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A man can become perfect with a perfect knowledge and experience. As a student of business management, we have studied many theories in the classroom but any professional degree is incomplete without practical knowledge of concerned field. And the same case is with management studies, management is incomplete without knowing practical application of theories studied. I have experienced and understood the practical importance of these theories on this training. More books and theoretical knowledge can¶t help you in any field whether it is management or technical. Only thing can help you is practical knowledge. This development day provides a golden opportunity to the students for getting a perfect knowledge and experience. I come to know how the management of company is actually being done. How decisions are made? How people behave and decide what to purchase ? As a part of my learning in management field and requirement of PGDM program, I have been given an opportunity to grab practical knowledge in the area of marketing and I had selected ³BAJAJ´ . I have made my best efforts to get knowledge and experience. During the day, I had collected necessary information, and I present all the necessary information to understand well.


I accept the sole responsibility for any possible error of omission and would be extremely grateful to the readers of this project report if they bring such mistakes to my notice. NEW DELHI. for having spared there valuable time with me and for all the guidance given in executing the project as per requirements.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo my SATURDAY project. However. Faculty Member. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who helped me during my development day programme. As a student of SRI SHARADA INSTITUTE OF INDIAN MANAGEMENT (SRISIIM). VASANT KUNJ. SANJEEV CHATURVEDI AND MRS. SARTAJ KHERA. I extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Firstly I would like to express my sincere thanks to reverend SWAMI DR. PARTHSARTHY for their blessings and well wishes. SRISIIM. 3 . which would have not been possible without the goodwill and support of the people around. . I would like to record my deepest sense of gratitude to my friends for their support and constant encouragement. Last but not least.

if any. hereby declare that the report on ³Saturday development day´ entitled ³INNOVATION OF Bajaj & OTHER BIKE PARTS´is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other work publications.DECLARATION WE. Place: New Delhi Date: 21/09/2010 Signature (RAHUL SHUKLA) (DIWAKAR PANDEY) 4 . have been duly acknowledged. ASHISH SHARMA AND GHANSHYAMSINH JADEJA.


BAJAJ is a well organized company.INTRODUCTION The research work carried out below is to study the innovation of bajaj bike. The management reviews the overall position of the company. Market share indicates the position of organization in market as compared to its competitor who is engaged in the same business or indus try´. so the available data and information will help the management to adopt a perfect strategy to acquire more growth in the market. It has a wide range of motor cycles. 6 . I visited personally to the retailers of Bajaj. I conducted market research in a systematic manner by applying all management tools to find out the consumer behaviour. In consumer market commitment to quality & customer satisfaction is the basic success of any organization.

o To collect information on motor cycle.OBJECTIVES OF STUDY Every study is being conducted with a purpose in it. 7 . y To FIND THE INNOVATION OF BAJAJ BIKES. The study of consumer behaviour of BAJAJ is carried out to achieve the objectives listed below.

Thus a consumer is the most important aspect in the life of a firm and hence need to be studied very carefully so to predict easily and efficiently. 8 .SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY As an important part in MARKETING a marketer must be aware of the choice and preference of consumer. A consumer is the person who is going to give the actual business to company.

In 1885 Gottelieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach the German inventors created the first motorbike that sported a petrol -powered engine.Industry Profile:History of Motorbikes Your heart might thump faster when you watch those motorbike stunts on silver screen or for that matter you will be simply be fascinated when you must have seen Bollywood hunk John Abraham on a Suzuki Hayabusa or watching the latest version of your favourite bike in a parking lot that motivates you to own one. Thought there are previou s versions of the motorcycle that relied on steam power and charcoal. Be it a low-end bike or a high-end one all have the same potential to drive you crazy. Let¶s go back« The origin of motorbike The history of motorbikes drifts us back to the middle of 19th century when the bicycle was modified into a motorbike with a very few mechanisms that earned the name of a µmotorcycle¶. B ut we hardly give a thought to how these amazing man-made metal machines were created that are tirelessly serving us for years. The first motorcycle that was sold for the common man was in 1984 developed by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller and since then there was no stopping as the bicycle makers started designing motorcycles. including some joyous rides. The Europeans devised many versions of the motorcycle and eventually motorcycle designing moved to America. Bikes have always given us precious moments. cruising through the traffic snarl with ease and making all four-wheeler guys fume with fury (ah! Envy we know!) or accompanied you as a best friend on those rainy and sultry days. 9 . There is surely an emotional attachment for every bike owner and a story to narrate about his riding experience.

