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Eduardo lived in a small barrio in La Union.

One day, he went to town with a jar of basi on his

head. As he walked, he kept thinking of the future. “I shall sell this basi. With the money, I shall

buy a pig. Then I shall sell the piglets. Then I shall buy a cow and sell the milk. When I get a large,

large sum of money, I shall buy a pair of carabaos and a field. I shall gain more money and build

myself a house. I shall take a wife and have many sons and daughters. By that time, I shall be a

very popular and rich man. When my wife tells me to come to dinner, I shall say ‘Oh dear! I’ll come

soon,’ and I will put my head up ...” And with that Eduardo threw back his head suddenly. With

the proud motion, the jar of basi fell. It broke into a hundred pieces and the basi spilled over. This

made Eduardo so sorry that he began to cry. “I have lost my pigs; I have lost my cow; I have lost

my carabaos and my house and my wife and children.” All the people who heard him also felt

sorry for him. So they took Eduardo to the mayor of the town. The mayor asked him how it all

happened. When the mayor heard Eduardo’s story, he laughed and all the people laughed with

him. After a while the mayor said, “My lad, never expect too much to happen too soon. Do your

best today and tomorrow will take care of itself.” Because the mayor was a kind man, he gave

Eduardo enough money to buy a pig. Perhaps someday Eduardo’s dreams would come true. Who