135 Years

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INSIDE Two Longtime Teachers Retiring From TCS
this week

An Evening of

Photos by HIllary Miller

Tanner’s Crossing School teachers Jacki Nylen (L) and Heather Emerson-Proven will both be retiring at the end of the 2017-
2018 school year. Each have put in over four decades of strengthening the minds and physical acivity of students.
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Chamber Hosts Annual Ag BBQ

T he Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce
hosted its annual Ag Appreciation BBQ
Wednesday, June 13th. This annual event
began 13 years ago during the BSE crisis as
a way for the local Chamber to raise some
money to show it’s support for the agricul-
ture industry. Since then, funds from the
event are used to support two $1,000 bursa-
ries for students graduating from Minnedo-
sa Collegiate and who plan to enter the ag-
riculture field as a career or are from a farm
Originally hosted in Heritage Co-op
Showcasing parking lot, last year due to weather con-
cerns, the BBQ was moved to the Minnedo-

Different sa Arena. This year, it was decided to host
the event at the Minnedosa Community

Conference Centre and organizers hope to

continue the event at this location in the
years ahead.
As of presstime Wednesday, prelimi-
nary numbers show that this year’s BBQ
raised $2,200.
Photos by Darryl Holyk