The bike soon touched fame and popularity and many Indian homes greeted the Royal Enfield bikes. The followers Looking at the fast growing motorbike market in India. 10 . In 1955 the first ever motorbike was bought out by Royal Enfield Company that was a 350cc powered engine popularly known as Bullet. which arrived in India to aid the army and police officials for improving their patrolling duties. The bike entered the Indian arena rather very late and was launched out of necessity. This Bullet got its original form in Chennai. When did India get its first bike? Motorbikes have become such an integral part of very average Indian family so it is all the more intriguing to explore the history of bikes in the country.In 1902 the bicycle maker Triumph installed a Belgian made engine and launched their first motorcycle and the following year Harley Davi dson came up with their bikes. the Japan ese two-wheeler icon Yamaha launched their series of superior bikes for the Indian consumer and was ranked the numero uno for almost a decade. The Rajdoot ruled the Indian roads for a long period. The bike scene gaining momentum motivated the Escort Motor Company to launch their version called Rajdoot that proved to more efficient and fulfilled most requirements of the middle -class Indian families.

5 US billion. mirrors and switchgear are of the finest has overcome all type of bike ranging between 125cc 135cc.Bajaj has a hope to sell 70.000 units of this bike per month. grips. Platina¶s levers. The latest DTS-I technology has a maximum power 10. Bajaj Auto came into existen ce on November 29. It develops a power of 8. the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Over the last decade.Bajaj has launched two versions of this bike one with 100cc engine and second with 125cc engine.000 to 80.COMPANY PROFILE Bajaj bike was established up by the Rajasthani merchant. BAJAJ XCD After the launch of this bike. 1945 as M/s Bach raj Trading Corporation Private Limited. BAJAJ PLATINA Bajaj Platina is a four stroke 150cc engine which has a mileage of 70kmpl.The all new Bajaj XCD is four stroke 125 -135cc air cooled engine depending upon which version it is.The engine is characterized because of its smooth working of its engine which avoid 11 . This company is headed up by Rahul Bajaj who has an income of all around 1. The on road cost of this bike is around Rs 36.85Nm @ 5000rpm and has a mileage of 109kmpl. and add to its exquisiteness.2 bhp@ 7500 rpm and produces a torque of 45000rpm.000.

000.51bph @8000rpm and can produce a torque of 16. 200cc. It weight is around 133kg and has a fuel tank of 10 liters.88Nm at 6500rpm. It is one of the awaited bikes on the earth. The color variants of Bajaj Avenger-200 DTSI come in black. Bajaj started with first 150cc pulsar which was able to break all the records. weighs around 152 kg and has a fuel tank of 15 liters. It is a low ±cruiser with chrome body and stylish look. Black. It also has a digital speedometer and a self electric start.vibration. BAJAJ DISCOVER Bajaj Discover is a four stroke air cooled 135cc air cooled engine with DTS technology. It produces a power of 13.8cc air cooled engine with latest DT SI Technology. red. The low rise of seat may cause in difficulty in ridding for those bikers who are in a habit of riding street bikes. 220cc and now it is launching 300cc. Red and Silver.000.1 bhp @ 8500rpm and produces a maximum torque of 11. silver and blue. The on road price of this bike is all around Rs 56. It has a power of 17.Other than these specification it has five gear box.The new modified Bajaj Discover has digital speedometer which enhances the look of the bike. BAJAJ PULSAR Bajaj Pulsar made a projected score of around 1 billion in just 3 years. Later on it produce d other version of this bike which was 180cc. 12 . It i s visible in 4 different colors on the road which are Blue.It also has 240mm disc brake in the front wheel and 130mm drum brake in the rearer wheel.Its on road cost has been estimated around Rs 70. has a disc brake of 240mm. BAJAJ AVENGER The all new Bajaj Avenger has 4 stock 198. The red strips and blue stripes on black color perfectly matches and are mainly seen on the road.78Nm @6000rpm.

13 .8Nm @6500rpm.Soon an upgraded version of pulsar 150cc has been observed which was filled up with digital speedometer . BAJAJ PULSAR 220cc It is mo more than a super bike. BAJAJ PULSAR 180cc Seeing the progress and craziness among the people Bajaj launched its second version which was also able to break all the records of sale. low battery voltage indicator.17Nm. It has a feature of auto-adjustable oil cooler.5bhp @8000rpm and has a torque of 12. HI-TECH Design and great pick up of this bike are the main key factor.BAJAJ PULSAR 150cc It has a four stroke air cooled 150cc engine. BAJAJ PULSAR 200cc Bajaj Pulsar 200cc had a model of somewhat like a superbike. The additional features of this bike are low engine oil indicator. It has 4 stroke air cooled 180cc engine which can produce a power of 18 BPH @8000rpm and has maximum torque of 17.It has a 4 stroke air cooled 220cc displacement engine. and can produce a power of 13. It is a four strok180cc air cooled engine which produces a maximum power of 16.42 Nm @6000.5bhp @8000rpm and can makes a torque of 15.

Engine The bike uses the same 178. The first thing that strikes one is the addition of tank shrouds and the split seat that are borrowed from Pulsar 200 DTSi. This new launch from Bajaj is a good news for the bike fans and crazy bike riders. everything gets matte black finish. The contemporary all black theme is carried forward in the new version. Maximum torque is reduced by 1 Nm to 14. New pul sar 14 . Sporty rear with high stance and sporty mud guard Split Seated and Arrow-shaped turn headlamps.6cc 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder SOHC 2 Valve mill.5bhp at 8000rpm. From the forks to engine and rear suspension.02PS at 8500rpm compared to the earlier 16. which produces an enhanced output of 17.It is the world¶s first bike to have twin-spark four-valve engine. The DTS -i engine (no fuel injection) now generates slightly more power. SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DEMANDED BYKES OF BAJAJ Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi Bajaj has launched the latest 2009 edition of Pulsar 180 cc bike.02 PS at 8500 rpm. Now it gets the fleshy 37 -mm fork assembly at the front. The bike looks really stunning and much muscular then the older version of Bajaj Pulsar. The price of the bike is around Rs 52. However. The 2009 edition is named as Pulsar 180 UG -IV.5 mm and 56.5bph. Bore and stroke measure 63. the finish on certain parts like indicator holders and the side panel locks could have been better.2 Nm of the earlier version. It has some of the additional feature beside other pulsar which is Single down tube frame.BAJAJ PULSAR 135cc The new Bajaj Pulsar 135cc has a power of 13. There are larger forks at the front and box section swingarm at the rear. Bajaj Auto reiterates its strategy with the introduction of 2009 Pulsar Edition to keep the company on top in the bike segment. The bike breathes through the UCD 29 carburetor. T he New Pulsar 180 gets changed in many ways. The reduction is very much felt in this bike. The power output of new pulsar 180cc is 17. This bike is much more similar to the pulsar 200cc design with black engine and alloy wheels which lend its style of black edition pulsar.4 mm respectively. Design And Comfort The overall quality of the parts in this New Pulsar has been im proved significantly.22 Nm from 15.000.

179/Rs. Hyderabad. Pune. With the inclusion of all these features the bike feels a bit stiff and less nimble when compared with the earlier version.211/- Rs. 68. Black. Red and Silver. 69.400/Rs.709/- Rs. 59. 70. The New Pulsar will definitely hit the r oad with well acclaimed performance in the complete new look quite resembling 200cc. The bike also gets a new rear sprocket and the O -ring chain.511/- Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi Bajaj Auto launched its much awaited upgraded version of Bajaj Pulsar 220cc on 15 . Price of Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi (Starting Price in Bangalore. 60.000/- Ahmedabad Rs.221/Rs.720/Rs. 59. 66. Price And Color Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi UG IV is available in the colour variants of Blue.560/Rs. 58. The bike now comes loaded with an Oval section swing arm derived from the Pulsar 200/220 cc. 65.981/Mumbai Rs.397/Rs. 59. 66. 63. Pulsar stands tall because of the quality of tyres. 66. Chennai.180cc has a wheelbase of 145 mm. There is a clip -on handlebar in the new bike Ride And Handling The wheelbase has been increased from 1320 mm to 1345 mm. Delhi.500/Rs. Show On Road Room Bangalore Rs. Show On Road Room City Hyderabad Pune Ex.486/Rs. Ahmedabad. Kick lever has been scrapped and ignition is only through battery in the new pulsar 180cc. Mumbai) City Ex. Under extreme braking. The bike has a longer turning radius. 59. Variants.457/Rs.500/- Rs. 59. 25 mm longer than the previous one.902/Chennai Delhi Kolkata Rs. which aids the straight line ability of this bike. 61. Kolkata.

etc. the 220 cc bike also has better gearbox with reworked gear ratios. The bike comes with many new age features like auto choke. 'The Fastest Indian Bike'. but now breathes through a 32-mm venturi carburetor with an auto -choke feature. which makes the bike more different from the older version. It is definitely an ideal machine for those who love to zoom with the raw power and thrill.000 (ex-showroom. Power output has been pegged at 21. The changes made in this bike are the all-black engine. The overall suspension mechanism remains the same except for the slight tweak in the front. which is really good in compa rison with other bikes of the segment. fuel and battery charge indicators. Engine The new engine shares the same dimensions as the 220 DTS -Fi.June 23. A larger resonator and catalytic converter are also used to increase performance. quick warm-up and outstanding torque.1 seconds. 16 . The modified stronger and larger front fork del ivers a feel. Delhi). Variants.70. Grey and Red. In addition. better su spension. It also uses temperature based ignition mapping system through which the ignition timing is optimized to achieve good start. Raised 3D graphics on the tank are also a big plus. 2009. both front and rear. Design And Comfort The 2009 Edition Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi may not have any drastic design changes. Blue. The higher engine performance has been matched to a modified 5th gear ratio. the intake port in the cylinder head has been modified. a redesigned console background and revised clip -on handlebars. Another great asset of Pulsar 220 DTSi is softer compound tyres to increase the grip on the road and without sacrificing the stiffness of the tyre.1 kmpl in city and 52. swing arm. black alloy wheels and most importantly new carburetor instead of fuel injection. which gives more strength and power at high speeds. The bike can reach top speed around 144 -150 kmph. Apart from featuring new engine parts. stickier rubber. to make the New 220 Pulsar. Ride And Handling The New Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is equipped with black top free loading suspension. The tyres of New Pulsar 220 cc are wider.04PS @ 8500rpm. alloys and engine paint. split seats. clip-on handle bar. which keeps the machine under neutral feel.8 se conds and from 0 to 100 kmph in 11. The bike gives 42. The Company has claimed that the New Pulsar 220 DTSi is the fastest bike in India. The color variants come in Black. and the torque remains the same at 19. Quick shifts on transmission and the new clutch assist long -distance journey easily. along with higher lift and duration cam. Wheels and engine are in a rich shade of black.9 kmpl on highways. The Pulsar 220cc retains the same old type digital speedometer with front faring slightly changed. The bike has an allblack treatment with black forks.12Nm. Other visual tit bits are chiseled 3D graphics. It speeds from 0 to 60 kmph in just 3. but it surely looks quite different from its predecessor. more powerful brakes and larger oil cooler. Price And Color The 220 Pulsar is priced at Rs. engine oil cooler. It also gives a standard two year warranty up to first 10.000 km.

