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June 11, 1919 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER 31

Mrne. Nazimova left for the Pacific
Ruby Wilson Mclntyre, a film
J. S. Coast last Wednesday, and before leaving actress, shortly expects to get a decree
renewed her contract, with Metro Pictures of divorce from Robert Blackburn Mc-

REORGANIZES Corporation for two years more. This

sets at rest the many and conflicting re-
OF FOX STUDIO lntyre, casting director of the World Film
Corporation. Before Supreme Court Jus-
ports as to the future plans of this tice A
S. Thompson of Rockland County,
testimony was taken last Saturday after-
COMPANY actress.
President Richard A Rowland
affixed his signature to the contract on

IS LAID noon, and after it had been heard he de-

clared he would grant "an Interlocutory
behalf of the Metro Pictures Corporation


NEW CORPORATION FORMED prior to his sailing for Europe, and only Mrs. Augusta" "Hoffman Wilson, mother
the matter %of Mme. Nazimova 's signature
In a pouring rain, before more than
Of the plaintiff,;, and Major Stuart A
With the filing of papers of incorpora- was necessary to complete an arrangement Raleigh, manage*- of the Metro, both tes-
by. which Metro is assured of Nazimova's 5,000 persons 'last Friday afternoon, tified for the complainant. Ranttgh stated
tion for the J. Stuart Blackton Feature

