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‘Wriren1A. Amalgamation ‘Amalgamations te proces of combining or iting mle eats ino one frm. Amalgamation amalgam 2nd othe denvatvesmay refer: Mathematics and science = Amalgarn (chembtry) the combination of mercury with ances metal 1 Pato process the use ofmercuy amalgamation tpextactsiver 1 Pan analjanaten anomer enracien metiod win adéonal compounds = Amaiyanation (gee) the creation ofa sable Continent maton bythe union of mo annem, Mocks 1 Amalgamation paradovin probability and statistics, alse known as Simpsen's paradox = Amalgamation properyin model theory 1 Free product with analgamationin matherratics, especialy group theayan impotart constucton Other uses 1 Amatyamation (business) the merge or consolidation ef companies 1 Amalgamation, another name for ara union chi used inthe United Kingdom 1 Merger (politi) n geopolitics, te pining f wo oc more administrative wits 1 Amaygaranon (names) ne svategy of nang sonering ate a comovranor of ising names = Amalgamation (fetion) the concept of ceatng an elerentin «werk of fiion by combining exning things = Amalgamation (ace) a row largo archaic orm forthe itartncacing of people of cirant etnies and race 1 Amalzamation an EP released bythe banePop Wil Eat sofia 1004 = Amalgamated (1917 automctle car mantfactred by the Amalgamated Machinery Corp. 1 Amalgamated (ogarizaton name) 1 Amalgamated Broadcasing Systema shorved Amescar radio network duting the 1930s '= Canfiaion also known as “com aralgamator’ te comtinaton of two expressons See also = Amalgarn (fsabiguacn) Retrieved om tpe:len wikipedia erpvlindox phy ite=kmaigamation Sola 224470504