelDa FirBy Our sympathy to the Zelda Firby accompa-
lent get together and hope captain of the Chancellors family and relatives of Eu- nied Andrew and Tanya

O ur sympathy to the
family of Steve Clark
who passed away at the
nice Girling who passed
away on June 1st at the
Minnedosa Care Home.
Gugin and Gerri Hodgson
to Brandon on Wednesday
where they attended and
Minnedosa Personal Care Eunice along with late hus- enjoyed the Neelin School

business of Home. Before moving to
Minnedosa the Clark’s
band Keith and girls were
former residents of Bass-
Choirs concert. Taylor Gu-
gin and Abi Simms were
Neighbours Indeed the month farmed in the Basswood
wood. members of the choir.

Be a Neighbour... Minnedosa Chamber of

Cadurcis News
And announce Commerce
these special events thanks this business for its’ contribution to
to your community the business community
June 2018 Running on
●Birth of Child
●Wedding Inspire Studio Empty? By Doreen TroTT grandson Brock Wareham.
●Wedding Anniversaries Print jobs can take up to A number of proud
25th, 40th, 50th, 60th
●New home residency
You may qualify for a
2-3 weeks to complete.
Fill up before you run out!
O ur sympathy to Ryan
and Michelle Clark
on the passing of Grandpa
grandparents recently at-
tended a band concert at
Tanner’s Crossing School.
personalized keepsake Steven Clark. Our sympa- Congratulations band
gift offer compliments Minnedosa Tribune thy to the rest of the family members!
of local business and 204-867-3816 too. Chris and Sandra
professional sponsors Also, sympathy to Crawford of Thunder Bay,
Minnedosa Pharmacy Malcolm and Shirley Rose ON visited on Monday
Glenndosa Glass 1990 Ltd. on the recent passing of with Malcolm and Shirley
Inspire Studio has been chosen as the Minnedosa Chamber of
Minnedosa insurance Services Commerce Business of the Month. Inspire Studio has been a part cousin Eunice Girling. Rose.
Kim’sQuality Foods of Minnedosa’s Main Street for less than three years. Owner, Our sympathy to the oth- Brian and Nola Joseph
Integra Tire Marlies Soltys, in addition to supporting 45 local artists who do not er members of the Rose of Estevan, SK visited last
Heritage Co-op have their own storefront, hosts various art classes, and supports
Minnedosa Tribune her community in many philanthropic ways. Inspire Studio supports Girling families. week with Muriel McMa-
Gateway Motel not only visual art, but tries its best to support other forms of Clayton and Margaret nus.
expression in the community. “I think when you become a business Wareham have returned Sympathy is extend-
Be part of your Community! owner in town, you support your town fully,” said Soltys,
“that’s the only way you make it work – you work together with your home from a trip to Bea- ed to Glen and Loreen
town and with the other businesses.” ver Lodge, Grande Prairie, Jackson on the passing of
Contact Tillie Johnson Next Chamber meeting: Thursday, June 28th at the Golf Course AB where they made the cousin Ivy Evans (nee Pet-
204-867-3414 (lower level)
acquaintance of their new tigrew).

Thank you!

Newspapers Competition a
continued success!
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 11

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party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in Looking for a gift that HOCKEY is hosting a spring training you need from an em-
keeps giving all year round? open “arena” event SATUR- ployer-trusted program. Visit:
any advertisement which is published.
Give someone a one-year gift DAY, JUNE 16th from 11 a.m. or 1-855-
RATES subscription to Western Can- REAL ESTATE to 2:00 p.m. Come and join the 768-3362 to start training for
ada’s Oldest Weekly Newspa- 2018-19 Board members for your work-at-home career to-
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. per, The Minnedosa Tribune. free bbq lunch, bring sugges- day!
Repeat ads - Half Price. Call 204-867-3816 or email tions and questions.  Spring
class@minnedosatribune. registration payments for mi-
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box & com for rates and more de- nor hockey and canteen fees
bolding, and centering). tails. will be accepted. Bring the
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & kids to play FLOORBALL and DRIVERS and
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture.
AUCTIONS 1272 sq. ft. 4 bedroom,
GUN. x
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch. Class 1 company drivers and
1&1/2 bath for sale at 32-1st Av- owner operators wanted to haul
Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00 enue South West in Minnedo- RTM HOMES bulk liquid products throughout
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 Meyers Auction sa.  AC/CV, gas furnace, water FOR SALE MB, SK, AB and the US.
for the Estate of David softener, finished basement, Loaded and empty miles paid!
All Ads plus 5% G.S.T. Johnson
plenty of oak cabinets and Dedicated dispatch, well main-
11 am Saturday June READY
tained equipment, comprehen-
Deadlines 23, 2018
Mountain Road, MB
storage, 3 storage sheds and
attached insulated garage. 
sive benefits package.
2 miles West of Contact us or submit your
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later Very close to schools and resume:
Mountain Road, then 1584 sqft. showhome.
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Friday’s 1 mile South - SIGNS downtown. $276,900.00. Only $199,000. 9 ft walls, Phone: 204.571.0187
edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE & FLAGS POSTED Check out the kijiji or ebran- 3 bedroom,2.5 baths. Email: recruiting@
insertion. don ad for more info. Call 204- Maple kitchen with island
Case 970, 3PTH Leon 690 & walk-in pantry. Fax: 204.727.6651
The Minnedosa Tribune is not responsible for Loader * 867-5708. (10-5) x Or submit an online application
Covered veranda.
typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor IHC 986, 3PTH Allied 580 @
Tripane windows & fir
Loader *
does it assume responsibility for errors published as a result of
White Field Boss 2-105, COMING EVENTS plywood construction and
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. Dual Hyd, *
James Hardie siding.
To ensure your advertisement appears correctly please submit Case IH 8465 Round For more information visit FOR SALE
it in person, by fax, mail, or email. Baler * New Holland 195 Alzheimer’s Information
Manure Spreader, 410 Session and Dance Demon- or 204-346-3231 DEVELOPER SELLOUT.
BU * 1998 MacDon 5000 stration.  Learn about Alz- 10 lakefront, 4 lakeview lots,
Mower Conditioner *
heimer’s and the Sharing street and hydro. Sand beach.
FOR SALE Round Bale Feeders
* Free Standing Corral Dance Program coming to
Valued at $542,000 – selling
Minnedosa this fall.  June 26th package for $335,000. MUST
Shop Tools * Household * at 2:00 p.m. at the Minnedosa BE SOLD! Sheldon – 204-371-
Collector’s 1979 Lawn sweeper in good ANTIQUES &
Yamaha 650 special. Black, shape. 38 inches. Call 204- COLLECTABLES * 50+ Centre.  Everyone is wel- Hip or knee 5131. sheldon@canadian-
gold trim, Windsheild, en- 867-3564. (14-2) Bradley Meyers come!  (14-2) x replacement?
gine guard, highway pegs, Auctioneer
Problems walking or
back rest. Next to new tires. Arden, MB Have an upcoming
getting dressed? The
In very good condition. Only 204-476-6262 sell event? Wanting good atten- Canadian Government
THING. Automotive, farm, may owe you a:
9,000 kms. Asking $2,950 construction, ATV, marine, dance? Let our readers know
Call 204-867-5205. (13-2) x motorcycle, golf carts, phones, by placing a simple Coming $2,500 MInnedosa United
Event ad in The Tribune. Word Yearly Credit
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IN THE PROVINCE-WIDE hard-to-find batteries. SOLAR for the first 40 words. Call Lump Sum Refund tries Co-ordinator from Sep-
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this newspaper NOW or email industry.
to request document of job for de- For reliable expert description/salary or pick up
tails. service CALL
at church office. Deadline is
204-453-5372 June 29th. x
12 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


invites applications for a
Western - Brandon Office
WRCFS is a mandated First Nations child and family services Agency responsible to Insurance Broker
provide a full range of services, including statutory services, voluntary services and Parkway Insurance
prevention services to the children and families of its nine First Nations, residing on and
off reserve. The purpose of the programs of WRCFS is to sustain, support, and enhance Erickson, MB
family and community life. Reporting to the Community Based Team Supervisor, the Parkway Insurance is seeking an experienced, highly motivated team
worker will be responsible to work as part of a team in delivering a full range of child and
family services utilizing a community based model of service delivery, with emphasis on player to join our team of Insurance Broker professionals in Erickson,
prevention and resource services as a frontline approach. Manitoba. We are looking for an individual who builds key customer
DUTIES INCLUDE: relationships and provides exceptional customer service to
• Ensure a working knowledge of CFS legislation, regulations, standards and contribute to the overall success of our organization.
WRCFS policy and procedures
• To operate within the mandate, understanding the role of a mandated worker Reporting to the Manager of Insurance Services the successful
• Complete the Structured Decision Making as required individual will possess:
• Provide Intake services using the Intake Module (IM)
• Provide direct service; Placement • Strong communication skills both oral and written
• Ensure there is development of relevant community resources of an ongoing • Ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships
nature and networks effectively with the existing resources • Strong problem- solving abilities
• Ensure culturally appropriate services
• Make referrals to appropriate resources based on family assessments • Aspirations to pursue the career path of a general insurance
• Complete necessary administrative duties broker
• Establishment of good working relationships with other community services and
resources Applicants who have obtained the Canadian Accredited Insurance
• Provision of a full range of statutory child welfare services Broker Level 2 license will be preferred. A candidate holding the
• Provision of individual and family counseling Auto-Broker Technical Course or Canadian Accredited Insurance
QUALIFICATIONS: Broker Level 1 license will be considered.
• BSW with at least two years related experience preferably in First Nations Child
& Family Services. An equivalent combination of training and experience will A competitive salary, benefits and pension in a professional service
be considered. oriented environment is offered.
• Must have a commitment to First Nations Child & Family Services, community
based planning & service delivery. Interested candidates with the desired experience please forward a
• Knowledge of and appreciation for Ojibway culture and aspirations are essential. cover email and resume in confidence by June 29, 2018 to:
18063gm0 • The ability to speak Ojibway will be considered a definite asset.
• Must have demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and within a multi- Stacy Gill
disciplinary approach.
• Must have computer training and/or knowledge of Microsoft Office
Manager, Human Resources
• Be familiar with the Structured Decision Making assessment tools, Intake & CFSIS (13-2)
is essential.
The successful applicant must provide WRCFS with a current Criminal Record Check that
includes a Vulnerable Sector Search, Child Abuse Registry Check, Prior contact check and TENDER
Driver’s Abstract prior to the commencement of employment. Travel is required. A valid
driver’s license and access to means of reliable transportation for work is a condition of
SALARY: Commensurate with experience and training and according to Provincial pay
Please submit resumes to:
Sheri Taylor, BSW, RSW
CBT Supervisor Town of Minnedosa
West Region Child & Family Services, Inc.
Box 280 The Town of Minnedosa is accepting tenders for:
ERICKSON, Manitoba R0J 0P0 Fax: (204) 636-6158 RFQ 2018-04
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: Monday, June 25th, 2018 Landfill Reclamation
We thank all who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. General information:
Works to include:
Area 1
• Piling and sloping of approximately 900 cu. M. of concrete/wood
• Must be able to stay on feet for long periods of time • Cover and compact area with clay (on site) to a depth of 3ft (approx.
• Pays great attention to details 700 cu. M)
• Sloping 3 to 1 max.
Staff housing available, if needed • Supply and cover with 150mm top soil, Approx. 150 cu m
• Apply grass seed (supplied by the town) and harrow in.
For more information or to apply,please contact Area 2
Barb Kelly: • Apply slope and compact clay cover approx. 600 cu m
• Supply and cover 150mm of top soil Approx. 250 cu m or 204.848.8509 • Apply grass seed and harrow in
Area 3
• Apply 400 cu m of clay cover material to slopes on branch piling
It’s not a thing
1.866.355.4676 | 204.848.2802
All measurements are approximate to be verified by the contractor

of the past!
PO Box 40, 3 Mooswa Dr E, Tender package available for pick up at the Town Office. Any enquiry
Onanole, MB R0J1N0 (8-9) concerning the content of this Request for Quotation shouldbe directed to
Kevin Marcino at 204-867-0037 or
Looking for a full time cook to be working at RD’s On Main
If you are reading this ad in Minnedosa. The right applicant will be paid $17.50 per hour. Sealed Tenders marked “LANDFILL RECLAMATION” will be accepted at
we have just proven that The applicant must have two year’s experience in cooking and the Town of Minnedosa’s Civic Centre, 103 Main Street South, Box 426
should be an expert in continental cooking. Please drop off re- Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 6, 2018.
newspaper advertising sume in person at 9 Main St. N. or via email rdsonmain@gmail. Fax: (204) 867-2686 Email:
com. (48-25) x
still works! Any or all of the quotations may not be necessarily accepted.(14-2)