Pictures, Inc., on Friday, the Blackton service for two more years. Borough'-" President Frank Dowling, of I that Mclntyre had gone to the Empire
Producing Company became a thing of the General Manager William E. Atkinson Manhattan, laid the corner stone of the Hotel with another woman. Mrs. Wilson
past. O'Brien, Malevinsky and Driscoll announced that the Nazimova productions Fox Film Corporation's new studio at declared that the director had kept late
filed the application for the new corpo- will be even more pretentious than those Tenth avenue, 65 to to 56th streets. hours and mentioned his "sporting qual-
ration in the office of the Secretary of which have brought ner international fame Prior to the beginning of the ceremonies, ities."
State. It is capitalized at $1,000,000. within f. period less than two years.- An Alimony wss not discussed, it being gen-
a band gave a concert for an hour, which
Commodore J. Stuart Blackton will be announcement concerning the productions erally understood that the erstwhile
will be made with the detailed announce- was concluded with the playing of 'the couple bad settled that to their mutual
president and director general of the new National Anthem" and a Flag raising. Rev.
concern, which takes over the old company
ment of Metro's "fewer and better pic- satisfaction outside of court.
tures" policy, which will be made public Meyer Kopfstein then made an address,
organized by him two years ago. There paying tribute to Mr. Fox and his asso-
before July 1.
are several New York capitalists backing ciates for their remarkable achievements
Blackton in this new adventure, but 'their in the picture industry. TO MAKE CRIMINOLOGY PICTURE
names are being kept secret. GRIFFITH LEAVES NEW YORK Father Justin Corcoran, of the Church A
picture on criminology will be the
The plans of the new corporation are to result of a conference which Albert E.
make from six to ten special features a W. Griffith was among a number of
D. of the Madonna, Fort Lee, N. J., which
Smith, president of the Vitagraph, had
motion picture people who left New York is adjacent to the present Fox Studios
year. Blackton will supervise the produc- with Chief Justice Olson of the. Chicago
tion of all features, and the especially im-
last week for the West. Lillian Giah and at that place, then spoke of his admira-
Municipal Court recently. They dis-
her mother, Richard Bartlemess, Clarine tion for the picture artists and the work
portant ones he will direct personally. cussed at length different tests and records
Seymour, G. W. Bitzer, Jack Lloyd, Frank they had done in the community. Ha
Property adjoining the present studios has
said he had only one fault to find with
and finally reached an agreement.
been acquired and will be used for studio
Worthman and Agnes Wisser returned to Judge Olson is to direct the pictures,
Los Angeles also. the picture manufacturers, and that was
that the characters depicted of the min- superintend the writing of the scenario
Griffith will return in July to establish
Among those who
will be added to the
bis production headquarters here. A istry on the screen were not true to life, and to work with George Randolph
staff are Martin Justice, who is to be di- Chester, in preparation of the script.
studio is now being constructed for him, and he hoped that when the new plant
rector and collaborator of art directions. President Smith divulged this informa-
and will be ready in August. would be in operation that a better por-
Jack Martin will be in charge of the studio tion on hia arrivel at his offices in New
trayal of the clergical role would be given.
and technical staff; Stanley Olmatead win York, and stated further, "I have had for
be in charge of the scenario department METRO PROMOTES TWO MANAGERS On behalf of the City, President Dowl- some months plana in mind for a .third
and J. 8. Blackton, Jr., will be in the ex- ing welcomed the Fox Film Corporation's criminology picture to follow 'Within the
W. E. Atkinson, who has been business increasing activities, and paid a tribute
ecutive offices. manager of Metro for some time, has been Law* and 'The Third Degree.' Both of
Robert Gordon and Sylvia Breamer are to Mr. Fox and his associates for their them show the old-fashioned police
appointed general manager, and left for a
to play the leads in the special features. remarkable achievements in the* film in- methods, the unscientific and now gener-
nine weeks' trip of all the Metro exchanges.
The first of the new pictures to be pro- Harry Cohen was promoted at the same
dustry. He declared himself against ally discredited systems of the handling
duced has the appropriate title of "Moon- censorship of the motion picture, assert- of criminals."
time to the post of general manager of the
shine." ing that public opinion was too strong
foreign department, and will go abroad on
against any such legislation.
Richard A. Rowland's return.
WONT SETTLE PICKFORD CASE John C. Risle concluded the preliminary NEW FILM OPENS AT PARK
ceremonies by offering the regrets of Mr. After a two weeks' run of the Rothanfel
There is no possibility of a settlement TO PRESENT "THE WOLF" AS FILM Fox on account of hia inability to attend,
on the part of Mary Pickford of the judg-
Unit Program, "The Other Man's Wife,"
"The Wolf," the play written by Eu- as he was confined to his home with a released by Frank G. Hall, opened at the'
ment of $114,000 obtained against her in gene Walter, will be presented during severe cold. He then thanked the speak-
the Supreme Court by Cora Wilkenning, Park Theatre on Sunday. Stuart Holmes
the autumn in screen form by Vitagraph. ers for their kind remarks on behalf of and Ellen Cassidy are featured in the pro-
the picture agent, which was later set
Eerie Williams will have the leading role Mr. Fox and his associates, and accepted duction.
aside prior to the matter coming to trial the building and corner-stone on behalf of
in Part 14 of the Supreme Court in Oc-
and will be supported by Jean Novak in Sydney Chaplin in The Submarine
the role portrayed by Ida Conquest in the the corporation. Pirate" furnishes good comedy relief, and
O'Brien, Malvensky & Driscoll, attor-
legitimate. President Dowling then started the Kinograms portray the bomb outrages of
neys for Miss Pickford, announce that the
task of the actual laying of the corner- last week throughout the country. A
picture star, even though she will be MRS. DREW STARTS WORK stone, assisted by the Misses Fox, symphony orchestra of thirty, with Frank
greatly put out by having to be here for
daughters of the head of the concern. In Cork as conductor, render a specially
Mrs. Sidney Drew has started work on the big slab which bore the single inscrip- selected program for each performance.
the trial of the action, would not settle "Bunkered" J or the V. B. K. Film Cor- tion, "1919," was deposited an interest-
the matter, as she feels she must protect poration. It isa two-reel comedy writ- ing array of data, together witi pictures
her rights with respect to being made a ten by Emma Anderson Whitman. Mrs. .of historical interest to the company and "
target by those who may desire to reduce Drew
her financial resources through unjust
is using her old role of "Folly," and
Donald McBrode, her leading man, that of
industry. It included newspaper clippings
concerning the new plant, photographs
WaSBtSOTOZT, June —The eighth of a
claims. chain of theatres operating in this city is
a frivolous bachelor brother. of all the present Fox stars and of Mr. beiug constructed by Harry M. CrandaU,
Fox and W. R. Sheehan, drawings of the and will be known as the York. The total
STOP SHOWING "SPREADING EVIL" WILL BUILD NEW STUDIOS building and stills and press books of
some of the big Fox film successes.
floor area of the house is 10,000 square feet,
Robert Keane's production called "The The new Eminent Authors Pictures, Inc., and on the lower floor alone it will have a
Spreading- Evil," distributed by Screen of which Rex Beach is president, and Sam- This new building, it is <fl«itn«*, win be seating capacity of 1,000. The house will
Classics,Inc., was not permitted to be uel Goldwyn, chairman of the board, are the largest motion picture plant under be outfitted and erected in the most modern
shown after being featured for two days drawing un plans for a studio to be built one roof in the world and, it is expected, manner, the decorations also being of the
at Proctor's Mt. Vernon Theatre last in -the East, most likely in New Jersey or will be ready for occupancy by October. latest type.The new theatre will open on
week. Long Island. The new studios, recently Among those present at the ceremonies October 15 and will sbow motion picture*
The film is very much like the "Dam- purchased by Goldwyn from Triangle, are were Senator ("The") McManus, Deputy only.
aged Goods" production, which made such being redecorated and enlarged. Public Service Commissioner Dan Ryan,
a commotion a few years ago. It was on Jack Loeb, head of the Fox Vaudeville en-
the complaint of Dr. Fleming and other RTVOL1 FEATURES CAINE STORY terprises, and his assistant Edgar Allen;
physicians of Mt. Vernon that the film 6am Kingston,. a number of large motion The Capital is the name of a new mo-
"The Woman Thou Gavest Me," & screen tion picture theatre to be built at Ford-,
was stopped by Chief of Police Foley. version of the famous novel of Hall Caine, picture producers, a flock of picture stars
and the managers of the various Fox ham Road and Valentine avenue, opposite
isthe attraction at the Rivoli this week. the Keith -theatre. The project is being
Douglas Fairbanks in "The Knicker- branch offices, who have .just completed
JACK GARDNER IN PICTURES bocker Buckaroo," which played at the their convention in this city. headed by the owners of the U. 8. Motion
Jack Gardner is making an automobile The branch managers were the. guests of
PictureTheatre at 105th street and Web-
Rivoli two weeks ago, is having a return ster avenue.
trip to the coast, and while on tour is Mr. Fox on Wednesday evening at the
engagement at the Rialto this week.
appearing in a series of one-reel comedy performance of "Monte Criato, Jr.," in
films by Ring Lordlier. the Winter Garden. On Thursday even- LEASES ATLANTIC CITY AFT.
The first taken in Boston is called "His- PIONEER OPENS BUFFALO BRANCH ing General Manager Sheehan gave them Atlahttc CRT, June 7.—Norma Tal-
toric Boston," and shows the visit of Jack ThePioneer Film Corporation has a beefsteak dinner, after which a vaude- madge has taken an apartment here on the
to the old town, with a score or more of opened exchange in Buffalo at 407 Iro-
.its ville performance was given under the boardwalk, opposite the Steel Pier. She
humorous observations on. the various quois Building.The office U fully equipped direction of Jack loeb and Edgar AQem. has just completed -work on a picture fas
points of interest. - .'±y with a full Una of Pioneer attraction*. Fifteen headline acts were presented. Florida and Is expected here shortly.