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Registration Scholarship Application

As part of NAHJ’s commitment to support our members, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists is
offering free, yearly memberships and complimentary registrations to the Miami International Training
Conference & Career Fair on July 18-22, 2018, to those members who have been laid off recently. The
assistance is open to those displaced in this current job climate and/or those who have been laid off within
the last six months.

Applicant Information
Member ID#____________________
Name ________________________________________________________
Title (former if applicable)___________________________________________
Company (former if applicable)_________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________
City ________________________ State _____________ Zip __________________
Phone ( ) ________________ Cell ( ) _________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________

Fields you work in primarily (TV, Print, Online) _________________________
What are your top three reasons for registering at the NAHJ2018 conference?
__________________, ________________________, _________________________
How do you best describe your professional, academic level/status: ________________
Fields you work in primarily: _______________________
Years of experience: __________________

Please select what you are applying for:
___ NAHJ Membership
___ Miami International Training Conference & Career Fair, July 18-21, 2018. Submit by June 30, 2018

Please check if any of these apply:
____ I was laid off from my job within the past twelve months
____ I was laid off from my job within the past six months
____ I work in Spanish-language media.

Which network______________, What position_____________, Last day of work_________________

To be considered for the twelve-month dues waiver, you must be a current NAHJ member who was laid off
from your full-time job in the media industry and have yet to secure full-time employment.
NAHJ will NOT cover lodging expenses or airfare. For more info on the 2018 NAHJ Conference please

I, _________________________, hereby understand and agree to the terms of this assistance program.

Signed, _______________________________________

Please e-mail/fax completed form and supporting documents to:
NAHJ CONFERENCE ASSISTANCE, (202) 662-7144 (fax),