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Aisle 5/6 Aisle 13 Aisle 16 Aisle 18 Wall

Produce Medicine Etc Snacks Cereal

tomatoes 5.29 tussin potato chips 2 baked beans oatmeal 3.49 yogurt
onions 1.99 ibuprofen 4.29 chex mix mac & cheese cereal 1.5 sour cream, regular
green onions tylenol pretzels taco shells 4.29 peanut butter sour cream, light
bananas 7.59 tampons tortilla chips chilis 1.69 hamburger buns eggs
apples pads farfalle 1.69 hot dog bus cream
oranges toothpaste Other: egg noodles 3.99 nutella 2.59 butter, tub
potatoes deoderant rice 2.5 butter, cube
.98/lb grapes salsa Other: 9.99 cheese, block
red leaf lettuce Other: stuffing parmesan cheese
iceberg lettuce 28 oz tomatoes 1.99 cream cheese
carrots 16 oz diced tomatoes hot dogs
celery Aisle 14 16 oz tomato sauce 4.69 breakfast sausage
Crackers Etc tomato paste
Other: fig newtons Other:
oreos Other:
Aisle 7 saltines
Hair Etc triscuits
shampoo 6.79 goldfish
conditioner 2.5 juice
shampoo - kids outside juice
2.5 crystal light
Aisle 2 Other: Aisle 17 Aisle 19/20 Butcher
Paper Goods Other: Freezer
aluminum foil bbq sauce cool whip ground beef
2.89 paper towels chili pizza whole chicken
straws mayonnaise 1.67 totinos 3.99 b/s chicken breasts
2.69 napkins olives 1 mandarin oranges 4.79 roast
B&B pickles 3 applesauce 3.49 pork chops
Other: Aisle 11 Aisle 15 salad dressing 1.99 ice-cream cones 3.5 italian sausage
Seasonal Baking croutons ice-cream ribs
lighter fluid baking soda chicken gumbo soup peas
light bulbs breadcrumbs tomato soup 2.5 corn Other:
chocolate 0.79 cream of ch soup mixed vegetables
Other: cocoa cream of m soup
coconut lunch soups Other:
oil vinegar
Aisle 3 shortening
Cleaning Supplies raisins Other:
windex marshmallows
bathroom cleaner pudding
borax 1 jello
4.19 stain remover Aisle 12 salt
dobies Candy Etc powdered sugar
popcorn 2.39 brown sugar
Other: peanuts sugar

Other: Other: