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Unit: ____Volume of sphere, cones, and cylinders_8.

1 Day 1 (Discovery)

Today’s Outcome/Essential Question(s): How can I find volume of a cylinder?

Material(s): pencil, RPJ, 72 coins, ruler, BIM math book

Objective: • Students will recall the formula for area of a circle and demonstrate efficacy in
solving for area, 4 out of 5 times
Students will be able to… • Students will discover the formula for the volume of a cylinder

CONNECT to previous • Previous area and circumference of circles

work • Use of pi
• Proportional relationships

TEACH • Students get BIM book to pg 335 "What you learned before" (10 mins for
assessment, Appendix A) There are 5 questions.
Teaching point/ question • How to find area of a circle. I will go over the formula and how to use it.
and what teacher will • I will model 2 problems
say, do, model • When done, RPJ Pg 167-169 with elbow partner (Appendix B)
• Allow students to discover on their own, directing when stuck

ACTIVE • Students will be engaged in conversations using academic vocabulary

ENGAGEMENT • Teacher asks guided questions when hear/see struggle
• Remind of area formula for circle/base, radius vs. Diameter, how to find the base
Student practice of
teaching point with
teacher support

INDEPENDENT • As students work, teacher will grade the formative assessment "what you learned
PRACTICE before"
• Allow time to confer with individual students to clear up misconceptions
Send students off to • Assign problems for those who need practice before moving on
independent work
(teacher confers and/or
works with small guided

CLOSING/SHARE • Cover answers to PRJ pages (provided by BIM book)

• Exit task (around the room)
Review teaching point to • What did we learn about volume, about cylinders, area of a base, what are the
reinforce learning and different parts?
• Have students write down the formula for Volume of a Cylinder on a sticky note and
assess understanding Leave on desk. Check for accuracy