it is expected to perform as good as XCD attracting a good number of buyers.Price of Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi (Starting Price in Delhi) City Delhi Ex. auto choke. The old entry level 100cc Platina was based on CT-100.000/- - Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si Bajaj Platina has been quite popular inside and outside India since its launch in 2006. This new Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si sports alloy wheels. anti -friction DU bushes in the front fork. twin headlamps. And now Bajaj has unveiled the 125c version using Bajaj Exhaus -Tech technology. graphite tinted engine and chrome streaked side panels. Show Room On Road Rs. With the advanced technology Bajaj Platina DTS Si is also equipped with ExhasTEC that ensures better torque even at the lower rpms for superior riding comfort in all road conditions. electric start. sleek chrome graphics. The bike was introduced as the cheapest bike and competed with the Hero Honda. trendy console. Having the same engine of XCD 125 DTS -Si. SNS suspension and the twin pilot lamps. Design And Comfort Slim. Additional Features in Bajaj Platina 125 DTS -Si are DTS-Si engine. matt finished black silencer. 70. Engine New Platina 125 DTS-Si is slotted with 125 cc engine and adopts next generation technology of DTS SI (Digital Twin Spark Swirl Induction). The brand New Platina is powered by a 4 stroke 125 cc engine that pumps out a fuel efficient output of 9 bhp with highest pushing power of 11 nm @ 5000 rpms. It has also got an enhanced mileage claimed to be 111kmpl. ride control switch. But 100cc motorcycle buyers might find it tempting on account of the attractive price tag. 17 . short and slightly longer look of the Platina DTS -Si isn't that attention grabbing when compared to other 125cc models like the Honda Stunner. The twin sparks technology teamed up with an intelligent micro -processor offers an efficient fuel-combustion and promises to deliver an unbeatable 111 kmpl making it India's most fuel efficient motorcycle engine. maintenance free battery.

Ride And Handling The ride quality is great with the well padded seat and the long distance rides are a stress free affair. Variants.000 which is something Honda.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 96kph. The MTL tyres are good but better rubber would have done better. Price of Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si (Starting Price in Delhi) City Delhi Ex. The seating posture is upright and the handle does not feel vibrations in spite of the bar end weights. Pillions have no complaint about their perch on this bike. 39. The braking system performs well with the drum brakes. Blue and Grey and the ex -showroom price of the bike is just around Rs. It accelerates to 60kph in 8. it seems to have 18 . The ride quality on the bike is luxurious with the telescopic front suspension and the first SNS (Spring -N-Spring) rear suspension with the longest travel of 105mm in its class. Price And Color The available colors of the bike are Red. this new bike ra ther deals the fuel efficiency instead making it most fuel-efficient bike in India. Show Room On Road Rs. While top speed is not the big deal. Black.000/- - Bajaj XCD 125 The Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si has set a benchmark in an effort to become one of the best selling bikes in the 125cc segment. Since its launch in 2007. 39. TVS and the rest will have to worry a lot in this segment.

