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3 EbnSena St, Gamal Abd-Elnasser

Android Developer 2Grand Since October 2015
 Created 11 Applications (Android).
 Worked with 2 Applications using Swift (IOS).
 Worked with web Service team created some functions (PHP).
 Improved chat performance using real time chat instead of reload (Android).
 Redesign chat Session table it improved performance by about 50% (MYSQL Data Base).

C# Developer It eyes July 2015 – October 2015

 Created about 30% of Project Management Application (Desktop).
 Created about 40% of Project Management Application (Android).
 Improved count users function in asp project from o (n) to o (1).

Problem Setter SPOJ Since April 2015

 Added 4 problems and more than 800 users tried it.

Cairo ,Egypt El Shorouk Academy 2011 –2015
 Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science. (Very Good) Graduation Project (Excellent).
Created 11 Android Applications, worked with 2 IOS Applications and 4 c# Applications
Solved about 650 problems and coded all using C++ and added 4 problems.
Android Projects
 Wzaker (2015). Islamic Application to display Remembrance for Muslims, send notification with sound
or text, you can add your Remembrance too. XML ,JAVA
 Virtual Market (2015). Easy way to display and buy products you can see the products in all sides (3D
products). Augmented Reality, Vuforia , XML, JAVA, PHP, MYSQL
 My App (2016). Android applications creator Just choose what you want to include in your application
colors ,fonts ,themes ,screens ,menus ,chat ,lists ,languages ,and more with only some clicks No coding No
designs finally you have your Android application ,13 applications created using My App and all on Google
 MUT library (2016). Android Library has most used functions, classes and controls used with many
android applications. XML,JAVA,PHP,MYSQL
 Cairo Airport (2016). Arrival, Departures Flights and all sites within Cairo Airport. XML, JAVA, PHP,
 Polished (2016). Android Application have spa & salon offers premium beauty services at your
doorstep in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. XML, JAVA, PHP, MYSQL
 Rehab City (2016). Online directory for Rehab City in Egypt all places details and location with
easy way to contact them real locations on map and the way from your location . XML, JAVA, PHP,
 Qodrat (2016). Simple way to help student to train before them exams. XML, JAVA, PHP, MYSQL
 Caz (Customer) , Caz ( Worker) (2016). Ask for Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, or any service you will
get it as fast as possible by getting the nearest one who can do this service for you. XML, JAVA, PHP, MYSQL

Problem Solving
 Solved Problems
 Added Problems. Acm Teams, Grand Reward , Fingerprints, Professor Farouk Question
C# Desktop Projects
 Safwa (2015). For doctors it used to connect doctor with his nurses. And there’s other part to do
operations with patients details. XML, C#, SQL Server
 Guess (2015). Simple game just guess the correct number to win it have multiple levels and 2
languages. XML, C#, SQL Server
 ACM competition (2015). Participated in ACM-ECPC and ACM-ACPC.
 Algorithmic Toolbox (2016). Coursera Course Certificate.
Languages and Technologies
 C++, JAVA, Android, C#, XML, WPF, Windows application, PHP, SQL Server, MYSQL
 Visual Studio; Net Beans; Eclipse; Microsoft SQL Server; xampp; Android Studio; XCode