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TO: Beverly Powell Campaign

FROM: Keith Frederick; FrederickPolls, LLC

DATE: May 25, 2018
RE: Poll Results – Texas Senate District 10


• n=600 completed interviews.

• Likely November 2018 SD10 voters.
• Telephone interviewing; 38% cells.
• May 14-21, 2018.
• 4.0% margin of error.
• Party ID (Self): Democrat 36%, Republican 40%, Independent 25%.

1. SD10 Ballot Vote: Beverly Powell leads by 4 points.

In this year’s election for the Texas State Senate from your area, which candidate —
Konni Burton, the Republican or Beverly Powell, the Democrat -- are you most likely to
support? [IF UNDECIDED] Well, which one — Konni Burton, the Republican or Beverly
Powell, the Democrat -- do you lean most toward at this time?

Beverly Powell, D 46%

Konni Burton, R 42%
Undecided 11%

Based only on candidate name and party affiliations, Beverly Powell holds
a 46% to 42% lead over Konni Burton. Powell’s lead is boosted by a
strong 2:1 lead (50% to 26%) among Independent voters.

801 N. Quincy St., Suite 145

Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 528-3031 (p) (703) 528-1204 (f)
Poll Results
May 25, 2018 Page 2

2. Informed Ballot Vote: Beverly Powell’s lead expands to 9 points as

undecideds shrink.

I will read you short descriptive statements about each of these candidates for State Senate. Tell
me which one you prefer.

Konni Burton is the current Republican State Senator who calls herself an authentic, Independent,
grass roots conservative consistently supporting an agenda of lower taxes, less government and
expanded liberty-- including more freedom for businesses to grow and create jobs. Burton
consistently supports pro-life policies that restrict abortions and bringing more competition and
parental choice to public schools. Konni Burton also brings her strong Christian values and
experience as a parent with adopted children to her job of State Senator to guide her in decisions
to help Texas families.

Beverly Powell, the Democratic candidate, is a 4th-generation Texan, born in Fort Worth. Beverly
showed tough-minded determination by putting herself through college alongside her two sons and
created a successful local real estate and economic development company. Beverly’s strong
Christian values, passion for public education and generous, caring attitude... has led her to give
back to the community by successfully raising money for a youth scholarship program, becoming
President of the Burleson School Board and Chair of the Texas Wesleyan University Board of
Trustees. As State Senator, Beverly will work to increase public schools funding, raise teacher pay,
reduce skyrocketing property taxes, protect business incentives that spur vibrant economic
development, and limit state government control by letting local communities decide what’s best for
themselves – not Austin politicians.

Based on this information, which candidate for State Senate — Konni Burton, the Republican or
Beverly Powell, the Democrat -- are you most likely to support?

Beverly Powell, D
53% (+7)

Konni Burton, R 44% (+2)

Undecided 3%

When voters are given positive-only profiles of both candidates, Beverly

Powell’s vote moves past the 50% mark to a 53% to 44% lead.

FrederickPolls May 2018

Poll Results
May 25, 2018 Page 3

3. U.S. Senate Ballot. Beto O’Rourke leads Ted Cruz by same +4 as Powell
(D) leads Burton (R).

U.S. Senate

Beto O’Rourke, D 49%

Ted Cruz, R 45%
Undecided 6%

FrederickPolls May 2018

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