The Minnedosa Tribune
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 13


September 19th, 1924 – June 5th, 2018 October 21st, 1926 – April 18th, 2018
Robert Carlson of Erickson, MB passed away on Friday,
With heavy hearts we say goodbye to our father, grand- October 27th, 2017 at the Erickson District Health Centre at the Donald (Don) Hamilton passed away peacefully at the
father, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and friend. age of 93 years. Minnedosa Personal Care Home with his family surrounding
Dad was born near Alonsa, MB the youngest (by three Robert is survived by his wife Audrey, sons: Heath (Joyce) him. Don was the second son to Ernie and Florence (Bloom-
minutes) of five children. He grew up on a farm and at a young of Flin Flon, MB, Lenn (Sandi) of Onanole, MB, daughter Hea- feild) Hamilton, of Solsgirth, MB.
age learned to hunt, trap and the value of a dollar. He worked ther Carlson of Erickson, MB, eight grandchildren and 4 great He was predeceased by his parents, his brother, Alec (Roy)
hard at many different jobs and in 1944 volunteered for the grandchildren. of Penticton, BC and his sister, Marjorie Murphy of Fort Wayne,
navy and fought in WWII. A celebration of Robert’s life will be held on Saturday, June IN, USA and niece Laurie Murphy.
In 1947, Dad met and married Margaret Warnock. Togeth- 23rd, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the Bethel Lutheran Church (Danvers) Don is survived by his loving wife Rosemary (Crawley),
er they raised seven children and had many great adventures. Cemetery, Erickson. sons Garry (Dagmar), and Greg, and daughters Heather Retzla-
Dad leaves behind his daughters Kathie (Les), Patty, Laurel If friends so desire donations may be made to the Brandon ff and Donna (Garret) Hamilton. Granddaughter, Staci (Jimmy)
(Ray), Sandy (Loren), Roberta (Brad) and his daughter-in-law Humane Society, 2200 17th St. E., Brandon, MB R7A 7M6 or a Kawohl and grandsons Shane (Alanna) Retzlaff Robbie Young-
Jane. Grandchildren, Tammy, Tracey, Shannon, Steven, Ryan, charity of their choice. Hamilton and Raymond Young and great granddaughter Au-
Scott, Jodie, Rebecca, Rick, Corrie, Amber, Justin, Lyndie, Jake, Remembrances and condolences may be shared with the rora Kawohl. As well as nieces and nephews.
Daemon, Aaron and numerous great and great-great-grand- family at Don spent his entire life on the family farm at Solsgirth
children. Rae’s Funeral Service of Erickson is in care of arrangments. until retiring to Minnedosa in 2001. He took over the majority
He was predeceased by his wife Margaret, son Alan and (204) 636-7727 of the farm work when his brother joined the Airforce in 1940.
daughter Elaine. Rosemary joined him in July, 1967 working by his side raising
We would like to thank the staff at the PCH for the wonder- HAROLD BRUCE TAYLOR their four children.
ful care Dad received. June 5th, 1943 – May 28th, 2018 Don was active in the community, serving on Credit Union
In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Minnedosa and church boards, as well as an assistant Cub/Scout leader,
Personal Care Home. Harold Bruce Taylor was while the boys were involved in that program.
Rest in Peace Dad. X born in Minnedosa, Manitoba The family enjoyed a number of holidays travelling/camp-
and passed away in Vernon, ing in our Ford van, visiting family and friends in Edmonton,
EUNICE MARLENE GIRLING B.C. at the age of 74 years. He Calgary, Slave Lake, AB, Dawson Creek, Penticton, Victoria
December 15th, 1937 – June 7th, 2018 will be lovingly remembered and points in between. Many stops were made at auto wreck-
by his wife; Carol to whom he ing yards in search of license plates to add to his extensive col-
Eunice Marlene Girling passed away at Minnedosa Per- was married for 51 years, his lection. Many farm auction sales were attended for the same
sonal Care Home at the age of 80. Grandma was born in New- sons; Michael (Claire) Taylor of purpose, as well as for any other item of interest or need. Many
dale, MB. Golden, B.C. and James (Cathy truck loads of “stuff ” arrived home as a result of the latter!
Predeceased by her husband Thomas Keith, parents Jack Toll) Taylor of Vernon, B.C., his A highlight of his life prior to marriage was spending a win-
and Elsie, mother and father-in-law Kelly and Mary Girling, granddaughter; Molly Taylor of ter in New Zealand at the invitation of a friend, Walter Donovan.
Siblings Margie, Elva (Johnny), Lorne (Marge), brother-in-law Vernon, B.C., his brother; Bob He travelled on the steamship Canberra, which he talked about
Bill, Son-in-law Martin, nephews Derrick, Kerry, Wayne, Abby. (Eleanor) Taylor of Minnedosa, Manitoba for the rest of his life. He worked at a number of jobs while there,
Survived by her three daughters Jacqueline (Garry) Kul- along with numerous nieces, nephews, extended family getting a real feel for the country.
backi, Janice (Donnie) Adair, Kim O’Connor, grandchildren members and friends. Bruce was preceded in death by his par- The funeral service was held at the Minnedosa Coven-
Julian (Stacey), Justin (Tammy), Giselle (Jesse), Heather, Col- ents; Norman and Margaret Taylor. ant Church on April 21st, 2018 with Murray Carter officiating.
leen (Marty), Matthew, Lachlan (Chelsey), Randi (Tyler), Ri- Cremation preceded a Celebration of Bruce’s Life which Burial took place at All Saints Cemetery in Clanwilliam prior to
ley. Great Grandchildren Braeden, Barrett, Brody, Cayla, Brett, will be held at Emmanuel Baptist Church (3412 15th Avenue, the service. Minnedosa Funeral service was in care of arrange-
Brooke and Rogan. Many nieces and nephews as well as many Vernon, B.C.) on Saturday, June 30th, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. with ments.
dear friends and extended family. Pastor Don Reeve officiating. A Reception will follow in the Em-