Around 40% of the motorcycle market is constituted by the 125cc segment and XCD alone contributes 13%.85 Nm @ 5000 rpm and the wonderful mileage of 109kmpl. 38. Price And Color The available colors of Bajaj XCD 125 DTS -Si are Blue. 42. full DC electrical system for quick and easy start and the new concept of folding front plate number. With all these unique features further added by chain cover with built in noise-damping system. The XCD was introduced as an extended version of 100cc bikes with improved power and features. youthful image of the Bajaj Brand on the other". The Headlamp. Bajaj promises to offer the maximum power of 10. Chennai. In short.998/- Rs. Red and Silver. 46. Show On Road Room City Ex. The Pulsars have already been named for the best ride quality in the country followed by the Discover 135 and now the XCD. The bike pulls smoothly through the gears and is comfortable to go around in top gear. Push to cancel turn indicator switch is present along with the high bean flasher and the Ride Control switch. Ride And Handling The ride quality of XCD 125 is very good and we can have the feel of a bigger bike while riding. It has almost become a good service of Bajaj to offer the best ride quality among Indian bikes. Design And Comfort The XCD 125cc looks quite eye-catching and it is in line with other bikes of Bajaj. Kolkata. the XCD looks sharp and handsome. Bangalore. Hyderabad.895/- 19 . Pune) City Delhi Ex. XCD is a good package that comes with the satisfying ride quality. Engine Powered by the latest DTS-Si technology. it runs on around 70 km per liter and thus it has been named among the most fuel efficient motorcycles in India. Side-Panels. Tail Lamps are all sourced from Pulsar and Discover. In the actual city conditions. It comes in two options of electri c start and kick start. Price of Bajaj XCD 125 (Starting Price in Delhi. It also features Digital Speedometer and the switches are the best in this segment. Jaipur.136/- Hyderabad Rs. "60% of Bajaj XCD 125 DTS -Si customers were erstwhile 100 cc customers who felt compelled to choose the XCD 125 over other 100cc products due to its obvious superiority on performance.overtaken all the 125cc bikes. Show On Road Room Rs.511/- Rs. features and fuel economy on the one hand and the sporty. Variants. The engine is relatively smooth and avoids vibrations though still needed to be improved when compared with the peers. Bajaj Auto said. The built quality is up to the standard. good handling. powerful pick up and the better fuel economy. It also comes with a self starter. 40. Mr. Ahmedabad. General Manager. Mumbai. Black. Amit Nandi.

it is highly possible for the buyers to opt for other bikes such a s Pulsar 220.044/- Kawasaki Ninja 250R Bajaj has launched the European model Kawasaki Ninja 250R in India to compete with Yamaha R 15 and Honda Karizma ZMR. 48.848/- Rs. Bajaj will import the Ninja 250R in CKD (Complete Knock Down) to avoid heavy charges of import and thereby make it affordable in the Indian market. 46.609/Rs. 50.950/Rs. The engine of Ninja 250R has been refined to deliver smooth . 46. With the huge ex -showroom price capped on the bike. 42. This bike will be available in Bajaj probiking showrooms and they plan to sell around 1000 units of Ninja 250R with the opening of new 30 probiking showrooms.115/Rs.972/Rs. It also features a new radiator to provide better cooling without adding extra weight to the bike. 20 . Ninja 250R spares will be imported directly from Japan and Thailand.610/Rs. parallel twin.Chennai Rs.535/Rs.193/Rs. 41. The Ninja 250R fe atures a revised six-speed transmission for smoother shifting and works on a more durable clutch.949/- Ahmedabad Rs.136/Rs. CKD is a complete kit needed to assemble the bike. Karizma ZMR or YZFR 15. The Pro -Biking showrooms will offer complete three S's . DOHC petrol engine which develops a maximum power of 32 Bhp at 11000 rpm with the maximum torque of 22 Nm at 8200 rpm. 41. Service and Spares. Engine Kawasaki Ninja 250R is powered by a 249cc liquid cooled.Sales. 52.492/Jaipur Pune Rs. 46.865/- Bangalore Kolkata Mumbai Rs. 41. 48. The combustion chamber has been so designed to optimize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.000/- Rs. step-free power improving low. 43. 41. 48.and mid-range power to offer rider-friendly response.

