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COURSE OUTLINE I II II III IV VCourse Code. ENG 2103 Title : Business Communication Nature : Core (3 credit) Academic Term : Fall 2010 Course teacher: Qumrul Hasan Chowdhury Course Description:

The course deals with a wide range of verbal and written communications skills that are concerned with multi-faced business/technical/organizational purposes—like, business correspondence, report writing, oral and multimedia presentation skills, resume writing and job interview skills etc. VI – Objectives: At the end of the course, the students should be able to: Face challenging verbal and written situations confidently—as well as enhance his/her personal and organizational functions effectively. They would also be able to utilize their knowledge in interpersonal and cross-cultural settings.


Internet will be used for latest online knowledge sharing. Time Suggested Frame Activities Teaching Strategy(s ) 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week Interactive lectures. hierarchy and process of communication.VII – Topics to be covered TOPICS Specific Objective(s) Pre Mid Term (a) Theories of human communication. (h) Correspondence English in The specific objective of the topics is to prepare the students face challenging verbal and written situations confidently. (c) Organizational communication. brainstorming discussions and case studies. They would also be able to utilize their knowledge in interpersonal and crosscultural settings. (e) Numerous writing techniques for technical and business correspondence. as well as enhance their personal & organizational functions effectively.— downward. (d)Effective business correspondence: strategies and types. (f) Résumé writing Post Mid Term (g) Business techniques. (b)Inter. upward and lateral.and cross-cultural communication: Barriers to communication. Non-verbal communication. White board. features of language. multimedia devices will be used inside the class. 1 week 2 weeks 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 3 weeks 2 . case dealings and OHP and group work.

At the end of the course.midterm Attendance 10 Class participation 10 Quizzes/Assignments 30 Multimedia Presentation 10 Exam 40 __________________________ 100 Post. (k) Report writing process. (i) Memorandums and notice-agenda-minutes. they would have to submit Basic Business Communication reports based on qualitative/quantitative and official domains: types and strategies.midterm Attendance 10 Class participation 10 Report 30 Quizzes/Presentation 10 Exam 40 __________________________ IX – Textbook/ Reference Materials (2) Technical Communication Meenakshi Raman & Sangeeta Sharma (3) Model Business Letters Shirley Taylor (4) Presentations Anne Laws (5) Intercultural Communication Fred Jandt 3 .Course Requirements Students would be required to submit term papers and case study analyses on a regular basis. (j) Job interview techniques. Lesikar & Flately (9th edition) X – Evaluation Pre. VIII .

100 Final grade = 40% Midterm + 60% Final 4 .

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