On July 7th, 1957 Grandma married Grandpa and started manuel Fellowship Hall.
their family in Basswood, MB. During Grandmas career she As an expression of sympathy, those who wish to do so may
took pride in her work at Chipperfield’s Clothing store and The send donations in memory of Bruce to the Sunnybrae Bible
Minnedosa Tribune where she retired in June 1992. Camp, 3915 Sunnybrae – Canoe Pt. Road, Tappen, B.C. V0E 2X1
Grandma loved spending her summers at the cabin with or online at
her family and friends. You could always count on her to have Cremation arrangements have been made with Advertising deadline is
coffee on and snacks ready to go. She loved a good game of dice BETHEL FUNERAL CHAPEL LTD.,
or cards. “A card laid is a card played”. 5605 27th Street, Vernon, B.C. V1T 8Z5
(250) 542-1187
We would like to extend a very special thanks to all those
who were there to brighten her days over the last few years.
Grandma will be dearly missed but is now at peace with CARD OF THANKS Call
grandpa. She will never be forgotten and her memories will for-
ever be cherished by her family and dearest friends.
In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Cancer Care I would like to thank all the nurses and staff at Minnedosa 204-867-3816
Manitoba or the MS Society. Hospital for the care they gave me during my stay there. I also
would like to thank everyone for visiting me and bringing things or email ads to
to cheer me up. Special thanks to Dr. Sonoiki. God bless you all.
Elsie Drozda. x adsales@
Subscribe to The Minnedosa Tribune
MINNEDOSA, MB R0J 1E0 PHONE 204-867-3816
Ph: 204-867-4657
Local Trading Area: $43.11 NAME: Prairie Mountain
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
(Minnedosa, Bethany, Clanwilliam, and Operated Broker Realtor
Erickson, Onanole, Sandy Lake, Lake
Audy, Olha, Vista, Elphinstone, G
Newdale, Rapid City, Franklin, LIS
Mountain Road and Neepawa)