enabling ride height to be maintained whether riding solo or with a passenger. Show On Road 21 City Ex. provides great road holding ability. According to Bajaj's claim.Design And Comfort Ninja 250R stands the best looking sports bike in the 250cc segment as the sole 250cc bike on sale in India. it gives a mileage of 42. Variants. there are two helmet holders. Though it is also available in red and blue in other global markets. Pulsar 220 and Karizma ZMR. trip meter and tachometer are in analogue mode. choked air filter. Under the rear seat. However the instrument cluster of Ninja 250R is a flaw part as it comes in analog format.Lime Green and Ebony Black. Ninja 250R comes with 6 spoke black alloy wheels which look very enticing with racing strips at rim. The Step -up seat is another attracting feature on Ninja 250R. high oil temperature and low battery indicators. low fuel. The mask fairing contours down the fuel tank and engine and the bike's monogram is executed over the petrol tank and air scoops. The bike also meets the strict emissions enhanced by the well designed dual catalysers. Show On Road . Ninja gets a whack of 0-100km/h at 5. Ninja 250R rests a new diamond -type frame made of high tensile steel to provide a steeper steering with out compromising the wheelbase when mated with a longer swingarm. Ninja's 37mm telescopic front fork with firm settings contributes to the smooth and stable handling with enhanced ride control. which complements the rigid frame and re-tuned fork.75 seconds with the top speed of 176kmph. with revised settings in comparison to 2008 model of Ninja 250R. The fork is larger and stiffer. The paper-base friction plates help increase clutch durability. Bajaj has launched it here only in two shades. The stopping power of Ninja 250R comes from large 290mm front hydraulic disc and a balanced action two -piston caliper offers excellent braking performance.5 kmpl. The tail part also gets a sporty look with the slim and sharp protection cover. The suspension. Ride And Handling The silky smooth 6-speed gearbox of Kawasaki Ninja 250R reduces friction while shifting the gears under power. Price of Kawasaki Ninja 250R (Starting Price in Chennai. It looks a bit tacky as compared to other Indian bikes which employ digital cum analog instrument cluster like Apache RTR. The cluster comes with the warning lights such as low oil. Price And Co lor Ninja 250R is available in 2 shades . The rear features two -piston caliper grips with 220mm petal disc. Ninja 250R ranges out a very aggressive look when cast a look at the head with dual -lamp headlamp. odometer. The Front turn indicators get an addictive look and add to the machismo of the bike. Rear shock features 5-way adjustable preload. The spring -type clutch damper reduces jerkiness at very low speeds and minimizes shocks when regulating the throttle for a slick clutch feel. a black tinted windscreen is sandwiched that protects the rider from wind blast. Between the mirrors. The rear view mirrors are mounted on the smart fairing gelling with the overall look of the bike. Delhi) City Ex. It puts on complete fairing with large plastic and steel parts. Speedometer.

269.Delhi Room Rs. 269.580/.Room Chennai Rs.970/.- 22 .

the biking community is already buzzing with action wondering just what this new bike is. 200cc model and the recently launched 220cc. Downsizing might be a mantra in the market right now. It was a turn around story for Bajaj to switch from scooters to motorcycles and it was an enthusiast's mind that lead the company to target the performance/leisure bike segment rather than the commuter class. As far as the bike is concerned. A brand was born and today the Pulsar name is synonymous with speed. That was the tag line that took the biking nation by storm and unleashed a new breed of motorcycles in India from the Bajaj stable. One can expect the design and styling to be spot on with the necessary oomph factor that the Pulsar brand offers. style and performance. sport and riding thrill. Contrary to pushing up the ladder.FINDINGS AND CONCLUSION Bajaj Auto to launch 'Baby' Pulsar Definitely Male. but I wouldn't write off this bike just because its going to come with a smaller engine for it totally depends on the state of tuning that the bike sports which will eventually determine its performance capabilities. however what we do know is that this new bike is going to sport a sub 150cc engine. Bajaj is now looking at a whole new segment yet again! The company will roll out a 'baby' Pulsar on December 9th. It's almost December and we won't have to wait much longer to figure out what this new bike packs. Bajaj pursued this line of thought and over the years the company has introduced a number of variants on the Pulsar brand which include a 180cc model. yet retain elements of sportiness. Stay tuned 23 . The new bike is also a big step towards democratizing the thrill of performance biking and making it easier for someone to step up onto the leisure biking bandwagon. and with D-Day not too far away. On a corporate level. which incidentally is the fastest Indian motorcycle present in the country. we too are waiting for the wraps to come off. The first Pulsar was a 150cc machine that immediately took on the CBZ from Hero Honda. Bajaj is looking at crossing the 1 million bike mark post the launch of this new model.

