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Michael Wint


Entry Plan

The purpose of this entry plan is to ensure that I have an organized and thoughtful
list of duties in which to prioritize. This plan was created with the intention of being a
working document and will be used as a guide as I begin my journey with a new school. I
will use it to ensure that I address the needs of our school as I begin to foster relationships
and build upon what the school community already has to offer.

Action Timeline
Create and distribute introductory letter to staff members and July 2018
Conduct school walkthrough with head custodian July 2018
Begin contacting staff to invite them to an informal meeting July 2018
Send and electronically post entry plan to parents and staff July 2018
Assess staffing needs and begin conducting interviews July 2018
Review school budget July 2018
Meet with school leaders to go over practices and procedures August 2018
(School policies, drop-off/dismissal, emergency procedures
Review School Improvement Plan with members of the SIP August 2018
Review student achievement data August 2018
Host a “Get to know your principal” session at the school. August 2018
Students, families, staff, and community members are invited
Distribute a Professional Development needs assessment survey to August 2018
staff members about their professional development wants/needs
Schedule and begin to develop professional development August 2018
opportunities for staff
Begin drafting school newsletter which will be sent both physically August
and electronically 2018/Monthly
Distribute class list to teachers August 2018
Plan beginning of school assembly August 2018
Visit with teachers as they prepare their classrooms August 2018
Make myself visible during drop-off/dismissal September 2018
Schedule and conduct first staff meeting of the year September 2018
Visit each classroom at least once per week September/October
Begin scheduling teacher observations September 2018
Meet with student organizations to allow students to express September 2018
Facilitate group discussions with student data and academic September 2018
trends at the center of the discussion and throughout
Monitor classroom instruction/professional behavior September 2018
and throughout
Give feedback to staff members based on formal/informal September 2018
observations that were conducted throughout the year and throughout

This plan allows me to build relationships with all stakeholders, while getting a
sense of the school culture and teaching practices. This plan will continue to evolve and is
created under the assumption that other needs will be arise. This is by no means an all-
inclusive list, but simply a guide made to assist me as I traverse the first 100 days of school.
I will be leaning heavily on my administrative team, teachers, office and other staff, and
parents and students to help me as I get to know the school and it’s stakeholders.