Other Manitoba
Located on a large corner lot, this 1 3/4 Space galore in this immaculate well - Plenty of storage space in this clean 1 3/4
Well maintained 1136 sq ft 3+1 bedroom storey home is one of the original homes maintained 3 bedroom 2 bath home. This storey home. Enter through mudroom to
home features double car attached built in Minnedosa. This 3 bedroom 2 bath beautiful home has seen numerous recent
kitchen that comes with fridge, cook top, oven,
Other Canadian
garage, central vac, some newer windows, dishwasher & features 2 yr old vinyl flooring,
home features 9 foot ceilings, refurbished upgrades that include HE gas furnace with windows throughout approx 10 yrs, 4 pc main
shingles 2011, HWT 2014, 2xGDO’s & original hardwood & laminate floors, R50 central air, HWT ‘15, shingles ‘12, most
remotes located on paved streets front & bath, central air, older gas furnace. There is 1
insulation in attic providing low utility windows ‘16, doors, 4 piece bath, flooring, bedroom on main floor with 3 more up, along
locations: $56.01 back of the private fenced yard. On the
main floor you will find 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2
costs, all newer windows throughout in
2012, water line from curb in 2016 & most
ceilings, walls, basement, living room
addition, electrical, plumbing and more.
with 3 pc bath & laundry, Burber carpet upstairs
is 2 yrs old. The front load washer & dryer are
bath, dining room, living room, updated included. There is a large walk in closet upstairs,

plumbing replaced. There is a large stone Outside you will find the perfect workshop
kitchen with oak cabinets and pull outs and porch on the back and a verandah on the with wood stove, furnace & sitting area with storage cupboards between master & 3rd
comes with dishwasher, stove and fridge. front. Comes with fridge, stove, dishwasher making the perfect man cave get away! bedroom that is perfect for a nursery. Concrete
Downstairs features large family/rec room & antique cupboard in upstairs hallway.
foundation. Shingles, fasia & eves are approx
with dry bar and fireplace, laundry room 10 yrs old. The property is a 120 ft frontage
Dryer and water softener are located in
Online subscriptions $35.00 with workbench, storage room & bedroom.
Outside are 2 sheds, apple trees, vegetable
the dry basement. Outside you will find a
located on a treed corner lot that feature single
car garage with metal roof, garden, walkway & is

12’x20’ single car garage and a single car partially fenced. A must see, the move is yours!
garden, mature trees on the large deep lot. MLS#1802889 $249,900
shelter. The move is yours!
MLS #1806243 $106,900 MLS #1812397 $219,900 MLS #1815260 $159,900

Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
14 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
• Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
NEW LISTING NEW LISTING installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
17 - 6TH AVE. N.W. SW 12-14-17 133 - 3RD AVE. S.W. • Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
MINNEDOSA R.M. OF MINTO- MINNEDOSA • Gravel, Topsoil 0r Call: Ian
ODANAH • Sales of septic tanks
- 960 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey
- 1586 sq. ft. home on 6 acres
- 1,320 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey
Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
- Numerous updates - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
and great yard - 3 bedrooms, 3 baths - Charming brick home with

- Full line of appliances - Great outbuildings lovely yard & detached garage
included $389,900 MLS # 1815848
$199,900 MLS #1815011
Book this spot
$169,900 MLS # 1813590
Call 204-867 3816

339 - 4TH AVE. S.W. 163 – 7TH AVE. S.W., 322 HARRISON ST.
SELLER IS MOTIVATED! - 1,100 sq. ft. bungalow with
- 1,060 sq. ft. bungalow
- 1,040 sq. ft. bungalow fully finished basement
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
- 3+1 bedroom, 2 ½ bath
- Exterior upgrades and double
-3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ELECTRICAL
Bill Hopkins 2.indd 1
EAVESTROUGH 4/30/2018 1:04:53 PM
-Double attached garage and
- Numerous updates and newly detached garage 1.65 acres
finished garage
$214,900 MLS #1811539
$258,900 MLS #1800559 $254,900 MLS # 1814652
BILL HOPKINS5” AND 6” continuous
Considering listing your Property? 204-867-0260 eavestrough
Call me today for great service at great rates!
Siding Roofing
Soffit Fascia

Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX ELECTRICAL Electrician 204-867-3738
Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Onanole, MB
Open prices Enterprises Ltd.
8:30 -6:00 Refridgeration
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave. 116 Main Street
Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical Custom
Shoal Lake, MB
Minnedosa 30 Years Fertilizer Minnedosa
Ex perience!! Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office -
15 1st Ave. S.W.
204 867-5550 ● Roofing ● Decks
Bus : 867-3950
Call today to book your
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
Fax: 204-638-5817
● Renovations ● Repairs Fa x: 867-2340
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Brad Ross
CatharineÊ Terry McLenehan
Van Veen 204-867-6363
MÊ GijsbersÊ
Chartered Professional
CL Carpentry Ltd. Susan Glasgow
Jon Kowal
Accountant Inc. AC Full-service construction