One of the scientists. The engine design includes a small air turbine. 24 . Bharat Raj Singh. powered by compressed air that can generate enough power to propel a motorcycle for nearly 40 mins. though a number of technical challenges remain The challenge the duo now faces is to design a compressed air storage tank that can store enough air to achieve long distance commute. The duo of scientist has already described the detailed process in a paper presented to the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. who is also a researcher at the SMS Institute of technology Lucknow was quoted saying Some 50 to 60% of the present emission levels in some areas could be reduced with the new technology.Bike running on Air | an Indian innovation Indian scientists have made yet another outstanding contribution by creating a preliminary virtual design of a motorcycle engine that works purely on compressed air.

and shoulders.Airbag protection for bike riders Dianese. Top Stories » Ninja ZX-10R next gen design sketches and teaser video unveiled 25 . The two suits when developed will definitely offer the rider a choice to select between the two variants as per their need. collarbone. has begun development of an airbag equipped motorcycle riding suit for safety of the road driver. Dainese has been developing the track-use version of the suit for over a decade now. ome » Bajaj. motorcycle safety equipment maker. The company has named the suit as D-Air and is anticipated to hit the market in two years. but it will feature different data points. The images show two different versions of the airbag system. which will be better suited to riding in the real world. The road-use version will be similar to the track-use version of the suit. and it will be put up for sale very soon. One of the systems does strongly resemble the Alpinestars TechAir system that offers protection only to the neck. The other system is devised for protection of the chest and back. Latest News.

Suzuki and Yamaha 26 . The next gen Ninja has no plans to copy its predecessor and will definitely be a ground up work of effort. The bike is apparently supposed to have a new frame that will be housing a new engine and also a new suspension system. only after it is tasted by the international audiences. The bike is also planned to feature all electronic hardware and software to match the competitor BMW S1000RR superbike. Kawasaki has released the design sketches and a teaser video of the bike. The only hope we have of it releasing in India is because such liter class bikes have been released before in India by Honda. The bike might be revealed and launched in India.Ninja ZX-10R next gen design sketches For the lovers of the Kawasaki range. The bike is anticipated to be officially launched by around 2011. Ninja ZX-10R liter class vehicle.

Santhosh. Santhosh.. The bike measure 8 inches in length and 2 inches in height. 27 . It has a dry weight of 4 kg and top speed of 2 to 5 kph. has carved a niche for himself by creating the world¶s smallest electric bike. you can contact Santhosh at santhosh. The bike is so cool that it can be dismantled and assembled back again in less than a minute. orld¶s smallest e-bike | Moosshiqk made in India Mysore based. The bike proudly holds the tag that it is the only electric pocket bike in the world that can be ridden backwards as well. The bike creator. For more information regarding the Moosshiqk. The bike is termed as Moosshiqk and includes an all electric powertrain with a battery to act a main source.bikes (at) had showcased this bike at the 200 Auto Expo in Delhi.

price. NINJA AND PULSAR FAMILY are mainly high speed and high maintenance bikes and hence people who are economic do not prefer it but youth the main constitute of Indian po pulation moves toward only looks and power and hence Bajaj is ideal rest house for them.The following are conclusion driven on basics of observation  Bajaj has got bikes for all age group but its few models like AVENGER.  Every people want innovative feature in new bike in little bit cheap price. and feature and them arrive some time after on auspicious day to purchase. 28 . Bikes are costly and Indian belive in god more than any one and hence prefer to buy it on auspicious day only.  Most of the person comes to gather information. or to get quotation and then arrange finance and then take it hence conversion is high and more than any other fmcg. Majority people purchase bikes on monthly instalment and after checking everything and comparing it so many people come to place order.