MinnedosaÊ Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213Ê Ê 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê
company specializing in 204-867-6360

T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Residential, Commercial Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M and Farm building. GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
AUTO BODY HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada, LLP All Auto Body Repairs
Leo or Cherry van Veen Candice Brown
Office: 204 – 826 2292 204-867-6362
Chartered Accountants Ph: 867-2083
and Advisors 5 Main St. North Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual Grain & Fertilizer Kim Robinson

Call Gregg Hauling
Professional Services: 204-867-6352
Joanne Clarke
~ Tax
Book this spot
~ Accounting Gaylene Johnson
~ Farm Programs $5.52/week 204-867-6357
Sarah Campbell, CGA Fax
39 Main Street South Call 204-867 3816 204-867-6391
Minnedosa 867-2957
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, June 15, 2018 15

WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning

Burgess Law
204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Gas Fitter
Office (204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
service specialist
51 Main Street S
ALCOHOLICS 23 Hour Service Walk-ins
Kent Brown
Minnedosa 75 Main Street South
867-2935 Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-724-7465 1-204-867-7346
If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic Haircuts, Hot Shaves, • Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS Beard Trims & Hair Tattoos LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
Frank r. Ford and Darwin
P.O. Box 36 Matthews’ Family Hair Care
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16 Friday, June 15, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Reena’s Tips And Helpful Hints
Dear Reena, toilet paper or tissues these how to get it off. Can you attach to your drill, water, the scratches remain, re- the results, as they disap-
Can you recommend will scratch your lenses). help? Jo-Anne soft clothes and Cerium peat the process. peared. And the pumice
an eyeglass cleaner and Oxide. In the bowl, make stones only cost a few dol-
type of cloth to use? Arnie Hello Reena, Dear Jo-Anne, a paste with 1 tbsp. of Ce- Hello Reena, lars. Cindy
I’ve been reading your If you run your finger- rium Oxide and enough We had a porcelain
Dear Arnie, column for a while now nail over the scratch and water to create the con- bathroom sink installed Hi Reena,
Here is a wonderful and often find the advice your nail catches on the sistency of heavy cream. many years ago by a pro- I have made my own
eyeglass cleaner recom- to be great. One thing I’ve scratch, it is probably too Attach the felt polishing fessional. However, during fresh buns for many years,
mended to me by an Op- been struggling to get deep to repair. However, if wheel to your drill. Dip the the process, some small and always freeze them. To
tician: Fill a spray bottle rid of is scratches on my you are only dealing with felt into the Cerium Oxide scratches formed in the thaw them out I always lay
three quarter full of rub- front window. I had a de- a surface scratch, the most solution. Gently buff the sink. We fixed the porce- them on a piece of kitchen
bing alcohol and one cal pasted on, and when I popular solution is to pur- scratch, using a circular lain by gently rubbing the towel and defrost them for
quarter with water. Add took it off, it left a gummy chase Cerium Oxide from motion. You will notice a area with a damp, pumice a few seconds in the mi-
a few drops of dish soap. substance that I tried to your local home hardware dried film begin to form, stone. It sounds counter crowave. Madeline
Shake to mix. Spray lenses remove, and ended up retailer. You will need: be cautious at this point as intuitive to rub a scratch
and gently wipe with a soft scraping the glass. Now it’s a bowl, a three-inch felt you do not want the glass with something “scratchy”,
cloth (not paper towels, scratched and I don’t know polishing wheel that will to crack. Wipe the area. If but we were pleased with

*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases
Sale Dates: *We sell lottery tickets
*We deliver within town limits Monday - Friday at 4:00 p.m
($2 charge - $10 minimum order)
JUNE 15TH - JUNE 21ST * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
* We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
*Senior’s Discount every Friday (65 & up) (STARTS FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURSDAY 9:00 P.M.) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*We sell R.O. water

Miracle Whip asstd ....................... 650-890ml ...... $3.49
Breyers CS icecream asstd .................................................... 1.66lt ............. $4.99
Heinz ketchup asstd ....................................................... 750ml-1lt ............. $3.99 Tenderflake pie shell asstd.............................................. 255-397g ............. $2.99
Swanson dinner astd ....................................................... 280-454g ............. $2.99
Royale Tiger PT 6rl/Bathroom tissue 12 rl ...... 6rl/12rl ...... $5.99 McCain super fries asstd ....................454-650g ...... $2.99
Royale facial tissue .............................................................. 6x126s ............. $5.99
Lays chips asstd .......................................................................255g ..........2/$5.00 Nestle, Hagen Daz, Drumstick asstd ............................................................ $5.49

Alpo cookout classics dog food ..............7.2kg .... $13.99
Cat Chow advanced nutrition ..................................................2kg ............. $7.99
Friskies canned cat food .........................................................156g ............. $0.70
Tidy Cat instant action .........................................................6.35kg ............. $7.99
Beggin Strips bacon/beef bacon ............................................170g ............. $2.99
PC™ crispy rice/corn flakes cereal ................................ 640-680g ............. $3.59 JVL smoked sausage ................................................................375g ............. $4.25
PC™ pancake mix buttermilk complete ...............................905g ............. $2.79 NN™ CP chicken wieners......................................................1.5kg ............. $5.49
PC™ crackers crisp thin vegetable ........................................225g ............. $1.79 Boneless centre cut pork chops ............................................................... $2.99/lb
PC™ dipp granola bars chocolate chip/caramel.......... 156-172g ............. $1.99 Top Sirloin beef steak ........................................ $6.49/lb
Quaker corn bran/maple brown sugar squares ............ 375-500g ............. $2.99 Eye of the round beef roast ........................................................................... $4.39
Quaker Life original, HC cereal ...........450-560g ...... $2.99 Cadet ham .............................................................................................$0.69/100g
Smuckers jam asstd .......................................................310-500ml ............. $3.99

Tetley tea orange pekoe, Green tea lemon ...................... 48-72ea ............. $4.99
Tetley tea asstd ................................................................... 20-24ea ............. $2.49
Eagle brand milk sweetened condensed original .............. 300ml ............. $2.99
Bugles original .........................................................................213g ............. $1.97
Planters seasoned dry roasted peanuts .................................600g ............. $4.49
Brunswick sardines asstd ........................................................106g ..........3/$4.00 Asparagus .................................................................................................. $2.99/lb
Bush beans baked original................................................... 398ml ..........2/$3.00 Peppers - orange, red, yellow .................................................................. $2.49/lb
Stagg chili canned astd............................................................425g ..........2/$5.00 Iceberg lettuce ............................................................................................... $1.69
M Leaf tenderflake lard ..........................454g .. 2/$5.00 FM tomatoes roma .................................... 3lb ...... $2.99
Sanpellegrino asstd sparkling water ............................... 6x330ml ............. $4.99 FM tray corn ................................................................................4ct ............. $3.99
UB wholegrain brown rice, quick cook perfection ..............1.6kg ............. $6.99 Celery stalks ................................................................................................... $1.79
VH hoison, teriyaki stir fry sauce ......................................... 355ml ............. $2.49 Sweet potatoes .......................................................................................... $1.29/lb

Kelloggs NG bars, Pop tarts asstd ................................... 295-400g ............. $2.49
B-eye BBQ sauce asstd ............................................................425g ............. $2.99
Bicks pickles dills with garlic or no garlic ................................. 1lt ............. $3.49
Bicks pepper ring, sauerkraut wine........................................... 1lt ............. $2.99
Tim Hortons coffee tin ............................................................930g ........... $17.99
Motts Clamato astd ............................................................... 1.89lt ............. $3.69 D’Italiano bread, buns asstd ...................................................570g ..........2/$5.00
PC™ shreds triple cheddar.....................................................320g ............. $5.49 Wonder rolls hamburger or hot dog..........12’ .. 2/$5.00
PC™ Greek yogurt vanilla 0%.................................................500g ............. $3.99

Castello blue cheese ................................................................125g ............. $4.99
Mini babybel original ..............................................................120g ............. $3.99
BD processed sliced cheese .....................450g ...... $2.99
Pilsbury choc chip, biscuits, crescent ....................................340g ............. $2.49

OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK • 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821

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